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10 Tragic Facts From The Life Of Queen Victoria

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10 Tragic Facts From The Life Of Queen Victoria She lived a confined life with a difficult mother and went through some horrible things that would shape the queen she would become. Mysteries USTV is a channel for interesting facts. We post about crime, celebs/people, places, history information and much more. If you enjoy those kind of videos, please subscribe for more :)
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Dele Alade (3 days ago)
Prince Albert was of Saxe Gotha Colberg. A German principality . He was not the prince of Belgium . This vid was full of errors .
Lucky Caledonian (3 days ago)
Check your facts! So many inaccuracies in this nonsense.
Ihsan ullah khan (7 days ago)
If it was an Islamic princesses there would be uproar like they are doing to Dubai Ruler
Jamyi Rogers (17 days ago)
If the typhoid fever part is true then damn...that's a hard bitch there...from the jump
Arista Komnene (17 days ago)
She had to wear that era's burdensome fashion daily, it was tragic enough already
Roy Neitzke (18 days ago)
Albert was not Belgian. Saxe Coburg is clearly German. Who vets these sloppy videos?
bottomrat oya (18 days ago)
What the hell happened to the ending?
jenny hopes (19 days ago)
Actually, the Queen of England HAS to propose.
Doosra95 (20 days ago)
Burn in hell Victoria!!!
Michiru Kaioh (20 days ago)
Jingle bells in the background? It is played in a minor scale though
Christian Patriot (25 days ago)
The greatest tragic fact associated with Victoria is Wilhelm II.
Kendall Caminiti (26 days ago)
Victoria and her mum got along quite well....but Victoria and Albert clashed over their eldest son...and don't forget that Victoria meddled with some of the other Royal families so that she could have countries that would be loyal to England via marriages with Denmark and Russia to name a few.
Ariel Heaven (27 days ago)
What a bunch of lies — don’t believe a word,
Prince Albert of Belgium??? This is the most inaccurate video I have ever watched.
Katherine B (1 month ago)
There are a number on inaccuracies in this video the first being Victoria was arguably born in order to be heir as despite her having countless uncles and cousins majority of her cousins were illegitimate and George the fourths heir presumptive princess charlotte along with her child died as a result of child birth. This also means that the chance of Conroy being her father are distinctly less than suggested. Also The theory about Haemophilia being related to her being Conroy's daughter are questionable as the fact that she married her cousin may also have been a contributing factor as haemophilia is a genetic disease that can be exacerbated by procreating with a cousin .
oriel (1 month ago)
Oh Hell, not one minute in and glaring falsehoods in your crappy video. Anybody reading this please just check wikipedia or read an actual biography by a historian, not this.
Ber P. (1 month ago)
What Royal actions 😏
Thea Johnston (1 month ago)
Tragic 😔
Rimgaile Kasnauskaite (1 month ago)
So many mistakes in this video if you will make something like this do proper reseach btw they knew she will be a queen. The only reason Victoria was born in the first place because Princess Charlotte and her baby boy died due to birth complications and they needed a rightful heir and so the baby race was astablished which Victoria's father won. So they knew she will be a queen that is why Kensingtton system was a thing. I will leave a dislike. Wtf iš wrong with you do reseach next time
Elizabeth Farrington (1 month ago)
Wasn't allowed to play with other children apart from her siblings? She didn't have any siblings!
Katherine B (1 month ago)
yes she did not have any 100% biological siblings but Prince Edward was her mothers second husband so Victoria had a couple of half siblings.
Timothy Oneto (1 month ago)
What the hell is Elizabeth the Queen Mother's picture doing in #3? ?????????
Timothy Oneto (1 month ago)
Also, Prince Albert was GERMAN, NOT BELGIAN!
Monterey Harris (1 month ago)
I think it’s on the queen Victoria had hemophilia because usually that is something men only have. Poor lady❤️
Chaotic Mendes (2 months ago)
2:37 that's not Victoria
56beverley (2 months ago)
This is ridiculous! There are so many mistakes and misunderstandings here. She didn't marry Albert to get rid of her mother. She didn't need to as queen she could get rid of her on her own. She married Albert for love. It wasn't so much that she was a difficult child but that her guardians were! They neglected her education deliberately so they could have power. When she became queen they tried to make out she was unbalanced. The Kensingto System was founded with only 1 thing in mind - to get and keep control of Victoria.
Karen Thompson (2 months ago)
I thought Prince Albert ,was from Saxe Coburg Gotha in Germany not Belgium
Chaotic Mendes (2 months ago)
He was
ItzNot Josh (2 months ago)
Wow she had a bad life😟
# मनन (2 months ago)
Married to frist cousin Brother fucker....
baire702 (2 months ago)
Quite s few errors in this.
