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7 Dangerous Habits That Are Controlling Your Life + Lifestyle Motivation

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Hey guys! Today I want to discuss 6 Major Habits that you might be doing everyday that are ruining your motivation towards success & living the life you want to experience! These habits can control you & lead you down a dark path. I’ve battled with every single one of them & even to this day I still have to fight against these negative yet natural habits. But as long as we are in this together, we can fight our way through & conquer them! Feel free to LIKE this video, Subscribe, & Hit the Notifications Button to be informed when I drop me next video! Appreciate you guys like craaaazy! Mad Love, -dre drexler ▶ MY JORD WOOD WATCH I WORE IN THIS VIDEO: https://goo.gl/wrL7j9 (use code “dredrexler" for $25 OFF) ▶ Follow me on Instagram: https://goo.gl/Pwwd7L ▶ individuals™ FACEBOOK GROUP: https://goo.gl/KuLxLx ▶ Join the Inner Circle & GET FREE GIFT: https://goo.gl/rHB2gp *If you guys dig my channel, you will find videos based on men’s lifestyle, fashion, health, hair, grooming, fitness, & overall motivation. Be sure to subscribe & hit the notifications button to be alerted when I drop new content! -dre ▶ FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/Pwwd7L individuals™ INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/TJcWuC MNRŌ music: https://goo.gl/QN8HJ2 SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/TktM7L FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/1RitXs TWITTER: https://goo.gl/DfAjYD TUMBLR: https://goo.gl/uPVGNP PINTEREST: https://goo.gl/f5BtXi SNAPCHAT: dredrexler WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/v4VUxM *MY HAIR PRODUCTS: https://goo.gl/dcAf4y - use code “DREXLER” for 10% OFF! ▶ CHECK OUT SOME OF MY OTHER VIDEOS: My Epic Morning Routine (2018): https://goo.gl/HMRJiN 11 Effective Morning Habits: https://youtu.be/YCaKHqq895Y Just Do You motivational Video: https://goo.gl/3A5XvD How to Look Expensive on Budget: https://goo.gl/e9DbY9 Men’s Medium/Long Hairstyles 2018: https://goo.gl/wrgykC What I tell My barber 2018: https://goo.gl/D2wtsu 10 Unique Style Trends To Follow in 2018: https://youtu.be/dnnIiFLWoRg 20 Different Undercut Hairstyles: https://goo.gl/JvHVeo How to Dress in 2018 + New Styles: https://goo.gl/TWZxdk How to Add Volume to Your Hair: https://goo.gl/tNrcu9 How to Add Wave, Volume, & Texture to Hair: https://goo.gl/QHmfPF 24 Slick Back Different Hairstyle Trends: https://goo.gl/vGV48c Improve Your Style Without Buying New Clothes: https://goo.gl/P237n5 Growing Out My Hair from an Undercut: https://goo.gl/sKTnwz How I Enhance My Physical Features: https://goo.gl/ftFULG SONGS: * J u m p s u i t - T w e n ty O n e P i l o t s instrumental - Music by: https://www.youtube.com/c/isolateddragon * R o o t s I m ag i n e D r a g o n s by Ozan Cem - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2I7RQJ3kk0 * T h e W e e k e n d T r y M e W a s t e r T i m e s I n s t r um e n t a l T y p e b e a t * A S A P R O C K Y - P r a i s e t h e L o r d i n s t r u m e n t a l b y S K E P T A *contact me [email protected] for any questions! “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” -Proverbs 17:17 Jord Watch link is affiliate.
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Diydan Lopez (27 days ago)
Love this Dre! I'll def be quoting & referring to this. You're such a talented speaker you stud!
Xbrad X19 (13 days ago)
Dre Drexler hey bro pls tell me how to get male model face I don’t believe it’s genetics I believe everyone lies when they say that
Sadhwik (27 days ago)
the best thing that could happen to me would be to see you two featuring in a same video 😁
Dre Drexler (27 days ago)
You are way too awesome Brother. Appreciate it like crazy Diydan! -dre
Ronnie Morseau (1 day ago)
This is a great video!! I really needed to hear some of these. Thank you!
Dre Drexler (13 hours ago)
appreciate the love Ronnie!
L4MB0 (1 day ago)
Jumpsuit I hear you.
