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Mommy says pee outside cold

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I love how when he tells his kids no or what to do he says love you after it😂
Ne'Vaeh Edwards (7 months ago)
Jester Juggie4life good video
Lexi Corrie (1 year ago)
Life With
Caleb Pierce (1 year ago)
I guess it's a way of saying sorry if I said it too harsh. I love you still😇
S Turmel (7 months ago)
My name is Sarah and my brothers name is Jacob
Caleb Pierce (7 months ago)
That is awesome.
Ruby D (7 months ago)
Morgan Drotar (7 months ago)
Why cant he go inside? This is cruel
Caleb Pierce (7 months ago)
He chose to refuse to pee inside at the secondary restroom. Kids are silly sometimes.
Bobbie Colon (7 months ago)
So mean
Joseph Berner (8 months ago)
Why can't he go inside
Caleb Pierce (8 months ago)
He could but he did not like that commode.
Miryah Gray (8 months ago)
My name is. Miryah
simon cadwell (9 months ago)
gabriel MONETTI (9 months ago)
jajajajajajajajajaja miren a Cardona haciéndose pipi y popo que SUCIA ni siquiera su madre no la baña
shaun annis (9 months ago)
Great idea
Kailee Ver Valin (9 months ago)
Why he can’t use the bathroom in the house?
Grace 1000 (9 months ago)
Why should he have to pee outside
Caleb Pierce (9 months ago)
We had 2 restrooms for him.  One was occupied and the other was not cleaned that week yet, usable but he wanted to complain.
Everything Microsoft (9 months ago)
OK. It is not abuse. First the toilet was broken. That is why he had to pee outside
Arielle Beavers (9 months ago)
that mom is ao freakin stupid becuse her freakin child has to freakin pee she is so freakin dumb
Nina Mitsubishi (9 months ago)
أبومحمد33 (10 months ago)
Audrey Haugen (10 months ago)
Sherry Cooper (10 months ago)
He should have a pull up on if can't go to the bathroom in side and if it's cold out side he should have a coat on.
Gino Dobrin (10 months ago)
I. Wached. This. Video. Befour
Diamond Bryant (11 months ago)
Dog. pee
Dedave2 (11 months ago)
3:34 Why did she hit the dog?
reynsers Patrick (11 months ago)
Ellie Hammond (1 year ago)
That's child abuse he deserves to go
Jaicey Henry (1 year ago)
Your abusive
ᴄᴀssᴀɴᴅʀᴀ x. (8 months ago)
Jaicey Henry Do you even know what that means? Also, *you're
Ricky Mitchell (1 year ago)
lost me at hello
Hallo Herr Herbert
vegito Jp (1 year ago)
Callie Seah (1 year ago)
Why you want to give Ryan pee outside! It is cold!
Aalex Alex (1 year ago)
WTF is this
Lexi Corrie (1 year ago)
why can,t he pee inside
Tea Spill (1 year ago)
A bathroom better than outside
Caleb Pierce (1 year ago)
We have 2 restrooms inside, one was occupied and he does not like the other one. Great Question.
Johnie Edwards (1 year ago)
that's just been watching is called bad parenting so yeah that's means shut up to your child you don't just say like one mean thing that say I love you that's just stupid
david clark (1 year ago)
Johnie Edwards vv
XxBear Of The IcexX (1 year ago)
If he pees his pants 👖 change his pants ......
Maddie McVeigh (1 year ago)
Tanna Robinette yeah
윤성현 (1 year ago)
Adam St.Martin (1 year ago)
why am I watching this video? how did I got here...that's kinda mean when both parents won't let the boy use the toilet...what is the point of making this video...why does this video has 138,910 views...this is so stupid...kids are beautiful children...don't film this when your children has to use the restroom at the beginning of the video...this video is so pointless and ignorance and bad and worst parents ever....poor little children.....thumps down! for making this stupid dumb parent video....evil parents...
Adam St.Martin Ikr?? Why would you film your child about too pee? Of course he won't want to pee on camera.
necro mantis (1 year ago)
kids every were lol
necro mantis (1 year ago)
mommy is a cutie
the girl's name is Sara and so is mine!😂 I would do the same thing
Caleb Pierce (1 year ago)
That is crazy neat.
chrislin OMG (1 year ago)
احمد (1 year ago)
Junaycy Montiel (1 year ago)
Cyb&czi Trocio (1 year ago)
that baby is ugly
xxItsBrittneyxx (7 months ago)
Your ugly to!!
Pastel LPS15 (1 year ago)
Cyb&czi Trocio that's really mean...
foxy gamer 23 (1 year ago)
No you r
Cynthia Bunya (1 year ago)
the is funny he can not go pee on the toilet
Caleb Pierce (1 year ago)
Kids are a blast to be around.
toyya Williams (1 year ago)
This is sad
Caleb Pierce (1 year ago)
I agree. The commode is now clean again.
Kyrah Copland (1 year ago)
why doesn't he have a coat on wtf
kitten Galaxy :3 (8 months ago)
Kyrah Copland why u say w. T. F
Pancake Batter (1 year ago)
Kyrah Copland real men don't wear coats.
Glynis Green (1 year ago)
pee pee
Martikia Maidment (1 year ago)
nova gunn (1 year ago)
Why does he not have a coat on.
unicorn girl (11 months ago)
John Buffa (1 year ago)
nova gunn
Caleb Pierce (1 year ago)
It was one of the days where it is warm until you add in the wind, the sun disappears and the temperature starts to drop.
daniel roblox (1 year ago)
1st comment :D
unicorn farts (7 months ago)
daniel roblox no one cares
Tom the gamer 150 (11 months ago)
daniel roblox 1ST

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