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Adult Performers Answer Questions You've Always Had

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Text Comments (7496)
KettleCheddar (8 hours ago)
love how the girls show as much cleavage as possible.
It me Oof (10 hours ago)
David Ng'ethe (19 hours ago)
is porn satanic?????
Joshua Bates (4 hours ago)
It totally is. First time you masturbate, you'll grow hair on your palm in the shape of a pentagram and feel an unyielding desire to hang a goat over yourself and slit it's throat. This is just Catholic school sex ed basics my dude.
Cherry_Boy (1 day ago)
Yes It Does Matter
Anthony Gregory (1 day ago)
I wonder how many people watched porn after this? 🤷🏽‍♂️👋
Meghan Irwin (1 day ago)
Jason luv is a god
Aluzky (1 day ago)
1:27 How can you be charged with public indecency if nobody saw you in public doing that? Even if you record it, nobody saw you t the moment. So they can't actually find you guilty of it, right?
Grim Reaper (2 days ago)
first wanked to Angela
BiitchDontKillMyVibe (2 days ago)
Jason Luv Look Like A Crackhead
Navjo2006 (2 days ago)
Who looked them up on porn after
Leah Wyley (2 days ago)
Is it wrong I clicked so fast when I seen Jason?
alana terrel (2 days ago)
They can give it all the nice names they want they are hoes
lee Roberts (2 days ago)
God why on Earth would you want to do a Law & Order SVU p*** parody like I watch a lot of p*** but that's some sick s***
Jimmy Johnson (3 days ago)
6 inches is superior!
X-xG44R4x-X J0uN1N (3 days ago)
Why do I know all of them? I need to stop beating my meat.
jahnukainen _89 (3 days ago)
an hour ago i was watching videos about komodo dragons...now i'm here
Tsukikage (3 days ago)
Somehow I feel like these pornstars would make really fun friends to chat with
Wix Diw (4 days ago)
This is not a free V-Bucks tutorial
ReetheTurtle (4 days ago)
Feels bad for my man whose dick falls in the water when he shits
Joshua Bates (3 hours ago)
Some guys really got it rough.
Hector Trejo (4 days ago)
My ex dumped her bf hooked up with me I banged her and I was like wtf no walls I asked her did he have a huge dick ? She says yes and it would hurt so most of the time just blow jobs ..... I was like Damm that dude is a beast lol
Complation queen bb (4 days ago)
The dude name Jason Luv ypu wont belive what happened Me: *watching video 7yrSis: hey I saw him on the internet😏 Me:Where...... 7yrSis: *BLACKED* Me: *looks it up *SCARRED FOR LIFE*
Brandon Smith (4 days ago)
F in the chat for the library girl
Wacha Lookinat (4 days ago)
Degeneracy. Just like buzzfeed.
MIKEY CHAINSAW (5 days ago)
I just want to get in the business for a few years
Shaquille Myers (5 days ago)
Who else looks up to manuel ?
vCrxz (6 days ago)
* Ligma *
KRAAI (6 days ago)
your like ,,,uhm...RABBITS,, best part XD
Tammy Anderson (6 days ago)
yes size does matter. ..and it doesn't. take much. to open ur legs. ...trashy women
Ugandan Warlord (6 days ago)
Do u guys have aids?
Juliana Cheriza (6 days ago)
I watch porn and most of them aren’t using condoms how are they not getting pregnant?
Nick Rezzonico (6 days ago)
3:28. same.
Goect101 (7 days ago)
3:42 "And some girls tell me, "It's too big!" LMAOOO
deacic 1 (7 days ago)
These people look very familiar
Lu Novo (7 days ago)
I love Jason luv yummmm
Serpo Fortnite (7 days ago)
0:58 who?
C S (8 days ago)
Obviously size matters but it's only one factor and it depends on the girl how important each factor is. It just so happens it's a factor you can't learn so just make sure you're working on the things you can control if you're not packing
L1F3 1NVAD3R (8 days ago)
3:13 is the reason I clicked on this video.
Bro Knowz (9 days ago)
how much for 10 mins
Daniel Alan (9 days ago)
I just thought of something hilarious. Here me out on this joke Becomes a pornstar (get sued for sexual harassment) Lol that'd be me. 😂
PARADOX _MOTO (9 days ago)
I saw jason luv in a video today
Raul Šeremet (9 days ago)
Manuel Ferrari
Sam Johnson (10 days ago)
I always saw the black dude as some big scary guy in the porns but he’s just normal lol
Cooking Water (1 day ago)
+Chris Warren your insecurities and projections are showing.
THE UNBOXING SHEEP (10 days ago)
Spaced Universe (10 days ago)
Tori black has the fattest ego dude what a turn off 😂😂
iEnoxX Gaming (11 days ago)
You know you’re going in hell when you recognize every single one of them
Frank Murphy (11 days ago)
It's chicken delicious!!!!!