Manny Azizy (7 days ago)
Bro you're the man!!!💯 you're such a motivator you're legit goals bro, successful has a loyal and beautiful wife🖤 staying humble god bless you📿
Dre Drexler (5 days ago)
you are too kind brother. thank you!
Luffy PirateKing (10 days ago)
I can’t stop smashing someone help
David Corey (12 days ago)
Tyler Eppens (12 days ago)
ILS much? 😂😂
Diego Vera (15 days ago)
this nigga lowkey smart af
Dre Drexler (14 days ago)
appreciate the love my brother, thanks! -dre
titus raju (16 days ago)
Hey ... Can you make a video about Nofap.. ???
LAKE OF VIDEOS (18 days ago)
I loved your videos and i love your black ring can you please gift me ?😀
4zagger (18 days ago)
Matt (18 days ago)
Hey Dre just ordered Ocean Clay! Can’t wait to try it out!!!!
Lucas Galosi (20 days ago)
I really liked the way you filmed your morning routine it was so interesting to just keep watching but when you are just sitting in the same area and talk it gets boring really quick. The content of your videos are fantastic but if you upped the way you film it would be perfect
Dre Drexler (20 days ago)
appreciate the feedback, you are awesome Lucas!
Lukas Oppermann (20 days ago)
MarcosLee Official (21 days ago)
Sooo true dre, even how you want to please your haters they will always find ways to drag you down, but your right just move forward... thanks for always inspiring me. Mad love bro
Enzo Hamza (21 days ago)
dre drexler... thanks you for this video
José Luis Ortega (21 days ago)
Saludos desde Mexico Oye pon tratuctor es español por fa
11franco (22 days ago)
Mad mad love my dude! Fui fui fui! Jaja. Taking it to the next level with these uplifting and inspirational videos!
Anees Haroon (22 days ago)
I’ve been dealing with a lot of crap lately and purpose crisis, would you recommend any books to read for personal development and/or lifestyle motivation? thanks my guy
Aldi Isnaeni (22 days ago)
This is why I subscribe him and spend my time to watch his creative work🙌👏👍
Dre Drexler (21 days ago)
Means so much Aldi! Thank you brother!
Herman Benitez (22 days ago)
Hey dre I just graduated from high school and i really lowkey needed this to push me more in accomplishing my dream i have a major problem with letting small things get to me and my way and this helped my IG is HERMANBENITEZZ
Hieu Dang (22 days ago)
Vann Aquino (22 days ago)
This is good dre
Rekusu (22 days ago)
Ricky Bhardwaj (23 days ago)
Dude You are the most underrated youtuber!! N I will pray that u get more bigger YouTube Family 🙏
Dre Drexler (22 days ago)
means so much bro! thanks!
Jose Molina (23 days ago)
Thanks a lot.
Edmond Edralin (23 days ago)
Your too radical man!!!
Edmond Edralin (23 days ago)
@legendaryedmond IG
niraj rajpurohit (23 days ago)
Dre I totally admire your content .I loved the last line of this video "Learn to become the one instead of always trying to search for the one".Keep going, I look up to you brother !
Dre Drexler (23 days ago)
appreciate the love brother!
Jeffry Mendez (24 days ago)
Love how you can set you're mind set right I loved all the Tips Dre I also believe that with a positive attitude and mind set you can accomplish more @trn_ jeff you just need believe in you're self
jared kouadio (24 days ago)
You are doing gods work! This is your calling !!! Keep it going
Camilo Mendez (24 days ago)
please do a lip routine cause literally YOUR LIPS ARE SO PERFECT
Rm Obligado (24 days ago)
Hey Dre! Are you born again Christian?
Sean Wang (24 days ago)
Thank you, I'm currently dealing with a really bad breakup but after watching a few of your videos I feel like myself again. Thank you so much I can't put my emtions into words for how grateful I am toward your motivational videos.
Austin Watterman (24 days ago)
I'm going to be honest Dre. I've been chasing money like it's everything but when you speak about chasing our visions instead of money it completely shifted my mind from money to my visions. Thank you Dre.
Daniel Gutiérrez (24 days ago)
Hi my brother! Can I ask you whats the meaning behind your chest tattoo? Seems interesting
Dre Drexler (24 days ago)
it stands for Proverbs 24:16 :) Thanks for watching Daniel! -dre
Keshawn Rasband (24 days ago)
One of my favorite videos of yours Dre Drexler! I've always admired you since I've started watching your videos a few years ago. Stay classy man! Keep being you bro! This is incredible as ever! Thanks again!
