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Using the C-Head Composting Toilet in a Tiny House #cb99videos #chead #c-head #compostingtoilets

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In this cb99videos video, we show you have we have fit the C-Head composting toilet into the tiny houseboat house, TinySol, or Wake with the Sun. We show you how we lock it in place tell the basic ins and outs of using the toilet. Think of this video as a tour of the C-Head, as installed in a tiny house. In another video, we will show you how to change out your liquid and solid waste compost, but here we just talk about the toilet itself. Here is a link to that other video. http://youtu.be/gcMKnjYUTUY
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Noel Sowerby (1 month ago)
Great video, thanks I will be getting one.
CB99Videos (1 month ago)
Thank you so much.
mindsfullofonions (5 months ago)
The descriptions are detailed (but not cluttered) - quite pertinent and quite clear. The visuals are exceptionally pertinent and clear. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Erika Bearden (6 months ago)
Don’t confuse simplicity with poor quality.These head are very very well made. We bought a urine diverter to fit our custom dry head aboard our cruising sailboat from CHead many years ago. Our footprint was so wonky, we had to build a custom head. The diverter is no longer available for purchase, I was just lucky to be the first one to ask to buy just the diverter and he was kind enough to sell me one. He explained later that the diverters were time consuming to make. What I received was so beefy and way way overbuilt, which is what you want in anything head related aboard a cruising boat. We sold our cruising sailboat and now have a trawler which we plan to covert to dry heads( composting heads) Again, after researching I’m zeroing in on a chead due to its simplicity, many configuration options, and quality.
Alpha1 (9 months ago)
Can the solid waste be burned if used sawdust and has dried fully?
CB99Videos (9 months ago)
We don't burn it, so I don't know.
Srilanka Traveller (11 months ago)
I live in the UK, please tell me where can buy one of these.
Srilanka Traveller (10 months ago)
CB99Videos (10 months ago)
C-Head is the company. www.c-head.com
Kristy Richardson (1 year ago)
Just need to vent to the outside somehow.
John rving (1 year ago)
RDS (1 year ago)
J We live in an RV and have not put any tp into our system for years. We do not use a bag every time we go, but keep a coffee can next to the toilet with a bag liner. A lid on the can keeps all smells in until it is full and needs emptying. I would guess we empty this every couple weeks....maybe.
Grace (1 year ago)
I apologize if this is offensive to anyone, but this composting toilet seems to be more work than any of the others I've seen and yes I've seen a lot of them. That is not the only thing that affects my negative opinion of this toilet; that inner lid idea is ridiculous. Lift it and let any moisture on the underside drip off into the toilet! And then you have to place it somewhere before you can use the toilet! I sure would not sit it behind me with the handle sticking in my back and if it has moisture on the underneath side... it can't be sanitary enough to just, sit it aside there or elsewhere. Not to mention having to bend over while you crank that handle 20x !! This toilet gets 2 thumbs down for me!!
onehappynegro (1 year ago)
until 1:50 i thought gosh you must love bum touching wood. excellent solution indeed. i'm not goin to say so much, i'm going to say too much water is spent on flushing toilets in the modern world.
Barbara Mowrey (1 year ago)
michael alvarado (1 year ago)
Too much work.
Jorge Ovalles (1 year ago)
People can always poop in plastic sheet and leave it there for a few hours and then throw it away carefully. A scientific study says the smell of farts helps prevent heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Just be careful with pests that can fly to it.
Ti Co (1 month ago)
Jorge Ovalles what?
Cathy Baby (1 year ago)
which model number iz urs so many of them
CB99Videos (1 year ago)
It's the C-Head standard white.
Joe Chow (1 year ago)
How can I buy this toilet?
Kube Dog (1 year ago)
Joe Chow, does that satisfy your question? Or would you like further information? Thank you.
CB99Videos (1 year ago)
Also, according to the website, they do ship internationally.
CB99Videos (1 year ago)
Here is the link...http://www.c-head.com/ you can ask them about european delivery.
Kube Dog (1 year ago)
Can you ask them for him?
CB99Videos (1 year ago)
you will have to ask them.
Mark Hron (2 years ago)
What model C-head are you demonstrating? And does it ever get messy? I saw a really graphically messy video for natures head.
CB99Videos (2 years ago)
This is the basic model called C-Head. It's their original bare bones product.
mpiazza000 (2 years ago)
No vent? Fan? Is odor a problem
CB99Videos (2 years ago)
We didn't have a problem with odors, unless we used the wrong medium. We have no vent, but you could install one, as there is a setup for that. Sawdust is the best medium.
