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7 Weird Skin Care Hacks Most Guys Don’t Know

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Text Comments (1152)
Pulkit Pun (1 hour ago)
I change my sheets and pillow covers every weekend
DaniYal ArainZada (18 hours ago)
I hate when u said use sponsor things umh u ate bad we hav not sp much money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳
Rohan Vimal Raj (19 hours ago)
wow you're a life saver
Bob Larson (1 day ago)
I’ve heard lemon is very harmful to your face
D Mack (1 day ago)
Umm that is a lime and i really need it for my tacos. Know the difference, it's so annoying.
nisharudeen ndn (1 day ago)
how to get whigt privet part
Chris Torred (1 day ago)
Yoo thisss nigga righttt heree.....needs a fuckin grammy a fuckin noble peace prize....thanks to all your tips....im gettin hella ass..2018 pimp of the yearr....all thanks to you....
APARNA SINGH (2 days ago)
Very sneaky little way of putting your sponsored prods out there
SRM Music (2 days ago)
Lemon or Lime??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
gabo80xd (2 days ago)
Sube uno en español
gabo80xd (2 days ago)
Sube uno es español
Joshua Williams (3 days ago)
How to gain weight
John Goad (4 days ago)
Did anyone else notice he talks about using a lemon and sugar, yet he is using a lime and sugar?
Namba Wan (4 days ago)
Can i use calamansi as a substitute for the lemon? Its a smaller version here in the ph
Triptamine (4 days ago)
Says to use Lemon, then shows a clip of him cutting a lime. lmao
Nebil Shemsu (4 days ago)
you have so much ads . . but your video's are perfect👍
I am Bueno (4 days ago)
You can also consume lemon 🍋 since it is a natural astringent.
Yash Somani (4 days ago)
Who still doesnt know his name yet??😂😂
sai sarendra (4 days ago)
Dont rub your face after washing.just touchup towel on ur face.
Pranav Prasad (4 days ago)
you are starting to be like alpha m your style changed a lot and almost resemble like his. especially at 3:05
jaya smile (4 days ago)
How to remove pimples in face
magesh prasanth (4 days ago)
u look so hot
Lauty Farias (4 days ago)
Cuando viste todos los videos de José en español, pero necesitas más y los ves en ingles aunque no sepas inglés :'v
John Paul (5 days ago)
Bruh I think that’s a lime. Or maybe it’s a really unripe lemon
Igwe Franklin (5 days ago)
J-Angel Cruz (5 days ago)
Spanish please..!
Mars Galbis (5 days ago)
This is all wrong. Tiege hanley forever
ponokunishima1 (5 days ago)
Awesome video Jose, I love hacks, and the hack videos you and Aaron do, are awesome!
Abdellah (6 days ago)
Hey , how to remove the hair forever
Kavi Alagan (6 days ago)
U are great
salome ningoma (6 days ago)
lemon or lime
4boyscouts (6 days ago)
Says lemon multiple times while scrubbing his face with a lime.
4boyscouts (6 days ago)
Wand with a sonic vibration feature. Is that also a secret that most girls know, and most guys don't?
01274 HACKER (6 days ago)
He said lemon but showed a lime
Paul Vidal (6 days ago)
I already change my pillow case every night
Gerald Sethe (6 days ago)
Quick question... Was is it true that lemon and sugar can help with your face?
Gopal Dhar (6 days ago)
Yoga is vary good it comes in INDIA ..💓💓🇮🇳
Adesh Kahlon (6 days ago)
Video on weight gain pleassssse🙏🙏
A Philip (7 days ago)
Thats a lime
Lovedeep Khehra (7 days ago)
Joker 😂😂😂😂
Mdshohan Khan (7 days ago)
Vai tumi ato lafa lafi cudaw keno
https://youtu.be/0JMKro7JHAI click here 👆👆👆
Sora Kamikura (7 days ago)
6. Lemon and Sugar Hack. Cuts a LIME.
Neil (7 days ago)
Lemon is used for bleaching
Que onda jose
Jeeva Nandan (7 days ago)
Jose the type of zuniga who hakes his own youtube channel for the purpose of skin care.