Rufflow (11 days ago)
He’s tooting his horn a little too much 3:58
life struck (11 days ago)
OMG I know these people!! I love Jason I watch him all the time
NATIVE SUN (6 days ago)
You watch Jason luv alllllll the time? Damuun gurl you're a freak, and we should meet. I would love to give your fine azz my 10inches long & thick Big Black Meat.
Carson Collins (11 days ago)
Omg Jason luv 🤤
Dynoe (12 days ago)
Problem is when i defecate, my dick falls in the water. Had me dying. 😂😂
Human Toilet (12 days ago)
You think this advice will be good for someone like me?
Alyssa P (12 days ago)
they all literally an amazing human being 💜💜🙌
Michael K (12 days ago)
Damn Im really jellous of Jason Luv. He literally has 10 inch dick. mine's barely 6,5 inches :/
Vøtīøn (12 days ago)
Being a pornstar has a perk thatll save your life. Yo wife say "YOU CHEATED!!" You be like "Gurl thats ma job im a pornstar"
Sean Woods (13 days ago)
Drew Fontan (13 days ago)
All of the proud mothers!
The way she says "action" is so hot made me want some real action lol
B Oka (13 days ago)
Jason Luv.. My Hot Alpha Male fantasy
N _ (13 days ago)
Omfg lol library girl😂
Personal Account (13 days ago)
Hahaha, really?, Size matters and a lot, taller people always gets it all, girls, good jobs, everything. Anyway, interesting to watch.
Day (13 days ago)
“Some girls say it’s to big”
Chris Anderson (13 days ago)
ooof Kendra give me
Lord Revan (13 days ago)
No, buzzfeed, I have never have a single one of these questions. I didn't use proper grammar with your name because I refuse to fully recognize you as a corporeal entity.
Gangastar Games (13 days ago)
1:21 My family do..... Mum dad and DAUGHTER. WTFWTFWTF
Official#omatu 87 (14 days ago)
The white guy doesn’t seem like a pornstar
Asgardians3t (14 days ago)
THE BEST PART "YOU CAN HAVE A LITTLE ONE />>>O OR U CAN HAVE MINE I>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>O it doesnt matter LMAO 4:00
Pizza Addict (14 days ago)
2:23 arousal non-coordinance is a thing that exists...
aaesra (14 days ago)
Why are pornstars more down to earth people than regular people?
Maryy Thoo (12 days ago)
Because they literally got nothing to hide
JayPal Animation (15 days ago)
I know two. I’m ashamed of myself.
fernando ramirez (15 days ago)
why the girls are just in underwear and the guys are dressed normally
CloutTuber (15 days ago)
Manwell is a Chad tbh
Flick shots (15 days ago)
Scelo Sindane (15 days ago)
who went and searched them after
rockmuzik23 (15 days ago)
Lol is it bad I already knew who all of them were without introductions
md stan (16 days ago)
Wrong Nasty and Right Nasty Wait WHAT?
Regrettable-Username (16 days ago)
"Oh my God, you dick me down so good!" 😂
DayR Husky Fortnite (16 days ago)
Any links to these BEAUTIFULL MANGOS???
Ebenezer Scrooge (16 days ago)
Kendra Sunderland is a Goddess
Santiago (16 days ago)
Ella es Petera negra?
Daniel Adams (16 days ago)
Why did I click on this, I feel so ashamed
Gamershellboy1 (16 days ago)
godArez Z (17 days ago)
Damn just imagine if your dad is at pornhub jerking of, and then you dad gets across her daughters video😂😂
Jan Larricq (17 days ago)
"I have the problem that i defecate and my dick falls into the water" the line of the time
Olina Bye (17 days ago)
but why do the women have to sit in a sponsored bra and the boys are just fully dressed
Oi Renka (17 days ago)
Two pornstar actors talks about the climax and one says "You know, you cannot fake it" another one is just kind a lost
Jarek Satała (18 days ago)
Hey BuzzFeed.. why don't you make an honest short clip also showing some pornstars ruined by industry.. oh, wait - you can't, you're BuzzFeed....
Angle white maid vid 💯
Ghost (18 days ago)
I’ve watched all of them I feel guilty
Secondo Account (18 days ago)
Alright. Tori black. I’m gonna search her and beat my meat all night long baby
Nebula Gaming (18 days ago)
Is it wierd I know all them
Maria Pia (18 days ago)
Manuel kills it 😂😂😂
Ripknotvader on ps4 (18 days ago)
Hey... I've seen them naked
Dylan Castillo (18 days ago)
Kendra and Angela 😍
MeMeSHiT LoRd (18 days ago)
God buzzfeed is so degenerate
BamBam KapoW (19 days ago)
“As long if you wash 🧼 🧽 it, you’re gonna win” lol 😂
SIMONE32 (19 days ago)
Nobody said safe sex get tested !!!
fery utomo (19 days ago)
1:22 his daughter know it,too and she want to become pornstar someday LOL
Branimir Bogosavljev (19 days ago)
"You can have a tiny one or you can have my one" hahahahahhah
Hu Ko (19 days ago)
Why there are male pornstar
Robin SAS (20 days ago)
Would you marry any of these adult performers ??

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