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A Young Shy Girl Walks On Stage, but within Seconds Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor

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12-year old Beau Dermott blows Amanda away with her impressive cover of Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked with the Judge reaching for that all-important Golden Buzzer! 12-year-old Beau Dermott looks sweet and innocent, but the moment she began singing the audience was floored. Hidden inside this adorable young girl is a voice so powerful that the entire room hung on her every word throughout the whole song “Defying Gravity” from the popular musical Wicked. Throughout the audience, jaws dropped, eyes popped open as wide as humanly possible, and the judges were all just waiting for the opportunity to reward her with something huge. Her talent at such a young age shocked everyone, but beyond that, her performance was itself flawless the way she added an extra special touch to the song. She lit up with animation and excitement, showing that singing is what she is most passionate about. She received the golden buzzer, and just wait until you see the excitement that follows. AMAZIN! It’s easy to support LosGranosTV on YouTube download A blazing fast browser that supports your favorite creators get it here: https://brave.com/los346
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Jackie Sparks (9 hours ago)
wow i ive watched thisb so many times because i love it
Ray Watson (9 hours ago)
But was it really HER singing or was she just lip sincing?
sweetbitz (10 hours ago)
She has obviously been on the stage before. She is so much more comfortable singing, much ore than talking to judges.
Gül KILIÇ (12 hours ago)
Despair; The most fearful of the assassinations that human beings can prepare for himself is despair, a spiritual suicide.
New Dimension (16 hours ago)
2:59 HEADPHONE ALERT.......... highest pitch from a little girl
janet Scott (18 hours ago)
I love this little girl and her face she's like a work of art
Vivien Armstrong (1 day ago)
OUTSTANDING woohoo future Broadway Performer.
Ancita Isom (1 day ago)
Ronald Ulrich (1 day ago)
Vphillcolis pOh wow Phil Collins well hey girl give me
Chris Saindon (1 day ago)
I've listened to 20 other performances/recordings of this. SHE is THE BEST!
ULTRA SaVaGe (2 days ago)
Disney snatched her up before she even got to her home.
guess my name (2 days ago)
Wow. She's amazing!
Andrew Miller (2 days ago)
This young gal can really sing, but this is a poor choice of song for such a young female. Her voice and facial expressions have not developed enough to pull it off. Sorry guys and gals
Ken Aldrich (2 days ago)
Her voice is there. Thats the most important thing because her youth and lack of mature facial expressions (I agree) can be overlooked and will change. She indeed pulled it off, and the performance IS remarkable precisely because of her vocal maturity contrasted with her underage look and expressions. In otherwords, no one expected it (and they probably played up her immaturity and shyness for drama - they could have certainly done things to make her appear more mature).
Marie Tsumura (2 days ago)
She doesn’t have a child’s voice. It sounds strange... even though the voice is amazing....
Bev Sputler (3 days ago)
Ellen Murray (3 days ago)
Oh, Daddy's so, so proud, love it!
Jimmy Brown (3 days ago)
Bravo young lady Bravo!!!!!
Leeann springer (4 days ago)
She is a marvelously talented young lady!  What a strong and expressive voice.  Beau, you are amazing.
Petra Weise (4 days ago)
Ich mag es einfach nicht, wenn die Stimme nicht klar ist, sondern so "zittert".
Zvjezdana Štaba (5 days ago)
She is a brodwey girl amazing look at her face like she is no just kid woman beautiful
Sarah Raja (5 days ago)
Woow!!!,great .
Alba Aponte (5 days ago)
Kayligh w (6 days ago)
Chills and tears chills and tears
ekim andersom (6 days ago)
Wow impressive
Maureen Moh (7 days ago)
The little girl in the audience makes me smile all the time
Star Shepherd (7 days ago)
Kevin Hamilton (7 days ago)
Holy crap what a bloody great gift from god
Charles Traber (7 days ago)
Game on at 0:31...you can see it in her face! Awesome!
Sheeza Mann (7 days ago)
Daniel Johnston (8 days ago)
Some young kids hold back their hidden talent and inner voice. Parents need to really encourage their kids to fulfill their dreams! They will make you proud!
Ambrose Mpofu (9 days ago)
the dislikes are jealous ppl *dislikes* I’m jealous
Connie K (9 days ago)
Raw talent is awesome.
MsDreamscaper (9 days ago)
Wow! This was an amazing performance!
retrostansolo (9 days ago)
Gold, pure gold.
Armand Virgosia (9 days ago)
Wow ....
Nanami Rikanokami (9 days ago)
She's like a Disney Princess
WIL VLOGS (10 days ago)
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Tony (10 days ago)
Pollypop (10 days ago)
DanaPatriciaMary1 (10 days ago)
The title is not quite correct. I would not say this girl was shy. No way. She was unnaturally confident. A great singer, though.
Martha Crawley (11 days ago)
Fantastic 🎊🎶🎉
Martha Crawley (11 days ago)
Oh what a fantastic maravilloso espkendidlo!