IRFANUL HUDA (3 months ago)
*You missed victoria friendship with abdul*
No Chill Will (3 months ago)
No it was expected Victoria would be queen. George IV's only legitimate child died before Victoria's birth, Prince Frederick never had children and died before George IV, William IV's wife couldn't produce surviving children, and Victoria was Prince Edward's only child. She was the most senior living legitimate grandchild of George III and thus the rightful heir to the throne.
No Chill Will (2 months ago)
@56beverley that was also the name of George III's second son
56beverley (2 months ago)
Prince Frederick was George the 2nds son who died while young. George the 3rd was consequently his grandson.
No Chill Will (3 months ago)
Also 5 cousins? The only cousin who was ahead of her was George IV's daughter Princess Charlotte. That's 1 person last time I checked. Did you do any fact checking?
Marquis de Hoto (3 months ago)
what a lovley family...
Callum McIndoe (3 months ago)
That voice...
Naught Guile (3 months ago)
Wow! They fucked until dawn. Dayum!!! I wish it was caught on film. I wonder how hardcore the fucking was.😋
Mrs. Hernandez (3 months ago)
Mistake: she wouldnt wait for him to propose is incorrect because no one could propose to a royal..they have to propose.
June Milner (3 months ago)
I care about our ancestors history and love to share them with our daughters family tree roots
June Milner (3 months ago)
Find out more information about our ancestors DNA history from google hangouts and Facebook
June Milner (3 months ago)
I love to share our Facebook family history from Australia and England and Scotland and all over the world
Heather C (3 months ago)
Your content is good, but the computer bot voice is too much. Also, jingle bells in the background?
Erin Threlkeld (3 months ago)
Victoria had issues with her own children hating her
Katherine B (1 month ago)
Conroy was not her stepfather he was her mothers advisor and yes potentially they had a romantic relationship but he was not her stepfather @56beverley
56beverley (2 months ago)
Well she tried to control them as her mother and stepfather controlled her.
Victoria Kudranska (3 months ago)
My name is victoria
Shagufta Noormohd (3 months ago)
Grr01 30 (3 months ago)
Good that this hemophilic woman died, one less fat queen to feed around their time.
oneyetiger (3 months ago)
Fake Biography other than the name.
WP Daigle (3 months ago)
Long live the queen!!
Rita Heilig (3 months ago)
Oh dear, I thought everyone knew that Prince Albert was GERMAN and German became the language of the whole Court.
Sherrill Smith (4 months ago)
What is the purpose is the utter lack of truth in this video about Queen Victoria? When she was only a year old, she was already the FOURTH in line for the throne; there were NOT seven people in front of her!! It is unbelievable that you would publish the mean comments of her mother when Victoria is a virtual prisoner until she was 18 years old. How can any thinking person believe her jailors who were documented liars about her; who treated her with such dominance and cruelty, all for their personal power? Thank God that she was gifted with a strong backbone and an indomitable spirit to survive what most infants, young children, and adolescents would not have, while she remaining sane AND of sound mind. YES, Victoria was 18 when she was crowned in 1837, BUT she married Albert in 1840, so NOT "six months later". WHY do you insert the current  Queen Elizabeth II's mother – who was only SIX MONTHS OLD at Victoria death - in a photo next to the young Queen Victoria! Really? Please, please consider making corrections.
Jenny Grant (4 months ago)
There's so much aggressive comments on social media. Anything I ever put is solely my opinion, everyone's entitled to theirs. It's been said Victoria's life was hard in lot of ways, family or not, but she certainly was a strong independent woman by look of it
RamenPackets (4 months ago)
She had a good heart but there were many people around her with a foul one.
56beverley (2 months ago)
Yeah right! She was queen of people of whom many were starving and destitute. She either didn't know or didn't care.
Krista Hatake (4 months ago)
Actually, victoria's father was the 5th child and 4th son of the king.
Katie Johnson (4 months ago)
Victoria was a very cruel and manipulative mother who notoriously played off one child against another.  She forced her youngest daughter to give up her life in order to be her life-long "servant".  The only person Victoria really loved was Albert - after he died, she locked herself up in mourning for decades.
