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Beach Vacation Basics

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Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this video on Beach Vacation Basics! These are some of my favourite pieces that I actually took on my vacation to Maui. Kim xo Bags www.manwomanhome.com Cover Up: https://www.lspace.com/products/megan-cover-up?variant=7059613089854 White Suit: https://www.lspace.com/products/flynn-top-wht?variant=7329477820478 https://www.lspace.com/products/sundrop-bottom-wht?variant=7329588641854 Bella Bikini Top: https://annakosturova.com/products/si-bella-bikini-top?variant=1957037342744 https://bit.ly/2THfQ2J Bella Bikini Bottom: https://annakosturova.com/products/copy-of-bella-bikini-bottom https://bit.ly/2RmgPc0 Giza Pom Pom Pants: https://annakosturova.com/products/giza-pom-pom-pants https://bit.ly/2M4Tl5i Summer Breeze Maxi Sweater: https://annakosturova.com/products/1d-summer-breeze-maxi-sweater https://bit.ly/2VIqhVE Style tips by Kim Appelt! http://stylebykimxo.com/ https://www.instagram.com/stylebykimxo/ https://www.facebook.com/KimAppeltStylist/ https://twitter.com/stylebykimxo
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Anna Rehbinder (18 days ago)
Getting tons of inspo! I need to consider My skin tone so I get the equivalent - You look absolutly gorgeous and I hope your vacay is everything you wanted it to be!
Kim XO (18 hours ago)
Anna Rehbinder it was a blast ♥️♥️
Melanie Dubois (27 days ago)
Love the Lspace cover up! What size are you wearing?
Melanie Dubois (26 days ago)
Perfect thank you!
Kim XO (26 days ago)
Melanie Dubois Xs
Nicole Sonobe (1 month ago)
hey Kim! are you back from your vacay yet? loved everything on Instagram!
Kim XO (18 hours ago)
Nicole Sonobe I’m back...tried to post on IG but I got a bad cold the first week!
Ainur Azhibekova (1 month ago)
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Have a great vacay!
Piddeaux (1 month ago)
always seems to me that light swim suits look better on dark skin. . .dark on light. . .am I wrong?
Gail CARSTEN (1 month ago)
Love the mix and match outfits that you did. Different looks without taking a ton of clothes. Love my jean jacket. Do you ever do packing videos?
Kim XO (18 hours ago)
Gail CARSTEN hey! I have two packing videos!
bngr bngr (1 month ago)
I live by the beach. But I hate traveling to hot destinations..
bngr bngr (15 hours ago)
Kim XO im spoiled living in Southern California. The slopes are a short drive. But I do love traveling when its cold in Europe.
Kim XO (18 hours ago)
bngr bngr what about ski vacations?
TheIsyk (1 month ago)
Perfect timing Kim. I'm off to Vietnam next month 😂
Kim XO (18 hours ago)
TheIsyk enjoy!! What are you lacking??!!
Patricia Brd (1 month ago)
C. BFF (1 month ago)
Gorgeous pieces! I love kimonos,& that floral one is absolutely beautiful.hope you’re enjoying your vacation.xoxo

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