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Aubrey Plaza on Sexy Halloween Costumes and Being Cast for 'Parks & Rec' | Screen Tests | W Magazine

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In this Screen Tests interview, actress Aubrey Plaza talks about being named after a bread jingle, her crush on Bill Pullman, naming her dog after Judy Garland, and why your Halloween costume should never be sexy. Still haven’t subscribed to W on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/wyoutubesub ABOUT W The Who, What, Where, When, and Why in the world of fashion and style. W provides the ultimate insider experience with an original, provocative approach to art, culture, videos, travel, fashion, and beauty. Aubrey Plaza on Sexy Halloween Costumes and Being Cast for 'Parks & Rec' | Screen Tests | W Magazine
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Text Comments (546)
val roe (3 days ago)
The very last joke went unnoticed
Naruto Uzamaki (4 days ago)
Im watching rec rn
Custom Fire (17 days ago)
nobody: literally no one: interviewer: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
Caravaggio (25 days ago)
What a fox... Aubrey could stare at me with the meanest scowl on her face and I'd still be in love.
bob jones (1 month ago)
no offense but the girl in the background keeps talking like Hunny I came here from Aubrey and I'm getting Aubrey so shut ur mouth until it's your time sweetie pie
hope dean (1 month ago)
I like hearing the crew laughing or talking to them...
Samantha Tansley (1 month ago)
Woman laughing in the back is annoying
insomniac theater (1 month ago)
Shes amazing!!
Lina Mutlag (1 month ago)
Cast her as death in deadpool !
Matthew Cole (1 month ago)
Judy Judy Judy
Protector one (2 months ago)
That Enya remark was just trolling, right
omg I love her so much
The Electric Penguin (3 months ago)
Aubrey Plaza is a blessing to the world
GalacticBlader (4 months ago)
Rick B (4 months ago)
Yes, please.
⌖⟒⋏⍜⌇ (4 months ago)
Marry me ok I have no money :3
Gladiator Spear (5 months ago)
Who is laughing???
Matthew Linford (5 months ago)
"King of the Elves. So..." lol
Alexander Ordinary (5 months ago)
Never got this chic, way over rated....
K. SharkyBot (5 months ago)
I would lick her toes and am not even into foot fetish
Natalie Cerna (5 months ago)
The 105 dislikes were just people who didn’t like the lady interrupting because Aubrey is a queen!
Natalie Cerna (5 months ago)
At first I wasn’t really bothered by the lady behind the camera because she was laughing a little, but then she started interrupting and it was kind of irritating...
Mike Cronis (5 months ago)
Who doesn't adore Aubrey?
aakar88 (5 months ago)
If they really remake The Office again Aubrey should be cast as herself.
Big Paulie (5 months ago)
I'm not looking for responses. Lol 😋☺️
Dave Stroebel (4 months ago)
Big Paulie h
d mil (5 months ago)
Is it weird that she kinda reminds me of riley reid
Coach's Mom (5 months ago)
I want to smash our gashes together and spit on each other's faces.
andre tonaet (5 months ago)
How about we muzzle the loud cackling interviewer who's interrupting the talent?
Parker Dolan (5 months ago)
"I've always had a thing for dads" daddy issues maybe?
Jason Wu (5 months ago)
Is someone talking on the phone in the background or is it just an unprofessional interviewer who loves to hear her own voice?
Douglas Hamner (5 months ago)
Aubrey is a sexy Halloween costume...Scary and Awkward at the same time.
Marlon Clarke (5 months ago)
her subtlety is infectious!
Aubrey Bush (5 months ago)
My names Aubrey!!!!!!
Freakazoid 927 (5 months ago)
I hate to break this to ya Aubrey, but it wouldn't matter if you dressed up as a car accident victim with your intestines hanging out, you'd still be unbelievably sexy. In fact, there's absolutely nothing you could dress up as and not be sexy. Just not possible. Also, please tell that lady in the background to shut her yap. We only want to hear Aubrey's angelic voice.