Katie Johnson (4 months ago)
Michael Turman (4 months ago)
Albert was from Germany, from the Duchy of Saxe- Coburg-Gotha.The German family name was changed at the first Word War to Windsor, there was such a hatred against the Germans that everybody with a German Name changed it, like the Kings cousin from Battenberg to Mountbatten. Leopold from Belgium was the brother of Victoria mother and he accepted the crown of Belgium after his Wife Charlotte the Crown princess of GB died in Childbirth. That is why Victoria became Queen of GB. Albert and her were first cousin Leopold married a french princess later on in life which Victoria admired a lot. So a Bull---t that Victoria father was not her father, Edward , Duke of Kent just looks like her, but she did not inherit the hemophilia gene from her father, that why the story came up that Sir John Conroy was her father. it is sad that Victoria gave the hemophilia gene to Spanish, Russian , and English royals
Mary Elizabeth (4 months ago)
And bring her father back from Canada ( were he had been sent in disgrace) to spawn an heir. It is said he had an native wife and several children.
Ronald Cortez (4 months ago)
Am i the only one hearing "Jingle Bells" in a awful and sad fashion? (Around 6:00 onwards)
TexasGirl 1 (4 months ago)
Such a negative video. Yuk! Outa here.
Thomas Pictures 343 (4 months ago)
It’s not a castle it was a palace
diane raschke (4 months ago)
What a bunch of ugly kids! Poor things
Happy Place Landscapes (4 months ago)
Anyone lese notice the fact that the music in the background at some points is Jingle Bells in a minor key?
Karen Vincent (4 months ago)
John Conroy would have had to have hemophilia to pass it on to her - it is a sex-linked disease. He didn't. Scientists have trace several of her relatives that are believed to have died of the disease even though it was not named in their death certificates.
Here_We_Go_Again2 (4 months ago)
Out of curiosity; I looked up the following: Queen Victoria's father: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn (1767--1820 ... Age: 53) Queen Victoria's mother: Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1786--1861 … Age: 75) Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld was Prince Albert's paternal aunt, as well as Victoria's mother Princess Victoria of S-C-S was first married to: Emich Carl, 2nd Prince of Leiningen (m. 1803. He died 1814) Princess Victoria of S-C-S had two (2) children by her first husband: Carl, 3rd Prince of Leiningen (1804--1856 … Age: 52) [Ruled 1818--1856, Amorbach, Principality of Leiningen, modern Bavaria, DE] [Married: (1829) Countess Maria Klebelsberg of Bohemia/Czech Kingdom] [Had issue: 2 sons] Princess Feodora (i.e. Theodora) of Leiningen (1807--1872 … Age: 65) [Married: (1828) Ernst I, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg *** [Had issue: 3 sons and 3 daughters. All but 1 daughter, married & had issue] *** Hohenlohe-Langenburg: Located in modern Baden-Württemberg, DE "In 1819, Carl and his younger sister Princess Feodora were taken from Amorbach to London, where their half-sister Princess Victoria of Kent was born on 24 May at Kensington Palace." Feodora married at Kensington Palace, London, UK (1828) then moved to Germany She is a matrilineal ancestor of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and of King Felipe VI of Spain. " -- Wikipedia
Brandy B (4 months ago)
I don't think Conroy was her father. She looks like her father. She has his eyes and face shape and lips.
Anneliese Harmon (4 months ago)
Prince Albert was not a Belgian prince, as mentioned by the robot in this video, but a German prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha! Wonder who 'creates' these so-called facts. Looks like anything German is still misrepresented as usual!
Redeemed Harshsw (4 months ago)
Redeemed Harshsw (4 months ago)
Redeemed Harshsw (4 months ago)
anerioone (4 months ago)
Albert was not from Belgium
greatboniwanker (4 months ago)
"I wear Black. Nothing but Black!"
Herminia Sia (4 months ago)
Michael Gilbert (4 months ago)
:-) glad Queen Victoria tortured by her Mother & Father.. Tell THAT to George Galloway and GEORGE PATTON
Mary R (4 months ago)
Not until we as entities, come to the realization that rape, molestation, chronic abuse, and inbreeding/incest will be our demise as productive, humane, and progressive civilizations, will be be able to create environments of true freedom and united purpose. Women need to hold their sons accountable. Where there is Faith, there is no fear.
Kay Taylor (4 months ago)
Why is there a picture of the late Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) @7.49 in this, she was born just before Queen Victoria died and certainly did not marry her cousin to get rid of her mother i don't get the connection
Charles Schwartz (4 months ago)
"Facts"?? Yet you reports rumors of her parentage. No one seriously thinks she was not Edward's daughter. Some of what you reports as facts are slanted as well.
belmarmom (4 months ago)
Albert was not from Belgium. He was from Germany. Get your facts straight before you post things. And Lehzen is pronounced Lay-zen not Leh-zin.
pip hudson (4 months ago)
What siblings?