Dre Drexler (24 days ago)
Means so much Keshawn! Thanks man. -dre
Gabriel Baltazar (25 days ago)
God spoke to me through you today!! Thank you Dre!
Gabriel Baltazar (25 days ago)
Gabriel Baltazar (25 days ago)
Focus on the vision not the money, because God will always provide where He is.
Blogs For Days (25 days ago)
Are you makeing a back to school video
Liam Doc Reviews (25 days ago)
0:50 what book please?
TheCrazyCoutersHD (25 days ago)
How do we set a vision when I don’t have much money dre?
Dre Drexler (24 days ago)
Get a job, make money, live BELOW your means & save your money up as much as you can so one day you can invest it into something you really want to do.
steven borrego (25 days ago)
I appreciate you spending your time and putting out meaninful positive content! Keep it up Bro!
WN8OverR9000 (25 days ago)
Most cringe channel ever. This guy is the definition of a superficial person.
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
sorry you think that brother. Nonetheless, thanks for even taking the time to watch my content. Really means a lot. 🙏 stay blessed, -dre
Joe (25 days ago)
Where's your ring from?
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
amazon :) just search rubber wedding bands
Sándor Sellei (25 days ago)
"Hard work beats talent" best advice for me. Thx for making this video. Love you sooo much ❤❤❤ ig username: _sanyiiii
TheFrostbite324 (25 days ago)
Hey Dre, is your hair that dark naturally, or do you dye it?
L.B.C. (25 days ago)
Yo Dre what do you have tattooed on your chest/shoulder?
Dre Drexler (24 days ago)
proverbs 24:16 :) thanks for watching!
john louie abendan (25 days ago)
youre so cool
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
you are too awesome bro, thanks !
Timo Hokke (26 days ago)
Love your work bro, keep it going.💪💪💪
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
Thanks !
sonagami (26 days ago)
Thank you for another amazing video keep up the good work bro💯👌
Nishant Singh (26 days ago)
Which camera you are using
savage unicornv2 (26 days ago)
instagram : @babydxdo an what i learn is that stop chasing girls an start focusing on life which leads to success (when u said stop trna find the perfect 1)
Cesar Cervantes (26 days ago)
Definitely needed this video bro. Relationships are hard, and you explained it perfectly in less than 1 min that related to me exactly. Keep doing you bro! Awesome motivator!
Daniel Lugo (26 days ago)
This is good advice coming from a younger dude. I'm doing well, and I have my life together (Thank God) but watching this made me realize I have quite a few limiting beliefs. Thanks.
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
appreciate the love and thanks for your transparency brother. You are awesome. -dre
RemyLexington (26 days ago)
This is amazing man. I love all your speeches. You should go on tour talking to people. That would be really cool
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
Means a lot Remy! Thanks dude!
T • CHAHAL (26 days ago)
Awesome video man! Congratulations to the winners!!
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
Appreciate you brother. #individuals
J.P. Taylor (26 days ago)
GREAT VIDEO🙌 Tip I Learned From: "Live the life you want to live, without the bondage of being controlled by money" 🔑 #facts CHASE THE VISION!!!! Instagram: @therealjptaylor
arthur shelby hairstyle plz
James Asilo (26 days ago)
Nicee video!
babeepink78 (26 days ago)
Very inspirational and real. Keep up the fabulous work, Dre!
Mr Green (26 days ago)
I’m impressed by your looks, maturity and wisdom. Hugs from Iran
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
appreciate the love bro
Shakthi E (26 days ago)
I think the positive mindset was definitely the best tip, people break always break down when something bad happens and don't realize that there are people that wish they were in ur position, having that positive attitude is key especially during a bad time.
Herjhee Absolu (26 days ago)
Great video man thank you for those useful tips ,keep up the good work.
Onixッ (26 days ago)
Bro you are such an inspiration in my life i love your videos. Keep it up. Also do you jump rope l, i have been geting in to it and i have been getting fit. So do u jump rope.
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
sometimes i do! I like doing double-unders! Good stuff. thanks for the love and support brother.
Derick Moncado (26 days ago)
You edit with Final Cut X?
