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Text Comments (1156)
Crystal Stanborough (7 hours ago)
are those yer eyebrows or the amozon
Sarahhww (11 days ago)
Awesome video! I love my Seadoo spark. I just posted a Vlog about me putting mine in the water for the summer. Check it out :)
big mike (1 month ago)
He purchased a watercraft, not a jet ski.
Polish Hammer (1 month ago)
I think its hilarious that he thinks he got one over on the jetski DEALER because of the color. 😂😂
The Edogie (1 month ago)
I just got the spark trixx and a rxp 300.
migalv (2 months ago)
People bashing him for spending his money don't realize that while he's paying cash for his stuff, they're out there financing. Let him enjoy his money. So what if he doesn't save for the future, when the present is today.
Alex Brand (2 months ago)
dude sparks are a piece of shit they are made of plastic, 90 horsepower and cheap as hell
the other choad (2 months ago)
What a loser.....lmao....you deserve a spark....
I love The red arrows (3 months ago)
Nice jet ski u are cool
Christopher Caruso (5 months ago)
You can always wrap it in any color you want.
Abyss eSports (5 months ago)
I'm on a jetski wooooooooo
Storm Addison (6 months ago)
His girlfriend or whatever needs to learn how to talk proper English
Mulder25j (6 months ago)
Suggestion: Do a video on how to drive a stick shift. It'd be educational. Include your dad. I'm sure he know how to drive one.
TychoBrahe21 (7 months ago)
"It's literally the only one they had, this and the white one...". Someone please show this guy the definition of "literally".
Floppy Truth (8 months ago)
You should’ve got the seadoo gtx limited that’s like the best one out there
Shawna Owens (9 months ago)
Shawna Owens (9 months ago)
I have a Sea-Doo Spark that goes faster than a bass boat it's awesome you should really get this one
marcus montalvo (9 months ago)
Its a seadoo not a jet ski !!! Jet ski is from Kawasaki it’s not a universal term
Morgan Heringer (9 months ago)
Jetski is a KAWASAKI product. Sea doo is ITS OWN THING. please figure this out.
Matthew F. (9 months ago)
What you got was a piece of shit with a rotax engine. Sweet buy bro. #yamaha4life
- Bonsai - (10 months ago)
That’s a wave runner lol Every YouTube calls wave runners jet skis it’s retarted
WHY JUST WHY (10 months ago)
Stop saying he is rich and shit he literally bought the cheapest jet ski u can buy it was a seadoo spark between 5k and 8k
ReAl LiFe DaNy (10 months ago)
Stephanie Hall (10 months ago)
I own one and I am 9
Max Johansson (10 months ago)
Don’t buy a 3up
The Dude (10 months ago)
Spark is a POS
Muddytho (10 months ago)
Must be nice still living with your parents💯
Jeffernyl Relator (10 months ago)
You have a funny click bait😂😂
Diam Santos (10 months ago)
I hate when people like you make jetski culture look like a joke
Cam D (10 months ago)
Why would you buy a jetski new
Gaming to The edge (10 months ago)
I love jet skis in 2019 I will get a jet ski
EVRRIPPER (11 months ago)
i got the sseadoo 130 gti se
Jake Farrell (11 months ago)
How do you not know How to drive a manual
Oskar Jennische (11 months ago)
That is like the chespest jetski you can buy btw
Oskar Jennische (11 months ago)
Ok nevermind
zak greensted (11 months ago)
*points to rxp 300* "this is a recreational jetski" *buys a spark*
Parker Graham (11 months ago)
Spark jet skies are slow af
SINGLE TRACK Sender (11 months ago)
bitte your tong
Jeremiah Jacinto (1 year ago)
I have a Seedoo spark on my dock right now in siesta key
Jae Hwan Lee (1 year ago)
He looks like what a pro cod player would lol
RIDE w/ PRIDE (1 year ago)
Dude how much ??? $$$$ Ironic I was just talking to my wife about a jet ski then I began to search and watched your video. Anyhow I am a long islanders myself. Tell me what did u pay for it. What care do u put into it after u use it in the ocean ? Do a video in the care and maintenance bro
Sienna Jones (1 year ago)
I got the exact same one and mate it's freakin awesome.
Dronethat (1 year ago)
Flaunt your money for more!
Ben Henderson (1 year ago)
Should’ve got the seafood spark trixx there a lot more practical and fun
Joanne Salva (1 year ago)
300 rxt is the best
Harry white (1 year ago)
Where's the other video
Nic Derkez (1 year ago)
It’s a SEA DOO not a Jet Ski!
S D (1 year ago)
Bro when a salesman tells you he only has one left in stock you know he trying to fuck you in the ass from the start
Come ride with us. We ride all year round.
Johanws Soderlind (1 year ago)
Spark is the worst jetski u can buy.... its not worth it ...
