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Expert Ski Lessons #7.5 - Skiing Steeps

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http://www.SkiSchoolApp.com. In this lesson ski instructor Darren Turner takes a look at three key skills to help you learn how to ski steep runs: edging, foot rotation and body separation. This ski lesson series is aimed at building on your advanced skiing technique and helping make you an Expert all mountain skier. Check out our Apps - there are no ads and once downloaded no need for expensive streaming or downloading when on the hill, with nearly half an hour of video, a diary facility, split-screen video analysis that uses the device's video camera to compare your skiing with demos and much more it's the ultimate how to ski, teaching app. iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/elatemedia.com/id390656741?affId=1894531 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Elate+Media Windows: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-GB/store/publishers?publisherId=ELATE%2BMEDIA%2BLTD Remember that these how to ski videos are not a replacement for on-slope instruction with a qualified ski instructor, and should only viewed as a supplement. Subscribe to our channel for more Ski School lessons and tips to help improve your skiing. Get inspiration with new ski videos uploaded throughout the winter that can help you learn how to ski better ready for your ski holidays.
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Text Comments (299)
Mindy Macready (12 days ago)
2:58 and of course there is a guy showing up doing the complete opposite... haha.
Spencer Parkin (26 days ago)
This video has helped me out a lot. I've taken every bit of advice here and put it into practice. Many thanks!
A GIRLS LIFE (28 days ago)
Harald Harb system mixed with Debbie Armstrong advice on confidence and technique will take you far and everywhere.
A GIRLS LIFE (28 days ago)
The part he means about pushing the body forward it is specifically Keeping hips forward Shin contact Upper torso separation and keeping shoulder upright and facing downhill unless you are traversing or slide across the mountain
princess pony (1 month ago)
The only reason people dislike is because they managed to hurt themselves while ignoring the correct directions
Mrmarginofsafety (1 month ago)
Thank you excellent!
Ric. T. (1 month ago)
Hi! I'm new to skiing, at 67, and have watched lots of tutorials here and I have to say yours are definitely some of the best! After approximately 20 days (nights) of ski, I want to know how to manage icy spots on, say, difficult intermediate slopes. What's best to do when I feel my downward ski begins to run away from me with that unpleasing sound? Flatten my skis and "getting lighter"? Edging on ice is...scary. I have used that helmet a few times so far trying to be brave! Help!
Ric. T. (1 month ago)
Hi again! Well, ski season is about to end for me, but I think I have found an answer to my question: Practice! On my recent ski nights, slopes were so crunchy/icy I could hardly hear my hi-volume music!! What helps me the most so far: Relax, light on my skis, looking a few meters ahead to pick softer spots where a nice turn is possible. Breathe! Relax! Be confident and go with the slope It' so great to realize how my feet and ankles control so much! I've had a few group lessons earlier, but watching all those YT videos helped a lot more!
Benjawan Gawthaisong (1 month ago)
Thank you teacher,i can ski because of you🙏🏻
Alex Edwardson (2 months ago)
I skied my first double black today
ImaMonaKnight (2 months ago)
rolfingyogaspace (2 months ago)
The audio is sooo goood
Arden Powers (2 months ago)
It also takes a lot of Angulation, as well as the commensurate amount of Inclination to execute these turns properly on the steep . . . without these ingredients, along with " Verticle Motion " (all of which are demonstrated here) . . . initiation, turn shape (in the controlling phase), and turn completion will quickly unravel on the steep !
Joe Salemi (2 months ago)
I was expecting to see an expert level instruction. But, the explanation about pole plants and upper body separation were excellent. These are skills that should be taught AT THE SAME TIME as “make pizza skis”. and I don’t mean that as a back handed remark against this video at all. I see instructors demonstrating how to turn using this tin pants style, arms 90 degrees I guess for balance for “intermediates”. Knees stay in one position so no unweighting, no pole plant at all and no edging. It looks like they are teaching to just foot steer with no attention to separation. The best advice I ever got as a young 16 year old intermediate was from an old guy on a short chairlift ride who simply said; “kid, keep your shoulders square to the lodge and hands in front no matter which way your skis turn.” The second best advise was to “plant your pole”. 47 seasons later and I’m still working at it.
Raf Tube (2 months ago)
Hey, I can see those Illuminati symbols under your skis!
