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The First 8 Things Girls Notice in a Guy

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Text Comments (586)
mkay0502 (1 year ago)
I took your advice about women always noticing shoes, and I bought myself a couple of nice pairs of leather shoes. Pretty much every time I wear them, an attractive girl compliments them! Listen to Jose gents, he knows what he is talking about!
John Sinochet (3 months ago)
good for you man, that is awesome
Kav __ (4 months ago)
mkay0502 same
Dark Soul (7 months ago)
Fuck my shoes are shit 😂
Rex Erection (9 months ago)
Dragunov778 Little girls like Jordans. Real woman like stylish men that know how to dress.
Troople Kill (9 months ago)
pls help What color were they?
sadFWY (1 month ago)
"wallet size" 😂😂😂
Yellin’ Ellen (1 month ago)
I agree with everything for myself. But I hardly notice a guys shoes. Idk why
Ethan Dockery (1 month ago)
Why did you dress so fancy?
Giriraj Mayekar (2 months ago)
Clinton Marak (3 months ago)
I was single for 23 years. I used Dollar shave club and now I have 23 gfs.
Creamly (3 months ago)
Shit, i'm 159cm in my 16.........
Maurice Lovensky (5 months ago)
Thank you Jose👍
Sushank Shrestha (5 months ago)
Please make a video on "style for tall boys"
pixel mon (7 months ago)
Most valuable channel on this fucking website.
David Woo (8 months ago)
1. Get a nice body 2. Learn how to sing 3. Be well-mannered or super passionate 4. win the girl.
water hose (8 months ago)
Any other girls watch these videos just to see if he got anything right
water hose (8 months ago)
like what about PERSONALITY I understand it's what we first notice but we check out your body language pretty quick none of those other things matter if you aren't a great person
Sultan Swaiss (8 months ago)
What do you work???
Bryan Ramirez (8 months ago)
that voice crack
rahul Pargi (8 months ago)
ty..very useful video
Spencer James (8 months ago)
I always wait to see how he ties in the sponsor haha. Cool videos, though!
Manoj Kc (9 months ago)
jose look like Nepalese 😂😂
OREOUz (9 months ago)
Whats Ur face shape
Jose Anavia (9 months ago)
Can you explain what type of surprises girls like
Guian Carlito Masucol (9 months ago)
When Jose did that intro I though he said "Jose your nigga."
Adam Kerr (9 months ago)
Lol anyone els "Notice" the voice crack at 3:25 " the 7th thing that woman notice" I'm weak from replaying it like 10 times
Adam Kerr (9 months ago)
Hahahaha I'm so dead
Cactuscobbler (10 months ago)
I'm afraid that tips like "dress up" make you slowly start distancing yourself from.. yourself. Isn't the whole point to be yourself?
Atrogz (10 months ago)
Did that dude just say that his name Jose NIGGA?
Moses Mugaya (10 months ago)
Great but between height and facial features which is more potent
Rand Hunter (10 months ago)
About the advice on shoes its true it the thing they notice.
✯RedStar✯ Graal (10 months ago)
Smelling like ass won't stop some girls from dating guys
Duy Dinh (11 months ago)
Can I still get this razors and can I get it even tough I live in germany
Sword of Damocles (11 months ago)
i saw a man in a business suit and it took me back to my model years :) all the things you mentioned are important. I wear business suits daily and it gives you an extra boost in confidence. When I was in NYC for business some ladies tried to shadow me covertly but failed and ran into a traffic sign. However she made an impression :) make yourself look good ( just don't overdo it with the cologne or perfume.. just a hint.. if you put on too much they think you put it on to hide something). Keeping in shape is easy if you make it routine. Go jog after work, take an MMA gym membership and be active in the MMA ( will tone you right out plus once toned out and trimmed you will find it very easy to keep your weight and muscle mass if you exercise routinely) Great video sir, and you earned yourself a new subscriber from Zurich
Lily G (11 months ago)
Prateem Bhattacharjee (11 months ago)
woh sab toh thik hain par bhai tu suit pehen ke aaj kyu aagaya ? interview dene jaa raha hain kya ?
