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24h Qualification Race | Nürburgring int. Livestream

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➡ Deutscher Livestream: https://youtu.be/75UNh53KZ-w More than 100 teams battle today in the last check before season's highlight, the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race (June 20 - 23). All top teams and drivers of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche are in the Eifel this Weekend as well as the “exotic” GT3 cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, the Nissan and Lexus models. The cars race the 25-kilometer long combination of GP track and Nordschleife of the Nürburgring - the most demanding racetrack in the world, the "Green Hell". 🕞 SCHEDULE: - Formation Lap 11:40 - 12:00 - Race: 12:00 - 18:00 (6 hours) ➡ About the 24h race: https://www.24h-rennen.de/en/ ➡ Get your ticket for the 24h: http://www.nuerburgring-shop.de/events-tickets/motorsport-events/adac-total-24h-rennen/47-adac-total-24h-rennen-2019-vom-20-06-23-06-2019.html
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Text Comments (7)
wbsfoo (1 month ago)
the amount of great racing that is now being streamed on youtube from the sources em self, has me rock hard
Timothy Radi (1 month ago)
Alhamdulillah for sight hearing and heart
kakashi Senpai DBD (1 month ago)
Race starts around 44mins
Fritz schmidt (1 month ago)
I love BMW Motorsport
Sl1f3rDrag0n (1 month ago)
Will the top 30 Qualifying be uploaded?
Cam RSR (1 month ago)
Indy is cool....but this is cooler. (IMO)
Jolly Fellow (13 days ago)
and F1 was ruined by politics and regulations... Montreal Grand Prix 2019 anyone? Vettel should not of gotten that 5 second penalty. I have given up on F1.

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