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[SYTYCD S09 Finale] Cyrus tWitch (Animation)

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So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 (week 9)
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Text Comments (37)
CamerinJ (3 months ago)
Probably the only one that thought it was a little boring
Cindy Cook (3 months ago)
This was GREAT!
Solomon Habtom (3 months ago)
I can not believe this was six years ago... and it is still fresh and amazing to watch.
Steve Smith (6 months ago)
Justin S (7 months ago)
Cyrus is better than twitch in my opinion
Aristides Sucks (8 months ago)
Well, that was boring.
trevor bell (8 months ago)
1:36 Disturbing poses - actual cyborgs
zeinb Shaabna (10 months ago)
Sunny Myrthong (11 months ago)
ARJUN SAKA AGUNG (1 year ago)
They are step up cast
Robbie Robinson (1 year ago)
What's the name of this song?
dtrix10kc (6 months ago)
Robbie Robinson Like A Criminal - District 78
Zeina Martini (1 year ago)
that is actually the best performance twitch did
name of song?
dtrix10kc (6 months ago)
jhoel leonardo benavidez arce Like A Criminal - District 78
Mauro Lucke (2 years ago)
So who won?
Emiliano Topete (2 years ago)
perrisima la entrada
Leeo Farias (2 years ago)
Otho Williams Jr. (2 years ago)
Animation Domination
Le Shurc (3 years ago)
Mattie Mat Akera (3 years ago)
too much manliness in one video
just korean (3 years ago)
That show is (amazing)(beautiful) and it's (lovely).
Q Trần Ti (3 years ago)
so good
Lolin Prado (3 years ago)
Balas estupendo eres crak
Young Money (3 years ago)
U hubt
Simona Davis (3 years ago)
They were both equally good. Cyrus is a lot more crisp and neat but Twitch was more on beat. So who was better? I can't decide in my my opinion.
Engineered By Niveka (3 months ago)
That's because Cyrus is an animator, tWitch is Hip Hop Funk/locker
+Simona Selamawit Don't just like the comment nigga... Respond to the request! AIn't a game...
Let me hold/see them titties.
Zach Miller (3 years ago)
I watch this over and over again, I also took a vid
guarapman1 (4 years ago)
Sin duda alguna, es es el Mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellian hunte (4 years ago)
the first time was good this time its better, love it love them
karamellkaktus (5 years ago)
Avery Teoda (5 years ago)
The last few seconds of the dance when they're swaying just makes the whole thing.
TeDDy ScKrapY (5 years ago)
Love ! EXTRA ! =D
Simona Davis (6 years ago)
Even better than the original <3
Kelsi Sharp (6 years ago)
I think they were even better the second time around!

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