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AHS: Everything We Know About Cordelia Goode (Cordelia Foxx)

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The reigning Coven Supreme Cordelia Goode has returned to American Horror Story as the world faces the Apocalypse. Find out everything you need to know about one of the series' greatest characters. Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Us - http://twitter.com/GSUniverse Like Us - http://facebook.com/GameSpotUniverse http://www.gamespot.com
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Text Comments (625)
Louis Can fly (9 days ago)
Love the video but wasn’t Fiona’s mother also a supreme. So it would make it passed down 3 generations
Tyron Asage (20 days ago)
she also royalty
c22 (24 days ago)
Ryan, are you single?
Brad (26 days ago)
Did Misty kill anyone?
Destiny amaya (27 days ago)
ugh i fucking stan her
Galaxy Wolf (1 month ago)
She actully technically killed Myrtle
raileht doe (2 months ago)
Don’t know where to ask this so I thought I’d try here—in the AHS finale, if Mallory went back in time where Cordelia is already a supreme then why was her last name still Foxx in the paperwork when she was meeting Mallory for the first time...? I know considering everything all the unanswered questions left after the finale, this seems minor but I’m curious.
A Amani (2 months ago)
Wait he said Cordelia is the only supreme who was related to the old one buttt fiona killed her mum cuz she was the supreme as well🤷🏽‍♀️
Undead_widow (2 months ago)
Oof host your so hot
Jenny A (3 months ago)
There are so many pictures of past Supremes on the wall in the adacamy. I wish there was more information about them and if any others had children. I wonder if Fiona was the first to have children, or just the first Supreme to give birth to the next Supreme..
andrew digiaimo (3 months ago)
Who did Misty Day Kill? The only one that comes close is the Axe Man
Xavier Ricker (3 months ago)
Do marie laveau
Brianna Bombshell (3 months ago)
Cordelia never killed anyone? I could’ve sworn she killed Myrtle. Whether Myrtle asked for it or not and it was her duty she still killed Myrtle... Resurrected or not
Beth Dale (3 months ago)
Loved Cordelia!!!!!!
Zahid Azman (3 months ago)
Wait for a minute.... Delia killed Myrtle Snow
Deanna Tangen (3 months ago)
Blinding her gave her true site
Kaneki (3 months ago)
Coven has the best theme song in tv history
Kaleah Collins (4 months ago)
Kaleah Collins (4 months ago)
AL (4 months ago)
Now Cordelia killed someone! Herself
Elmo Chaka (4 months ago)
America... Shows how eyes are ripped out with a melonballer 4:07 but won't show a completely harmless and romantic sexscene 1:54 . Ridiculous.
Thє ѕpєll σf Vitium Vítαluѕ íѕ thє mσѕt díffícult ín αll thє lєхícσn σf ѕpєllѕ tσ pєrfσrm, wíth thє mσѕt dєαr σf prícєѕ, ít íѕ lítєrαllч вαlαncíng thє ѕcαlєѕ Lifє αnd Dєαth, αnd Dєαth íѕ α Pσwєr tσ rєѕpєct αnd cαn вє guídєd and petitioned,вut nєvєr rєfuѕєd or mαdє tσ do thíng єvєr. αnd It nєvєr lєαvєs wíthσut tαkíng ѕσmєthíng wíth ít....
Destiny Nicole Alcala (5 months ago)
Cordelia Goode is my favorite character sara Paulson is my favorite actress
Maveth The Reaper (5 months ago)
I love cordelia she's soo badass and a great strategist
Andrew.The. Asian (5 months ago)
Ray Fuller (6 months ago)
So who did throw the acid in Cordelias eyes?
Mira Conchita (6 months ago)
5:50 *me too tbh*
Wasurat Suwattanadeja (6 months ago)
I think Ryan Murphy should make TV series for just the Coven witches
thiccy bitch (6 months ago)
*i stan*
Panthera Leo !!! (6 months ago)
Cordelia is the only which who didn’t kill anyone... but herself lol
Dallas Bolton (6 months ago)
So, if Miss Robichaux's Academy is a school for witches, who is Miss Robichaux?
Maria oli vlogs (6 months ago)
Great video
Cat Meow (7 months ago)
It never mentioned who is the father of Cordelia
colum kennedy (7 months ago)
Actually you're wrong about the cordelia being the only witch never to be resurrected or killed anyone did you forget about stevie nicks
Stanley Lu (7 months ago)
I mean.. it’s possible that Stevie Nicks survived the nuclear bombs because clearly the witches had some sort of protection from radiation. Also, since she’s a celebrity, she could’ve bought herself a spot at an outpost however it was said that they were overrun. But she could’ve been apart of the cooperative to ensure her safety
Debbie Marquis (7 months ago)
Too much blood and gore for my taste...
