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Top 10 Dumbest Tweets Part 14

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It's Bird, It's A Plane, It's the next edition of dumbest tweets.Get ready top teners for the top 10 dumbest tweets part 14. SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA CHECK OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL- http://bit.ly/1Q7kPWb Subscribe To My Vlog Channel: http://bit.ly/1NOjFwE WANT MORE DUMB TWEETS - http://bit.ly/1qoixa9 NEW MERCHANDISE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/LandonProduction?noCache=true FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM- http://instagram.com/landonproductions https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ https://www.instagram.com/missrebeccaj/ FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Landonproduction/268626033166262?ref=hl https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.felgate?fref=ts TWITTER- https://twitter.com/LandonYoutube https://twitter.com/lurkeyburke https://twitter.com/rebeccafelgate VIDEO EDITED BY: Sasha Wood: http://instagram.com/sasha.a.wood Jesse O'Riordan: www.spacehouse.org Jessica Gilbert: http://instagram.com/jessicagilbs Cassie Macinnis: http://twitter.com/c_isforcassie Dylan Lamovsek Danica Oliva Imo Scrimger Wilson Huynh Tamara Comas Ryan Wazonek
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Text Comments (4537)
Tobimanden (1 day ago)
2:56 i dont even know what to say about this one...
thegamingpigie banana (2 days ago)
Number 1 is so deep
Bob Allen (4 days ago)
One time my sister told me a joke and I said “ Ha that makes funny” 🤣lol
Angel SjLivin (5 days ago)
Am I going deaf?
Sprite Cola (7 days ago)
Oh come on, #1 isn't dumb.
livy joe (7 days ago)
Lol the one time for my left ear plug to not be working
ART stars (14 days ago)
mini tdm (15 days ago)
Im going blind I can't hear a thing!!
clawsy x (21 days ago)
Oh Danny I love how funny you are, really cheers me up 😋
Agito Yoshiro (21 days ago)
The stupidity of people are so strong I’m going deaf in my right eye 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 I know someone out there won’t get that.
kezzo jones (25 days ago)
I yam , who do you think you are a yam yam ( brummie )or a yim yam ( wolvo) !!!!!
Toldyaso (26 days ago)
Does Jaden do a lot of drugs? Is he learning disabled? And his parents seem so smart and normal.
Suscroober333 (1 month ago)
4:32 yes but only in one ear
Josie Huff (1 month ago)
When I heard #3 and the tweet said the guy was deaf, I legit thought you meant blind. That’s how badly I’m affected.😢
Josie Huff (1 month ago)
All around me are familiar faces...😿
AceFailure (1 month ago)
i have to say it. i think some are jokes, mate.
ernesto chavez (1 month ago)
What’s going on?
Arralis86 (1 month ago)
i have gone blind in 1 ear!! (yes this is a joke)
Eli Fulop (1 month ago)
And we wonder why aliens don’t visit
Syster Yster (2 months ago)
I must be getting deaf too. I also can't see things from far away anymore! :D *dies*
Abhishek Rao (2 months ago)
Right ear bud?
thenamestheygivearedumb (2 months ago)
"How can they see if they can't cook?" Now you've forced me to borrow a quote from Zoolander: "How can we be expected to teach children to learn to read if they can't even fit in the building?"
Joe liseo (2 months ago)
How can they eat, if they can't hear? Finger that one out?
Ken Lompart (2 months ago)
I think Will Smith should be concerned about the drugs Jaden has been taking.
Demonica Galaxinia (2 months ago)
0:35 you had a life before this, that is new information!
CloudBear393 (2 months ago)
Um... Whats wrong with my headphones? The music is in one ear, and your voice is in the other. It sounds so weird!!! Anyone else having that problem?
