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Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart [V Reacts]

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Backstreet's got it going on AGAIN! A bit of tears formed,too! ✅Original Video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=6SuMbFuKDf8 ✅My Amazon Shop: https://amazon.com/shop/vreacts ✅BACKUP CHANNEL: http://vimeo.com/VReacts ::THANK YOU PATRONS:: David H. ★ Donna M. ★ Carina L. ★ Peter Hollens ★ Abbyzee ★ Kerri Anne S. ★ Kathy S. ★ Lottie ★ Harry C. ★ Tawnku ★ Chris Rupp ★ Paul H. ★ Karen K. ★ StarryStarryNocturne ★ Hannah P. ★ Victor M. ★ Yvette Z. ★ Carolyn M. ★ Stephanie G. ★ Lee B. ★ Rickie M. ★ Alan P. ★ Brian H. ★ Ramon R. ★ Shanelle W. ★ Kenny T. ★ Pierce C. ★ Richard H. ★ Todd K. ★ Iewkor ★ Mbowie4321 ★ Brent B. ★ Armando H. ★ Tim A. ★ Matt D. ★ Cory H ★ Dandy Prime ★ Badllama ★ Barry B. ★ Mary Jo P. ★ Marcel B. ★ Ryan77 ★ Mike M. ★ Sami K. ★ Terri R. ★ Michael G. ★ Dave L. ★ Sarah77 ★ Mary H. ★ Eric Z. ★ Ceara A. ★ Desland & Dacia ★ Is MeDok ★ Barry S. ★ Bill H. ★ Rico43 ★ Tyler J. ★ Janne L. ★ Fernando for your support! ✅Join Club V: https://patreon.com/vloves ✅Create your PATREON: https://patreon.com/invite/okdbvb ✅SUBSCRIBE: https://youtube.com/Vreacts?sub_confirmation=1 ✅FB: https://www.facebook.com/VReacts/ ✅TWITTER: https://twitter.com/vloves9 ✅DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QpyUatZ ✅INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/v.reacts/ ★☆★ Playlists ★☆★ ✅CIMORELLI: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSAXhU5agM8xlQxm91Ic0Af ✅BARS & MELODY: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTI8j0X8PvzsupYEmPDRd-J ✅ANGELICA HALE: Marla - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-a5tt10-z9zc9xauhGtydqNAMtddddy8 ✅FRANKIE MORENO: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwQZ1Rb6A1otdcwbThoibgf7 ✅ANGELINA JORDAN: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwQccQD_jbPyRa8jPJv9cDli ✅BAND-MAID: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwR2JDy78s2hs6p4tZHsOw74 ✅COMEDY: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwR-jVVkWQnnQSGcgZtbMIur ✅THE PRODIGY: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSO1oGBX3IfYLHMN8tvRhHp ✅MOTION DEVICE https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTGeE4441OoPYyKLuJheRVq ✅BROKEN PEACH: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwRfYA5Xlp_NL_AEWHUFwg2S ✅BASEBALL & FOOTBALL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=FzNtmGTRmOQ&list=PLy-RnWia7BwSlEBqO3vs3LSzE-qNUZ2-a ✅THE WARNING: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSIWTrr8ovfLqW3CjQXTh-C ✅STRAIGHT NO CHASER: https://youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLy-RnWia7BwQS0Dh7pDaFX-SBfB2LI3Bi ✅JADYN RYLEE: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwRDuGZ1lN-9goFV52ojyha1 ✅JACKIE EVANCHO: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTvTEl_9ETMexJEGqtxGNNS ✅MAGIC: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSRILgO6cNTNghwrBT_qY45 ✅AMIRA W. : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwRgjw4GvjNl-bnuRwHNbuYy ✅GRACE VANDERWAAL: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTWS1fRgMOZV3F6VYyhSgkn ✅DAMI IM: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTdzucPZVc4oD12DeE7A94g ✅FLORENCE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwS7D0Icp8vFXjTNT4z4yT9T ✅DIMASH: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwQP7TZea5vwVluEBt1KcX36&disable_polymer=true ✅LINDSEY STIRLING: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSTMaaXEAB7Rk8i95cv5D3j ✅BABYMETAL: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSvVYLGUVKbHxNLdIN60FVe ✅VOICEPLAY: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSdnt_ktwaHQURSPGy4_uKo ✅TALENT SHOWS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwRfLlwghv7cQIj32oceWqFi ✅SCANDAL: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwT_4uytiN9gLVKisJPYL3sM ✅PERFUME: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTGxrLqWShQ2Hx7gpTqIoZH ✅7TH AVE: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwTSkDPf_f4l0fc0o_3Xc1F2 ✅EPICA: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwR8qaCG6QxAABShJ3NxtsCv ✅WWE/BOXING/MMA: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwShX5ILJnnRhMxBfGvTf7AM ✅PTX & SUPERFRUIT: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwSBc--qstxqqdN9ACDeWfiu ✅TEN SECOND SONGS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwQSJAOHAsrIO5Y4VSbI3DSW ✅HOME FREE: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwRWW92dyKXyctTL2z-9Z733 ✅CHALLENGES: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwT3xRGIBticMHs-j7zXTUNS ★☆★ REFFERALS & DISCOUNTS ★☆★ ✅Screen Recorder (20% OFF): https://screencast-o-matic.com/refer/cDfDXwfgWm ✅MyPoints: https://mypoints.com?rb=22122740 ✅Honest Company: http://honest.com/refer/1124871 ✅E-bates: https://ebates.com/r/VR8717 ✅Groupon Deals: http://gr.pn/2muVAkp ★☆★ ROYALTY FREE MUSIC ★☆★ ✅TeknoAxe.com - https://youtube.com/teknoaxe ★☆★ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
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Text Comments (158)
V Reacts (9 months ago)
My BSB Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy-RnWia7BwRuFz-QsGro1XUZNoWlbbh6
V Reacts (9 months ago)
music to my ears. THANK YOU girl. I hope to see you again in the comments.
Anastasia Sakellariou (9 months ago)
V Reacts you have the best reaction video 😍😍 this song makes my heart explode 🤩🤩
phoeebee xxx (1 month ago)
NO ONE is better than bsb xx
Asiacheetah (1 month ago)
I was wanting to see a reaction video from a die hard fan. This was lovely. I hope the band sees this because I think they would be really happy.
V Reacts (1 month ago)
Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MelDiggity2471 (3 months ago)
Yes girl yes!! I've always loved Howie 😉 but over the years I've been seeing Nick in a different light also and my best friend LJ, she's always loved Nick. So whenever that close up comes on Nick's eyes staring all sassy into the cam....I'm like "Whaaat? No no no baby blues! And that smile with nose crinkles" 🤦‍♀️Haha Those men are the shit though!!! And YES Brian's voice seems to be doing so much better!! Every time I've heard them live and he hits those notes I jump up and down screaming for him! I know he has been working on strengthening his voice, despite his struggles with his vocal cord condition, so HUGE props to him! 👏🏻 Btw, will you be giving feedback on their other new songs?? 😁
V Reacts (3 months ago)
you're the best!
MelDiggity2471 (3 months ago)
+V Reacts Ahh man that sucks!! Well I'm glad your channel wasn't shut down!! I'll check out your "safer" vids too :) Yes us fellow BSB fans must stick together! 😁
V Reacts (3 months ago)
I agree with you regarding Brian. You can tell he's working hard especially in his recent live performances. He sounds well and can hit every note. I'm glad to have met another BSB fan. We have to stick together. :) p.s. my channel was hit by 2 penalty take down strikes for other things I reacted to and a 3rd one could've taken my channel down. Now, I have to play it safe and avoid copyright material all together unless I have permission to use the content. I will still react to BSB like compilations and other "safer" videos. I just uploaded one on BSB's memorable moments:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiW3HcINwTA
TINA CONDIC (3 months ago)
Backstreet Boys in my dream
TINA CONDIC (3 months ago)
Happening to me
TINA CONDIC (3 months ago)
Backstreet Boys New song CHANCES
TINA CONDIC (3 months ago)
Tina Condic Big Fan Backstreet Boys
Amber Dupuis (4 months ago)
I feel the same way as you with Nick & Brian!