Illusion (5 months ago)
Shes so pretty
natureboy (5 months ago)
She's sexy and funny but she's not that sexy and funny! You know what I mean? She's getting over exposed and overrated before she's even been known by the rest of the World! Hollywood destruction at its best! Sad but true!
Makena Dyer (5 months ago)
My go-to karaoke song is "Invincible" by Pat Benatar. It's a good one.
Amber Huerta (5 months ago)
I love her
jenna .L (5 months ago)
Who is the other lady talking Over aubery she needs to STFUUUU
talentedmangina (5 months ago)
She should walk around with a black and white filter at all times.
Arev Tee (5 months ago)
I'm the only Avery Thaemert that exist in the world Avery. Meaning: Ruler of the Elves (Anglo-Saxon) The story: Before it was a first name, Avery was an English last name, which itself was derived from the old French name Alfred. Alfred breaks down into the Old English words of aelf, which means "elf," and raed, which means "counsel."Mar 26, 2013
TheWildDeadHero (5 months ago)
Huh, I can do that exact same tongue thing.
nunya biznez (5 months ago)
she's pretty cute for a full on lesbian.
Corndog Supreme (5 months ago)
Why wasn't Aubrey my first teeth taste?
James Youngs (5 months ago)
After that woman laughed, she kept talking and killed my vibes..
David Gunning (5 months ago)
Mixz (6 months ago)
Dayumn I'm still in love with chick
Ken Tissue (6 months ago)
I've always thought Aubrey Plaza was hot/sexy but I'm like 20 years older than her. Now I don't feel as big a perv knowing she likes older guys .Lol
nick amador (6 months ago)
i love you aubrey :}
Brian Mucha (6 months ago)
she is definitely a genius, the way her mind works. and she is totally hilarious. Loved her waitress story as a chef myself and sometime artist. Hey Aubry I played alto sax as a kid, but I was terrible. Also funny she mentioned Aubry is originally a guy's name. I knew that since my cousin is named that(a guy). He is like 40 years old now and I see women w/ that name these days, and in a class I took I told this pretty blonde her name was a guy's name and she got really upset wouldn't believe it. Aubry is so smart she'd just make a joke of it and already knew it.
Matt Cook (6 months ago)
Aubrey Plaza sounds like a shopping mall.
David C. (6 months ago)
Do you mind person in the background?!! STFU!!! She can answer without your help.
Lil Red (6 months ago)
ur queen of the elfs. :)  and ur awesome. people say im weird too. but I love it. how did u do it and not feel odd? some people are jerks.
Joey Jones (6 months ago)
You could call me daddy anytime
JR Boyd (6 months ago)
I knew a girl from high school also named Aubrey.
St Francis II (6 months ago)
Lmao her dog and me have the same name xD grrr
William Hepfer (6 months ago)
I think she might be talking about the group called Bread.
Matrix Does Stuff (6 months ago)
cast this chick as Ursula in the live action "little Mermaid"
bluesquirrel (6 months ago)
bluesquirrel (6 months ago)
We just wanna listen to Aubreyyyyyyy <3
Volbla (6 months ago)
_nervously raises hand_ I- i don't mind hearing the interviewer. I like hearing something of a conversation rather than plain statements '-'
Anthony Geiger (6 months ago)
So you're not king of the elves?
JIKitty (6 months ago)
If you just came for the sexy Halloween costumes: 4:49 You're welcome.
CoolxFrigginxBeans04 (6 months ago)
I thought I was the only person who can fold my tongue like that. I have never met anyone else who can. Just makes me like her more!
Gilgamesh (6 months ago)
She is a beautiful soul.
