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dear mineblops and sasukeplays

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dont @ me
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ツTild (6 months ago)
giving retards attention
SasukePlays (3 months ago)
Also ive never dislike botted ur vids, just forums
SasukePlays (3 months ago)
Oh lol y am I just seeing this
chris (5 months ago)
The embodiment of stan twitter jesus christ
matchpoint (6 months ago)
merry christmas
mineblops (6 months ago)
merry christmas
Gorzey (6 months ago)
mineblops do you yank it to Rias Gremory hentai?
amelia (6 months ago)
mineblops and to you
Gorzey (6 months ago)
merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amelia (6 months ago)
Gorzey Mary xmis
bacca Leo (6 months ago)
this video has a very deep message/meaning I think everyone can learn an important lesson from it. I think one of the symbols is the use of the colour purple at 0:38-0:39.

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