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Sophie Dee 2010 AVN Awards Red Carpet in Las Vegas

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Sophie Dee arriving at the 2010 AVN AWARDS SHOW Red Carpet at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, NV USA January 9, 2010. "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | ©MaximoFootage | ©RicomixProductions
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Text Comments (154)
Gavin Schuette (2 months ago)
why is she with black guy? paid?
♑ Sophie Dee ♑
Dipak Kumbhakar (2 months ago)
Nurzhik MAN (3 months ago)
Даже шлюхи живут лучше чем приличные добросовестные люд
Shalishali shali (3 months ago)
Loved it
swaminarayn steel (3 months ago)
is star or po star? both hole drilled
Bruce Moore (3 months ago)
She was awarded biggest silicone implants and best tinted contacts.
Koyote Tracker (4 months ago)
Kinda wish she would have shown what was under the dress.
تيم الحسن (4 months ago)
مرحبا لگل عربي مرة من هنا
Jhony Martinez (4 months ago)
Cómo me gustaría coger mela
Shaik Yakub (4 months ago)
Very nice Sophie dee
dipu kanojia (4 months ago)
ahmed eldin (4 months ago)
Anyone imagine GOD love this woman??!!!
Salim Saifi (5 months ago)
beautiful eyes
oV oR (5 months ago)
(・Y・)❣️❣️ 🍼🍼
Dario C. (5 months ago)
THAT'S.. EYES 💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥💥❤️❤️❤️
JuanchoRodz XXX (5 months ago)
Los ojos más hermosos de la industria de la cojedera. Simplemente con verlos se me puso duro el metal.
Adir Avendaño (5 months ago)
Tiene una cara de maniaca
Pubudu Lakmal (5 months ago)
Ralph Kanagy (5 months ago)
Junray Calithy
A RAHMAN (7 months ago)
What she likes in that black man
Christian Charles (4 months ago)
Rahman u no pussy getting punk!
Christian Charles (4 months ago)
He is dicking her down. Its what we do u piece of garbage rahman! Get outta here punk!
Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ (4 months ago)
His hotdog
Deadliest Assassin (4 months ago)
Sadek Elmasry (4 months ago)
Hot man
ASIF ALI (7 months ago)
Are you cregy
Hareram singh (7 months ago)
Sophia immobilized of women's movement.
Ali Alanze (7 months ago)
xxxiii xxxiii (8 months ago)
Xxx iii 🔞🔞🇧🇷🇧🇷
Лю Милич (8 months ago)
Russ White (8 months ago)
There goes your DNA
Sanjay Bhargava (8 months ago)
Beautiful goregous superb sexy Sophie Dee
jyo X (8 months ago)
OMG!!!! She is hotttttt!!!!
amar zora (9 months ago)
So sad that she is a dirty bitch!!!!!she dressed like she is hollywood star hhhhhhhhhhhhhh but she is just a piece of shit
chandrasekhar palit (9 months ago)
Busty pornstar
rafa naldo 1357 (9 months ago)
Hicham Nora (9 months ago)
She seems to be a reptile
Mark Williams (9 months ago)
Beautiful girl. Saw her a couple of years ago in Swansea,and she is even more stunning in the flesh.
sanjay yadav sanjay (9 months ago)
saji chandran (9 months ago)
So beautiful.
YT Anonymity (5 months ago)
saji chandran Beautiful eyes and cute face
ABBAS akeel (10 months ago)
Hairul Mat Awi (10 months ago)
So beautiful..aoooo cougar.. I love that.. If she milf i like that to.. Come to daddy.. Oh yeah.
nicula stelia (1 year ago)
nicula stelian Sophee Dee is sexy like a nyhmpet
Shopi dee sex video
Gragon Silley (5 years ago)
bintang bokep :P
psyduck85 (5 years ago)
Its all about money baby
pedro salas (5 years ago)
You need special talent to know the difference between "ah" and "oh yes"
joao luiz (5 years ago)
por que o porno no brasil não é assim minha gente ?????
