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Ryko SoftGloss MAXX Car Wash at BP/FasTrip, Washington MO

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This slightly older SGM system did an OK job at cleaning off the car. It is just a standard wash, and Ryko is starting to go to crap, but it still delivered OK quality, while removing that pesky bird poop off the window. Sorry for not knowing the fluids at the end of the video, I am still slightly a noob at car washes. ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/?source=unknown
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Trains and Sirens (3 months ago)
Same exact machine at my local car wash broke. Goddammit, Mobil!
SF Car Wash Channel (1 year ago)
These machines are a very poor choice for operators. They are extremely high maintenance and quite expensive compared to most competing systems.
CrestwoodRocks (11 months ago)
Apparently, gas station owners don't 100% monitor their car wash systems nor spend time doing maintainance/service on them. This explains why they run poorly sometimes. Owners should keep this in handy https://www.ryko.com/car-wash-equipment-service/ and also look at the Learning Center tab.
Creaky C. (11 months ago)
The Car Wash Fanatic There's a D&S IQ 2.0 Touch-Free machine going into the next bay over, the NeXus has been replaced
Creaky C. I would choose a SoftWash XT over this. Either that or a Oasis BayWash i5.
Creaky C. (1 year ago)
SF Car Wash Channel Agreed! I'm not a fan of them.
Reviews By Vince (2 years ago)
Good video Epic! Its always nice when they actually have the sign telling you what is being applied (unlike this one where you have to guess lol)
Creaky C. (10 months ago)
I already did.
M. R. Newton (1 year ago)
Creaky C. Can you record the neXus?
Creaky C. (2 years ago)
Yeah haha. The NeXus in the next bay had signage, but it was burned out. The DS 5000 however, it had signage that worked.

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