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Belladonna at 2012 AVN AWARDS Show Red Carpet Arrivals

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2012 AVN AWARDS VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL11F8425769D58046 Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Belladonna at 29th Annual AVN AWARDS Show Red Carpet Arrivals at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV January 21, 2012 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (40)
Richard W (7 months ago)
There isn’t anything that’s to disgusting for her to do. I was about to say no self respect but none of them have any.
e22378 (4 years ago)
Belladonna!!!! I LOVE you!!!
Sandro Diaz (4 years ago)
My brother is next
bluesborn (6 years ago)
"saw her crack in an interview once." Oh.You meant "break down".
ronnie ron (6 years ago)
she looks like the bald headed brittany spears in the barbershop buggin'
joecugo (6 years ago)
Love the short hair
wayne stockton (6 years ago)
as sexy as hell
FLAVIO G (6 years ago)
ones nastyest pornstar in then industry she makes me puke
Dexter Haven (6 years ago)
G.I. Bella. It works. More girls should try this look.
Derek Hansin (6 years ago)
yes, it's sarcasm.
bowler8 (6 years ago)
Hope thats a sarcastic comment...because they are disgusted
Derek Hansin (6 years ago)
her parents must be so proud.
gp 92 (6 years ago)
Skinhead :(
mekosilvar (6 years ago)
saw her crack in an interview once....your not supposed to show that..you know what you is fucked up don't get smacked in an interview and start crying like your on dr.phil..move on..bitch your famous
Mark Towe (6 years ago)
Love her with short cropped hair. Belladonna is so cute and sexy like the girl next door. One of my faves.
kristofor12345 (6 years ago)
and the butt too that's ruined as well
DrOctopusBJJ (6 years ago)
Still the most beautiful woman in porn.
Monster killa (6 years ago)
You would'nt say that if that was your mother!....
danny neka (6 years ago)
auschwitz look like , full of disease and hermes...you just forget to your package to be full mate:))
HipHop2ga (6 years ago)
fap fap fap
Jenny Jinx (6 years ago)
she looks beautiful. even without hair!
PandaDynamite (6 years ago)
dumbass. You have 8 different type of herpes. Among those 8 types, you have 16% of the American population infected with genital herpes (type 2). Are 16% of the American population porn stars ? No. What does it mean? That the average American gets infected easily. At one point of your life, you'll get one form of herpes too. Be it oral or genital herpes, cause those two are the most common types. You may even have herpes and not know it cause you are asymptomatic, it happens to some ppl.
PandaDynamite (6 years ago)
she is sweet indeed, when she is interviewed she looks and sounds, so much like your girl next door. She's got a good head on her shoulders. Very different from other bimbo trashy porn stars. And yep, I agree, she has a nice natural body, don't think she will ever get surgery. (Or I hope so).
zaswadosaze (6 years ago)
no....why would you think that ???....
Rui Calado (7 years ago)
of course she is...
zaswadosaze (7 years ago)
@FluffHead808 you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading rumors and getting into peoples personal business.....that's worse than herpes
zaswadosaze (7 years ago)
@FluffHead808 ...well even if that's true....and i don't know if it is...that's her business...and everthing i said still applies........doesn't matter
gypsy chimp (7 years ago)
no she is beautiful tho it sucks
gypsy chimp (7 years ago)
@zaswadosaze i read on a website that was famous people with diseases idk, but u said beautiful face really cute killer body smart seems sweet spiritual complete package....butttt she has genital herpes, wah wah wahhhhhhh
zaswadosaze (7 years ago)
@FluffHead808 ...and you know this how ???.....and it doesn't matter to me...i'm not sexing her
gypsy chimp (7 years ago)
@zaswadosaze she has genital herpes no joke
TrenTonStackZ (7 years ago)
its crazy to think about all the dick she has taken... other than that she gorgeous
Solar Gaze (7 years ago)
@bollockowithalob hey some guys like em rough and tough lookin, yet sexy too.
sandercohen1 (7 years ago)
I hate it when girls shave their heads!
Mark Daniels (7 years ago)
I was friends with for a long time until her husband aiden ended the friendship with me other of her freinds but that's ok I know it's not her fault and I still miss u all the time michelle my little Mimi starfish xxxx maybe one time when u come out to England we can talk about it xxx. Luv to u
tes516 (7 years ago)
she can suck a dick
zaswadosaze (7 years ago)
beautiful face...really cute.....killer body.....smart business woman....seems sweet.....spiritual........complete package
Dai Thomas (7 years ago)
She looks like she just broke out of porn prison.
themexicanhitman (7 years ago)
is she virgin?......
Bret3030 (7 years ago)
....And she drives a GTR!!

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