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BookOfKen (3 months ago)
50,000 LIKES TO IGNORE KEN FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Don't forget to comment "IGNORE KEN" - Carley
Shaila Wayla (1 day ago)
Layla Diamond (13 days ago)
Ignore ken
Lyndon Maristela (14 days ago)
Carly tell ken that he is high and you are also high and one thing your dad has the hart of a Lion and a life time ban from the zoo
flynn (17 days ago)
hannah moon wolf (18 days ago)
Ignore ken forever 😜
Kyndal Sings (7 hours ago)
Ignore ken
Tlc Camp (11 hours ago)
I love you
Betty Griffin (13 hours ago)
Have 😇😇😇😇 with him
Lyra Hernandez (13 hours ago)
Hey I dare you to do prank him again I dare you to a double double double double double triple dog dare you to do it is that a yes or no cuz if can resist come you know she's about to do it again
Angel G (15 hours ago)
Ignore Ken
Heeya Boruah (16 hours ago)
Ken you should have stayed like that when you dropped the ladder
Heeya Boruah (16 hours ago)
you now have to ignore ken for a week
Lewis Watt (1 day ago)
Ignore ken
Ramona Gonzales (1 day ago)
Sean Mitchhell (1 day ago)
Egg North Kent for 200 years
He sounds like morty from rick and morty at 5:03
ulises torres (1 day ago)
24 paku ken😚😚❤️❤️😡😤🏃🏻🏃🏻👼🏼💃🏽
Karen Scott (1 day ago)
Ignore man xd
I need to learn lol
Nvm I meant man
lisa fan sam k (2 days ago)
Ignore ken
Lexus Michaels (2 days ago)
I really love your vids
arthur patinyot (3 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Maranda Najera (3 days ago)
You kick her lol
Tyler Macdonald (3 days ago)
Ignore ken
Tiegan Inkpin (3 days ago)
#ignoreken love you I'm one of your biggest fan💖
Sister Power (4 days ago)
Ignoring ken
Kristy Laffoon (4 days ago)
Ignore ken
Hanna Hervai (4 days ago)
Ignore ken 😏
jazzy jhaz (5 days ago)
Emmi XY (5 days ago)
Who watches a stream without the volume on?!
Gryzaliee (5 days ago)
Christian Girl (5 days ago)
Kenny was trying soooo hard to get Carly’s attention
Christian Girl (5 days ago)
Its Eva (5 days ago)
Ignore ken!!!!
fluffy_ bun816 (5 days ago)
LaTina Armstrong (5 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Candice pheng. (6 days ago)
Hoyaaa hotaaa holy holy sho shi hehjoo kenny!!! Wooooo!!!
gracy mayfield (6 days ago)
Ignore ken
drvader2001 (6 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Alison Foresha (6 days ago)
Ignore ken
Sarah Mazey (6 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Brelyn Mayotte (6 days ago)
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ken
Josey Gauer (6 days ago)
Better than kenny
Anicka Oyen (6 days ago)
Ignore ken ignore ken
Jennifer Cervantes (6 days ago)
"Ignore Ken" - Carley
Kaleb Clark (6 days ago)
What the Frick
Fiona Cuka (6 days ago)
Ignore ken
#ignor Ken!! YOU GO GURL!!!!!!!
Colleen Byrne (6 days ago)
Josiah Ranken (6 days ago)
Ignore ken
Christine Espinosa (6 days ago)
Ignore kenaaaaa
Patsy Long (7 days ago)
Ken: NO more NO more!!! Carley:.... Ken:*butt in her face* Carley:*mind Ewwww shoot! * Ken:*whacks her I'm nose* Carley:*covers nose* Me:*dieing of laughter* Ken: I'm sorry 22222220x Like if you agree and if u died of laughter.. Lol
New 5 Gum :D (7 days ago)
4:28 dat face tho 😂😂😂
Trixie (7 days ago)
The one you watered Lol
Valerie Swiercz (7 days ago)
I SMASHED THE LIKES BUTTEN AND HIT THE notification Bell in subscribed
Valerie Swiercz (7 days ago)
I Love your vids and you guy are so cut to gether.
Valerie Swiercz (7 days ago)
Alexis Garland (7 days ago)
Ignore ken
Mysonsskuxx Wichman (7 days ago)
IGNORE. KEN!!!!!!!!
Ignore KEN!!
Deku gaming (7 days ago)
Ignore. Ken
Ciara Leon (7 days ago)
Kathy Will (7 days ago)
2:26 LMFAO
allyn barrick (7 days ago)
Ignore ken
Anna Schmallen (7 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Emma N (7 days ago)
Ignore ken
Chloe Walker (7 days ago)
Ignore ken xxx
Heidi Stadler (7 days ago)
OMG cool video
Even more funier than kens hahahahah
Miranda Cardona (7 days ago)
Ignore ken
Basya Basanda (8 days ago)
Ignore ken
Sidracula 2.0 (8 days ago)
Her eye makeup is a nightmare!!
Emx Wolu (8 days ago)
Ignore ken for a week
Jessica Johnson (8 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Cody the Fox (8 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Nikov viray lopez (8 days ago)
scarly canela (8 days ago)
scarly canela (8 days ago)
nice carly
Fany Ortiz (8 days ago)
Ignore ken
molos momo (8 days ago)
Ignor ken
Natasha Hoyles (8 days ago)
ignore ken
Põntsik (8 days ago)
Charlotte Turrell (8 days ago)
Igonor ken
Ashley Dabe (9 days ago)
Ignor Kenny
Rebecca Vasquez (9 days ago)
Amy Ryan (9 days ago)
6:10 gets so mad over burger
king hoodini 117 (9 days ago)
Natalie Friedman (9 days ago)
Marni Doty (9 days ago)
ignore ken
Patricia Bartlett (9 days ago)
Ignore ken but I Carmen like ken
Nah Nah (10 days ago)
“I’m just gonna trust that you’ll get here in time”😂😂
Nithi Markandu (10 days ago)
Lol that was so funny
Felix Leshey III (10 days ago)
Felix Leshey III (10 days ago)
unicorn girl (10 days ago)
ignore ken
Alana Sweeney (10 days ago)
Ignore ken
Tiffany Bradey (10 days ago)
Ignore ken
the three sister (11 days ago)
Ignore ken!!!!!!
lee finbow (11 days ago)
Ignorn ken
Bryant Jara (11 days ago)
Iknore ken
Jamia Johnson (11 days ago)
Honestly its not a prank if he knows
Baylee Stopmotion01 (11 days ago)
Ignore ken
Kourtney Arena (11 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Carmen Hall (11 days ago)
You guys with the best videos

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