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Double Barrel Roll on Jet Ski by Lee Stone

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First Ever Flat Water Double Barrel Roll in the competition performed by Multiple IJSBA PRO Freestyle World Champion LEE STONE (GBR) at 2018 Blowsion World Finals at Lake Havasu, Arizona on 6th of October 2018.
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Jason West (8 months ago)
Was there, saw it live
Rudy Ryan (9 months ago)
Hey Vaclav, This is amazing! I'm a researcher for WooGlobe a viral video company, we'd love the chance to work with you and this clip, please email me at sell ( .at. ) wooglobe ( .dot. )com, or you can visit wooglobe( .dot. )com for more detail - thanks!
Jeremy Styno (9 months ago)
Almost had it!
Wow Terrible (9 months ago)
Super cool almost landed it

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