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A Young Shy Girl Walks On Stage, but within Seconds Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor

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12-year old Beau Dermott blows Amanda away with her impressive cover of Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked with the Judge reaching for that all-important Golden Buzzer! 12-year-old Beau Dermott looks sweet and innocent, but the moment she began singing the audience was floored. Hidden inside this adorable young girl is a voice so powerful that the entire room hung on her every word throughout the whole song “Defying Gravity” from the popular musical Wicked. Throughout the audience, jaws dropped, eyes popped open as wide as humanly possible, and the judges were all just waiting for the opportunity to reward her with something huge. Her talent at such a young age shocked everyone, but beyond that, her performance was itself flawless the way she added an extra special touch to the song. She lit up with animation and excitement, showing that singing is what she is most passionate about. She received the golden buzzer, and just wait until you see the excitement that follows. AMAZIN! It’s easy to support LosGranosTV on YouTube download A blazing fast browser that supports your favorite creators get it here: https://brave.com/los346
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Text Comments (8782)
Basheerah Cassiem (2 hours ago)
Bianka Jarosz (7 hours ago)
She has a voice of an adult 😮
Pinky koy (10 hours ago)
So amzinggggg❤️❤️❤️
believe in yourself (15 hours ago)
Holly is holly..... perfect ♡♡♡
Albertina Baker (16 hours ago)
Treasure that gift from God. I love your singing.
Stardust 77 (18 hours ago)
A beautiful voice, seemingly one that is well beyond her years.... I believe that's because in her past life she mastered the skill of singing and has brought it into this life ready to go at an early age, with a little bit of training she is at the level of a well seasoned professional.
Iain Herridge (18 hours ago)
Big voice, little lady,
Alice (1 day ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
James Brozik (1 day ago)
Awesome & please consider helping this = We need clean up Washington DC of its plus 1,500 member elite pedophile clique. They traffic kids, rape some, kill some, drink some adrenalin rich blood and protect each other. Deplorables must demand drainage of the SWAMP !!!!
Bob Is the goat (1 day ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Robert Lis (1 day ago)
What a great job she did
Hayden Albers (1 day ago)
Im sorry shes good and all this has nothing to do with her but why are all of Britains got talent singing auditions always depressing songs??
Luis Mendoza (1 day ago)
Jesus she amazing golden buzzard worthy
Gerald Polanco (1 day ago)
Sheriece Telford (2 days ago)
Btw I call people sister for a weird reason
Sheriece Telford (2 days ago)
Good look sister I'm proud of u
Sheriece Telford (2 days ago)
I have seen u live in Sheffield arena young voices 2019
AZ Niteforce (2 days ago)
While Rome burns the sheep are occupied !
Samir Tarabit (2 days ago)
WOW amazing voice
wild 1 adventures (2 days ago)
Kalu Oji Ibiam (2 days ago)
adorable kid with an angelic voice.
PANOS SIOPIS (2 days ago)
μπραβο κοριστι μου να σε χαιρονται οι γονεις σου
Christiane Marshall (2 days ago)
THe world will be a better place if we don't blow it before these special children grow and take their pplace shine on
Alex Agustin (2 days ago)
Well done...
I'm a Lammacorn (2 days ago)
Ginger Miller (2 days ago)
I love her!
James Allen (3 days ago)
Morrigan Ravenchild (3 days ago)
What a talent and voice!
Jacy Kay (3 days ago)
That was so great. That may have been the best performance I’ve ever seen period, like, better than any celebrity’s performance.
Christian Debasio (3 days ago)
Genetic gene pool of talent. Amazing!
dee stevens (3 days ago)
Dana Payne (3 days ago)
Terra white (4 days ago)
Have you believed the gospel? The gospel is that Jesus died on the cross for your sins was buried and rose again the third day.
Bhide Bhide (4 days ago)
John Kehir (4 days ago)
2019 ?
Marjorie Lanka (4 days ago)
I saw her do this for real.
Estong Big Boy (5 days ago)
This girl is amazing! Awesome talent.. Oh my god
Chris Horan (5 days ago)
How did Disney not sign this girl to a contract
MISTAH SLICK (6 days ago)
Damn Homie
leslie rawlings (6 days ago)
At this point, I don't know *what* to believe. Because this girl's voice goes on the "unbelievable" list.
Amina Munga (8 days ago)
Buzzler she deserve
7400Denmark (8 days ago)
We all are in 2019 - and the young girl is amazing ……... and I love Amanda Holden - I can't help it - but she looks not my way ??? Okay so - and don't tell my wife - we live in Denmark.
