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Toni Sweets - PBG

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MIKEY CHAINSAW (2 months ago)
She got out the business I think that what I heard
Pierre Louis (4 months ago)
MarcinTyrion Lannister (10 months ago)
Link for full video?
Thomas Raj (10 months ago)
Hey this is very, helpful, thanks! It does in a way, perfectly complement Jevie Hindlerg's suggestion (google her). You can have him going absolutely nuts - every time.
Georgi Zhukov (11 months ago)
She is sexy hot!!!
David Fox (1 year ago)
Shes beautiful
Stuart O'Neill (1 year ago)
Dear Toni sweet lost all your yawning vidoes can you help me with any questions or concerns please visit my website
brandon burris (1 year ago)
Come to miami bby....😘
diego ferreira (3 years ago)
por onde ela anda
Prez Shaka (3 years ago)
Toni sweets so cute
heyyou27able (3 years ago)
here comes the racism
Richard Lee (4 years ago)
Regarding Toni Sweets' butt size "it's not the size, because hers is perfect"  It doesn't get any better than hers.
Twerkstar telling the truth lol i smashed her at my man's tmacc crib when he stayed on,7th and Vernon but she my homie love to blow loud
C S (9 months ago)
No you didn't
mark daniel (4 years ago)
Where is the full interview
Jerry Mouse (5 years ago)
video of a chick with a real nice ass, looks down at the comments, sees smileyfacedkiller there, of course talking about race instead smh
j ball (5 years ago)
Met her twice in person
BigC90 90 (5 years ago)
in jail for what
GhettoGaggin Uhoes (6 years ago)
LOL bitch is nutz though...
Dan neeah (6 years ago)
Sexy piece of Dark Coco.check out those Lips
quanp1 (6 years ago)
talking about anal
AlainPeters (7 years ago)
This is the girl of my dreams .........
NobleSwordman (7 years ago)
Man she is hot, one of the hottest Black girls in the business!!!!
zbLoodlust087 (8 years ago)
i would hit that
Godfather Creed (8 years ago)
shonha1 (8 years ago)
@lilchino1 I don't know son, some of these chics dun lost their souls nd there ain't no amount of time gonna change dat, but i guess there's exceptions to every rule
The traveler (8 years ago)
@bigleroygym I think you do, man. From experience, I've learned that you fight fire with fire. You just have to be more cunning with it.
The Truth (8 years ago)
@Smileyfacedkiller by calling white people "the devil", u are being racist. All racism is evil. You don't defeat evil by becoming it. I learned that long ago.
shonha1 (8 years ago)
I just saw this chic inna movie, she a bad bitch, once these bitches start strippin, they gonna hustle dat crotch, nd if they dyme enuff the next step is porn, what a fuckin waste man
Godfather Creed (9 years ago)
@chaizor1 ur right i just saw chyna u shud see jada fire's well u prolly did already
Godfather Creed (9 years ago)
@chaizor1 wowwww thx and ye its sooooooo nice like a biscuit u just wanna pul l the pieces apart :D
HandSteady Visuals (9 years ago)
The traveler (9 years ago)
@ThisLittleBlackBook I do, but it is different. The white man was the main opressor. Also, men are usually the dominant member in a relationship. So, a black woman getting with a white man is the lowest of the low.
TWill16 (9 years ago)
Lightweight mad she smoke cigs, dumb phat ass tho
The traveler (9 years ago)
she is a sellout. Having sex with the devil.
leodjoneluv (9 years ago)
@BKK718 damn homie, all porn bitches do interracial. They all fuck each other
Mike Mann (9 years ago)
@TheHappyman555 I AM!
curtflirt2 (9 years ago)
Man I hope he got a chance to beat
peezhead (9 years ago)
I met her before, she was turned on by my Jamaican accent...lol She has a phat ass!!!
Ike's Lions Den (9 years ago)
imma sucka for chocolate girls damn i love me some toni sweets
kartoonlocc (9 years ago)
sexy chocolate sister
blacksultan85 (9 years ago)
she has a nice booty!

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