LyricalMasterMind1 (6 years ago)
walts Kfan (6 years ago)
I love beautiful sophiedee and her work would do anything 2 be with her lol takecare all
mrbrockpeters (6 years ago)
I doubt you'd last a even a minute with one of these sluts.
sebas zt (6 years ago)
beautiful, i wanna fuck her boobs
johnnycage435 (6 years ago)
Should be for wearing that jacket and I'm black
king khaled (6 years ago)
like i you love 00:53
Really???? Jajajajaja, i remember, grettings
HungryBlackGuy (6 years ago)
that nigga is her husband thats right i said it and he does porn too what i heard
RangerDick81 (6 years ago)
She has a piece of antique farm equipment standing beside her...lol
walts Kfan (6 years ago)
id fuck ths shit out of beautfiul hot sexy sophiedee and her juicy bigtits she has tweeted me lol takecare all gosophiedee
Alessandro DeNera (6 years ago)
i doubt it, he is probably fucking her everyday and is getting money off her from her porn job....
Heatlie Dávid (6 years ago)
i just need money for these shit and i'm there.
Khaled Kiko (7 years ago)
She like it.... you know this fucken nigga is a fucken lucky man !!
nooberlishes (7 years ago)
@omaar26 Why should they be ashamed? It is their decision and we should respect their choices. Don't tell me you have never watched porn before.
daswerck91 (7 years ago)
@Ciaranpz hm don't know maybe she didnt search a lot... anyway, since they are both pornstar i think that kill everything of this marriage. if the black guy was decent i would be mad but no :)
daswerck91 (7 years ago)
@alihammadi85 They are. Who wants a porn star to get married with ? Seriously think about it. She goes with this black guy because no decent white guys would have a pornstar wife. This black guy is also a pornstar so its quite a funny marriage ^^
jrb822 (7 years ago)
Most stars are cute but nothing more than sex. Sophie dee is freakin beautiful and can also provide what I need. She's amazing.
walts Kfan (7 years ago)
sophiedee is great sexy swet hot and all thata nd bag of chips i love hera nd all her movies wish i could spend time with her take care everyone also ive spoiled sophiedee ordering her gifts before and u all can 2 from her spoil list take care everyone u are all great go sophiedee!
Kefka Palazzo (7 years ago)
@MarekUtd i'm not really sure retards will be ableto do such things,, not all of them at least lol xD
Lena Gotti (7 years ago)
this bitch is awesome
Anima alami (7 years ago)
@KCgrunge .........are scary.lol
Ali Al Hammadi (7 years ago)
who says black people are discriminated?!
MarekUtd (7 years ago)
AVN awards...what a fucking joke...lets all give ourselves awards for shit that even a fucking retard can do.
LoadCover (7 years ago)
She is an Evil in a Human Body
Antonia Cortez (7 years ago)
@stevenwilson4aable hahahaha
Kirbae (7 years ago)
Lee Bang lo
websurfd5 (7 years ago)
These people are so cheesy. What a tramp. She acts like she thinks she's at the Oscars.
elnombre (7 years ago)
@AdamR702 Oh poor man. ask your GF for the number of ex bfs before you, that's the minimal number of times she has had her mouth filled with sperm. So stfu.
Lelouche DFO (7 years ago)
So.. why do they allow her to ever wear clothes? I don't understand.
Tony Soprano (7 years ago)
didnt she take 15 shots in the mouth..........id hate to be that guy next to her
Zulfiqar Ali (8 years ago)
My LUN means Dick waana to dig her pussy so deep so long.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Figuin Rox (8 years ago)
she is so talented!
Alvin Tostig (8 years ago)
@popdani My, what a charming person you are!
Alvin Tostig (8 years ago)
@dietfreeman42718 I can't go into it because it's all way too involved, but I will just say that God, Jesus and satan all really do exist. Therefore hell is a real place. I've had a very unusual life... and so I know for a personal fact that satan is behind all this porn going on in the world. You seem like a very decent fellow but you and many, many others are seriously mistaken if you can't see that what I'm saying is true. Even in the Garden of Eden the shame of nakedness got the mess going..
TheBeardedRandy (8 years ago)
@guyNbluejeans Look, just becasue your told by a Peacher, a Rabby or some dude on the street your going to Hell, to Purgatory(which is made up by the way)or come back does'nt mean it's true. The true is those guys do not know what happens to you afer you die...no one does until they die. The main thing to do in the life is to live it with a good heart and a good mind. You have control my friend, you just have not found it yet. It may take sometime to do it but, you can.
