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Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX vs. Jet Ski Ultra 310R Comparison

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Last summer we did an unlikely supercharged duel: We raced Kawasaki's Ninja H2 SX against the Jet Ski 310R across land and water in the Utah desert. By water, it’s 140 miles for the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310R, which makes more than 300 hp and has a governed top speed of 68 mph. The Kawasaki H2 SX SE, a supercharged 197-hp, 1,000cc sport-tourer, will take on 250 miles of road from one end to the other. Read our full review here: https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/2018-kawasaki-ninja-h2-sx-vs-jet-ski-ultra-310r-comparison Subscribe: http://mtrcycl.st/ysC1wp Motorcyclist Shirts: https://teespring.com/stores/motorcyclist Shop our favorite products: https://www.amazon.com/shop/motorcyclistmagazine
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Text Comments (213)
Darth Nihilus (1 hour ago)
Kinda dissapointed not more gopro footage was used, it looked awesome
Thrit A (2 hours ago)
Legend is he did sweat
ThaKenMan (3 hours ago)
Ah I love this. This has Top Gear/The Grand Tour inspiration all over it.
IRON59 _ (5 hours ago)
What helmet is that guy using?
Chris Cantle (12 minutes ago)
PalatschinkenPro (7 hours ago)
The jet ski guy has the voice of swaggersouls
Yoan Willi (8 hours ago)
why does his voice remind me of swagger souls????
Jarno Saarinen (9 hours ago)
Is that a different bike or did the saddlebags fall off?
Jarno Saarinen (9 hours ago)
What is it about journalists? Or yeh their wankers!
Oskar W (9 hours ago)
Jet ski sucks
casper lonc (10 hours ago)
Oh, no sweat
WYZMaro 97 (11 hours ago)
Jet ski Wins if it wasn't for the 30 min fuel stop.
Gmtail (12 hours ago)
Nice video, and one of the only true Jetskis. Calling a Yamaha or a SeaDoo a Jetski is incorrect and unethical.
John Wick (13 hours ago)
Y not H2R?
Kyl Valiente (14 hours ago)
I love kawasaki👍❤
Colton Blumhagen (19 hours ago)
It's a 310, so 310 cc? No...310 HP. Damn.
Kevin Arneson (19 hours ago)
How come when he was riding the bike it had side bags but when I finished the side bags were gone.
Because this race is bullshit.
Staeyoung (20 hours ago)
H2 needs a better rider
Star Fighter (21 hours ago)
Why is it limited to 67? Yet, they give it 300 hp.
Justice Warrior (22 hours ago)
This is awesome!!
robert affalterbach (23 hours ago)
The h2 is fast but not beauty I must say
Josh Larochelle (1 day ago)
Not a fair race any way you look at it, the jet ski has less resistance. They always do. Which means they have less resisting them from acceleration which means they accelerate harder and faster than any motorcycle of similar statute. A 900 class jet ski accelerates at the same rate as a Kawasaki h2 or hayabusa. Do a test recording actual acceleration speed and timing. That jet ski accelerates faster than the bike, garaunteed.
Brax Bond (19 hours ago)
Wrong high key they have to break through the surface of the water. That’s extreme resistance. That bike would smoke it in a straight line and through a circuit.
lalilulelo1989 (1 day ago)
Hmm...dunno whats the point of taking these two extreme machines and brag about their horsepower and so on when it ends up being an endurance race with speed limit :/
Archic Ben (1 day ago)
nO SWeAt
Matt Boonstra (1 day ago)
He lost his saddlebags before the finish
Nicholstop : (1 day ago)
Why would you buy an h2 when you could get a normal r1 with 200hp also. Cuz they probably go just as fast and the h2 is just heavier. It’s an awesome bike just I would be uncomfortable on something that heavy
Abhi Dahiya (11 hours ago)
It's H2SX. Supercharged touring bike. Much more comfortable to ride for long distances than proper track bikes like ZX-10r or R1. Moreover latest 2019 H2 makes 230+ BHP, probably around 235.