Angin san (2 months ago)
Great lesson, clear and easy shown the most important technics.Thx a lot
Beverly Coles (2 months ago)
Excellentinstruction....CSIA, did you see this?
renetchi (3 months ago)
how to turn so fast like that!
f1fan29 (3 months ago)
I searched for expert I ALREADY KNOW THIS!!! AHHHHH
Tom (3 months ago)
He is doing everything out of his hips nothing out of his angle and knees. This is realy bad!!
Tom (3 months ago)
No alpin basic position at all
John Yunkai Zhai (3 months ago)
Tim Carter (3 months ago)
Where is the angulation with the knees and hip , that's how you make an edge. All of which is needed on steeps.
Space knights (3 months ago)
Where are you skiing?
Eric Cui (3 months ago)
I got to admit the skiing conditions are great.
OrdinaryWorld (3 months ago)
Thanks again. I literally learned to ski from scratch using this series of videos. Love the irony at around 3 minutes with the guy in the background leading the turn with his body, the absolute antithesis of the lesson itself.
Jt Williams (3 months ago)
Can you say, 'angulate'? Dont kmow what this guy is saying or why he is the expert!
Jinping Yang (4 months ago)
No offense, but it’s kinda blurry. It’s still an awesome vid though!
Keith Thomas (4 months ago)
Tomek_silesia (4 months ago)
Very, very, very good advices! Thank you!
John Malloy (4 months ago)
This is a good, simple lesson. The importance of keeping your upper body perpendicular to the fall line cannot be overstated. Even on regular runs but especially on steep runs and critically on steep runs in deep snow you have to keep your energy forward. If your balance gets off your weight goes back and you can't get your heels rotated. Might mention that the poles are an axis around which you rotate and also a timing device to help keep the rhythm of weighting and unweighting. Thank you.
John Malloy (3 months ago)
+mach ran I suspect you're kidding with me but the fall line is the line a ball would take if you rolled it down the hill. The steepest part, the shortest distance to the bottom. Every slope has one and you need to keep your upper body square to this. This prevents you from using your arms to swing yourself around to turn which would make you off-balance and unweight your skis properly. By just doing this one thing AND keeping your hands out in front of you, your skiing improves dramatically. You'll feel the difference.
mach ran (3 months ago)
John Malloy whats the fall line?
Henry Gonzalez (4 months ago)
It’s funny On my 5th day of skiing I was trying this and it worked. 5th day!? What? I was a long time snowboarder and it’s just coming naturally I guess
richard975 (4 months ago)
Great video - could you do one on the use of the outside ski in intermediate and advanced terrain?
Cooper Holland (4 months ago)
Tom Bowman (4 months ago)
Darren, this is one of your best videos ever. I teach skiing in the states and if skiers would follow these 3 simple skiing techniques their skiing will improve 10 fold. Keep up the great work!!
Dwight Smith (5 months ago)
He has excellent videos. He breaks the movements down into digestible instruction.
Silver Fletcher (5 months ago)
The main secret of skking: steep Forward and never back. The steeper the slope the more you must bend Forward.
domcasual84 (5 months ago)
Is anyone checking this dudes hips?
Peter Mitterrutzner (6 months ago)
he seems to come from racing,nice explainations, but when you see him ski ,it`s sort of naja...his hips don`t seem to be right,downhill knie always a bit too straight and his hips-oh had that one..don`t know what else it really is -just not on point...
Thank you so much great Channel
miyatyan0805 (7 months ago)
richard975 (7 months ago)
moving the weight onto the new outside ski before flattening is also essential, should be step 0. otherwise you cant flatten the skis in the first place to start the next turn. skiing is a race to the outside ski.
Craig Houdeshell (9 months ago)
Excellent lesson. Thank you.
a2littleralph (10 months ago)
Your link from lesson 7.4 to here is broken. It leads back to lesson 7.3. Love the content BTW.
TheCaptainhaddock1 (1 year ago)
The resort is Serre Chevalier in the Southern French Alps. Long way to go but worth it as you avoid too many English voices, it's pretty snow sure (lots of stuff above 2k metres and north facing slopes) and the runs are beautiful among the trees which grow higher than other resorts as they're larch.
Spencer Parkin (1 year ago)
Thanks, Darren. I've been using your videos all winter, and I really think they've helped me learn to ski.