Tiffani Farrington (7 months ago)
This is off subject but everytime they say Supreme... I think of a Supreme taco from taco bell lol
Blake reeder (7 months ago)
I just cant waite for next season
Tyus Massey (7 months ago)
I thought misty hadn't killed anyone either.
Legion Ivory (7 months ago)
I know she is the daughter of Fiona Goode, but I do wonder, is Cordelia a white witch? The only known white witches for certain are Misty Day and *the* White Witch, Stevie Nicks. I'm not sure how it works in this universe, though.
JakkOfTreyde (7 months ago)
Would love to know everything about Marie Laveou
Glen Martin (7 months ago)
Cordelia is a princess right?
Danyella Guerrero (7 months ago)
I love Cordelia, everytime I saw her I was like she's so badass, classy and beautiful..she really does care about the coven.
Axl Smith (7 months ago)
Technically, she did set Myrtle on fire near the end, but yeah, she's the only who did not will to kill anyone under any circumstance.
Troy Talks (7 months ago)
Favorite Seasons: 1. Asylum 2. Coven 3. Murder House 5. Freakshow 6. Roanoke 7. Hotel 8. Cult 9. Apocalypse Note: I think a great future season would be based on the "judgment house" that was briefly seen / mentioned in Cult.
Eeyuhn Cometa (7 months ago)
I thought the reason why they were able to avoid the radiation was because of the healing properties of the swamp. I forgot the name but they mentioned it when they rose up.
cody baggett (8 months ago)
Why is Cordelia weakening so fast though?
Crystal love (8 months ago)
Please do a video on zoey
5cathain2 (8 months ago)
I loved it when Cordelia brought back Myrtle Snow in order to confront Michael Langdon.
I hate my existence (8 months ago)
My only supreme !!!!!
innocent6210 (8 months ago)
Do queenie next!
Strange Child (8 months ago)
Cordelia executed myrtle
psych006 (8 months ago)
Cordelia did kill myrtle in coven when she used her pyrokenesis to set her a blaze although myrtle wanted it. So I say that to say that she has technically killed someone and is like the other witches in that sense.
Samuel S A Walker (8 months ago)
I think that Cordelia, Myrtle & Madison are dead in Apocalypse. They come back on Halloween night, I reckon that they have already been killed by Michael.
Rhonda Civic (8 months ago)
Please do Sister Jude!!!!
Daniela Mosquera (8 months ago)
Cordelia 💕
Jenn S (8 months ago)
Misty Day killed someone?
Rebekah Jackson (8 months ago)
She helped with the killing of the axe man. That's the only one I can think of
chilvari (8 months ago)
I don't care for AHS but I saw Coven (and currently Apocalypse) specifically for the witches and Cordelia and Madison are definitely my fav. characters as well as my fav. witches! I also really like Miss Venable!
Kuchi Kopi (8 months ago)
I am just happy Myrtle Snow made it to apocalypse, she is iconic.
Hila Sabarga (8 months ago)
My favorite Cordelia moment is the episode that she said "Because I'm the F***ING SUPREME!"
Bee Cee (8 months ago)
Blackxswan 31 (8 months ago)
Cordelia is a fuckin Queen
Sea Melody (8 months ago)
What season
kawaii potatto (8 months ago)
*FiNd OuR sIsTeRs*
Ted Sullivan (8 months ago)
Another liberal all men are evil agenda from a once good show. AHS has always been full of cliches, and agendas like racism, sexism, ageism, antisemitism, and other subjects that come off more cringy then the goal of making a statement.
christine y (8 months ago)
I feel that Sarah's greatest performance is Lana winters, But Cordelia will always be my favorite!
Sabri Matoussi (8 months ago)
Please make a Myrtle snow video ( everything we know about mrytle snow ) plzzzzzzzz :(
movie gurl74 (8 months ago)
Having Myrtle back is life it's self...Plz let them have to go fetch Fiona,just give me that
Momo! (8 months ago)
Cordelia executed Myrtle, so technically she has killed someone.
Ima tell u this is a rainy so it's long why does everyone want to be a supreme I mean c'mon 8ts till reslstibliys an when a new one rises you start to die an I like cordelia but I love Madison so I'm happy that Madison is not the supreme
Kika Ponch (8 months ago)
Cordelia Goode is my favorite character from AHS. I can’t wait to see what happens this season (8). The witches are back! Woo!