Eken 17 (3 months ago)
4:22 I'm watching the world cup 2018 final and croatia lost the ball right then. 😂😂😂🇫🇷⚽️🇭🇷🥇🥈
MTR V616816 (3 months ago)
Omg... i think im blind i hear see anything
Oliver Anderson (3 months ago)
I won't excuse tweets as autocorrect, though I have thought some of the past videos had jokes or sarcastic tweets in them. Maybe. Or maybe they're just dumb. Idk.
The Pro (3 months ago)
I can't here u
Super Crazy (3 months ago)
theres something wrong with the volume cant hear
Sophie LivesinaBlueMoon (3 months ago)
Actually... there is a philosophical theory that states that nothing is real except our thoughts and everything else is happening inside our heads. For my sanity I choose to ignore this theory.
Arthur Kawa (3 months ago)
why is your sound coming out of one ear
Aleksey Ferguson (3 months ago)
To the earth girl: that's the moon u idiot with the us the on it. T R I G G E R E D
Patience Smith (3 months ago)
I just lost a few brain cells
Zephyr Nace-Beach (3 months ago)
I feel like the illiterate one is making a joke.
Luxy's Life (3 months ago)
What I think Jadian (sorry if I spelled it wrong) is saying is that our eyes don't see how amazing we are in REAL life, all we can see is what society thinks is perfect. So he's saying that mirrors don't show what's real because out eyes can't see what's real
Julie Angiuoni (4 months ago)
I can’t hear anything out of my right ear bud😫😂
Sid Deleersnyder (4 months ago)
My left ear enjoyed this video
Turtlee (4 months ago)
Anybody who thinks eyes & mirrors are real is deaf & elliteret.
Turtlee (4 months ago)
"Uh! Oh, oh! metal!" -Danny Burke
Too late to hide from aliens.
Maya Nasar (4 months ago)
Why did number 5 have a pic of Tyler Joseph?
totallyflippedout (4 months ago)
I don't know who's dumber the people doing these tweets or the people in the comment section who can't recognize obvious jokes.
Evil Deadpool Pictures (4 months ago)
Why can't I hear him? I'm going deaf...oh wait, I can hear the music.
Mr Gamium (4 months ago)
I think that the illiterate tweet might have been a joke
Rebekah Smith (5 months ago)
I must be going blind because all I can hear from my right ear is only music.
MOOOZICS -_- (5 months ago)
actually me and my twins didn’t have the same birthday why? because she was born at july20 11:58pm and iwas born at july21 12:01am
Rose Smith (5 months ago)
Guys PLEASE! Give Danny a break .Stop asking for more. To be honest this all just scares me how ignorant some people are!( glasses... Can't see your own eye balls!!!! haha)
Catlover & Friends (5 months ago)
Deafness =blindness???
mikeysrose (5 months ago)
I can see parts of my eyeball reflected in my glasses sometimes. Does that count?
laura cee (5 months ago)
He's right I don't believe that they are autocorrect mistakes but instead voice over issues. When you speak into the phone and it types it out for you.
Kitty Cat Gamer (5 months ago)
I will always recognize you Danny..... lol 😂
Kitty Cat Gamer (5 months ago)
I will always recognize you Danny..... lol 😂
G. Chatterjee (5 months ago)
There is something utterly wrong with Jaden Smith.
Commenter who comments (5 months ago)
I'm 8 and I even know what deaf means.
Quinn Thomspson (5 months ago)
OMFG forgot my password to my twitter account this is so annoying
Anthony Barboza (6 months ago)
My earbuds don't work on this video
Flamehead 854 (6 months ago)
It's laVIne
Flamehead 854 (6 months ago)
The first tweet was Dwight Howard who is a NBA player XD
Jeremy Goslin (6 months ago)
We are losing so many brain cells!! We must not be able to eat anymore 🤣😝
Lucy Holland (6 months ago)
You have as many dumb tweets at this point as characters allowed in a tweet right... Also in the description you have "Get ready top teners." Dumb Twitter has made you forget how to spell a simple word, unless that's what you meant.