Gary Frost (1 year ago)
My uncle Rico says that he can throw a football right over that mountain.
Alexandre Thuaud (1 year ago)
Your lessons are the best on internet i have found so far. Do you have some lessons for icy black slopes ?. Thanks!!!! keep doing that excellent work.
Uncle Fjester (1 year ago)
I'm a snowboarder, never skied and want to know why y'all have poles? I mean if you don't pole plant you cant link your turns or lose balance? What are you pole planting in powder? BTW the poles make you look retarded
Dwight Stones (1 year ago)
Just curious how tall are you and what size skies (CM). Thanks
Lazar MiLic (1 year ago)
You make it look so easy ! I went to a steep slope today almost broke both my legs
Tim Mcmurtree (1 year ago)
Yea. I need this video. I went down a blue run from the top of the mountain. Couldn’t shave off speed, and ate sh!t going like mach 5.
msanders98 (1 year ago)
Rotating the leg? we say turn the legs here. Rotation is something totally different, in a bad way. Rotation is a 4 letter word in skiing.You need to have separation of upper /lower body to maintain grip
Julian Cheng (1 year ago)
Right around 1:06-1:11, you can see him flip from facing one way across the hill to the other. Has he done a video on how to do that?
porakai (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!
Michael freeman (1 year ago)
Great videos , very explanatory Thank you much . I skied in brevant , cormyere and Argentiner , great places
Gary Pool (1 year ago)
I went skiing once when young and 5 times in the last 2 years. I watched and imagined doing drills Mr. Turner covers in these videos during times between skiing and taken one beginner ski lesson. I am tremendously grateful for the time, care, and expertise put into these videos and to the effort of the beginner ski lesson. I have progressed in the past 5 sessions: Greens, Blues, Blues, Easy Black, Blacks with bumps. Yesterday when I looked up at a mogul run that I navigated under control (though slow) without falling or being erratic I really felt accomplished and had so much fun. The Parallel turn (this video) and steeps video probably did me the most good but the others built the base. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a midwesterner, I may ski thrice a year and see plenty of ice. I kind of bootlegged a warmup run but it would be nice if you made an actual video for the now and then skier (1x-3x a year). Currently I pick a blue for the first run start super slow with hockey stop after hockey stop for the first third, speedy parallel turns for 2nd third, then straight speed to hockey stops last third. I feel after that I can move safely about but my skiing is probably rubbish :) Do you have a standard warmup for hacks? What about the bumps? How do you warm up for that other than just be mentally ready? The bumps definitely punish when I am not focused and show weakness in my tactics.
Kk_shammari_kK (1 year ago)
This is just like carving but in a shorter way
Bucket List Badass (1 year ago)
Damn good video!
Réka Szabó (1 year ago)
Your videos are soooooo useful!!!!! Thank you very much!*-*
headphonic8 (1 year ago)
I don't think this necessarily needs to be an "expert" lesson. A lot of these tips were given to me by my ski instructor, and I only ski blues. It's just good form and keeps your speed in check regardless of your level. Also just a suggestion: during these lessons can you show what it looks like when you're doing it badly/wrong? It's really helpful to be able to visually identify when you're doing it correctly or not.
이은실 (1 year ago)
Very very helpful !!
uN nAm (1 year ago)
Great work! Keep it up!
Joel Whalen (1 year ago)
Why face down the the hill
sportsygirl8 (1 year ago)
Amazing video! I am working my way to a blue-black and was curious to how you manage steep hills, turns out when I was on a green that I made those movements that you would on the steep hills when I'd get nervous, so if I was doing that on a green, I should be able to do it on a blue-black.
stephen miller (1 year ago)
Good technique, but take it into the steep to demonstrate the steep. Fall line initiation becomes so much more critical.
Gamer Flash114 (1 year ago)
Teach harder stuff.
Gamer Flash114 (1 year ago)
+that slope is a blue which is sooooo easy
Gamer Flash114 (1 year ago)
What is this? Skiing noobs school. This stuff is easy and im a pro skier at age 11.
Black Goreinu (1 year ago)
MD ST (1 year ago)
Excellent instructions!
Miao MA (1 year ago)
At 4min 30s
Giuliano Cislaghi (1 year ago)
Yeah all these theories only seem to be applied to blue runs. You can always make sense of a blue run - even backwards
Nóri Oravecz (1 year ago)
Hi ! My skies are a bit longer than they should be based on my height. Since I know that longer skies are used for faster skiing, it must be possible to gain control over them.  Do you have tips for that ?  Thank you in advance !