SteveHovland (2 years ago)
Any problems with odor? Others have positive venting.
CB99Videos (2 years ago)
We didn't have a problem with odors, unless we used the wrong medium. We have no vent, but you could install one, as there is a setup for that. Sawdust is the best medium.
Bob Vance (2 years ago)
cute outfit!
Sharene Pomnitz (2 years ago)
I had no idea the "TP" has to go in a separate receptacle.  Now that would be highly unsanitary and smelly.  Is it just this brand that has this flaw?  I've looked at a couple other composting toilets and I believe they said "paper and all" with those. I would suppose that would be the type of toilet paper used in RV's and septic tanks?
whoa out (1 month ago)
C-head recommends that you should put the TP in the bucket.
Sharene Pomnitz ...I understood it was ok to put the TP in the toilet too. Now this video states otherwise...YUK!
illyounotme (2 years ago)
+J Cochran Your confusing marine application of composting toilets vs on land use for environmental reasons. The whole use a separate plastic bag is for folks on boats who might not have the ability to empty the bucket as often. C-head is mostly marketed toward marine use, due to that being the interest of the creators. So for on boats they have limited space to store full buckets to dispose of on land when they get there. Anything they can do to minimize waste storage is something they will do. If your on land however, it is not hard to add a little more sawdust or other materials to cover the TP, it just means you will need to empty the bucket more regularly. Which is not a problem when on land and you have easy access to just removing it and dumping it. Hope this makes sense.
J Cochran (2 years ago)
Okay so just an observation...most of the composting fans (I am not one, just interested in how it would work) want to get one of these to help the environment. But isn't it a little counterproductive to have a composting toilet but use a PLASTIC BAG (a big no-no with most environmentalist correct?) to get rid of your TP each time??? And where are you getting all these bags from anyway? I mean again, most environmentalist would bring their own bags to the grocery store so you don't have those freebies...hell in Seattle they aren't even allowed to use this type of bag anymore! Any response?
Sharene Pomnitz (2 years ago)
+illyounotme That makes sense. :)
Sharene Pomnitz (2 years ago)
By looking at this and some of the other "styles" from this brand, they seem to appear as if they would easily topple over.  Wider at the top than at the bottom.  That is a scary thought for me :).
RBNightlinger (2 years ago)
You don't have to, that's just how they did it. The website has a couple of options for securing the C-Head to the floor.
Sharene Pomnitz (2 years ago)
Ohhh, I see you have to remove trim to "lock it into place".
CB99Videos (2 years ago)
You can secure it in place if you are worried about toppling. The weight is generally on the bottom though, so it would be hard to topple it.
G Henrickson (2 years ago)
Wow that "locking in" technique is brilliant! I like that this is a true composted with a stirring mechanism. It is also good to see someone else who places the TP elsewhere. The paper makes the resulting compost so much less amiable to work with! Thanks for the video!
KandT-Venture (2 years ago)
I love your tiny house O: It is so darn cute and has the best backyard!
Chivas6 (3 years ago)
Nice boobs.
Mary Carpenter (3 years ago)
good info- but does your guy have to squat to pee?
CanadianPenguin (2 years ago)
+Mary Carpenter its a boat he can just pee of the side of it instead of sqauting on the toilet
jcelizabeth (3 years ago)
I noticed you did not vent your c head composting toilet is that causing any smell or problems.. I am thinking of having one installed in a new RV and have concerns about putting a hole in the wall as you dont know where electrical wires are..
jcelizabeth (3 years ago)
+CB99Videos thank you for your feed back. I plan on using coconut fiber or sawdust would work sounds like. Again thanks for the feed back and video it was very helpful.
CB99Videos (3 years ago)
+jcelizabeth We do not notice a smell. The only problem might be with the medium you choose for solid waste, or if you do not place the liquid waste receptacle properly. For solid waste, we found sawdust to work fine. We tried rabbit litter shavings, which did not work very well. They might have worked better with a vent. We also somes spray vinegar or tea tree oil in there. we are still happy with it.
Mari Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Thank you for this video!! Very detailed...I appreciate you!! :))
Peter Shaw (3 years ago)
Doug Rennick (3 years ago)
Natures Head composting toilets are the best,and all you use is coconut core,and there units have a fan that sends the air outside away from the little home or RV.
RBNightlinger (2 years ago)
"Best" is a relative term. Nature's Head requires you to unfasten the unit from the floor and take it outside for emptying. I don't want to deal with that at all. With the C Head, just raise the lid and lift the bucket/churn out, dump contents into a bad (or whatever), and replace.
