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The Curious Case of Mouth Eyes

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Music By: Alec Laine aka (Arekkutrax) Check out more brain popping tunes at: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArekkuTrax
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Text Comments (506)
CynicalSpheres (1 month ago)
Birdbox well ahead of its time
Speaty (2 months ago)
My is Tomas so hot?
Jeremy (2 months ago)
Thomas has mouth eyes, but he says he's NOT blind... so does that mean he can see through that mouth?! 😨
SeanJTharpe (4 months ago)
1:06 What the poop is it, huh?
soltcoffii (6 months ago)
i have so many questions that will never be answered how did thomas put on the bandage? how do any of them see? which mouth do they feed? WHEN DOES IT END?
Doge Animations (9 months ago)
This is a serous case of *PHOTOSHOP IDES*
Stijn Sterenborg (9 months ago)
what kind of sound is this? 1:28
Lettuceman2049 (1 year ago)
God I miss these guys
Dylan Kane (1 year ago)
Juhasz Famiy (1 year ago)
Gosh dang!
DontKillAnts (1 year ago)
If I had mouth eyes I would know...I would know if I had mouth eyes and I'm telling you right now....there's nothing...there's nothing on my eyes but my eyes....Ok?
My Word is Gospel: (1 year ago)
What's with BalloonShop's Benjamin Button obsession? First William Buxton and now this. Strange.
Daniel West (1 year ago)
"Your morning must of sucked"
Charlie Vetsworth (1 month ago)
pitcherrendon (1 year ago)
The greatest account there ever was
freakishlyfeline (1 year ago)
It smells! XD hahaha
NinjaOutfitInTheWash (2 years ago)
Thomas has such class
immaculateboy (2 years ago)
The timing/cinematography on these vids is amazing.
Alexis Pelly (2 years ago)
Balloons hop is a legend that will never die
Byakugan888 (2 years ago)
Gosh dang you're blind.
Clemson Magic (2 years ago)
Ahahaha, flip phones, the glorious age of 2009...
Nathan Morris (2 years ago)
Aaaaaaand now there's a mouth eyes snapchat filter
TheNightFurry (3 years ago)
1:42 Is that you, Frank?
Myotic Tesseract (3 years ago)
at least it's not MOUSE EYES
Touge Season (3 years ago)
"If I had eyes, they would be glistening with tears." I don't think I'll ever stop laughing
aero. (3 years ago)
but... the tears from now on... will they just be saliva?
Mahdiaaa Winchester (4 years ago)
There's nothing on my eyes but my eyes
Peaceful Pansy (4 years ago)
Always enjoy finding old Balloonshop videos that I haven't seen yet. 
rj (4 years ago)
the most terrifying thing was olan's flip phone
VICEGIRLS (5 years ago)
Reminds me of the thumb movies
Mateo Balaban (5 years ago)
Dang it I caught mouth eyes. BY THE BEARD
kentucky nightmare (5 years ago)
you are one kind of sick
Subwoofer Dildo (5 years ago)
Josh: Y-You are one kind of sick!
Christian Birch (5 years ago)
I remember rushing out to get a cinnamon rope on Christmas morn.
Raz Mataz (5 years ago)
Laura Ohoho (5 years ago)
lifeanddecay (5 years ago)
Everyone looks like Lavar Burton
magicalkiwibird (5 years ago)
Are you saying that you made her into cinnamon ropes?
Yippie KIyA (5 years ago)
Oops no ? Mark
Yippie KIyA (5 years ago)
You guys are AMAZING!!!!?
34POWNED (5 years ago)
If i had eyes, they would be glistening with tears
JawaHugger501 (5 years ago)
is it serious? this could be serious. its probably pretty serious. Thomas is this serious? it kinda looks serious. its pretty serious
Glynn M (5 years ago)
"Can you give us some small hint?" "Well it actually has something to do with my eyes."
Payton T (6 years ago)
1:08 olan Rogers says what the poop.
Taelon Boot (6 years ago)
I saw one of the Starbound Dev's quote this video. Man, I can't believe they watch balloonshop too.
Antonio Hernandez (6 years ago)
those are quite good.
blurzog (6 years ago)
"Can you give us some kind of hint?" "Well it actually has something to do with my eyes." XD
Samuel Van Kemp (6 years ago)
Best line: "Ugh...it smells"
Drawing with Callie (6 years ago)
I love your aunt. She made the best cinnamon ropes.
Charlie (6 years ago)
My Aunt was just diagnosed with mouth eyes.