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
You are definitly the world's number 1 biggest BSB fan without a doubt. I hope you get to meet them when you go to their concert. I love how you never forget about them and you still cherish and love the BSB.
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
I didn't know The Backstreet Boys released a new song either.
V Reacts (4 months ago)
They have a new release called "Chances". it just came out last month.
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
Can you feel the intensity? Awww V, don't cry. 😢😢😢 This brings back so much nostalgia for you, huh?
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
+V Reacts 😂😂😂😂 Thank you. Then, I pass you another tissue.
V Reacts (4 months ago)
It sure does. *hands you a bsb tissue*
Sofia Barbosa (6 months ago)
React to their new video Chances ❤
V Reacts (6 months ago)
I've already seen it. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J. Canayon (6 months ago)
Please react to BSB's new second Single.. CHANCES 🤗 🤗
HeedAndSucceed (6 months ago)
Great video V
damn daniel (7 months ago)
BSB is the only one i got.
V Reacts (7 months ago)
that's right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Cornell (8 months ago)
V Reacts this is gold
Mike Cornell (8 months ago)
you seen them in concert?
V Reacts (8 months ago)
Couldn't agree more! BSB will always be my golden favorite. :) Thanks for stopping by!
Sally Burns (8 months ago)
They are back!!!!
V Reacts (8 months ago)
Nick Mata (9 months ago)
V I loveeeeee ur reaction! You are a true fan. SAME HERE!!! <3
Nick Mata (9 months ago)
Nick Mata (9 months ago)
THANK YOU!| As a fan, Im just gald UR HERE!!!!!! I LOVE ur VIDEOS! I could see us being all liddo and loving these guys hahahaha GOD BLESS AND ILL LOOK FORWARD TO UR VIDS <3
V Reacts (9 months ago)
BSB forever. :) :) Glad you're here, Nick!!!!!!!!!!!
별빛달빛 (9 months ago)
I have liked backstreet boys since I was nine.
별빛달빛 (9 months ago)
+V Reacts Sure!!! I wish BSB come back again!!
V Reacts (9 months ago)
Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BSB fans unite!!
Andrea Cornejo (10 months ago)
You look soooo young to have memories of the 90's!!!! Really??? I feel like I know you lol. Nice video 😊
V Reacts (10 months ago)
WHy thank you. I'm in my 30's. BSB For life!!
Vanessa Arriola-perry (11 months ago)
Been a fan since i was 5.im 30 now. honestly one of the best boy bands of all time..i love them :)
Vanessa Arriola-perry (11 months ago)
Thank you :) nice to meet you too 😍
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Die hard fan girl! :) So happy to meet you!
Ann Hizole (11 months ago)
Thanks for doing this video I'm also a fan girl.😘
V Reacts (11 months ago)
BSB fans unite!
ElectricPanda808 (11 months ago)
I had the exact same reaction when I first heard this on the radio. I was like "this dude sounds familiar...wait" and when I got home from work and looked up the song and saw the video I fucking Cried. They were a huge part of my childhood, i'm a 90's baby born in April 21st of 1990. Backstreet boys were all the rage back then and to see them again, grown and still killing it, I couldn't contain myself.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Glad to see another BSB lifer! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Candace Cherry (11 months ago)
Bsb is amazing its about time they did
V Reacts (11 months ago)
heck yes!!!!
Luanda Maat (11 months ago)
Girl you are truly a friend. Same feelings. Back to teenager years 😍😍😍😍
V Reacts (11 months ago)
hey! Omg it's so nice to meet you. are you a fan of them, too?