James Richy (3 years ago)
For a few hundred more there are much better toilets available. They are emptied once a month, as opposed to every 5-7 days. They have vents, and fans, which exhaust moisture and odor outside. They are more strongly made. In this case, you get what you pay for. I would not recommend going for the cheapest possible toilet.
Luthiers Daughter (3 months ago)
+Mikel jones I think natures head toilets are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced!
Old Prospector (2 years ago)
James Richy. here's part of your response - quote, "For a few hundred more", unquote - Exactly. Your last name says it all "Richy" - News Flash Bud. Most people don't have that much money to go blow on those expensive ones with all the bells and whistles you are so fond of buying and using, even though they would dearly love to have such added luxuries.
Mikel jones (2 years ago)
+James Richy like a natures head?
hear fan (3 years ago)
Is diarrhea considered solid or liquid waste?
Ti Co (1 month ago)
hear fan solid
James Richy (3 years ago)
And the other toilets mentioned do not need you to put the toilet paper elsewhere - it all goes in to the toilet.
James Richy (3 years ago)
This might work for those on the strictest budget, but it's not the best solution. First, if two people are using it full time, it needs to be emptied every week (!). Other composting toilets like the Separett will, with two people full time, be emptied about every 2 months. Big difference. The Nature's Head would be emptied every month. Second, if you talk to any ventilation specialist or plumber, you will learn that ALL toilets need to be vented. There is stinky air in there. That air has to go somewhere. Now, maybe if the window is open all the time you won't smell it, but that stinky air is definitely going inside your tiny home. A vent (and small fan) are a vast improvement. I would either build my own with a fan or save up and buy one of the others. The thing that bothers me a bit is, this toilet is marketed as similar to the others, only at a lower price. But after you learn about composting toilets, you see it is a cheaper model, with disadvantages, at a lower price.
Peter Gizmos (3 years ago)
where does the stinky air go?
chillwill4real (3 years ago)
where does the used tissue go?
chillwill4real (3 years ago)
okay THANK YOU!!! beautiful tiny home!
CB99Videos (3 years ago)
+chillwill4real You will need your own solution. We have a separate receptacle for that and eventually it goes into the trash.
Shawn Neal (3 years ago)
I really like this tutorial. It's really helping me narrow down my decision on a composting toilet. I must ask however, could you elaborate on using a separate receptacle for toilet paper? Is the paper just disposed of normally in a dumpster? Is it burned? Thanks for all of your helpful information!
Frank Mcfreely (2 years ago)
+Shawn Neal I saw one couple that just put the toilet paper in a little trash can, and then just put it in the trash, ive heard that you could just add the toilet paper to a compost pile if you so wished
calvin busch (3 years ago)
Can I ask. I have decided to use a composting toilet to solve our issue of not having a septic or sewer system on our homestead (I sure hope my wife will agree!). But I have to ask. Wouldn't toilet paper made for septic tanks not deco pose too?
CB99Videos (3 years ago)
+Shawn Neal  You can dispose the the paper using your favorite method, I suppose. We keep the used paper in a separate receptacle dedicated to that purpose and then use the trash can eventually. We don't burn it. Thank you for your comments.
jammin jtree (4 years ago)
when you in my tiny house you sit down when you pee!
chitlinray (4 years ago)
So men gotta squat to pee also?
Dularr (3 years ago)
+chitlinray Wouldn't you just pee into a bottle.
CB99Videos (4 years ago)
Yes indeed. It's not that hard, from what I am told.
Jeff Jones (4 years ago)
WHAT THE HECK!!! TINY HOUSE BOAT!!! How have I missed this one?
Barbara Mowrey (1 year ago)
Jeff Jones i don't like being out on water but love being next to it! Add water to our sterile urine, as they all say, and use it for veggies in the garden...irrigate? Wow...supposed to be the best fertilizer.
Don's Garage (4 years ago)
Sweet , is that better to buy or bulid one if your handy
CB99Videos (4 years ago)
You can build your own, but I think C-Head has done a good job for the cost of the toilet. They have the measurements down so that the toilet is both compact, and error-free, in terms of the funnel meeting sourcing the jug without spilling, and the boundaries between the liquid and solid sections, as well as the sizing for the stirring paddle in the solid waste bucket. Check out the follow-up video to learn more about what goes on inside. Emptying and Replacing the Waste Reservoirs in the Composting Toilet in the Tiny Houseboat
Don's Garage (4 years ago)
Sweet , is that better to buy or bulid one if your handy
CB99Videos (3 years ago)
+donald laisure Your choice. I think this is a nice solution, as they have already measured it out for the receptacles to fit, and the churn to work seamlessly as well.

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