MAX1MUM-G (11 months ago)
I remember one time a girl asked me my shoe size and then she asked my Dick size
Japalloo (1 year ago)
My height. Goes to a corner and cries :(
Yazid Hamid (1 year ago)
Jose the type of zuniga to become a motivator to motivate himself in the gym
Xylathoth (1 year ago)
0:21 God damn it, I like my hair like this.
hehe_xoxo (1 year ago)
Jose Nigga?
Andrew Gonzales (1 year ago)
My girl caught me watching his vids. Laughed at me. Just said, "what? Still got rooms for improvements right? Plus he's a guru. ;) "
Anton Andersson (1 year ago)
I'm 16 and I'm 5,3 :(
Astro (9 months ago)
I’m 14 and 5,5 😢
Gavrie Zuber (9 months ago)
I’m 17 and 5,5
Luca Graziano (1 year ago)
Kachiba My Nibba 18 5'0 feels bad man
Imam Elahi (1 year ago)
1:24 isn't a "beard". Thats more "I forgot to shave for a few days"
L Coters (1 year ago)
Dig at your ass in front of everyone this will get you noticed !!
Moussa Sall (1 year ago)
One thing I like about him I'd that he always have sponsors good businessman
Gwill_47 (1 year ago)
I swear this the only YouTube channel where I have my notifications on. This dude real life give some great advice man omg bro
Loki lokiv (1 year ago)
I prefer my messy hair to other mainstream haircuts.
xXxDEATHMASTER69xXx (1 year ago)
well Justin Bieber and the weeknd aren't very tall yet women are all over them
gaming Kid (1 year ago)
This girl wouldn't date my friend because he was short
B Ledger (1 year ago)
Glad this guy shares my stance on Sandals.
Nathan Dantuma (1 year ago)
I'm 6 foot 2 but got a hella crooked back so shit
Talking_Rock 2.0 (1 year ago)
Make a video about proper hygiene plzzzz!!!
Teachingmensfashion what do you think of Australian Footwear?
Evs Daybell-Chambers (1 year ago)
1. Wallet size *just a joke* 2. Your hairstyle 3. Your muscletone 4. Hygiene The 5th. Posture 6. Height 7. Facial features 8. Feet 9. WEAR THE FIFTH WATCHES, THE BEST QUALITY, SLEEK, STYLISH WATCHES FOR AN AMAZING PRICE!
MoThePro (1 year ago)
I love how he always manages to somehow put an advitersiement in every video
Dallas (1 year ago)
Leo C (1 year ago)
I always notice an guys smile😆
Nathan Dantuma (1 year ago)
damn fucking scoliosis, fuck you. I'm 6 foot 2 but I'm a fucking turtle
Billal M (1 year ago)
its joses nigga? wtf lol :P
sim shana (1 year ago)
I like this guy
Bruce Wayne (1 year ago)
The most girls like messy hair ive asked many actually
Grizzly (1 year ago)
His neck to small like ladies..
Yis Medina (1 year ago)
tainoakc (1 year ago)
Yo what were those shoes??
Cipher (1 year ago)
I can't tell if he's Mexican or Filipino
Prashant Thakur (1 year ago)
No bruh !! first one wasn't joke 😂😂
beast98 demon (1 year ago)
I'm not cute I'm punk rock ☠️
Kaplan Gunhan (1 year ago)
This suit your wearing is fire.
amelialame (1 year ago)
As a woman, I'm a person that likes shoes, slick High tops in fact or hair style I say this is most true.
Daniel L (1 year ago)
"what's up guys, it's jose's nigga"
Arcángel (1 year ago)
im 6'3 is that a good height
Strongside (1 year ago)
I feel like height has huge diminishing returns out beyond 6'. I'm 6'5" and nobody I've ever dated has ever mentioned that they've been attracted to me because of it. I honestly think if you're above 5'8", you're going to be just fine and you shouldn't be insecure about not being gigantic.