Taig Taylor (1 year ago)
I have a see Doo 2015 RXP
Clickbait101 (1 year ago)
Seadoos are ass Kawasaki and Yamaha are what you want idiot you base a ski off how it preforms not how it looks
Kelly Simmons (1 year ago)
What is that store called
Jetski Jay (1 year ago)
Should have looked into a used Rxp.
KR Bassin (1 year ago)
Brayden Kieta (1 year ago)
Were are you
Brian Eisenman (1 year ago)
Dude mistakes an RXP for a Spark.... I laughed out loud.
Jeff Bryner (1 year ago)
Jetski are made by Kawasaki lol wave runner is yamaha and seadoo is bombardier!! U should of got a rxt if you bought a seadont not the plastic pos's imo! The sparks have no power! My 93 waveblaster goes faster lol
Jack Holladay (1 year ago)
The seafood next to the white and black spark is a season RXPX 300 horsepower
Michael Christopher (1 year ago)
jetski is a brand not a vehicle. jetski is a competitor to seadoo
gureno19 (1 year ago)
Seadoo spark....the cheapest...ugliest....most poverty package jetski on the market. Have fun replacing the "plastic" wear ring after a few hours.
Clash with Matt (1 year ago)
Buys a jet ski and only makes one video with it
Dude that haul on the spark is plastic it's gonna break you should've a yahmaha ex but it's your money your choice. the last one in stock that's a sales tactic.
Bryan Depiazzy (1 year ago)
Dont buy a seadoo. Get a a yamaha seadoos sink when the carbon wear ring fails. if you are dead set on a seadoo get insurance
The Chamberlin's (1 year ago)
Let's see who really has no clue about jet skis here 😂
Avery Dahlquist (1 year ago)
Have fun overheating!
Vinchenzo Marchiavafa (1 year ago)
I'm a little late but at 5:09 I'm pretty sure he called sea doos too of the line racing jet ski a recreational ski
joanne plouffe (1 year ago)
fucking kid sucks
Kyle Hartl (1 year ago)
What if I found the salesmen at the BRP show and show them the video 😂
Sum azn dud (1 year ago)
Shoulda got the Yamaha knocks everything else out of the water literally
Timothy Hunt (1 year ago)
My friend knows everything about jet skis. So he took me to buy sea doo sparks. Your boy burned you.
Zarik Ahmed (1 year ago)
You should get a sea doo spark trixx
1titanking (1 year ago)
Those sparks are mopeds on water
1titanking (1 year ago)
Stop calling a Sea Doo a Jet Ski
1titanking (1 year ago)
Jet Ski is made by Kawasaki not sea Doo
Brendan Chlada (1 year ago)
Get the rxt it goes 80
Jasedriver 5000 (1 year ago)
QRFMBR (1 year ago)
Spark for kids, get at least a GTI...
TTM_SyCo Alt- (1 year ago)
Seadoos suck waverunners are much more reliable had a seadoo and they stay in the shop
Lego Man (1 year ago)
Seadoo spark screams...BIGGEST SHIT BOX EVER MADE
Vengeance Man (1 year ago)
I've got a yamaha vxr, love it.
David Hoyt (1 year ago)
Censor man love the videos and wtf with your subsss??!!!???? You got nearly over 2 million subs but a lot don't like or watch the vids! But don't worry man love the vids truly enjoy them and keep up the good work!👌💯
Chris Bradford (1 year ago)
I wan't a Sea-Doo!
Matt Hendriks (1 year ago)
Get Yamaha
Kyle McLaughlin (1 year ago)
that's actually a waverunner not a jet ski. Huge difference
Alex Bonhomme (1 year ago)
shouldve gotten a spark trix
Teethwedgie (1 year ago)
Whos dream is to own a jetski?
Jose Sanchez (1 year ago)
Or the Polaris rzr 1000
Jose Sanchez (1 year ago)
U should have got the canam
Tristin Hafer (1 year ago)
I liked how he said "we don't have a baby yet" my man doug planning for the future
Ana Perunicic (1 year ago)
play some cod censor!!
Gregory Lianos (1 year ago)
no offense but yamahas are better
Shake (1 year ago)
Only 50mph they start getting fun at 60mph.
ASAP GAMES (1 year ago)
yamaha is faster more powerful better
ASAP GAMES (1 year ago)
spark is a horrible jetski
Alex Micks (1 year ago)
Thats exactly every youtubers excuse for anything they buy. "It's a dream". Buys Gatorade oh its a dream 😂😂
dobby (1 year ago)
yanets buying baby clothes while Doug is buying jet skies
DynamicgamerX Vlogie (1 year ago)
Can I get a subscriber
Alexander Mangum (1 year ago)
hippie status
Ariel Garcia (1 year ago)
The white one looked sicker
TacoAndroid (1 year ago)
dope video 👍👍
Anthony Krcik (1 year ago)
Rxpx 300 "recreational"

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