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Luckiest People Caught On Camera #1 ( Subscribe my 2nd Channel - Link in Description )

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The luckiest people in the world. Amazing video! 👉 Subscribe my 2nd Channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYVtAdhhyP0&t=38s ▶▶http://panel.ifree.zone/auth?state=I7... iFree Network makes payments immediately and as often as I need (even every day payments during the month). Starting share is 70% of total revenue generated by YouTube channel. I joined them and recommend to everyone. 👉Contact me via Youtube Direct Message for more info! 👉 Please do not issue a "Copyright Strike" against the channel as it affects my channel and all previous work. If I uploaded a song or content that is yours and you want it removed, please just contact me at youtube direct message and I will remove the whole video in less than 24 hours.
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Text Comments (633)
DJ KO (25 days ago)
Guardian angels working overtime
McGil Lance Samson (1 month ago)
Are animals a people?😂
Bethann Henderson (1 month ago)
Every single person in this video are total dumbasses!
summer jam (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who didn't have sound?
skdjka (1 month ago)
I have to be honest, that was the most entertaining audio I have ever heard.
Crystal Driscoll (1 month ago)
Whoa 5:04!!!!!!
Edward Mcintire (2 months ago)
I HATE CLICK BAIT...but good video anyway
Erin Thorkildsen (2 months ago)
OMG! That woman being charged by the elephant didn’t even flinch. Gotta take my picture! LOL!
BELIEBER 4 LIFE (3 months ago)
I kicked over a centipede with my toe and I did not know until I saw it on it's back
Mr. Craft (3 months ago)
A hero cat 2:55
War Torn Heart (3 months ago)
iCompilation--Phil from The Third Wheel movie @1:43
Píšu Anonymně (4 months ago)
8:09 Czech republic. This is our fucking mentality :D :D
shawn burnham (4 months ago)
grodhagen (5 months ago)
I have come to despise motorcyclists who take chances. They threaten the innocent.
ant Mo (5 months ago)
0:44 that dude's garden angel was with him that dude should have launched off his bike with the first car hit him wtf
TaraDragon1 (5 months ago)
Maybe instead of considering yourself lucky for surviving, you should consider yourself stupid for being in that predicament in the first place! XD
Bloodrocks (5 months ago)
what is that song?????
Charlotte Lala (5 months ago)
05:08 and 08:10 stupid stupid people!!! What is wrong with them? 😲
Harry Inkpot (5 months ago)
I bet constipation was not a problem was for sometime
MsDerryQueen (5 months ago)
If you in that much of rush and you run ppl off road or walk into road while cars moving than you get what you asked for
StarryWolf 21 (5 months ago)
Most of these people aren't lucky because like the car crashes what about the people in the car most of them probably didn't surive.
Tish Kruger (5 months ago)
Thanks to all those who saved and cared about the animals. You'll be blessed indeed.
Sara Schmitt (5 months ago)
At 9:16 what is the long thing that flies over before the person? I cannot figure it out.
jerald sambajon (5 months ago)
Nc dodge.
Renosa Gomba. Aclao (5 months ago)
I think its nice 😘
Grace and Mo Vlogs (5 months ago)
5:00 how
Mick Hansen (5 months ago)
Great video , but things with kid's is to close to my 'discomfort' zone !
Grace and Mo Vlogs (5 months ago)
2:54 cats are AWESOME 👏
Walkie talkie Noah (5 months ago)
God bless
Rudd dogg (5 months ago)
Zane Sherman (5 months ago)
Good video but you need to fix the audio!
Antony Hounslow (5 months ago)
Clickbait.... No more iCompilations for me.
Nelly Nelson (5 months ago)
Click bait.
i know basic English. Dog is not people. Dog is animal
KCC (5 months ago)
This reminds me of how some people are stupid when crossing streets (**highways**)... did people not learn to look two ways before crossing the street?
Bela Palmer (5 months ago)
5:00 is my favorite. Just like it came from a movie scene lol
Shannon LaCorte (5 months ago)
WTF just happened 😲???!!!
Blind Dog (5 months ago)
Douche croc' teaser screen. (Disliked)
dady big (5 months ago)
this is old tired of watching the same thing
GOAT_Fatality Leader (5 months ago)
Pls fix the audio
Rosendo Ortega (5 months ago)
1:21 FAKE!
Slappy McKracken (5 months ago)
I can't help imagining all the UN-lucky people out there starring in some awful graphic videos..
Dx Gamerzx (5 months ago)
5:00 Who knows? That might actually be Peter Parker. 😂😂
Sagar Goad (5 months ago)
Literally some people were saved by real invisible power, else it was impossible for them to survive.
Eric Zhao (5 months ago)
1:34 how is that guy lucky? He just got creamed by a truck!
oh no (5 months ago)
At 2:24 fake
Dee Dee Winfrey (5 months ago)
Divine intervention.
