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2015 IJSBA World Finals Pro Freestyle

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Our Pro Freestyle coverage from the 2015 IJSBA quakysense World Finals. This ones for the hardcore freestyle fan - lots of routines (with scores) from the best in the world. And at the end we are left with only one conclusion - this in now the Lee Stone era.
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Text Comments (60)
Mav Div (3 months ago)
this is terribly boring.
Patti Cassida (10 months ago)
Tommy Spring (10 months ago)
Drink everytime they say backflip
Gus Nilsson (11 months ago)
after 10 seconds youve seen everything. boring, flip flip spin flip flip flip.
nick Raber (11 months ago)
How do they not cavitate full time? My ski could never do this
Drizzz (1 year ago)
*same fuckin 3 tricks*
Oscar Paizano (1 year ago)
If I go I win this I am better the. All this idiots amateurs
UwU (5 months ago)
Oscar Paizano says the person who doesn’t even own a freestyle and pretty much never tried it before.
T-ROY BOI (1 year ago)
Whys That (1 year ago)
Yeah this is stupid
ARingdinger250 (1 year ago)
I feel like a sport like this needs to be presented in a "speed and style" format. Create some kind of timed course for them to race through and have a "freestyle" section of the course where they have to perform their tricks just so its not a bunch of backflips and 360's back to back. That way when they get to the freestyle section they could be judged on the difficulty of the tricks within the timed run. I think for the average person it just looks like a bunch of backflips and 360's and quickly gets boring to watch but add the racing element and the fact the people competing would have to think about what tricks they can pull off best while still having a good time would make it more fun to watch. Mountainbiking speed and style is a good comparision because it stems from mtb dual slalom. Watching two bikes race all day gets to be boring,but add the difficulty of having to hit a jump and do a trick halfway through the course creates that exciting element of comptetion. Mostly i think this sport needs some evolution,people have been doing these same tricks for over a decade.
David K (1 year ago)
not so much of a great sport lol
King Julien (1 year ago)
rich kid toys, poor kid here...
UwU (5 months ago)
King Julien one day my friend.... one day 👍👍👍 I’m sure you will get there
H2RO Magazine (1 year ago)
Cool but we prefer to fly!
A.C laether (1 year ago)
ඒ මරු බන් 🤗🤗
what si price
Crashish Laroque (1 year ago)
Interesting and talented people but it will never make the Olympics.
Rex Valentine (1 year ago)
got to love my hometown
Vince c (1 year ago)
What kinda ski’s are those ?
bLitzKrieg (1 year ago)
lol at this shit, how many flips can u do bro
Justin Mayhew (1 year ago)
You all think its easy, but just imagine the torque. Those guys are really strong, being able to hold on for multiple backflips in a row.
UwU (5 months ago)
larsmonsen88 I mean I’ve been there mate, you actually have to watch from the stand. On videos sucks
larsmonsen88 (11 months ago)
still boring as shit to watch...
Jase Hilen (1 year ago)
lol riders are so sloppy and only do 360s and backflips wtf. shit sport imo
Eduardo Saldana (1 year ago)
So nobody can flair that shit??
Dillon Green (2 years ago)
same thing over and over again lol
Eccentrix Law (2 years ago)
i'll become autistic if I watch anymore of this video cuz of repeating the same trick every time
Donoven Francis (2 years ago)
Literally just lean back, hold on, and gun it
Religion is poison (2 years ago)
i feel like this sport has reached its limits
Brandon Yates (29 days ago)
nope... they just haven't figured it out yet.
Kyle B (2 years ago)
it's all the same 3 tricks over and over and over and over. it's cool but to repetitive.
Pray And Do GooD (2 years ago)
whats the name of the song please ?
Jiany Star Massa vich (2 years ago)
Anyone interested in selling his stand up? Am in Miami Please let me know. Thanks
blindabinda123 (1 year ago)
Jiany Star Massa vich yes I have one for sale with only 20000 backflips on it. Lol
Kickassman 4 (2 years ago)
Well, I won't lie that is kinda dumb, But I won't lie that it does take alot of physical Strength to withstand that I was hoping either a Double or triple Backflip, Cause hitting the water cancels the tricks. Hell, I'm sure if I got a Jet Ski I'm sure a double backflip would even make Nitro Circus Interested. and I'm sure a double has been done.
UwU (5 months ago)
Kickassman 4 yeah right.... well it’s not really that easy for double mate. One flip takes a lot of strength to make it really perfect and good. These tricks are based on variety, difficulty, and how the crowd reacts and votes. This is why it’s really hard. Hitting water cancels the trick like you said that’s why you need to be perfect timing. Messing up timing will under rotate you mate 😊
Cameron Conklin (2 years ago)
Who else thinks the guy in 3rd should have won
Sofie Mazanti (2 years ago)
U had me at hello🙈😏
Ian A (2 years ago)
another back flip another one and another one and another and another and a backflip and a another and a backflip
togethertothebottom (2 years ago)
into another backflip ! into another backflip ! into another backflip ! into another backflip !
منوه بوسعد (2 years ago)
Stay Blazin (2 years ago)
backflip backflip 360 backflip 360 360 backflip..... two trick pony show wtf
Jack Lougheed (5 months ago)
Go to the 90s to see some cool stuff
Lifted_Above (1 year ago)
Yeah you pretty much see the same thing early in the video that you see at the end. I'm sure it takes a lot of skill but it's a boat shaped thing that you can only do so much with.
blindabinda123 (1 year ago)
Liam Bo Sitdown backflips are pretty easy once you get use to riding one.
blindabinda123 (1 year ago)
Kinda what I was thinking. Bunch of pussies try a double backflip
Guillaume CABALLERO (1 year ago)
Stay Blazin jhhjjjjjjjjj
Pat (2 years ago)
old school way better. this is just a backflip show.
Nirk (2 years ago)
Must be really challenging shifting your body weight and giving more throttle.
Jake Hynds (2 years ago)
what more tricks can you do lol need some ramps
Meghan Kugel (2 years ago)
Yrjjffuu alkalis
Tim Atimatik (3 years ago)
I love Jetskis... old school ijsba expert 785 mod standup rider here. Great riding but the freestyle class needs to change it up a bit. Too many backflips, into another backflip, into a 360, into a backflip, into a 360, etc. it would be nice if they innovated some new tricks or incorporated some of the classic old school ones, like the 180 sub or whatever. Still, is way cool though.
James Avery (1 year ago)
They cant get enough air to do anything big like MX can. Maybe they should hit ramps Xd
Skynet (3 years ago)
You can fault Rick Roy for that...:)
Christopher mijares (3 years ago)
Yeah Baby Racing (3 years ago)
PWC Freestyle...the real extreme sport!
Lara Croft (3 years ago)
i Love Jet Skis Soooo Muuuch!!!
It's a joke (2 years ago)
Lara Croft me

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