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BookOfKen (5 months ago)
► Get the COOLEST Merch in the Game! ► https://EverythingBlackSheep.com *SMASH* THE LIKE BUTTON! LETS GET *25,000 LIKES* and we will do a PART 4, EVEN MORE EPIC THAN THIS! *SUBSCRIBE* and *TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS* we post quality hilarious videos almost every single day! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED US OUT ON SNAPCHAT, recently we’ve been getting ruined by youtube with advertisements, and no ads have been showing up on our videos, and our past videos have been getting demonetized. The only way we get any money from videos is when people clicking Ads or watching them, so without them showing up, we get like ultimately recked lol. So its very stressful, but all of your guys support is so awesome, and you guys and gals mean the world to us. Much Love <3 and we will see you guys tomorrow with a new video :) possibly a prank *cough* *cough*
lynn brill (2 days ago)
@bookofken @bookofcarley
Nick Fernandez (2 hours ago)
I followed u on Instagram ken
Edward Orengo (2 hours ago)
A cat
Amrita Daly (3 hours ago)
Take your clothes off please
joy Acoriba (7 hours ago)
Vaishnav Poinachi (9 hours ago)
Come on kane kerala baby
Heather Schlaff (16 hours ago)
Shout me out please Emma Schlaf
Heather Schlaff (16 hours ago)
U guys are my favorite YouTubers ever I love ❤️ u guys
Aiden St oud (17 hours ago)
#team ken yeah boie
Sammy Grace (20 hours ago)
Ifeyinwa Nwoye (1 day ago)
Carly I dare you to slap ken
Oyie Orel (1 day ago)
tigel nyo yan mga bastos
Delroy Gordon (1 day ago)
Ken I want you to do is get carly to get out the house and pull her pants down and pull her Underwear down 😈😈😈😈
JesJes (1 day ago)
I bet you’ll fall for it Read more
Jibril Jibril (2 days ago)
Never kendi am never doue wat you seyine bat yor wife yes
Khloe Thompson (2 days ago)
I did Ken to drink spicy hot sauce
Juanita Barlow (2 days ago)
i am part of the book club
Aries Mariano (2 days ago)
Zryah Sweet (2 days ago)
You made me trow up
Luffy Borda (2 days ago)
Who is me if he do not blur the video. ⬇️
George Wilson (3 days ago)
How do you join the book club
Yeyet Kia (3 days ago)
HAi karli 2 jolkom karli
Yareni Sg (3 days ago)
LOL daddy don't cry
Yareni Sg (3 days ago)
I smashed the like button like you said but I broke my tablet
Khaleb Willams (3 days ago)
Take of Carly's bra
Christine Baumann (3 days ago)
You guys are inoprit
Christine Baumann (3 days ago)
You guys are being yerd
Merry Hector (4 days ago)
Book club
Jarell Sean Lingad (4 days ago)
ʜᴇ's ɢᴏɴɴᴀ ᴘᴜᴛ ᴀ ɴᴜᴅᴇs 😂
Hiren Devchand (4 days ago)
Ken I dare you to drink 30litter of water in 1min
Elijah Valentino (4 days ago)
Wait do you have a book for sale like you said
XD lolol (4 days ago)
Lol ken love nudes
Starr Beverly (4 days ago)
i smashed the like button
Starr Beverly (4 days ago)
give away 1/00000000000.100090 book club
Shazia Akberandani (4 days ago)
I dare Len to lick Carley's face for 20 seconds
Kent Guevarra (5 days ago)
I smash that like button and my phone crash 1like=1prayer for my phone
Camillia Sanderson (5 days ago)
Ew ken
Demarcus Prioleau (6 days ago)
Kiss het lips
edwin cervantes (6 days ago)
Book klob is losers
Allison Kate Yambao (6 days ago)
I said don’t cover when when you’re at our girls shirt if you cover house I will
Allison Kate Yambao (6 days ago)
If if Carly take of her shirt and pants don’t cover the video or else if you do that highly takeoff her shirt and her pants I love you see you at $10,000
Lucy Stone (6 days ago)
Camy Pierce (6 days ago)
smack his but
Eva Nunez (6 days ago)
Cut kens hair
Ledny Sklerpo (6 days ago)
Cut all your hair
Zoom tube21 (7 days ago)
9:13 the f***
MlHeatedgamer Mallari (7 days ago)
Adam Faris (7 days ago)
Carley. can. you. Dare. ken. to. eat. a. bottle of. ketchup
Adam Faris (7 days ago)
Ken. can. you. eat. a. boatall. of. ketchap
Talk to your family
Lourdes Arquiza (7 days ago)
Carley i love you
Rayne Whitted (7 days ago)
I’m part of the book club
Galaxy WolfTeam335 (7 days ago)
Sieanna Griffin (7 days ago)
I love you carley and Ken I am a fan
My my T (7 days ago)
Guys for not telling her I wanna cut it or how much the because her hair is really pretty
Nikki Everett (8 days ago)
I am part of the book club
lauren michie (8 days ago)
c6 k4
Robert Donnachie (8 days ago)
I 💖 your videos
Nartex (8 days ago)
Can i buy that piece of hair?