Ronald Jermias (5 days ago)
Lop Julie is pp
Berta Machado (8 days ago)
Ny’Ciunna Blackmon (8 days ago)
Wow she has a great strong voice! She needs to be a voice over for a Disney Princess!! 👏 😲
Jabukja Aikne (8 days ago)
The best singer ever
Gracie Muldoon (8 days ago)
No words
youlden jbanda (9 days ago)
Any one 2019 listening
lucy mbi (10 days ago)
Who is back in 2019??
LøndønPlayz (10 days ago)
omg those little kids in the audinence are fangirling so hard!XD
Patricia Brewer (9 days ago)
Robert Ewalt (10 days ago)
Better than the woman who sang it on Broadway!
Charlene Axtman (12 days ago)
OH MY GOD! HOW!? She is a angel! She has a voice of one!
Kokomani Narcos (12 days ago)
This reserve the diamond buzzer
Dirty L Bows (12 days ago)
Wait wat?
Pat Downs (12 days ago)
How can a small island have so much talent
Mike Becket (13 days ago)
Now that is talent !!! 48 stars plus a cookie
Momo Bianchi (13 days ago)
Rusz Roland (14 days ago)
2:59 With headphones. You're welcome XD
Lawson plays Fortnite (14 days ago)
Hate this
ben savard (14 days ago)
abolutely the biggest wawwww she is so amazing
Jennifer Bauer (14 days ago)
I have no problem with the opinions people have. if they don't like Beau, that's their prerogative. As for me, I just flat out adore Beau.
Linda Cılbıyık (14 days ago)
Omg this girl is just wow
Sweet Mello (15 days ago)
Her voice is wow love you baby girl ❤❤❤💋
Ken Sarmiento (15 days ago)
Incredible awesome!
Jack Spratt (16 days ago)
Just so great!! I hate the song but she owned it.
The Uniquecorn (16 days ago)
MelonShark (16 days ago)
I call lip sync
Kamy Flores (17 days ago)
she is not the preetest girl
Debbie Russell (17 days ago)
Wow wants a voice
Indranil Khandekar (17 days ago)
Lisa Gay (17 days ago)
Just a great voice to a very sweat girl.
Gary Smith (18 days ago)
2019 absolutely fantastic
alanmeires (19 days ago)
Indrani Biswas (19 days ago)
those cute girls in the audiunce
Leah Avery (19 days ago)
What a talent young girl I'm speech less wow just wow
Bird Man (20 days ago)
Where do these kids come from...so young, yet so seasoned ? She looks 12 years old and sings like Streisand.....????..... How's that work ??
Adil Sher (20 days ago)
Radrook (20 days ago)
She is truly blessed! Stage presence, timbre, the whole package. She has the beautiful voice of a full-grown woman. Also the way she sung the song and the emotion of her voice is that of an adult. Amazing!
Clare Howe (20 days ago)
WOW she really can sing
サキットゥSakitut (21 days ago)
2:59 When did Jurassic park walk into the stadium?
Sheila Brown (22 days ago)
Brilliant xx
Lynn Hodges (22 days ago)
WOW what a beautiful and powerful voice
Margie Kressst/ (23 days ago)
Beau is a Angel!! I wish her the very BEST in Her Life! You can tell how PROUD her FAMILY IS IF HER! GOD BLESS!!❤
Spacovelli Williams (23 days ago)
I've never heard a kid sing like this...Like a grown up with several albums😲😲😲
Robert Edulan (23 days ago)
Gladys Borromeo (23 days ago)
The next Lea Salonga 😘😘😘
Jindy Mabini (23 days ago)
Go for Disney!!!!
3:00 so cute lol
Apple Bloom (24 days ago)
Im 9 and I can sing better but I get bullied everyone says I sound like a frog
Apple Bloom (12 days ago)
+Randy Rutkin sorry that everyone hates me 😭😭😭
Randy Rutkin (13 days ago)
You’re far too young to already have such a large chip on your shoulder.
Apple Bloom (24 days ago)
عوبا ردا (24 days ago)
Birb (24 days ago)
**2 seconds in singing like a celebrity** Me: *NANI?*
l lree (24 days ago)
how does this amazing woman’s voice come out of this child
Devil Dog (25 days ago)
look at her hand and arm gestures. she started timid, but as she saw the crowds reactions she really opened up. awesome job.
basia ryzy (25 days ago)
She sings better then the those on The Voice or Ameican Idol
smw381st (25 days ago)
there should be absolutely 0 down votes here!
davivo media (25 days ago)
So focused, trying to get famous at any cost!
Clyde Blackmon (26 days ago)
Awesome beautiful a star was born
Connie Crawford (26 days ago)
OMG, WOW She is awesome!!!! I'm still crying... She literally gave me goosebumps from my head to my toes. God bless you sweetheart.. Beautiful voice...

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