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Amazing Original Songs X-Factor and Idol Top 5 - Unbelievable Vocals (HD)

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Amazing show stopping performances where the artists presented an original song they wrote. I put my top 5 and ranked them according to originality and vocal performance. This is only my opinion, feel free to share whose your favorite artists! I plan on making even more compilations and solo edits so please feel free to subscribe. I re-uploaded this so the sound quality is better. Skip to your favorite artists and songs: Number 5- Ryan O'Shaughnessy "No Name" 0:06 Number 4- Lucy Spraggan "Last Night" 2:16 Number 3- Chris Rene "Young Homie" 3:51 Number 2- Angie Miller "You Set Me Free" 6:05 Number 1- Ella Henderson "Missed" 7:34 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship,research and Enjoyment. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use."
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Text Comments (280)
Leighanna Rizarri (1 year ago)
#2 and #1 were my favourite originals
Zay2k (1 year ago)
SnazzyBoxx (1 year ago)
First song basically sounds like David gray
Lance Stewart (1 year ago)
im a singer,but I got no songs to sing,if you have a original, I will sing it and post a video saying its your song
allphilly111 (1 year ago)
All of them were great but Angie Miller was the most memorable for me hands down.
Scarlett Marie (2 years ago)
I sing better on my channel this person SUCKS
Derrick Robert (2 years ago)
Yeah Ella Henderson💕💕💕
Derrick Robert (2 years ago)
hahaaaaa... lucky...
bri v (2 years ago)
Wowi love the 2nd 1
LoLeR LoLeR (2 years ago)
i never knowed that micki is judging
Raj singh (2 years ago)
plz tell the name of female judge at 8:55
Tasha Fryar (2 years ago)
ella beautiful performance
Mari Mu (2 years ago)
Ella Henderson 💓💓💓
Jess Killen (2 years ago)
liked the second one - last night by Lucy Spraggan
Taffeta Jackson (2 years ago)
last lady was the best! ella Henderson
Taffeta Jackson (2 years ago)
Shazaib Nasir
Shazaib Nasir (2 years ago)
Taffeta Jackson
Jip Jorn (2 years ago)
she has a made a lot of amazing songs i love it so much
David Selby (2 years ago)
Mary Ekes (2 years ago)
Dang, seeing Mel B from Ella's audition and then watching Mel now on AGT... She is aging like wine :)
Paula Stocki (2 years ago)
so cool like i can't handel it
steviesuperstar (2 years ago)
1st guy has got his inspiration from don mcclean i reckon ,sounds like one of his songs .
Jip Jorn (2 years ago)
there is some difference and some things kinda sound the same i don't think he got his inspiration from it tho
Vianeth Mata (2 years ago)
Blown away by Angie Miller.
mjt11860 (2 years ago)
this is the type of talent contest that i would like to c more of, where the contestants do original songs. thanx 4 sharing.
Decebal Trandafir (2 years ago)
Fog812 8 (2 years ago)
3:50 That was the best song
Arthur davis (3 years ago)
first one sounds like don mclean
Samantha O'Neil (3 years ago)
I loved Last Night
Lewis Carter (3 years ago)
Ella Henderson looks like that bitch from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Anyone else think that?
Rain Charrette (3 years ago)
Angie Gave me chills fr.
Christy Huang (3 years ago)
My fav is also Ella, her songs are amazing
Jasmine Armstrong (3 years ago)
Who is the female dark headed judge? Kinda look like Jennifer Lawrence
Jasmine Armstrong (3 years ago)
+BaET ClanEr okay thank you
BaET ClanEr (3 years ago)
+Jasmine Armstrong Tulisa
Makena (3 years ago)
Hey I'm a new musican out of COLORADO! It would be super awesome if you checked out my debut EP! https://soundcloud.com/makena-moore/sets/makena-moore-ep
Connor McCormack (3 years ago)
Please check out my original song 'Play With' https://soundcloud.com/cnavy24/played-with-original-connor-mccormack
Josh Wilson (3 years ago)
can listen to Ella all day
Nelson Teaupa (3 years ago)
I remember Chris Rene's audition and fell in love with that song thanks who ever made thus video
Angie e Ella são as melhores! Lindas músicas, lindas vozes. E cantam cada palavra com um profundo sentimento.
Ian David (3 years ago)
wow this is amazing. I put up an original song as well https://youtu.be/-UJpViuq5WY
K (3 years ago)
This is amazing collection! Unforchenotly no one knows about this talented ppl!!!!
It'sMEaikonard (3 years ago)
And now Ella has her own beautiful song called "Ghost"
Ariel Kennedy (3 years ago)
I love it when people sing their original songs
TheGist Politically (3 years ago)
Ella is the next Adele
Thalia Lee (3 years ago)
Love Ella Henderson's melody sequence
Afy Lopez (3 years ago)
ELla ♡♥♡
Maria Vasqez (3 years ago)
No. 1 reminded me of Someone Like You by Adele
Kevin Navadar (3 years ago)
Ella got me crying like a bitch for the 3rd time!
hanen aldhalmi (3 years ago)
oh wow... speechless
Joey Gerend (3 years ago)
This is a really good list. Props. Angie is amazing :P
Mirian Lopez (3 years ago)
Mirian Lopez (3 years ago)
Porque.youtube.no.esta en.funsion
AVE and OVE (3 years ago)
Ella henderson!!!!!