Dank Goodness (9 months ago)
Strongside us 5'10 dudes are superior😤😤😤😤
SimplySaffie (1 year ago)
It all depends on the woman (she might be shallow or she might focus more on the heart and personality of a guy) ✨
Najmi Ariff (1 year ago)
I think I have all that but instead of height. I'm just 5'08' feet tall 19 yo boy :(
Albion Shabani (1 year ago)
each time he starts talking about beard I know that he gonna start talking about dollar shave club but you are amazing though
I M A QYN (1 year ago)
As a woman I tell you - this is such bullshit. First thing I notice is how he walks. I like steady walking, straight back, no leg spreading and slouching while walking. Baggy clothes gives a bad impression, like that guy is a slob. But baggy pants are better than pants that start to show the form of your junk. I notice figure, but more, if a guy is proportional. For example Hate muscles! Muscles should only show if a guy holds something heavy - otherwise no showing muscles. Skinny guys are the best. Ezra Miller's body in the "OUT" magazine looks the best of all men I've seen. Hair? It only bothers if a man has a some ugly bun or that quiff I hate. The best is a classic hair cut. Also, one of the first things I notice is his fingers, and nails. Hate when men cut all nails off. Also, black stuff under the nails. Disgusting. Scrub your hands. Always wash your hands after you pee, after you shit, before you eat, after you eat, after you touch your pets. Also, voice and how you speak is very important and last but not least - teeth. Whiten them, fix holes. I've seen so many guys with teeth full of tar tar, black, in 10 different colors. Also, if you're chubby or worse, then O chances for you.
Dequavius Baynes (1 year ago)
My Face is great , I shower everyday , I have a great Hygiene , great Hair , got money but I am chubby I am training sometimes and I play basketball sometimes but I am still kind of chubby please help someone
iDarian (1 year ago)
Last time i went out with sandals was when i was like 7 years old, and i was still embarassed :))
fitness & fashion (1 year ago)
r u indian
Fishmo (1 year ago)
lmao at 4:16 WAT ARE THOSEEE!!
Aprameya K (1 year ago)
Whats your real name? you tell it so fast I can barely catch it man
Dylan __583 (1 year ago)
I'm pretty short and I've never had any problems with my height making me unattractive
Jack Davies (1 year ago)
You exaggerate advertisement in every videos
Milnersway (1 year ago)
Where you get the suit ? It's nice man 👊
Leevi21 (1 year ago)
what's up you guys it's jose is nigga😂
summerdying111 (1 year ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga that gives a girl Tiege Hanley for her b day
ElectroTech (1 year ago)
Be yourself, my dudes.
Sidney Cope (1 year ago)
I love a good flop on a guy
Ross Elijah Inocencio (1 year ago)
Is he filipino??
Nina Marie (1 year ago)
Why aren't there more girls talking about how gorgeous you are 😩😩😩
Roy P (1 year ago)
you are seriously the first girl who i saw mention it 😂
Bromega 3.0 (1 year ago)
Lol i got messy dreads and wear birkenstock sandals every day.
Tdfe Fdsa (1 year ago)
"The fifth thing that women notice is The Fifth watches, which is my second sponsor for today."
Mike Zigi (1 year ago)
you were dead right the first time
Corey Hardy (1 year ago)
I'm 5'10 am I considered short
Trigga Finger (1 year ago)
at min 0:01 did he say "Nigga" 😂 swear i headr nigga
Mrdjan Jozic (1 year ago)
Buy tiege hanley
robert adriano (1 year ago)
jose's nigga
Pac Man (1 year ago)
May i ask why are we expected to look perfect for women but it is practicaly ungodly to ask this of women??
RelayReview (1 year ago)
"That's super Vasculah" 😭
hea4nothin (1 year ago)
I was so calm. When he says wallet size, I cracked 😅😅. It was funny 😂.
DerEli (1 year ago)
"The 5th" Thing... :D Just had to smile
Jose A. Rosas (1 year ago)
LOL this guy promotes his sponsors in all his vids
izzath ekkram (1 year ago)
My mom gave me these advice
Nitch Ass Bigga (1 year ago)
You always look like Inception
kriquavo k (1 year ago)
loyal to this dollar shaver

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