AllowMe 2Retort (1 day ago)
advil and alcohol? Your poor liver...
E V (1 day ago)
21 gallon an honour
The007FMG (1 day ago)
No wake...lol that's cute
OCTechTips (1 day ago)
top gear?
Scott Brunning (1 day ago)
Where did the luggage set go?
Bobby Tucker (1 day ago)
I've been all over that area, with my motorcycles, motorhome, and my boat. We did a lot of fishing in Lake Powell. I lived in Las Vegas 35 years and spent many nights camping there too. The road has a lot of twists and turns in it so it takes a lot of concentration.
Harry Makongwa (2 days ago)
Finally viewers become the winner ..
Samuel M (2 days ago)
Remember no sweat
Asher Atkinson (2 days ago)
am i the only one who thinks the h2 sx is low key ugly😂
PersianinSweden (2 days ago)
How is this a comparison?! obvioulsy the Ninja is the winner! Just say that you're making a video about both of them!
random uploads101 (2 days ago)
Beautiful Jet ski and it accelerates like crazy..now 68 mph on water is fast..but for the power and price id like it to atleast hit 75
Uptin Sinclaire (1 day ago)
Coast Guard limits manufacturers to how fast a stock production Jet Ski can be. But there are plenty of aftermarket mods that can be done to boost the speed.
Luis Pittairline (2 days ago)
I like this style of video, even though it is an a little strange comparison this video was awesome. Keep it up
Mac Diddles (2 days ago)
Instead of giving the jet ski a horsepower number they should have just said it does 67mph really fast
why (19 hours ago)
+Nolan Conlin fair point, i did skip through that part.
Nolan Conlin (19 hours ago)
why 310*
why (22 hours ago)
+Josh Larochelle the jet skis horse power number is 300. it has 300 horse power.
Josh Larochelle (1 day ago)
Mac Diddles the jet ski doesn’t have a horsepower number... the engine does. As does every engine. You can’t build a vehicle without knowing every bit of information about the engine first so how would a powerful efficient engine be designed and they wouldn’t know the hp. It’s impossible. And the hp doesn’t just affect speed so that’s irrelevant.
Guy Montag (2 days ago)
Disposable income? *chuckles
No sweat 😂😂😂😂
neeroー (3 days ago)
The biggest challenge when you ride a Jetski is big Wave 😂. Sometime i almost fell off and going underwater Lol.. Haha
CPU UK (3 days ago)
Different- I like ;-)
mrvwbug44 (3 days ago)
21 gallons per hour, that jet ski uses more gas than a houseboat or most speedboats haha (the 50ft rental houseboats at lake powell use 14 gph). So that jet ski gets approximately 3 miles per gallon if you are averaging 60mph for the hour it will take you to drain the ... surprise ... 21 gallon tank.
XclusiveS Heilbronn (4 days ago)
Is it just me or does this make no sense whatsoever. Speedlimits in the U.S. ... So why bother taking the fastest bike anyway?! Go and do this in germany along the Rhein. Then you'll See how fun this Bike can be
RTK Jzs (4 days ago)
Wait the second 3:20 do also have Gas Station at near the river? 😂😂
Ronnie Jr (3 hours ago)
English is not your first language is it?
look at my own jetski riding experience
Remi Al-Sett (4 days ago)
Make a video about how the f this is filmed
Jesse Mitchell (4 days ago)
My biggest thing is I want to know what is the top speed of that 310 lx without the governor on it . I know it will run 67 Miles per hour with a limiter. But that’s like pussy speed for 300 hp. I want to know if that thing can hit at least 90 That would at least make it worth 300 hp
Jesse Mitchell (4 days ago)
It might say Jetski on the side of it but it’s not a Jetski it’s a WaveRunner. You stand up on a Jetski you sit down on a WaveRunner. Hope this helps👍
Flash_BeeZy (4 days ago)
False, they are interchangeable but waverunner is a Yamaha and trademarked as such.