Alvin Tostig (8 years ago)
@dietfreeman42718 Well, I sometimes do okay for a while but then somehow I go back to it like a dog returns to its own vomit. I don't want to go to hell when I die or go to purgatory or come back to this world or one like it. In all honesty I can say that I wish sex never existed. This horrid stuff has done nothing but make me look like a pervert and I have nothing good to say about it. I'll keep fighting this horrible evil and hope and pray that Jesus has some understanding ... or I'm a goner.
TheBeardedRandy (8 years ago)
@guyNbluejeans There is no pill that can help any one with their problems. But it's good that you know that, becasue you can now look and find the reason you have this vice. Look threw your past and see if you can find anything that may have given you this vice. If you think you have found the reasoning ask yourself "Why am I letting this control my life?" That's the thing most people can't learn about vice's, you can control them, you are the Master of yourself, not the vice. You are stronger!
Alvin Tostig (8 years ago)
@dietfreeman42718 Unfortunately there's no pill to take to make me loose my interest in porn. Currently I've again been overtaken by it ...:--( Thanks for the kind words.
TheBeardedRandy (8 years ago)
@guyNbluejeans But it's ok because your human......we all have our vice's. For some it's porn/sex, some it's Beer or Drugs, the thing that matters is that you understand that you have a problem and you can do something about it. You don't need some old book telling you how much of a bad person you are, no one does! There are things you can take from the Bible....on how to be good to others and how to treat other. So many people fall prey to everything elsa in it. You don't have too.
Alvin Tostig (8 years ago)
@dietfreeman42718 Yes, I am weak.
TheBeardedRandy (8 years ago)
@guyNbluejeans Don't you have a church thing to go to? And by the way.....if your a Christain......what the fuck are you doing on a video about porn? Your on a "High Horse" because your talking down about people. Also if you were a "Porn Addict" why temp yourself on here and if your a "Porn Addict" then you my friend are weak! There are people out there that have a real problem with stuff and your just weak because you can't dill with jacking it to much! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!
walts Kfan (8 years ago)
oh yeah i love sophiedee take care all.have a great weekend all sophiedee rocks!
walts Kfan (8 years ago)
sophiedee is beautiful @hot @[email protected] and sophiedee loves all her fans and sophidee has great tits and great ass and nice smile and hes [email protected] can alos order for sophiedee from her wishlist on [email protected] on and i go by waltskelliepicontwitetr.Take care all.Go sophiedee have agreat weekend all!
Jorge Costa (8 years ago)
@mulluka1 Dude, it's a job, like any other job. They're actresses! If you don't like it, just stfu and go fuck yourself!
Jorge Costa (8 years ago)
@mulluka1 that would be awesome! :D Because if they were pornstars they would be rich, and I could piss on your face.
Jorge Costa (8 years ago)
@ntimacee27 And I pray that someday you'll find your mom ... stfu kid! This girls are rich and are satisfied with their jobs. Mind your own business.
ntimacee27 (8 years ago)
poor girl :-( (and everyone else in the porn industry) I pray that someday they find true love
CandyHam (8 years ago)
mohammed ayman (8 years ago)
My eyes can see her true form . >,..,<
Mrmecoboy001 (8 years ago)
@wasp3451 dude she is one best people in the industry and you are stupid for saying that she looks like a man
HVLJungah (8 years ago)
WHAT THE FUCK!?! Are her eyes like.....real?
natureboyinyourface (8 years ago)
now,that's a botox smile.
CreatureFiend666 (8 years ago)
what a shame... the people that clicked dislike are just three more gay people we know in the world i guess
sadface0 (8 years ago)
lovely dress.... now take it off.
Alvin Tostig (8 years ago)
It pains me to believe that a whole bunch of the folks one sees in this video (& many others like it) are going to be cast into hell when their time in this world is up. As for myself, I'm a recovering porn addict so it's not like I'm on a high horse here. Best do like me folks, get right with The Lord before it's too late & fight with all your might that perverted demon inside your soul that keeps you returning to this immoral & vile vomit called porn! PLEASE, ROTTING IN HELL ISN'T WORTH IT!!
bayan35 (8 years ago)
fucking hooker!

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