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
yup! :D
Umut Türkseven (26 days ago)
Im alive today... @umutsvn_ from turkey
Asif Ubaid (25 days ago)
+Umut Türkseven how are you bro
Umut Türkseven (25 days ago)
Asif Ubaid (26 days ago)
hey bro
nasif siddiquey (26 days ago)
My favorite tip was the Giraffe and Turtle analogy. My family is hell bent on thinking the only way to success is through the usual college and get a job. I'm 14 and want to make a living from e-commerce and want to invest my time on that, not a usual and job and my family just don't seem to u derby and. But this tip did seriously help to encourage me now thank you so much for it!
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
If you want to make a living from e-commerce then DO IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART MY BRO!! Love your parents and honor them, but at the same time do whatever you can to prove them wrong! lol Give this life everything you got so you can do something that you love!
Hillel Louahem (26 days ago)
damn didn't expect this vid to be this good 🤔
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
appreciate it bro!
מר שמלו (26 days ago)
Fire... very inspired
Bashkim Selmani (26 days ago)
Great video! Loved it...... keep up the good work Dre
David Tran (26 days ago)
I needed to hear this! thank you!
Judgement Day Fitness (26 days ago)
Abigail V S (26 days ago)
Thanks for this 🙏🏼
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
Thanks for watching Abigail! you are awesome. -dre
Kevin Kunzmann (26 days ago)
Blast through your problems!
Roger S (26 days ago)
Goodness me Dre! My dude your body looks dope! Of course, your words as always motivating me at the right moment, thank you, continue like this. Greetings and Love.
sahil mehndiratta (26 days ago)
Thanks a ton for this video
sohan fernandes (26 days ago)
The first tip ! Not to waste time thinking about past ! Was my favourite tip in this video . Please give me a shout out @fernandes_sohan
The barking cat (26 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video! More videos like this please.
Rise Tune (26 days ago)
individuals wow
Ahmed Aiman (26 days ago)
Great tips 👍
1080p Uploads (26 days ago)
Shade Gray (26 days ago)
abvvxx love the video bro!!
Chris Ginter (26 days ago)
How can someone possibly dislike a video of dre drexler?
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
haha appreciate the love brother.
Vaseem khan (26 days ago)
Make your hair cut video
Kyan Gonzales (26 days ago)
Speechless 🔥👌👌
Sage Delaney (26 days ago)
Oh come on, please don’t bring god into your videos
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
God is the reason why I live brother. That is my own belief. Appreciate you watching man. Truly means a lot! -dre
Dan Galla (26 days ago)
E+R=O 100% live by this. Loving your content
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
Thanks brother !!!
Nice context on this video 🙌 👍
Daniel Chavez (26 days ago)
Thank you for this awesome video, Dre. I love the "E + R = O" part. I continue to learn every day that I zero control over people, places and things, and the only thing I can really control is my response. And your giraffe and turtle story is amazing, thanks for sharing it!
Alan Wang (26 days ago)
Man, u speak straight facts
lawrence murakaru (26 days ago)
i love this video
hadir ahmed (26 days ago)
Amazing... I love first one (the past) and. .and . Don't limit yourself .. Really love this video... Keep going 💪
S. Salam (26 days ago)
Thx bro. much information
abhishek rajesh (26 days ago)
Damn this made my day😊❤👍...
thor odinson (27 days ago)
Mark mansion would approve..
Hassen 15 (27 days ago)
Kris Lupo (27 days ago)
first of all dont get me wrong I´m thankful for many things about myself but then I look into the mirror I´m not ready to love myself because i have so many problems with school or my body or even love. So my question is how can I love myself ? by the way I love your Videos because they motivate me.
Dre Drexler (25 days ago)
Hey Kris. Thanks for watching! I used to feel exactly the same way... until I understood that all those "problems", will never fully go away. You are always going to have problems and insecurities no matter what... it's just human nature. So I encourage you, don't wait till you are "perfect" to love yourself because you will never feel "perfect" enough. Instead choose to love yourself unconditionally, love yourself regardless of your strengths and weaknesses. Love yourself regardless of your perfections and imperfections. If you love yourself, this will enable you to love others, which is what are purpose as humans is. -dre
Sam Valentine (27 days ago)
keep up the great content brother!
med beiba (27 days ago)
Very good video...you post the best videos 🤙
Pasiolek (27 days ago)
This video made me crawl out of bed
Mr. Tangl (27 days ago)
„if you shoot for the moon and you miss, you‘ll still land amongst the stars“ - that’s so cool! Great video!

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