Skid Marks (5 months ago)
Mountain Girl (5 months ago)
Omg that had my nerves bad! Lol! Good video though!
When it’s your time it your time
British Comedy UK (5 months ago)
every life is precious
Lee Hodges (5 months ago)
Spider-Man 5.03
Frederick Green (5 months ago)
No dog is no people
Christopher Risingberry (5 months ago)
Saving that kitten made my whole day. I was a wimp in my neighborhood til one day a bully killed a cat in front of me. I am not proud of it at all but I broke his leg and his arm before they pulled me off of him.
Kyle White (5 months ago)
Wow, so many people just cross the road like cars can't hurt them! WTF is wrong with people?
James Mara (5 months ago)
So just another assbreath click bait bullshit artist
Ian James (5 months ago)
4.44 is a film clip.
ssjwes (5 months ago)
Some people are just too dumb to live.
Thomas Bolyard (5 months ago)
Most of them have the perk "idiot savant" from fallout 4
Carlos Dyer (5 months ago)
Pretty amazing stuff ! (Great choice of music also .)
Brains for Change (5 months ago)
How do I Unsubscribe???   These videos are just TERRIBLE!!!
Matthew Wood (5 months ago)
Wow! 5 min guy flipping onto car is luckiest biker ever!! Cat hero was best!
BurnWithThePigs (5 months ago)
James Miller (5 months ago)
The cat in the building collapse, walks over to brick building across the street. "This one won't fall down"
Elise Martinez (5 months ago)
The title should’ve been the lucky and the unluckiest 🤷🏻‍♀️
EmptyNone (5 months ago)
The ones with people crossing the street... Those really pissed me off. What a bunch of dumbasses!
VolDep45 (5 months ago)
4:35 was obviously a movie stunt (look for the camera).
justin carrillo (5 months ago)
Bro great videos but no sound come on
Ajit Kumar Gupta (5 months ago)
There must be a policy by youtube that uploader can't upload a deceiving thumbnail.
len17948 (5 months ago)
What the fk did that guy with the camera do to make the huge elephant stop in its tracks!?
len17948 (5 months ago)
That sudden song in the video! Such a beautiful song.
Dre4days Gaming (5 months ago)
hey can you guys do more videos with music in the background its kinda cool and different
Gabri EL (5 months ago)
Fricking clickbait! You had enough thumbnails to choose from in the clip. Did you really had to use a clickbait pic?
Greg McKee (5 months ago)
Nice compilation 👍 every single one made me react. I'd say that's 100% successful.
Valentin Parvool Jr (5 months ago)
Hey that is me
P UIPUIA (5 months ago)
W̶T̶F̶ N̶O̶ S̶O̶U̶N̶D̶
DiNamiK R3 neO (5 months ago)
06:18 MaLaysiA
Lhen Santiago (5 months ago)
znice music
Victor Alp (5 months ago)
90% of it is because of speed bone heads
Miu O (5 months ago)
Some are stupid jay walkers
Monte Maguire (5 months ago)
Could have done without the Music !!!!
Annapurna Roy (5 months ago)
5:02 that's like a movie hero
TheZFD PRO (5 months ago)
That thumbnail. Lol
Ben g (5 months ago)
What's wrong with the people that didn't like this vid?.. it's great!
delta freerunning (5 months ago)
Also, the title is clickbait.
Ben g (5 months ago)
Thats not a close call
Ben g (5 months ago)
Oh shit he got run the f over! He might of died.
Codename Exodus (5 months ago)
Ben g look at the one in the blue at white striped shirt
Ben g (5 months ago)
The guys sitting on the sidewalk and the truck almost hits them am I missing something?
Ken Kafieh (5 months ago)
8:31 has to be the best one. Does anyone know the story behind it? who? where? when?
William Whitman (5 months ago)
what is this at 9:15 ?
Danny Sabbath (5 months ago)
At 5:01
Kevone Downer (5 months ago)
5:00 the best part
thomasd38 (5 months ago)
clickbait idiot!
Andras Balint (5 months ago)
the soundtrack is irresistible
maria martinez (5 months ago)
akshay bhalerao (5 months ago)
Nice job firefighter
Best scenes 101 (5 months ago)
Please someone tell me the name of the song...
Dequadre Walton (5 months ago)
and jesus doesn t exist proof
Kenny Martin (5 months ago)
1:43 now he got to go back to Walmart
Ishan Incage (5 months ago)
The rocket attack on helicopter was awesome.
Vineet Tyagi (5 months ago)
5:00 😯 thats insane
R41n R1d3r (5 months ago)
Some insane pieces there lad
Senile Pile (5 months ago)
Waste of time. Noone died

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