VVXC GT (7 days ago)
Thumbnail fuck you sign haha
Shariq Khan (7 days ago)
You're acting like alpham
assasinR (7 days ago)
I like how in every video you have something to advertise and i have to tap 4 times on the screen to skip it🤣
M8 Days (7 days ago)
Wait so if I dip my head into a sink of cold water would that still be beneficial 🤔🤔
Asins Asina (7 days ago)
True,very nice teacher
Aly (7 days ago)
I always use lemon and sugar hack but i use brown sugar
Cesar Romero (7 days ago)
Jose help me i started getting these dots things on my chest like dead center of my chest im worried plz help
Saphal Subedi (7 days ago)
Is that a middle finger shown to us in thumbnail
Afsar Rabbi (7 days ago)
Praying Salah is better than Yoga
Armaan Zamaan (7 days ago)
Best hack
Shaleek Ez (7 days ago)
How to get handsome One video on these.....
Vinod Kumar (7 days ago)
Hey u make great sponsor videos
Joshua Gregoire (7 days ago)
I do the lemon thing, but I dump it in milk instead to get rid of dirt
Modern Fashion Men (7 days ago)
nice one checkout modern fashion men and please hit the subscribe button
Ashim kc (8 days ago)
From Nepal
Huzaifa Ahmad (8 days ago)
Alpha.m copy
Please Jose make a video for us skinny guys on how to increase our weight. And if you suggest a healthy diet then exactly should it contain?
itchyex (8 days ago)
Tried the lemon and sugar and my face felt smooth but I would not recommend lemon for your skin though as its highly acidic
Muhammad Mudassar CH (8 days ago)
Wao that's amazing
Jose Lopez (8 days ago)
That's a lime not a lemon
Amir Hanan (8 days ago)
Over acting and just exaggerating known stuff. . .
luis valente. (8 days ago)
Este vídeo a español por favor 🤙
Jaren Sprague (8 days ago)
thats a lime bud
Anirban Chakraborty (8 days ago)
Gays never try this lemon walla formula.. It causes serious prblms on ur skin... Bcs lemon contain some acidic elemnts tht causes danaged on ur skin fr sure
Sean Kenney (8 days ago)
You said lemon but used a lime does it matter which one or are they interchangeable
Pranjal Shelar (8 days ago)
all the hacks are bullshit.....and why u move so much while talking...
Advanced Photonics (8 days ago)
There is nothing new that i need to know. It is basically abt promotion of the device that heats and cools the face.
Mauricio Bustamante (8 days ago)
Has esto en tu programa en Español 🙏
Shubham Creation (8 days ago)
After putting lemon on face after how much time we show wash
Saifullah Arif (8 days ago)
Boys are dumber than gurls...Bruv all the scientist like Albert Einstien, Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton.Yeh i dunno about myself
Satyam pundhir (8 days ago)
You seem very enthusiastic in this video 👍👍and i guess u don’t rub towel dry your face like that after scrubbing atleast
nitin patil (9 days ago)
Jose that was preety amazing hack !!! Thanks for sharing information :)
Joichiro Saiba (9 days ago)
How many times do i need to apply the lemon and sugar
jeffry jedy (9 days ago)
Lo quiero en español, por favor!
Jaspreet Singh (9 days ago)
Is it Tiege Hanley at 1:43 😂😂 ?
Deve Nnesh (9 days ago)
Are you gay
Milton Lopez (9 days ago)
Jose it’s a lime
Haykal Dasuki (9 days ago)
i started to do the lemon hacks rn😂
victor rosario (9 days ago)
King of hacks? FOH.
A z (9 days ago)
Plz suggest me a good yoga page on YouTube
Silverton Incognito (9 days ago)
Wut a sellout
Demitrival (9 days ago)
Lemon is hella bad for your face
Rohit Sharma (9 days ago)
Why do u over react to everything
Nom C (9 days ago)
Anyone else tasted the lemon and contorted his face when it was seen in the video? 😖
Abikiller 310 (9 days ago)
I would reccomend lemmon on back and chest acne not the face
elliot plummer (9 days ago)
That's a lime first of all.
Daniel Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Best hack of all time: Genetics
Chirag Tak (9 days ago)
what a jerk!! SHUT THE FUCKUP
Braxton Blomquist (9 days ago)
Why are there no comments saying that’s a lime and not a lemon because that is a lime 🤷🏼‍♂️ not hating cuz I know that works too but just curious 😂
Abid Miraj (9 days ago)
Why is this guy giving off an alpha m copycat feel?
Ryan H (9 days ago)
you say lemon and sugar but you used a lime??
GODLIKE (9 days ago)
I have pimp scares how van i get ride of dem.
Kevin S ツTM (9 days ago)
errr, newsflash, that's a LIME buddy

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