Wided Dridi (11 days ago)
Vipinder Sidhu (11 days ago)
강불괴금 (12 days ago)
Ronda Rousey.............
Ella Khan (12 days ago)
She has a good voice
Michael Terrell (12 days ago)
Michael Terrell (12 days ago)
right there with ya Tawnku that was an awesome performance
Kenneth Hawkins (12 days ago)
The only thing to say here is OH MY GOD!!!
Erwin Berganio (14 days ago)
Wow 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Paqui Parra Gómez (14 days ago)
Excelente voz y extraordinaria imterpretacion
C.S Schoon (14 days ago)
This...*dead within 2 seconds*
Leah Speight (14 days ago)
3:24 the women that looks at the girls that scream 😂
Most amazing girl..gb..
furqan kashmiri (15 days ago)
don't have words to describe
Leslie Meeks (15 days ago)
Wow!!!! 👏👏👏👏👍👍🌷🌷🌹
Shanjin Fang (15 days ago)
其实西蒙善良 善良的没有度 有原则就好了他的评委比较公正 也很准 就是为人处世要讲究 原则 要有底线 你是公众人物 人的品行品德名义百姓口碑 花多少钱买不来 。年岁不小了 剩余时间多做好选出更优秀品味高水准正能量的演员 在您的最后的人生路上走出更精彩的路 过去的人们会原谅 现在不晚 还有几十年 让世界看您的帅气和阳刚真正人们从骨质里敬佩的西蒙考威尔。现在打扮不行狼狈不堪洋我们不想看 想看到不一样的西蒙。正能量的东西来。
Brad Wilson (15 days ago)
I think this is great to send the message: don't underestimate kids! Kids can express themselves in incredible ways, on occasion. The way she does it here is stunning, as we see throughout the audience reactions. She does it with drama, with artistry, and with a voice that is hard to describe in what she achieves with it.
Amrish M B (15 days ago)
what confidence man !!
パース太郎 (15 days ago)
mark mazur (16 days ago)
Wow !!!!!!!
Piet de Vos (16 days ago)
Prime cirle
Haroon Ahmet (17 days ago)
She is a naturally brilliant singer, I wished she won Million dollars because actually she deserved it.
Haroon Ahmet (17 days ago)
She sang to the beautifully than original singer. She's outstanding 👍👍👍
Ridha Ben Kahla (17 days ago)
Best singer very Nice
Angelo Iovino (18 days ago)
bounhome sirisavath (18 days ago)
She is Amazing😍
adrienne adetti (18 days ago)
universal universe (18 days ago)
You go girl!
Mihaela Kinna (18 days ago)
Oh...my....dear....god She sang her heart out!Just breathtaking!😮
VITOR M. C. SOARES (18 days ago)
1000 stars.
Alicja P (19 days ago)
Panie Simon,bez zarostu jest Panu o wiele przystojniej.
Raman saha (19 days ago)
Wow nice
Lacey Taylor (19 days ago)
Love love love her wow don’t be afraid you can put smiles on faces, put tears in eyes!! Be you and sing with the heart I seen in this song!! Your voice
Jenny Oh (19 days ago)
Disney! Here is your new singer.
brianroark88 (19 days ago)
That girl has an old sol
Carolyn Rhoads (19 days ago)
Martina S. (21 days ago)
Lady Jupiter (21 days ago)
The only reason there are so many DISLIKES for this wonderful child is pure jealousy.
Carol VanEe Branner (22 days ago)
Wow such an amazing voice you will be famous
SciEngArt (22 days ago)
the confidence, the stage presence. This kid has a future.
Rick Johnson (22 days ago)
The expression on the girl's face at 0:40 is worth the price of admission!
TRUMP SUPPORTER (22 days ago)
AWESOME! great job
Victoria Carpenter (22 days ago)
Red Butterfly (23 days ago)
Disney will take this young lady to sing one of the princess theme song
Judy Borrero (23 days ago)
Adam Say no to BENZOS (24 days ago)
This whole video was AMAZING!!! That little girl in the audience had me laughing. "Push the golden buzza" haha then screams like a wild banshi haha
YK JENISH (25 days ago)
Kathryn Maxwell (26 days ago)
Omg! What a performance!
Ron Hickey (26 days ago)
For us dumb people, that's like a 12 yr old walking on a NBA court and playing like Michael Jordan.
Yunus (27 days ago)
Brandon Marino (27 days ago)
Good god, I don't normally comment on these videos but she was absolutely amazing.
Rachel MacDonald (27 days ago)
Yes! Yes! Look at that fierceness!!!! Good for you!!!
Rachel MacDonald (27 days ago)
pédro florés (27 days ago)
Belle voix et quel Talent
Jörel Marcus (27 days ago)
2:59 ;-; tF JuSt HAppenD 3:22
Um talento e tanto E uma louquinha na platéia
Henry Giesbrecht (28 days ago)
The British people have talent compared to the canadians or the Americans.
Bello bellisimo

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