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SLIVAN #79 - 2011 AVN AWARDS Red Carpet - Part 1 of 2

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My 2011 AVN Awards Red Carpet experience was awesome. And I wanted to share it with all of you who support this VLOG and who approached me at the Convention with your praises. Thank you! This Part #1 of this fun 2 part series is about how I spent my pre-show time putting in my shoe laces, doing my weird looking hair and the journey with a bunch of porn chicas.
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Text Comments (13)
Yee Jia Nie (6 years ago)
yayyyyyyy mark wood ^^
Baronwoof (7 years ago)
great video man...
billionnaire1 (7 years ago)
Great Vid as usual Ivan it looked like it was a lot of fun
kdiaz21 (8 years ago)
I'm sooo happy to see Julia Ann!! She's my favorite!!
uandido (8 years ago)
John Maddux (8 years ago)
Jason Plant lover (8 years ago)
That was assume Ivan. Looked like a great time!
Ninkyo893 (8 years ago)
Nice! PUBA girls always seem laid back and fun. Everyone else seemed a little pretentious and "L.A." lol....but I'm from a small town in Oregon, so maybe that's just me. Another great vlog, Ivan. Your stuff is always entertaining. Peace. =-)
aww shit dude your a beast, tv, hair, glasses, bling, dgaf, porn director, aww man, everything must be goin good for you!!! you are every teenage guy's dream, you are a ROLE MODEL!!!
Em Dee (8 years ago)
bunch of unknown chicks like wtf
IVIagic25 (8 years ago)
Love the Vlogs Ivan nice work homi
Slivan TV (8 years ago)
@47gomez47 it's a secret! Keep watching my friend
Christopher Gomez (8 years ago)
so what did the back of you shirt say?

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