Suniyah Hall (8 days ago)
Ken cut all of hair
Hannah Robinson (8 days ago)
I like carle
Rusty Roberson (8 days ago)
You mabe me break my phone
Jadenkristoff Morales (8 days ago)
Dare: Cut Ur hair until she has no hair
maria (8 days ago)
keaton topping (8 days ago)
Cut 4 inces of her hair please
Mag Mel (8 days ago)
Carrie Daniels (8 days ago)
When I was watching this we were watching the jungle book
snake eater (8 days ago)
Hit the chug jug
Kara Ingram (8 days ago)
I'm part of carleysbook clube
Jelo Bariuan (9 days ago)
Cut it all
Aim Boost (9 days ago)
Neil Millar (9 days ago)
Take your close off
Harris Lumogdang (9 days ago)
and FU***ng screen broke you say smach the like button
I dare you Carly to dress up a maind and said nya
Quienty Dintey (8 days ago)
Jahzeel Nicole delos Reyes this ain’t Gacha life
Tisha May Bilbao (9 days ago)
Im newest now im part of book clubbbb
Tisha May Bilbao (9 days ago)
Im part of the book clubbbbbbbbb whoooiiooooio
Brian Witherspoon (9 days ago)
Im part of the book club😆
Xzavier Camp (9 days ago)
I only need 3likes if more thanks
Itunrbo Gnimag (10 days ago)
6:41 Set this as phone vibrate
Brendan Hicks (10 days ago)
I’m part of the book club
The T.rexash (10 days ago)
I part of moose army😈 jk
Elle vain (10 days ago)
Ignas Gineitis (10 days ago)
dinah pejaner (10 days ago)
Carley cut your hair hole hair
Hanna Khan (10 days ago)
Your cool
Rukma Shrestha (10 days ago)
I dare u to do a 69
zombie killer102 (10 days ago)
4:08 trust me you won't regret it
Angela Garcia (10 days ago)
Angelo the boy (11 days ago)
Just merry
Angelo the boy (11 days ago)
I sub its true
Joseph Marion Pabalate (11 days ago)
im so rich $100 $1 $2 $4 $3 $50 $10
Jenna Mynk (11 days ago)
Carrly what would you eat🌭🍉🍕🍗🍩🍪🎂🍰🧁🥧🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🥓🌮 i♥️ you carrly not ken.gril power forever and ever
Mariyah Belton (7 days ago)
Jenna Mynk (11 days ago)
You always bring a gaint smile to me your number 1 fan
Preston Young (11 days ago)
5:09 playback speed .25
hey ken you must thanks to your fans bc they dont say this dare to carly marry ring yea okay bye gezz
marqueta dooley (11 days ago)
I do love your video you Know me iTi is your girl Bailey
Alex Umbao (12 days ago)
I cried 😭
lucky hsr (12 days ago)
Not BookOfCarley

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