Zshari Tanggol (11 months ago)
KTBSPA! Fellow BSB fan here. Forever and always ❤️
Lauriée (11 months ago)
Ahhh i love your reaction, so cute!!!
jack kk (11 months ago)
Frist time i hair that song i fall in love with her
WFamCam (11 months ago)
Love your reaction! Could tell you love them too! KTBSPA!
Burt Macklin (11 months ago)
AJ has always been my "favorite" but I legit love them all, I just loved his raspy soulful voice because that's my favorite kind of music, but obviously I crushed on Nick HARD. What preteen and teenage girl didn't, even just a little. Hahaha.
Burt Macklin (11 months ago)
V Reacts Oh gosh yay! BSB forever! Love your vids girl!
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Yaaay another BSB fan!:) so glad you found my video. Nice to meet you Burt!!
Jenny Borgman (11 months ago)
Can you please react to top 40 Boyband songs 1999- Now please. Thank you.
Megan Tait (11 months ago)
I love backstreet boys and their new song wish i could see them in person
You are so a true fan ... your awesome! I dig your background and I'm so jealous 😁
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Hey! Omg yes, love me some BSB! Are they're your favorite too?As far as the backdrop, hook it up. you can do it too. I got a green piece of fabric from a craft store and taped it to the wall. voila, green screen accomplished.
Tifyna Matsumoto (11 months ago)
Gurllllll... we are the sameeee!!! Goosebumps and all!! Sooo happy the legend is back!! Been their fans since 1998 (yes I’m 90s kids) Btw if you want something new for reaction, I guess maybe you can do a reaction of kpop mv. I got few list that you can check it out.. : BIGBANG - BANG BANG BANG : WINNER - REALLY REALLY : CL - Hello Bitches : BLACKPINK - Whistle : BTS - DNA
Debra White (11 months ago)
Of course they still got it. Love BSB.
tarun sharma (11 months ago)
Listening every hour
haloi min ho (11 months ago)
#BSBfan So grateful for them, am 25 now,grew up with their music World tour next year,can't wait 😀
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
+V Reacts YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Damn, i've got to myself some tickets!!! :) WOOO BSB FANS UNITE!
J.T. (11 months ago)
You should really get their last album from 3 years ago "In a world like this". Its a perfect album of amazing songs. This isnt them "coming back". They never went away. People just stopped listening.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
I actually heard it and love some of the songs but this is how you come back if you know what I mean! I'm always excited when they release a new song. I never stopped listening. Like I said, true BSB fan!
J.T. (11 months ago)
Its ok. I cried too and was covered with goosebumps. And im a 50 year old man. To me, BSB music is the sonic equivalent of LIFE.
J.T. (11 months ago)
Right on. Good taste doesn't go out of style.
Uber BARBIE (11 months ago)
Haha I'm 44 year old man this group made some sik tunes back in the day. And this one is fucking brilliant. They don't even look any different aswell. BSB are the way! ✌
V Reacts (11 months ago)
It's so nice to meet a loyal male BSB fan! Love this group like they're close friends as they hold a special place in my memory & heart. Nice to meet you JT!
andrew peters (11 months ago)
This is by far the best reaction to the boys return.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Why thank you! you sure made me super happy!!!!!!!!!
Zach (11 months ago)
I was so excited I almost lost it. Their my my gateway to the love I have for music. BSB fan for life
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Same here! OMG! One song from them, and we're on a high! thank you for watching w/me!
Dalila (11 months ago)
You're so sweet. I felt the same when I saw the video for the first time 😍😍😍
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Thanks Dalila and it's a pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you again in the comments.
Dora Morgan (11 months ago)
Love FOREVER BSB love, love, love, love, love, FoooooooooooooooooReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
V Reacts (11 months ago)
YES! BsB forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mira Coli (11 months ago)
Girl you are the best!! I´m a big BSB fan and loved your reaction, the song is great!!.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
You are the best,toO!! :) BSB FANS UNITE! :) Thanks for watching with me!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackie Sanchez (11 months ago)
That way I feel the first time I heard this song
Backstreet Boyz (11 months ago)
Who else thinks that BSB are the best people ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
phoeebee xxx (1 month ago)
Moise Picard (4 months ago)
+Backstreet Boyz. Thinks???? Everyone knows they are the best.