Richard Morris (4 days ago)
Wanted to like this but... Icon helmet? Don't squidify your content with that shit.
Thach Ho (4 days ago)
Amazing scenery and videography.
Tyler Fortner (4 days ago)
Dude this is not a vs...
Tobechukwu Njoku (4 days ago)
That Icon Airflite comes to tempt us once again.
AeroR (5 days ago)
I would take both vehicles💚 Ride safe 🤙
Ahh Duu (5 days ago)
I hoped they warmed up those engines first!!
upside downdog (5 days ago)
Not a bad video at all but an impossible comparison. A good way to incorporate a jetski into a motorcycle format. At 67 water feels like concrete. At any speed concrete feels like concrete
Ryu Hayabusa (5 days ago)
Ari and zack will do better
Chris Cantle (5 days ago)
Ryu Hayabusa man I hope so.
Jack Lucas (5 days ago)
Two great guys. Awesome photography awesome music and production. 1st Class job to the team!
mateo diego (5 days ago)
the best race, videos, sceneries and places. hope more videos like this from u guys
Matt Dickson (5 days ago)
Awesome vid! Incredible scenery on both land and water. Really enjoyed this one...keep them coming!
holymolie (5 days ago)
"Motorcycles are better than jet skis." Yes, yes they are.
holymolie (2 days ago)
+Sam Nivo Yes, even on water. ; ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDi9uFcD7XI
Sam Nivo (3 days ago)
holymolie not on water
BalcyVR6 (5 days ago)
In a race like this a 310 is pointless. My grandpa's 215 would bounce off the limiter at 70 wanting to go faster. You need to pass a boating test to legally operate a jetski by yourself, so let us haul ass if we're safe and prosecute the assholes who cause problems. I've done 120 in a boat, let me do at least 80 on a ski!
Samir Rajkonwar (5 days ago)
That's the best job in the world.
Denis Syrovatchenko (5 days ago)
Race again 😆 it's got a chance
Grey Goose 4x4 (5 days ago)
This is pretty cool ... I went with the fz10 and FX Cruiser HO comb though
Pat W (5 days ago)
I just want to tell you guys that the shot where the two dudes are walking up (and down) the launch for the start was really fucking cool. Also the outrunny type music was amazing too.
Christopher Carter (5 days ago)
I much rather be on the jet ski since I never experienced it before :)
Jesus On 2 Wheels (5 days ago)
Research the failure rate of these skis, it'll make you think twice about buying one
señor ruiseñor (5 days ago)
This views are too damn awesome
Snakes709 (5 days ago)
Pretty cool video. Totally random comparison. I have a H2 SX/SE and plan on buying the 310 when i move back to the east coast.
T0BBi94 (6 days ago)
Hey... No sweat!
RockerGuy0001 (6 days ago)
Beautiful country!
MotoBoy (6 days ago)
Mike Crockett (6 days ago)
THAT... was a fun video.
Rodolphe St. Preux (6 days ago)
oh no sweat... no sweat...oh no sweat. bro, you were so salt though. at least i would have been
Motocando por aí (6 days ago)
This video reminds me a trip planed. Here, in Brazil, there's a road from Manaus/Amazonas to Santarém/Pará wich, according Google Maps, requires 33 hours to run all 2113km (or 1313 miles). Theres a option to ship the motorcycle (and me) down througth Amazon river, wich takes 33 hours in average. It's almost the same travel time, but traveling by motorcycle is more expensive (i'll spend more with gasoline and one hotel night) and by boat, i can rest almost two days.
nice video It always confuses me talking gas mileage on bikes, I had a Hayabusa, from Cincinnati to Lexington Ky around 100 miles, Pinning the throttle many times going 140+ miles per hour over and over again, I made it there with a full tank (tucked most all the ride) the same fuel points I did it sitting up riding slow and it ate the whole tank...
doni zetta (6 days ago)
Is like far cry all over again
ryvoltz (6 days ago)
Beyond exhausted with 230 miles? Oh, come one, man!