Ray Quaza (6 years ago)
That's Chunky O_O
blurzog (6 years ago)
What the poop is it?
sicord147 (6 years ago)
Thomas's mouth eyes are... sticking their tongue out, almost the entire time.
Yolo Swaggins (6 years ago)
If you look even closer youl realize that all there mouths where used for there won eyes
Fatima Dar (6 years ago)
:) I love you guys ! I was gonna sleep but this is better
Matthew Ackley (6 years ago)
This is heavy.. LOL
River Matmuspha (6 years ago)
awr awfsg jgh ytdf rhmxdt
Erin Broxton (6 years ago)
No way! I thought it was real, dang, thanks for setting the record straight.
Gabeses (6 years ago)
Actually Screaming (6 years ago)
If you look closely, you can see it's fake
Frostbite SH (6 years ago)
Is this serious?
Bleeeargh (6 years ago)
If they ate that Tombstone pizza with their Mouth Eyes, would the nutrients go directly to their brains?
Jeremy Chen (6 years ago)
Nope. Olan is the best. All the way.
Satsuki Sadler (6 years ago)
This is heavy...
Pizza Fetus (6 years ago)
SpencerSwaggaWagon (6 years ago)
i prefer eyes mouth, go to my channel to see some lol vids
SaveTheLamps (6 years ago)
hi mom
mrrahlex (6 years ago)
Elle Baston (6 years ago)
They should make visors with mouth designs
Alyssa Kate (6 years ago)
"You're morning must've sucked, man." LOLOLOL.
Jenni Ewing (6 years ago)
"If I had eyes, they'd be glistening with tears."
pdeegs69 (6 years ago)
you earned my like with "i think my mom just bought a tombstone pizza"
Derek Finney (6 years ago)
There are 79 people with mouth-eyes.
James aldersea (6 years ago)
had me laughing from the start!
JAKE M (6 years ago)
They all look like they're wearing futuristic visors xD
sibzter (6 years ago)
no 3:09
PapaHance (6 years ago)
3:09 lol
tmiya88 (6 years ago)
The mouth eye's look like they have mustaches haha
Crumpelstiltskins (7 years ago)
"Well it actually has something to do with my eyes". Best line. I think someone else caught the virus. Search: 2012 ATL St. Patrick's Parade - Irish Eyes
Ryan Atherton (7 years ago)
PS2freak11223 (7 years ago)
@caption4009 that's pretty serious... oh so serious...
ColorLessRainbo (7 years ago)
78 people don't know what the poop it is.
Radnyx (7 years ago)
WARNING: Mouth Eyes is a contagious and disease of which enters through peoples ears directly to the brain, causing the eyes to fall out and open a hole entering to the brain, and will grow teeth. The brain then precedes to grow its tongue into the newly formed hole. Mouth eyes has been diagnosed by thousands of people living in Tennessee. MouthEyesisalsocontagablethroughtheinternet. IfyouappeartohavemissingeyeballsandanewlyformedmouthpleaseconsultyourdoctororcalltheclosestBernstein'sDietPills
Smooooth (7 years ago)
shouldn't it be 2 eyes
Jarred Valdez (7 years ago)
2:56 is the best part!
Shawn Villines (7 years ago)
YEAHHHH! *Teeth clicking*
Nicky Smith (7 years ago)
Nathalie HotTamale (7 years ago)
If Thomas has Mouth Eyes, he IS blind.
Peter Patsios (7 years ago)
Yeah, this looks pretty serious.
vi (7 years ago)
"Gosh-dang, you're blind!" XD
T6Wiehl (7 years ago)
I love that brand of pizza it the best...I'm going to go make some now
Brevin Savage (7 years ago)
"your morning must have sucked man."
Chables (7 years ago)
If you're not blind, what the poop is it?
Chables (7 years ago)
@neolucha347 That's the speech function on a Macintosh computer.
Lax comix (7 years ago)
please make more videos!
Elle Baston (7 years ago)
Josh's mouth eyes gave him a unibrow
Caleb Douglas (7 years ago)
best part.. 2:55
Abram (7 years ago)
"If I had eyes, they would be glistening with tears." Hahaa, Thomas is the best
Camryn Burgess (7 years ago)
Josh's Mouth Eye has a mustache
39120c (7 years ago)
just tripped me out
TBreezyP (7 years ago)
If you aren't blind, what the poop is it?
Jordan Tetzlaff (7 years ago)
WTF is that sound exactly at 2:56???

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