Roberta Livingston (4 months ago)
Interesting - and not entirely true. Also ruined by a political ad calling for the impeachment of our President. Shameful.
StrangeViolette (2 months ago)
Shameful that the porn star criminal liar has not been carted out of office for his contempt of congress and obstruction of justice to a federal prison where the monster belongs.
Deb Cram (4 months ago)
That's your computer, not the video itself. I get no ads.
christie osborne (4 months ago)
She was one of the best queens in history, along with Elizabeth I and II. Brilliant.
Alan Mundy (4 months ago)
Victoria was very much seen as the likely successor from her birth as her uncles were infamously infertile in their marriages. Sir John Conroy was an opportunist and undoubtedly a crook, stealing countless millions in today's money from Victoria's mother. Victoria never believed that Conroy was her father.
OOMackica 1000 (4 months ago)
The picture at 2.34 is that of Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine who died when she was 8, Victoria's granddaughter by Ernest Louis.
Fruit Cat (4 months ago)
As much a I love history I wouldn't to live in any time but now because life really sucked for women before the 70's
Dimiitrix D (4 months ago)
Y’all playing jingle bells in the background
irishtaz44017 (4 months ago)
It was unknown what Prince Albert died from. It was unknown if he had typhoid, a stomach ulcer, Crohn's disease, gallbladder disease, or stomach cancer. Whatever it was, it appeared to be exasperated by his interactions with his adult son, the Prince of Wales, over the Prince's misconduct.
Celia Hans (4 months ago)
Get your facts right!!!
Claudia Martin (5 months ago)
Do not like robot voice! BUT content is fantastic! Never knew about this stuff!! Thank you!
Tom Minogue Hastings (5 months ago)
use a human voice instead of a voicebot to avoid hundreds of dislikes such as mine
Amy Carmichael (5 months ago)
Prince Albert was from Germany, not Belgium which it says in this video
spencersfarm (5 months ago)
Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, later Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Belgium's monarchy is of the same house
Kit Kat (5 months ago)
Is that jingle bells being played in a minor key in the background?
Eduard Qualls (5 months ago)
For Victoria to have gotten hemophilia from Conroy, he would have to have had it himself, and that, we know, he didn't. As an X-chromosome-linked recessive disorder, hemophilia rarely occurs in females, but they can be carriers, with the disorder present on one of their two X-chromosomes. But because males have a single X-chromosome, with no matching X to mask it, they will express it whenever the genetic problem is present. So, that conjecture, as "evidence" of Conroy's fathering Victoria, is, frankly, farcical.
Kristy Burgess (5 months ago)
This video is incorrect 😐
Kristy Burgess (5 months ago)
By Way Of Deception (5 months ago)
Jesus, no wonder Victoria hated Conroy so much. Victoria blamed her son "Bertie" for Albert's death because Albert contracted the disease while visiting Bertie at Cambridge. Albert basically went there just to tell him to stop behaving like an ass.
Melisse Clark (5 months ago)
Absurd. Conroy was NOT her father. Her claim to the throne was only though her father. Nor did her mother have any claim to the throne. Conroy tried to make her mother REGENT, to have more control over Victoria, who was not only a girl but only 18. Conroy was not successful. Where do people get this garbage from? It's usually of US origin & completely manufactured. In lieu of knowledge is sensationalism
Burdette Kent-Wilson (5 months ago)
Conroy wasn't employed by Victoria's mother until after Victoria's father was dead, so Edward Duke of Kent was definitely Victoria's father. Conroy was an extremely exploitative and conniving parasite, but since mere females weren't permitted to solely oversee the rearing of potential heirs to the throne, Conroy was a necessary evil due to gender inequality propaganda that still thrives in some countries today. Also, royal blood married royal blood in those days, therefore ALL royal husbands and wives were cousins.
Robot voice? Really?
Alys Mari (5 months ago)
So many errors. So many mistakes 😕👎
James Gleason (5 months ago)
Why in hell does the soundtrack use a minor version of Jingle Bells?
Brenda Rose (5 months ago)
Jingle Bells, jingle bells ...the piano drowned out whatever the robot was saying. How did I get here from SNL videos? 🤦🤦🤦
Sofia-Rose Gionomo (5 months ago)
I'm sorry but is that jingle bells playing in the background?!
Bio Kimistry (5 months ago)
This is so full of multiple errors. Not to mention the section with 'Jingle Bells' playing behind it. Fail video.
Michelle Johnson (5 months ago)
Why did they play the song Jingle Bell?

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