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Rudy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell - Magic (Сover by James Header and Theia Nott)

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Text Comments (41)
James Header (8 months ago)
hope that Rudy will see it)
Winged Hussar (3 months ago)
I looked up the original and I prefer this one lol these 2 are so charismatic
sammy jenny (5 months ago)
Excelente me encantó.... Fue Magic
Yolo Swag (7 months ago)
Cover is better than orginal
Eduardo Martins (8 months ago)
Não sei como vim parar aqui, mas não me arrependi!
José Luis Rodríguez (8 months ago)
Try with 1.25 of speed, it is nice too!
James Header (8 months ago)
Claire (8 months ago)
Disappeared completely full style ❤️
Lucas Sng (8 months ago)
love this :o !!!! <3
Minh Tran (8 months ago)
Even though the original have better audio quality overall, the girl voice in this won me over.
que chimba parce <3
Jazare Jones (8 months ago)
Better than the original
Klaudex Velazquez (8 months ago)
So good! I wanna hear more songs from this duo!
James Header (8 months ago)
you will)
Ebat' Polinka Djeboshish
Ебать Полинка божишь!
TeddyJonesHD (8 months ago)
I'm in love
Raton Lavée (8 months ago)
I"m in love with Theia Nott
Sofian Martin (8 months ago)
Wow you guys nailed it. Lovely song. Keep it up.
nicomume (8 months ago)
Increiblemente hermoso todo, la cancion, el video, como lo disfrutan, este canal es awesome!!
so soulful...
Erik K (8 months ago)
Better than the original! 100%
Alexander /\ (7 months ago)
Is different
James Header (8 months ago)
Erik K thnx)
legend evil (8 months ago)
Christine Fu. (8 months ago)
This is so beautipol 😭💕
Lana Timon (8 months ago)
Amazing 😻
Laura Ca (8 months ago)
They seem at the XX!
Carla Ocampo (8 months ago)
Art of Rhythm (8 months ago)
Great tune <3
ElCristhian :v (8 months ago)
❤ 👆
kravchenko film (8 months ago)
Akbar adly (8 months ago)
Im not first
Noot Noot (8 months ago)
Music like this makes me feel something beautiful.
La Belle Musique (8 months ago)
Hope you guys enjoy this cover as much as we do..
Santiago Velasco (7 months ago)
La Belle Musique AMAZING!!!
Mounia Jaiti (8 months ago)
Yummy Veggies (8 months ago)
Israel Barrientos (8 months ago)
excelente!!! Muy buena canción!
La Belle Musique (8 months ago)
Rudy Mancuso has returned with a second single featuring actress Maia Mitchell. James Header and Theia Nott recorded an awesome cover for this release.
Santiago Velasco (7 months ago)

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