Harley Swift (6 months ago)
Dalila (11 months ago)
Backstreet Boyz Me!!!
Sofia Barbosa (11 months ago)
Backstreet Boyz me
mike Salvatore (11 months ago)
JT LUCAS (11 months ago)
THERRR BACCCKKKKKKK yesss loved it as well heres to 26 more amazing years
Paola Ruiz (11 months ago)
Me emocioné aún más al ver tu reacción. Solo las que vivimos sus comienzos sabemos lo que este regreso significa. Gracias por compartirlo. 💖
Paola Ruiz (11 months ago)
Debora Toledo te juro...me sentí una puberta de 15... cuánta emoción!!! 😊🙌
Debora Toledo (11 months ago)
Paola Ruiz siii es verdad ...me ví muy identificada en su reacción así estoy yo cada vez que la escho ❤
Daisy Pena (11 months ago)
Yes girl they back
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Wepa Daisy!!
Candace Cherry (11 months ago)
Bab rocks my world
niapor (11 months ago)
one of the best singing groups ( as in they do not or very little instruments playing ) but many people ( mostly males ) do not like them because they are too "romantic in their voices and themes" and unsurprisingly as they do not really listen to them, they tend to "hear all of them as very similar" ( and actually most of them cling to the standard style ) and do not hear the differences between groups like N-sync, BSB, 98 degrees, NKOTB and Jonas ( or if they go R&B, they have a hard time making a difference between new Edition and other groups similar to them of that period )
andrew reynolds (11 months ago)
I use to listen to the millennium album every Saturday night when I was growing up.
Marlon Deato (11 months ago)
love the way you react
My Songs My Lyrics (11 months ago)
KTBSPA! 25 years and counting ;-) *Love, from Belgium*
My Songs My Lyrics (11 months ago)
Check this out please and tell me what you think... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kitLa1MZbrU&feature=youtu.be ;-)
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Jonathan Humphries (11 months ago)
They never left and they just did a song with Florida Georgia Line... do your research
V Reacts (11 months ago)
I actually reacted to that. I was talking about a come back as far as a new album. It's been a while since they did something like this.
faaaduma (11 months ago)
I thought it was a remake of an Elton song too, when i first heard the title😌🙌❤️❤️❤️
Harley Swift (11 months ago)
faaaduma that’s what I thought too
Bill Hunsicker (11 months ago)
I've never been a fan of the Backstreet Boys so I am not going to comment on the video. I loved watching you fangirl all over them! Great reaction!
Rod Conner (11 months ago)
Damn Girl!!! Think you enjoyed yourself!!! V, control - control girl... LOL You did... Think you should tell us what ya really think --- You Did!!! Love the excitement, that is great!!! and Awesome!!!! Congrats on the comeback. The nostalgic memories --- that are brought back ........ "PRICELESS" (hold on to them)
I've.got.you (11 months ago)
I got goosebumps the first time I saw the video. They still got it. Nick is my fave but I have always loved Brian's voice too.
anothernight (11 months ago)
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 omg!! I almost started crying, too! My best friend and BSB all in one video? Was almost too much! Love ya forever, BFF! Wow! You were right! That was some comeback! I got goosebumps on my scalp, then my arms! Lol! See! I told you Brian was cute! Omg and his voiceeeee! I must say that Nick definitely looks good! Wow! He definitely got hotter! Lol! I won’t go there because of girl code! Lol ! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for him, BSB and especially my BFF, you.