Chris Cantle (5 days ago)
ryvoltz if you only knew what it takes to do these things, man. In this case, 4am wake up call to drive the boat and the bike up the length of the lake. Interviews on the ramp, standing around in your gear, sweating your ass off. You miss breakfast and eat about five bananas instead, because that’s what you’ve got, and your hands were so filthy from packing a spent trailer bearing that you don’t want to eat the trail mix you bought the day before and ate on the side of the road, like a crow picking at carrion. 230 miles on an amazing sport tourer? No problem. But first you’ve gotta earn it.
Captain Win (6 days ago)
Diego Cella (6 days ago)
The idea was good, but the execution a little lackluster....but the basis is there, keep it up!
n3cotraf (6 days ago)
"- Hey, I think we are doing a good job to waste the environment , I don't think we can do more ! - Hold my jet ski"
Ninja Penguin (6 days ago)
These guys are so boring wtf
Tuca Droid (6 days ago)
So... Did he lost the side bags of the motorcycle? Or did he casually stop in the middle of the race to take it off? If you are faking a race at least fake it right!
Zach Bowman (5 days ago)
+Chris Cantle Hey, when they invent a video van that can keep up, we can have all the continuity.
Chris Cantle (5 days ago)
Hi, I’m Zach Bowman and winning > continuity
Zach Bowman (6 days ago)
I ditched the bags in the van, knowing that I needed all the FE I could get. No one said how much of the bike needed to be at the finish line when Cantle showed up...
n40798 (6 days ago)
Why cant the fuel docks be used like gas stations?
Chris Cantle (16 hours ago)
n40798 I don’t blame those fellas, man. It’s a miracle that they can get a computerized pump system that takes credit cards working in the middle of nowhere, much less make it efficient... most of the time.
mrvwbug44 (3 days ago)
Because some idiot will drop the nozzle into the lake and cause a gas spill into the lake. Or start a fire.
TheAegisClaw (6 days ago)
Nobody wants a Jet Ski, Theresa.
Umesh Satheesan (6 days ago)
Amazing video man
IgWannA2 (6 days ago)
Running on fumes after only 100 miles? I thought the SX was meant to capable of touring.
Daniel Atzert (6 days ago)
I call bs for cheating..what happened to your hard cases??? Lol .im just picking on ya
Chris Cantle (5 days ago)
Zach Bowman sounds like something a creative interpreter of the rules might say.
Zach Bowman (6 days ago)
Cheating? Creative interpretation of the rules, maybe...
Beam Doctor (6 days ago)
I wish you gave us more footage,  nice comparison!
Nekminute (6 days ago)
I want a 300 HP supercharged motorcycle
Kronocide (6 days ago)
Meanwhile i'm here with my BMW G310R
David T. (6 days ago)
Great little film 👍 Dare I say the new zack & ari? 🤔
Collin Mac (3 days ago)
David, you said you were unsubscribing in the last video. Why are you still here? I’m shocked Justin didn’t ban you for all that S*** you were talking about him.
Sergey Snegirev (5 days ago)
No. Doesn't mean they are not great journalists though
Józsa Márton (6 days ago)
*AH GUYS THANK YOU FOR THIS. a godsend. this is JOURNALISM at its finest. more of this PLS*
John Paul Turner (1 day ago)
This is nothing but a 7 minute kawasaki advertisement. I wonder how much they paid for this junk.
AJourneyOfYourSoul (6 days ago)
Awesome video guys. Great idea for an unusual comparison that highlights both the bike and jet ski.
Mas Pras Channel (6 days ago)
It should drag race side by side, straight road and water on other side.
Ronan Rogers (6 days ago)
Yeah, I can see the point of racing a speed limited jet ski against a ~200 hp motorcycle sticking to the speed limit
CJML (6 days ago)
this guy sounds just like swaggersouls

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