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Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell Interview 35th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards Red Carpet

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell interview on the red carpet at the 35th annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California USA on April 23, 2018 - Interview by Madison Makely "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | ©MaximoFootage | ©RicomixProductions
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Text Comments (26)
Jiggly Birb (1 month ago)
Ugh legends
They make me smile :D
avocadobillie is cool (2 months ago)
damn frances looks good in here.
avocadobillie is cool (1 month ago)
+• because if you know there was a article where they accidently put finn as frances
(2 months ago)
avocadobillie is cool why frances?
Luzilede Maciel (2 months ago)
Jennifer Taye (3 months ago)
You guys kinda look alike I swear you guys friendship remind me of mah sister, Mary and I
Madia Azimi (1 month ago)
It’s maybe cause there siblings??
omg its me (4 months ago)
I <3 Frances
Canal Hate (1 month ago)
omg its me she reporter?
aesthetic_eyelish (4 months ago)
Lets Mash It Up! (4 months ago)
what you mean the album isnt finished???
Kimberly Sferle (4 months ago)
Lets Mash It Up! I think that there is a new one coming out soon because this interview was last month
jillian reynolds (5 months ago)
eliana c (5 months ago)
nothing but respect for my FRANCES
Blackitten (5 months ago)
Damn frances eilish is hot
LyricStop - (1 month ago)
Blackitten Finneas O’Connell?
ugh i love
oh look it's *billie ellish* and *frances eilish*
That one Black girl (5 months ago)
Billie and finneas are my favorite siblings now Justin and Alex from wowp are second now. Sorry not sorry
MsAbaddonna (5 months ago)
I need this Album NOOOOW!!!
ahliezah (5 months ago)
finneas? i only know frances
Luca (2 months ago)
bias list? don't remember well but it was because a magazine or something like that called him Frances O’Connell instead of Finneas, and he even changed his name on Twitter for a while as frances lmao
ahliezah i don't get it, i'm a New fan, please explain?
Jazmin Castillo (5 months ago)
Great interview

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