It’s Zell (9 months ago)
Today’s episode bouta rock my shit
candice williams (9 months ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Keep up the great work!
Denny (9 months ago)
Cordelia's ex husband is daddy af.
Omolola Lahoma Nichole (9 months ago)
Does anyone know how to spell Pot-sho Metsen
The A (9 months ago)
Lilu Rabe!
Sara Felice (9 months ago)
You've forgotten the most important fact of all: Cordelia is GFMD (Gay For Misty Day).
superficialwannabe (9 months ago)
You are hot. ;)
Glen Coco (9 months ago)
Fiona! Please oh Please do a deep dive on Fiona Goode
Spirit (9 months ago)
Can someone explain to me, how Myrtle is still alive in Apocalypse?????? guz she died TWICE
Romy'sRoots (9 months ago)
Didn't she technically kill Myrtle?
Dovan Blake (9 months ago)
This Channel is awesome
Y O U R M O M (9 months ago)
Lol Cordelia was Billie in murder house I just noticed
carlosed1979 (9 months ago)
Cordelia its Ok , but what about Grace Coddington???
ticforlove (9 months ago)
waait who has misty killed?
Rebekah Jackson (17 days ago)
ryan thomas (9 months ago)
xxalwaysfirstxx blade (9 months ago)
When will episode 5 coverage come out?!? Super excited to see what y'all think!!
Marilita8 (9 months ago)
now im even more confused...i had forgotten all of these scenes and details....i will just wait for ep 6 of season 8 :/
Nikola Vranic (9 months ago)
Do one on Myrtle Snow 🦀
SamanthaW (9 months ago)
I borderline started crying of happiness during the first 30 seconds of this video
Lenela (9 months ago)
I just rewatching Coven, and one thing: Cordelia had any powers before she went blind? There is no info about it, so how does they know she is a witch after all?
Coven was quite unique, it paid very close attention to the Truths of Voudun and Witchways and both as Religions and ways of manipulating the Universe. So many of us fell in love with the show and its characters to the point of being and feeling very proprietary about it because it's speaking of our world. it would make us upset when you got stuff wrong and yes you got stuff fucking wrong. That's because we deal with that everyday all day we The Faithful. Cordelia is not the only Supreme known to have been related to flashback of the first Taking that it was the mother having consumption willingly giving her power before the fullness of cycle to her daughter I would think she would be in the downswing anyway because she was consumptive meaning she had tuberculosis we are known to be quite proprietary about things that get it wrong sometimes very wrong things like Bewitched and The Blair Witch Project. See what those will cling to when they don't have positive. Representations ? there are those that Curse at the drop of a hat, but you have to remember hats are big deal for us. I will Protect you( this time) but you and your people need to sit down with this and see all the places you got it wrong and never ever do it again.! bet you're asking will how will we know if we've done it? Oh,. I'll know we always know....don't make me call My Lady Supreme because it goes from petty to petty quickly with her.and Me!. This I swear, so Mote it Be, L. R'H Corrvinous, Circle if Circe, Cassandra,and Cordelia.
funníєr чєt is thínkíng thєч ѕσmєσnє єlѕє'ѕ .....ríght untíl dσn't mαkє mє cαll, thєn ít wαѕ ín чσur fαcє "mє"
wow, don'т yoυ gaтe ιт wнen yoυ ғιnd oυт тнaт yoυ cнanneled ѕpιrιт, and don'т нave conѕcιoυѕ мeмory oғ ιт.....
JustJimmie (9 months ago)
deep Dive! Queenie!!!
Skynyrd Dan (9 months ago)
wait! didn't she kill Myrtle? at the stake?
Anthony Rivera (9 months ago)
The more comments I read, the more confused I become. I have seen all seasons, some I've repeated already, but people's conclusions do make sense and I feel thrown off. Like, I need to rewatch season 1, 3 and 5.
Anthony Rivera (9 months ago)
Amazing video! Great summary of Season 3.
Evan Abbott (9 months ago)
I can’t help but laugh every time Cordelia’s eye holes are shown....looks so ridiculous....😁👍
ThumperBooBoo (9 months ago)
I love these AHS breakdowns. Thanks for posting.
Evil Queen (9 months ago)
Strange though, why she had fertility problems being the next Supreme.
Thiago Oliveira Pereira (9 months ago)
They're dead and they only came back because is Halloween

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