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BookOfKen (6 months ago)
50,000 LIKES TO IGNORE KEN FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Don't forget to comment "IGNORE KEN" - Carley
David Mendoza (14 hours ago)
David Mendoza (14 hours ago)
I love your Carly I'll never forget you
David Mendoza (14 hours ago)
Love you I wanna kiss you everywhere I want to kiss you in a private in the mouth on YouTube marry you I want to marry you I love you dream touch everything everything good and I love you I love you and I love you and I love you I love your smile what is your name I love you do you love me too who do you like better your boyfriend me cuz I'm high
Julie Tucker (1 hour ago)
It's no kin
Sohail Jan (2 hours ago)
Ignor carley
Millicent Gadzekpo (3 hours ago)
Ignore ken
Brooke The Bear (6 hours ago)
Geeta Singh (9 hours ago)
She said she will ignore ken for a week if this video gets 50 k likes so give this video as much as likes
Braden chng (10 hours ago)
ignore ken
Jonna Mei Pesigan (10 hours ago)
Ignore kenii
Nina Nenette Madrigal (10 hours ago)
Ha ha ha
Nadra Abdullah (11 hours ago)
ignore ken
ella princecita (16 hours ago)
Ken is
Rukia Harmon (16 hours ago)
12345678 0qwertyuiopajĺ
Patricia Laurenzi (18 hours ago)
Ignore Ken
ggbruv ha ha (19 hours ago)
mariangel hskdidms (19 hours ago)
Quien Abla solo español y no entiende nada😂
Brittany Gallagher (19 hours ago)
Ignore ken
Chaltu Rabu (19 hours ago)
show us her private
Griselda Franco (21 hours ago)
Griselda Franco (21 hours ago)
Ignore KEN
Tariq John (22 hours ago)
Ignore ken
Charlotte Kobel (22 hours ago)
Ignore Ken
Emma Flores (22 hours ago)
Ken sounds like the bee from the bee movie. 🐝 🎥
Emma Flores (22 hours ago)
Ignore KEN!! 😈
Rachel Clifford (1 day ago)
Prank him
Abies Imade (1 day ago)
Ignored Ken for one week
Vanessa Saunders (1 day ago)
Don't do that to oreo he said help
AmyrPlayz And Vlogs (1 day ago)
wHo ArE YOu
liu boy (1 day ago)
I'm kill you
Bk Spa (1 day ago)
Ignore ken
Ignore him please
Siu Jasper (1 day ago)
Ignore carley
Kusang Lama (1 day ago)
ignore Ken
mary celada (1 day ago)
Ignore ken
Estella Loquellano (1 day ago)
I love teem carley
Connie Paner (1 day ago)
Connie Paner (1 day ago)
Emilia Selph (1 day ago)
Kennedy Morgan (1 day ago)
Ignore ken
Sammy Ortiz (1 day ago)
I feel bad that you did not get him one Berger
Alma Aguilar (1 day ago)
Ignore ken
Brandi Brown (1 day ago)
Ignore Ken
Regina Pereyra (1 day ago)
Please ignore Ken for a whole week
Ajoke playz (1 day ago)
carley yes no
Felicidad Beldad (1 day ago)
i love your video
Nadia Silla (2 days ago)
ignore ken!!
Blake Silliker (2 days ago)
Just say I'm braking up with you
Esther Gonzales (2 days ago)
It’s funny
Dorcy Kayy (2 days ago)
Ignore ken
seema raju (2 days ago)
Ignore ken
Zdenka Kirin (2 days ago)
ingnor ken
Nidhisewa Sewa (2 days ago)
Maria Malabed (2 days ago)
Its cool
Magen Leadford (2 days ago)
Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss girl
Paulette Hutchinson (2 days ago)
Fart one Kemi for a whole day
Donovan Arnold (2 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Lucy lin (2 days ago)
Ignore ken
Malorie Johnson (2 days ago)
Aurelio Almeida (2 days ago)
Ignore ken
ignore ken
Tomasz Malisz (3 days ago)
Nathan Thomas (3 days ago)
Ignore ken 😀😀😂😀😀🤣😀😀😄
katherine stokes (3 days ago)
Yanah Cagampang (3 days ago)
Den Ryl (3 days ago)
Ken your girl friend is ednoringyou
Stacy Hernandez (3 days ago)
Ignore ken
Melody Xtra (3 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Rae Douglass-Watson (3 days ago)
i love your videos hopefully yall will replie i love yall
MARIO lacan (3 days ago)
Ignore ken
Arlinda Halili (3 days ago)
ignore ken
Gracie Richmond (3 days ago)
Your hair is so uneven carley
Rosanna Salandanan (3 days ago)
Merry Hector (4 days ago)
Ignore KEN
Cassie Spooner (4 days ago)
Ignore ken
Elise Grönvall (4 days ago)
Ignore ken
Group Seven (4 days ago)
Ignore ken
IGNORE KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Astraea Kleio Abraham (4 days ago)
this is sad 😢
Shadava Jackson (4 days ago)
Laura redmon (4 days ago)
#team Carley ignore ken your the best girl that I ever seen 😃
Jazz De Vera (4 days ago)
Sylvia Snow (4 days ago)
I am new to this
Celia Jimenez (5 days ago)
Ignore ken
Debra White (5 days ago)
Ignore Kin
Debra White (5 days ago)
ignore ken
Princess Odulio (5 days ago)
shoes in nose
Ffion Griffiths (5 days ago)
At 3:40 in the video, he blushes but if you don’t see it... YOU ARE BLIND!!!
Black Soul (5 days ago)
This is bad
Lhara Gabriel (5 days ago)
He's insane.. I laugh so hard lol😂🤣...
Rubix Cube (5 days ago)
James Gatchalian (5 days ago)
Ignore ken
Kolby Ivory (5 days ago)
WOLF LOVER (5 days ago)
Yo fuckin savage
Abraham Burk (5 days ago)
ignore ken
natalia rodriguez (5 days ago)
Dont ignore ken please
natalia rodriguez (5 days ago)
Ignore ken
Sharon Cooley (5 days ago)
Ignore ken
Yareni Sg (5 days ago)
Tamia Curry (5 days ago)
Ignore Ken
Lyla Parsons (5 days ago)
Ignore ken
Ms.OoFie plays (5 days ago)
Ignore Ken UwU

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