TCA_ SnKn (1 year ago)
This is like a 5 at squaw
David Walko (1 year ago)
Great video and very useful tips. Are you emphasizing the movements for demonstrating purposes? I noticed there seems to be a little more snow being kicked up towards the back of the ski (almost skidding- 4:40) rather than pure carving with the front or the entire entire ski. When I release my edges I try not to stop quite as much so each turn flows a little more. It's probably just because you are on a steep- hard to judge the grade in a video. Anyway- enjoyed the video and learned something new!
TheGruntski (1 year ago)
Nice video. Exactly what works.
it’s evan (1 year ago)
is it weird that i just randomly taught myself how to do this
witchen kitchen (1 year ago)
im not knocking the technique, im just baffled how this is considered expert.
Charlie Dillon (1 year ago)
People wonder why slopes go Icy
I only play yasuo (1 year ago)
I've been on a steeper one, I always wanted to do it but no confidence. Watched this and it helped me a lot, gonna go on that steeper mountain now.
PRE (2 years ago)
Nice technique -- make skis flat (release edges) and then turn. Thank you.
chimbatete (2 years ago)
Hi, This is not carving like on Advanced video 6.2. What style is this?
Lauren Batzli (2 years ago)
Lol where did that person go at 4:03😂😂😂😂
Rick Webking (2 years ago)
This instructor is amazing; communication skills, subtle humor and great technician. We should be paying for this resource!!!
worldclass777 (2 years ago)
Great! Well explained and demonstrated with master! Highly recommend.
mwg911hk (2 years ago)
This video helping me out so much. If anyone wants to get the slightest improvement , I recommend this. Keeping my hands and chest facing down the hill worked wonders!
Ron Hernandez (2 years ago)
Taking ski lessons from an Englishman is like getting driving lessons from a Chinese woman.
tsr7198 (2 years ago)
Edward Aldayas Chinese women must be excellent driving instructors!
Pokemon2019 (2 years ago)
Oh hell yes! This is a breakthrough video for me. Im a regular hockey skater going skiing for the first Time next week. this was was I was most curious about. Question: how demanding is skiing on your ankle and feet muscles? Hockey skating can be brutal, but I noticr ski boots really anchor the lower legs tightly... Does this mean the movemens are more from the upper legs? Hip groin, butt...
Jenny Lee (2 years ago)
i ski the wrong way. i just don't fall :-)
Jenny Lee (2 years ago)
Darren, where are you stationed? next winter i would like to come to take lessons in person. i am in New York. how much would it be for 2 weeks of group lessons? i don't think i can afford private lessons for two weeks
Chadi Kassouf (2 years ago)
i m gd at this technique but still can t handle red or black runs still afraid of the slope does any one have a tip for me??
Octernal (2 years ago)
I'd say just go down some red/black runs extremely slowly at first, to build up confidence
Raptor Masters (2 years ago)
amazing thank you for making it!!!!!
Gentoo films (2 years ago)
I would always bomb black diamonds now I can slow down
Kasia Lipska (2 years ago)
You have really nice teeth.
Ashes (2 years ago)
I went on blues because I don't know which one is for green in night and when I got there I was so scar but this help me a lot thank u I am 11years old
Zara Fearon (2 years ago)
Thanks this really helped
urbanrunoff (2 years ago)
so i'm back into skiing after a 20 year hiatus. (started surfing and that was it...). I'm Swiss ski school trained even took some racing classes in my youth. I had no problem getting back into skiing, went down double black diamonds in Snowbird, effortless. But I realize I have that oldschool technique (pre parabolic skis). I guess I shift my weight too much even lift my skis on very tight slalom turns. Any tips to adapt to the "new" style? Ps: great channel!
James Wilson (1 year ago)
Take a few lessons from a modern ski school. Its really worth it. You will learn much more than a few tips.
sophie florence (2 years ago)
If I ever try that, imma freaking fall down every time. Today is my first ski race and I AM NOT READY.
Juraj Berthier (2 years ago)
perfect video thank you
Piste Rocker (2 years ago)
thanks a lot!! I almost learnt skiing following your tips!! Very clear and simple to put in practice

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