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How I met Kayden Kross

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music by Ballyhoo! I was invited to a movie set by my friends Jimmy Duval and Noah Hathaway, both actors i admired long before becoming friends, and Kayden Kross is there :) she hops on me, we have a great day, i ate lunch with Walter, Chekov from Star treck, chilled till 2 am, then had an even better day the next :)
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Text Comments (49)
Jack Lynti (4 months ago)
I really enjoyed the funky music..
Jack Lynti (4 months ago)
Mike Oliveri got it..thnx..
Mike Oliveri (4 months ago)
Jack Lynti it’s the band :)
Jack Lynti (4 months ago)
Mike Oliveri what is a ballyhoo?
Mike Oliveri (4 months ago)
Jack Lynti Ballyhoo!
Em Dee (5 months ago)
lmao what a weird mix of ppl.. and who is this channel? is he famous?
Tim McGee (6 months ago)
ZZzzzzz.... ZZzzzzz... Zzzzzz...
Queen Jane (6 months ago)
Mandeep Singh (6 months ago)
Lucky guy
bros wein (3 years ago)
Can I eat u ? :p
mike l (3 years ago)
handsomest woman on earth <3
ali raza (3 years ago)
how to meet her ?
Plume lady (4 years ago)
I hate that bitch
terriblestax (4 years ago)
Well i don't. I am pretty sure that i would pump much better than MAnuel idiot. 
Mirielle Velasco (4 years ago)
thanx mike
Mike Oliveri (4 years ago)
thank you!
stubbi1001 (5 years ago)
she really has a beautiful face...hope she will leave soon the porn biz..
Jose Lopez (4 months ago)
stubbi1001 it’s mostly her husband Manuel who does it
Mike Oliveri (5 years ago)
She is a sweet girl :)
Mike Oliveri (5 years ago)
The struggle by Ballyhoo!
Mirielle Velasco (5 years ago)
Whats d title of d background song??thanxxx
You are so lucky!
paletita Reyes (5 years ago)
me alegra el dia ver a noah, hermoso.
Rahul Maurya (5 years ago)
Oh gosh!
Mike Oliveri (5 years ago)
YouTube comments are funny lol
carlos ramirez (6 years ago)
Katy den estas bien linda
carlos ramirez (6 years ago)
Lauden estas bien pero bien rica
AcidfartProductions (6 years ago)
The things I would do to bang Kayden.
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
Stop judging her people. YOU DON'T KNOW HER hahaha keep your negativity to yourself :)
Lien3383 (6 years ago)
Guys - are you morons? Intelligent...Her deep...between her legs is intellegent. Normal girl or woman will never do that she do. Oh my...sweetheart...dad...kids...are you fucking stupid idiots? Fuckheart...(((
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
Porn hub?
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
It's Ballyhoo!
Fresh Micks (6 years ago)
Sounds like the expendables music in the beginning.
moneymaker200111 (6 years ago)
Next stop pornhub.com
Eric Vang (6 years ago)
You're one lucky person. Enough said ;)
Erick Naimbo (6 years ago)
Au yeah porn porn porn hub yeahh I wanna meet kayden
Xc50oddZ (6 years ago)
she's on a pornsite just sayin :)
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
she is a sweetheart :)
Mike Oliveri (6 years ago)
@J0rdanTran its my favorite part lol
jordan tran (6 years ago)
Lol @ the Asian guy
Mike Oliveri (7 years ago)
@poisoncupcake74 :)
Mike Oliveri (7 years ago)
@PepperMercury i think she does both, not sure, haven't watched much of her vids, its different after you meet them lol
PepperMercury (7 years ago)
is she lesbian?
Mike Oliveri (7 years ago)
@DanielSV81 ballyhoo!
Mike Oliveri (7 years ago)
@nihichan86 yup lol
Кто поет?
Kelly Poisoncupcake (7 years ago)
ahahahaa Mikey, I'm sitting here watching this with my friend and my kids dad, the kids dad is like "Kayden Kross!!!" and my friend is like "NOAH" and I'm like "MIKEY" and their looking at me funny.. ;)

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