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Concealed Carrying On A Motorcycle | Constitutional Carry

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My thoughts on concealed carry when riding. Do what feels right to you, but also be smart about it. Also, when carrying make sure you practice drawing your weapon while on and off your motorcycle with your motorcycle gloves on. If you can't do this at a range then do it at home in a closed garage with a safe weapon. I would suggest not practicing with live rounds as a mistake reholstering could mean the end of your genitalia. No one wants to walk into the ER with a bloody crotch and their limp penis in hand. I do understand the irony of a public video about concealed carrying that talks about being tight-lipped about carrying. *I am not being paid by nor am I an affiliate of Bravo Concealment Holsters* Bravo Concealment Torsion Holster: https://www.bravoconcealment.com/products/iwb-torsion-holsters
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R. Tillery (2 months ago)
I just haven't located a "practical" holster for carrying on my cruiser, for years I've been carrying in my front pocket, which makes my firearm completely 'useless' while riding. That's not always a bad thing though considering the many idiots with cell phones driving around where I travel.
DudeInAlaska (2 months ago)
R. Tillery Check out the BCH Torsion. It’s pretty affordable compared to cross breeds and many Galcos. You can carry appendix as well as 3 o’clock. Obviously, I choose appendix. I imagine it’s even easier to appendix carry on a cruiser. I’ve got like 15,000 miles on a bike and only about 100 of it is on a cruiser so I’m not well versed in how the ergonomics are. Keep trying until you find what works for you and then stick with it, man. Best of luck!
ElMikeoMysterio (3 months ago)
Got pulled over for "displaying" because I lower back carry. Cop said I should appendix carry but I don't like appendix because I live in a place where reaching under your shirt innthe front will legit get you killed. With rear carry I can pretend to go for my wallet and get the drop. I've had to do it twice, once with a gun pulled on me by some crackhead. I don't ride bikes anymore so I don't have to worry about the issue of shirt/jacket lift, so in my life small of back is the best place for me personally. That said, I would highly recommend appendix for anyone on a bike
ElMikeoMysterio (2 months ago)
+DudeInAlaska drawing from the drop is dangerous as fuck, thats true. But when everything you have is in your wallet and the choices are fight or starve, I choose fight. It's not a matter of balls, it's a matter of desperation.
DudeInAlaska (2 months ago)
ElMikeoMysterio I’m curious about why would want to draw unless you were worried about being killed. Your comment about crack heads pointing guns makes sense. That takes some brass balls to draw on an already drawn gun. Props to you. The wallet trick is a good trick. I’m too obvious when I carry in the small of my back. Super awkward bending down to grab stuff. haha But definitely use what works for you and don’t change it. That’s how you stay alive. Good luck, Man!
khatdubell (3 months ago)
Are there any motorcycle gloves you consider best for carrying?
DudeInAlaska (3 months ago)
khatdubell hey! Check out my channel for the video review on the gloves I’m wearing in this video. They are leather, but snug enough to get my finger inside the trigger guard. It’s not the best, but like anything else, it’s just another dynamic you have to train with to be effective at. Ride safe, my friend!
JP1970 (5 months ago)
I dug your video...gave me an idea for making another video. You earned a sub! Thank you!
Pokey Cottons (6 months ago)
Good video; what kind of bike?
BaDdAwG 750 (3 months ago)
The wind shield looks so flat
DudeInAlaska (5 months ago)
Pokey Cottons Thank you! This one was a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 500R.
foxrace0985 (1 year ago)
I have wondered about carrying it, because you aren't supposed to flash it as a threat when carrying, but if you side carry, and your shirt goes up from the wind, you could show it.
Bravo Concealment (1 year ago)
Thank you DudeInAlaska!
DudeInAlaska (1 year ago)
Mark atBravoHolsters Thank you guys for the awesome holsters! I only own two holsters, one for my G19 and one for my P226 w/ Inforce and both of them are Bravo Concealment. 👍🏼
Slo Poke West (1 year ago)
Pro Gun... Pro 2nd Admen. not pro cop....ha ha .....just one suggestion is adjust your camera so your not looking at the ground...Here in Nevada we are a open carry state...also I couldn't see a person from alaska not liking guns stay safe good video
DudeInAlaska (1 year ago)
sonicsix thanks, man! I filmed today a little higher. Had to mod my setup. Hopefully it's better.
sonicsix (1 year ago)
I would tilt it up just a tiny bit... and I CC when riding as well. Ride safe.
DudeInAlaska (1 year ago)
Thanks, man. Alaska is too, but my personal philosophy remains the same at you don't want people to know. I never want to dig myself out of a situation where an attacker knows I have a gun before he begins the assault.

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