John Courtright (11 months ago)
anothernight82 Hello! Thanks for your reply and greetings from Chicago! Yes, reacting with V when you're in another state would be a challenge. I understand. But about that "camera shy" business, you need to look yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm a strong, confident woman and I can do this!". As a person who has seen thousands of reaction videos let me just say, there's a first time for everyone (and I promise to subscribe). Very few people are as good as V when they start out, but they get better. V's a natural, plus she takes it seriously and works really hard at it. Who knows, if you record your reaction to another BSB video, maybe V can react to you! 😉
anothernight (11 months ago)
John Courtright, hello! Lol! Thank you for your kind words! She’s pretty amazing! I would love to do a reaction video with her! The problem is that I used to live closer to her than I do now. I moved out of state because NYC wore me down financially. I was born and raised there. It also doesn’t help that I’m camera shy. Lol! I’m trying to work up the courage, be brave. Maybe one day! I’m so thankful that she has such amazing subscribers. You guys all make her day. That just warms my heart beyond words.
John Courtright (11 months ago)
anothernight82 Oh my goodness! I love your comment! "Girl code" made me laugh out loud, ... several times. V is such a sweetheart and it was a blast seeing her reaction to BSB. That's a side of V I haven't seen before! Too cute!! When BSB releases the next video off their new album, you should join V as a special guest reactor. The two of you watching the video together would be a giggly fangirling extravaganza I wouldn't want to miss!!
Mathew Speidel (11 months ago)
I enjoyed your reaction to this video and yes “backstreets back” felt the same way goosebumps. Again amazing stuff V. 😎
queen eliz (11 months ago)
Great reaction..i love backstreet boys and your video is awesome!
Marla Hudgins (11 months ago)
Tong Emily (11 months ago)
Highly recommended Hua Chen Yu "Ordinary Path " in Singer 2018. You can find English subtitles in the website "Hua Chenyu English subs ". Thanks.
StephanieStarfall (11 months ago)
hahahahah girl same. love these boys so fricking much. its about damn time they came back.
Eva Ortega (11 months ago)
I love you reaction! 😁
V Reacts (11 months ago)
I LOVE YOUR COMMENT! :) thanks for being here Eva. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Vocês não imaginam o prazer que é ouvir a nova música de Backstreet boys don't go breaking my heart, amo eles,o melhor grupo de todos os tempos, nós brasileiros amamos Backstreet Boys!
Goofyanimal (11 months ago)
Girl, I reacted the same way. I honestly feel as if I am becoming a fan of theirs all over again. I cannot get enough of both the song and video either. I remember listening to the cassette tape version of the "Quit Playing Games" single so much that I wore it out and had to buy another one until the album came out way back in the day lol.
P H (1 month ago)
I love your reaction ❤. The beat of this song is so sick, you just gotta love it❤❤❤❤❤ I'm 44 years old and I feel like my 20's again. Just gotta love these guys!!
agena83 (11 months ago)
Goofyanimal Amen
Goofyanimal (11 months ago)
Yes, I for sure had nostalgia overload. Felt the excitement and other emotions I felt when I first got into them. And OMG I had to upgrade to CD format back in the day too. I actually had to buy their self titled debut (for the US) album on tape (not just the QPGWMH single ) a 2nd time due to over use (just like I did w/the QPGWMH single tape) lol and then once the album came out on CD I could get the CD lol. BTW V, they plan to have a new album out by the end of the year and do a world tour next year.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
OMG me too! I had the tape and then upgraded to the CD LMFAO! So happy to find another BSB fan ! Did nostalgia kick in or what?
Julie Hatcher (11 months ago)
I love the back street boys they steal looking good
V Reacts (11 months ago)
YES!! And they still can dance!
teenie36214 (11 months ago)
This is my favorite react video to DGBMH lol
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Omg really? THANK YOU TEENIE! It's a pleasure to meet you.