CusWeAre (6 months ago)
Funny girls are such a treat. It’s soo rare that a woman is ACTUALLY funny. Aubrey is amazing
Ceceli (6 months ago)
Why am I hearing a hysterical woman overlaping voice on this video?? DUDE! STFU!
psychedoutandfurious (6 months ago)
I love her
ShesBlessed x3 (6 months ago)
Omg I love Enya "only time" 😂😂😂😂😂
Adrian Griffin (6 months ago)
"I don't think Halloween costumes should ever be sexy because I think on Halloween you're supposed to be scary." Bold of you to assume you can't be both.
Kevin Fisher (6 months ago)
What a soundbite to end with lol.
The Salty Ban (6 months ago)
Who’s that annoying girl in the back gee
Pepp5150 (6 months ago)
She Rock's..!!   ;-)
Andy Varness (6 months ago)
the screwdriver foot story im dying
ram29jackson (6 months ago)
and she can throw a baseball pretty well too
Dani Josephine (6 months ago)
She reminds me so much of Barrett
Ofsmoke Andfire (6 months ago)
That was odd... But in a nice kind of way I'm guessing idk...
Jackie E (6 months ago)
Omg. I'm in love. Also I can totally fold my tongue outside of my mouth too! Not Puerto Rican but can do that too! Aubrey is my fave.
Alfred Frozone (6 months ago)
my name means Elf Counsel..... Sire, i am here for your counseling needs
Blayne Bittner (6 months ago)
37 seconds into the video she says she implies a joke that was revealed later, but mixed up in time line translation... she was less rude imo from how it seemed to send. I like her because she doesn't mince. She will hopefully end up okay, she's a good person just uh.... I'm more awkward anyway just like the majority thinking to respond with this inflection. The 37 seconds in is also mentioned I think when she is spit-balling how she found a male person with her name that was some random guy who contacted her in a different interview. When was each shot. Olsens moving very fast lawl.
Stainlessgamer (6 months ago)
Omfg whoever is talking in the background needs to STFU.
anthony corris (6 months ago)
Love her
l3oozer (6 months ago)
god i love you
Dee Wolf (6 months ago)
Why is this woman so hot to me...
scifiradioguy (6 months ago)
If Wednesday Addams were an adult, she'd be Aubrey Plaza.
Rob Ashton (6 months ago)
Whoever wrote the video description seems to be labouring under the impression that Ms Plaza was referring to some sort of advertising jingle when she mentioned that she was "named after a Bread song", when she clearly means that she was named after a song by godawful 70s soft rock act Bread. Just saying.
Sarah Ravioli (6 months ago)
I love her obsession with Judy Garland
John L (6 months ago)
GoMadNomad (6 months ago)
At this point, I find it hard to believe anything Aubrey says, true or not, and I love it! Ruler of the elves! 😅
Matty (6 months ago)
Give that interviewer the sack. She was so annoying interrupting the flow of the video.
D.E.B. B (6 months ago)
It's easy to have a sexy yet scary Halloween costume. Be something sexy, but pretty common (sexy maid, something like that) but wear a mask. Put some prank itching powder in a folded up piece of paper, and put it into small envelopes, pass them out at the party or even on the street during trick or treat. Write on the envelope, 'concert tickets'. But inside the envelope, on the paper, write 'Congratulations! You've just been infected with anthrax!' DONE! They'll be scared out of their minds. Of course, you'll have to be able to run very, very fast.
Peyton Swartzell (6 months ago)
I love her
Jay (6 months ago)
Love her.
bridge4 (6 months ago)
ruler of the elves!!! LOL. and here i was, thinking that it was possible to love you more than i already did
C-3PO (6 months ago)
the kind of woman I like
MonkiJuan (6 months ago)
Aubrey is babe
leroy gomez (6 months ago)
Aubrey you turned me on what you know....💋
Ty Cobb (6 months ago)
2:05 if she likes older guys maybe I have a shot with her . . . what do you think?
John Me (6 months ago)
im gonna be thinking about her slippery tongue all day!!
Nate Buker (6 months ago)
She is so awesomely beautiful in many ways. Gimme a date.

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