Andrew Batts (6 months ago)
Some of these people might be trying to be sarcastic
Cyberminer321 (6 months ago)
Each time a dumb tweet is uploaded I loose 10-100 brain cells, most of the time it’s 100 cells and I can’t....... what am I typing about... what does typing mean? ‘Loosing brain cells’
Animated Thoughts (6 months ago)
Sounds like a good plan to get 5,928 dollars!
Harms Taylor (7 months ago)
Wat r u talking bout Danny earth is soooo far away
Akatsuki69Gamer (7 months ago)
I've watched this video about fifteen times now. And only on the sixteenth time watching this do I realize the line is "No. Mirrors aren't real and my eyes aren't real. Just hit send." and NOT "No. Mirrors aren't real and my eyes aren't real. Just pi$$ end."
I can't hear the vid, I think I'm blind
OfficialNumbuh478 (7 months ago)
Tom Castonguay (7 months ago)
Thank you so much now I know for sure avoiding Twitter at all is one of the best decisions I have made
Just Music (7 months ago)
I think my right ear is blind
“How can you see if you can’t cook?” 😂😂
Caitlin Revell (7 months ago)
Nocturnal it works
Leo & Scarlet - (7 months ago)
I can definitely hear you... Through my left earbud...
Wyatt Schwertlech (7 months ago)
Like if only your left head phone works
Odetuber (7 months ago)
Number 7: I would respond "And how can the blind listen /sarcasm
United States of America (7 months ago)
i like this series.
Dylan Frost 7 (7 months ago)
I dont want to live on this planet anymore
blacktytrix (7 months ago)
I never knew people were this dumb lol
Neko-Tama Chan (8 months ago)
Poor Danny x Some people just shouldn’t post at all... Why are people stupid?? I’m sure everyone learns the same lessons and subjects??
Sophia David (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who just heard the background music? Or is my phone just messing with me?
OllieRaptor (8 months ago)
Make a YouTube dumb comments
avarye cosplays (8 months ago)
Maybe they did this on purpose that's why it's so stupid
Raad Zalatimo (8 months ago)
No audio
mochi with tae and suga (8 months ago)
Danny is my spirit animal 😂😂😂
gaming master (8 months ago)
Dwight Howard is an nba basketball player
MyMomsBasement (8 months ago)
Jayden smith actually has a point.... i'm very open to the whole 'simulation theory' tbh..... just saying 😁
IHaveAPetRock (8 months ago)
For the people wondering if you save 38$ a week for 3 years, you save 5929 dollars
Salahuddin Ahmed (8 months ago)
Oh my God I just woke up and I can’t find my face
AgenderSickOfShit (8 months ago)
Kevin Gerges (8 months ago)
Top 10 dumbest tweets part 14. We understand! Dumbest Danny Burke Says Zach LaVine is Zach La Vine
PidgeyHowler (8 months ago)
My left ear really enjoyed this video, but I'd appreciate if you didn't discriminate against my right ear. My right ear was sad the entire video that you didn't think it was worthy of hearing your video. Equal ear rights!
Ryan Menet (8 months ago)
For some reason the voice audio came through only the left speaker on my headphones and the music only came through the right.
Zxrezite (8 months ago)
When I looked in the mirror I saw a ghost of me omg I'm scared please help
TemporarilyEpic (8 months ago)
Im eleterate. Let me lukk that up. Cant red or wrei. Man i msut be just reterded then
kitty pride (8 months ago)
O.O I think I just lost my ear sight .......
kitty pride (8 months ago)
Mujtaba Walji (8 months ago)
I think 10 meant 4 times fastesr than normal
Goritom Gorila (8 months ago)
after i watched this video i forgot what deaf even meant and i was "yeah how can they cook if they cant see?" 5 minutes later"oh right deaf means unable to hear"
Jadecs (8 months ago)
I’ve been watching these vids on my phone with my headphones in, or well one of them, I got to these one, saw him talking but couldn’t hear anything other than background music. Took me a sec to realize that his voice was now coming out of my other headphone that had been laying on the table.

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