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IJSBA 1996 Tour - Dallas - moto 2

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Bud Jet Sports Tour - Pro Runabout - Chris Fischetti, Tom Bonacci, Nicolas Rius, Chris MacClugage, Minoru Kanamori, Frank Romero, Bill Pointer, Jeff Prieur, Derek Punchard, Dustin Farthing, post race interview
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Text Comments (11)
Alex C. (7 months ago)
Quick for 1996. Wander how they moded these back then
PTR Motorsports (7 years ago)
x-4 XP for the win..and i miss the flyin fish
gabardinedreams (8 years ago)
drop a hydro motor in an xp hull, success
Gage Gilewski (8 years ago)
why cant sitdowns not be as big as boats now 4strokes suck
Alec Hohnadell (8 years ago)
Why can't it still be this biggg??? :(
SnojetSteve (8 years ago)
Wave Blasters, X4 Sea-doos and XIR Kawasakis were the shit!
gippa750 (8 years ago)
stunnerable (10 years ago)
I miss these days so much. 2 strokes rock.. so does the X4 hull! Thank you for these videos.
Dustin Stredwick (10 years ago)
Man I miss the good old days of ESPN jet ski coverage!
kawasakijetski (10 years ago)
Thanks for posting this vid.
BomberEyewear (10 years ago)
Yo FISH!! Funny... you're awesome!

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