TIFF TIFF BOO (3 years ago)
Ella Henderson missed is the absolute best in my opinion
Verónica Widdoes (3 years ago)
I love "last night" by Lucy Spraggan but "Tea and toast" is for sure my favorite.
MaddieroseCreations (2 years ago)
same, love tea and toast, they are quite the opposite in the sense of mood, one clever and very hilarious and one sad and moving, but all together she is very talented
John Ramil Mapatac (2 years ago)
me too
Logan Quin (3 years ago)
+veronica williams yeeeessssssss
Sasha White (3 years ago)
jai weatford xfactor australia should included.. 😉
Thanaphon Sudto (3 years ago)
that's cool
Aditya Prabowo (3 years ago)
forgot how to breath
Ella *.*
Thato Gabashane (3 years ago)
Number 3, Chris Rene all the way. I got mad love for this guy's music
Berny Ratintera (3 years ago)
gast to muth
Berny Ratintera (3 years ago)
i feel grat
Jarryd Spiesschaert (3 years ago)
what the hell is Nicki Minaj doing there?
uthiman koshiiro (3 years ago)
عكراط عتما ن
broncodevil (3 years ago)
Gets me every time when Ella says "Good.............Bye".
Jordan Peckham (3 years ago)
She is 16... That song was so mature for 16, and not to mention her voice! She sounds like a grown woman!
Stage Echo (3 years ago)
The first time or second?
The Phinneys (3 years ago)
Check out our channel please!!! :) xx <3 Originals and covers!!
Katie MacKinnon (3 years ago)
By the way it was Britain's got talent, X- factor and American idol
Emily Lively (3 years ago)
Morgan GODIN (3 years ago)
Super sélection mais avec ma petite préférence pour Hella !!!!
patrick petersen (3 years ago)
DynamicJ (3 years ago)
Has anybody actually heard young homie anywhere but here because I hear it all the time.
Lena Herrera (3 years ago)
I really like the recorded version better than this one to be honest hes so good
Indria Salim (3 years ago)
Good choices of a compilation
Lily Syger (4 years ago)
I love sam and Chris 💜💜
Danielle98 (4 years ago)
The first guy reminds me of Sarah Harmer and the next girl reminds me of Kate Nash. Not really a fan of the rap but I loooved the last 2 they gave me goose bumps and I was sweating at the same time! Just amazing. I'm not musical but I really appreciate it
Joseph Sanchez (4 years ago)
Wanna see a original song come see what my beautiful friend wrote. Comment if you like, thank you
Nikolette (4 years ago)
Ella,got me all goosebumped up with her  own redition..till to date!Wishing she`d stuck to these style of composing and acappela singing...Its`her strongest and most beautiful signature....
Rakin (4 years ago)
 1 is amazing and socially smoking (y)
FealSmart (4 years ago)
When Simon flashes that smile it equals were both gonna be rich bitch.
GunterJPN (4 years ago)
"Amazing Original Songs X-Factor and Idol Top 5"  First clip - Britain's Got Talent.  If BGT is included, then The Loveable Rogues should be here.
vishal PS (3 years ago)
+GunterJPN i accept.......!!!
Lana44 (4 years ago)
4 and 1 is amazing
smiles2322 (4 years ago)
I think Number 2 is the very best, but all of them were awesome!
ngombi-mata said (4 years ago)
Emerson Quinto (4 years ago)
Layla Gordon (4 years ago)
Because she is
Patricia Paradise (4 years ago)
I believe Angie's song may be the best performance to date by anyone on any show
IZ RAM (4 years ago)
I want to just say when someone really hits your soul with their vocals it doesn't matter who you are or how angry or bad your day is going. It always has a way to calm you, open your mind and tame that savage beast inside.  True story...............
Theodore Bowser (2 years ago)
Milagros Rivera (3 years ago)
Grace Snider (4 years ago)
I liked socially smoking
Anderson Luciano (4 years ago)
Angie <3
Lily May Jones (4 years ago)
Clara Liu (4 years ago)
I dont know how old the first boy is but man when he sang i fell in love
Sam Newman (4 years ago)
Wow that first guy
1314Lermanlover (4 years ago)
Literally love and agree with all of them but chris whatever his last name was, I hate that kind of music, I remember watching him in the season and was never mich of a fan.
dechagny (4 years ago)
lucy´s "Tea and toast" should´ve been here :) great list though
Ryan Tepper (4 years ago)
the full version especially better then most of these
Francisco Oliveira (4 years ago)
+Francisco Oliveira mu fault is not the same song :s sorry
Francisco Oliveira (4 years ago)
did you see the full video? it is there :s
melemata makasini (4 years ago)
so good i love the girl that sang last night
Arnstein Fjukstad (4 years ago)
Lathan Neah (4 years ago)
The first one tho
mzinfinit (4 years ago)
Good songs. I hate the X-Factor slow blink, though. Ugh.
Savannah Agustin (4 years ago)
I love #4
Daisy Martinez (4 years ago)
Molly Kate should have been on there she is so inspiring and has a beautiful voice.
madamerotten (4 years ago)
Angie Miller is exceptional.
Hepesto (4 years ago)
:D http://youtu.be/zc7F-gt5AIw
Anne Berruyer Mills (4 years ago)
amazing prodigee singer songwriter
meer uddin (4 years ago)
AAmazing Original Songs X- Factor and Idol Top 5 - Unbelievable Vocals (HD)
Mary Ray (4 years ago)
2nd one should deff collab with Passenger :3
EB produces* (4 years ago)
I've to better learn english, beautiful songs!

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