LilMagiC.Tv (11 months ago)
Lil Happy Lil Sad- Let Me Die (R.I.P Lil Peep Tribute) reaction please
MrBlueEnBlack (11 months ago)
You were and are a great BSB-fan right from the beginning. It brings me back to my youth. My first girlfriend was a very big fan and in that period I learned to appreciate them. I see what this song mean for you and brings you happiness.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Yes ! I've been loving them since 98 and didn't realize they had an 95 album before I heard them on the radio. I consumed that first album thanks to a friend in Spain who sent it to me. I've been in love with it ever since and wish they'd do official videos on them lol. I'm so happy to meet another male BSB fan! It's a pleasure to know you Mr Blue!!!!!!!!!! glad they grew on you. thanks for commenting!!!! Hope to see you again in the comments.
FXmagic (11 months ago)
Im a new subscriber, can you please do a reaction video to: Lil Happy Lil Sad - Let Me Die (R.I.P Lil Peep Tribute) Link: https://youtu.be/Z1XpT5v_0BA
Trisha Urvan (11 months ago)
Been a BSB fan for 22 years! Great song, great vibe. Loving Kevin's long hair
Michael Eaton (11 months ago)
Trisha Urvan real fan of 22 years don't use the word vibe.
Trisha Urvan (11 months ago)
V Reacts Roll With It saved my life when I was 16. I had been in an abusive relationship and was depressed and suicidal. The first time I heard that song, it gave me strength. I'm here today because of BSB. Have you watched the documentary on them? It broke my heart, but I learned so much about them.
V Reacts (11 months ago)
omg not sure. I'll see if I can find it. Do you remember those tracks from their european album "Boys will be boys", "Just wanna be close to you" Roll with it? Some faves that aren't on the US albums that I wish they'd make videos of just to make us fans crazy. HAHA. So nice to meet you T!
Trisha Urvan (11 months ago)
V Reacts I'm one of the superfans that have entire albums memorized. Lol have you ever seen the 1993 video of them singing?
V Reacts (11 months ago)
WOOOOOOOO! BSB FANS UNITE! So happy to meet you, T! I was going to ask you what your fave bsb song was but we all know it's hard to choose. LMFAO
Archie Smart (11 months ago)
That reaction was a lot of emotions teary eyed/ happy/ fun a little bit of dancing. I'm guessing you like the The Backstreet Boys a little bit
V Reacts (11 months ago)
LaBecca Shipley (11 months ago)
I just wanted to say hi and I just subscribed to your channel. I've actually been watching your channel for the past three days or so, but I don't get on my account much so yeah. I just wanted to say I love your reactions they are really awesome. I've been wanting to comment since I first started watching them, but I get nervous about commenting sometimes. Anyway love your videos they are really good I don't know if you will see this but if you do yay ok bye sorry for being so awkward. :) <3 I also really loved this video so awesome.
LaBecca Shipley (11 months ago)
Thanks I will :) and yes I have seen that you do reply. I just got really excited about it because I actually worked up the courage to say something that I had been wanting to say. I almost didn't comment because I was so nervous and didn't exactly know what I wanted to say I had the words in my mind but I wasn't sure how to word them, but I did it and now I'm happy and not too nervous about it now so I will comment more and will always watch your videos because they are so awesome. :D
V Reacts (11 months ago)
I am always in my comments section. :) I notice who pops in and out. lol glad you're here girl. keep smiling!!!!
LaBecca Shipley (11 months ago)
Thanks so much for that and yeah I will comment more often this made me tear up a bit when you replied back thank you I really do love your reactions and hugs right back at you. :D <3
V Reacts (11 months ago)
Hey Labecca! :) I thank you for taking the time to watch and to comment. I appreciate you doing that because I know what it feels like to be shy so no pressure. You do it when you feel like it. :) It's so nice to meet you!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for finding my channel, and watching with me. Hope to see you again in the comments in the future. big hugs to you!!
ScaryMary Sunshine (11 months ago)
Here I am! Here I am! Had to see them! Still always great after all the years!
V Reacts (11 months ago)
F YEAH SCARY MARY! Wasn't that great?
Tomás Kulikowski (11 months ago)
So catchy!! Great video V!

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