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Sasha and Twitch - So You Think You Can Dance - Hip Hop

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So You Think You Can Dance Sason 8 Top 10 Performance Dancer : Sasha and Twitch Choreographer:Christopher Scott Song:Misty Blue Dorothy Moore
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danielle mangum (1 year ago)
Still my favorite dance
James Brown (1 year ago)
Something is wrong with this video. This dumbass somehow speeded up the dance.
James Brown (1 year ago)
That dude who said. It would be the same thing. If sasha had a new partner. Lol. No wonder he didn't reply back. Eating his words right now.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I can talk all day about her. Her movement to the music. Is incredible. I don't know anyone. Not even hip hop dancers. That can move to the music. Like she does.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Now we go on to Melanie. Stupid= i don't think she would have pulled this off. It requires so much into it. Next we have Coming Home=I'm not sure she would pull this off either. Belong=She might be able to pull this off. To the Moon=Nope she wouldn't pull this off but I might be wrong.Paso doble=No way in the world. I just can't see it. That's Life=Nope no way in the world. Cant see that either. Misty blue=There is no way in the world. She could pull this routine off. Not only can't she pull this routine off but I don't think any Female. Out of all the seasons could pull this routine off. Next we have the quickstep= There is no way in the world. Melanie could have pulled this routine off. Point blank. Fool of Me=Nope sorry. There is absolutely no way in the world. She could have pulled this off. Next is Wacking=Nope nope nope noway nada. There is no way in the world Melanie would have pulled this off. Next is the Mark routine= There is no way in the world Melanie could have did this routine. Point Blank. Next the Cha cha=Nope there is no way she would have pulled this off. Next is Sasha's Braodway routine=Now this is a routine. melanie would have destroyed. Without question. So out of all the routine. Melanie could maybe pull of about 3 of them. Sasha was definately robbed. Sasha you were robbed. Your the real champion of season 8 to me.
James Brown (1 year ago)
What if the table were turned and Sasha had Melanie's routines and Melanie had Sasha's routines. This is the way I look at it. To determine who the best is. If they can pull of the others routine. Then it would be a tie for me. If one dancer can't and one dancer can. The dancer that can. Is the better dancer. Now lets start with Sasha. Since she was always chosen last. In the elimination rounds. Even though she did better than everyone else. I'll start with her first. Turn to stone=I honestly think Sasha could have pulled this dance off. I think she would have made it more interesting. Next we have I got u=Another dance I think she could have pulled off. i also think she would have brought this dance to life. The hat routine=I think she could have pulled this off to. Let's not forget she already did a hat routine. In the group broadway number. Next we have the skin and bones routine=I definately think Sasha could have pulled this off. It's right in her wheelhouse. Americano=Once again I definately think Sasha could have pulled this off. Next we have the Vienesse Waltz=Yep Sasha eats challenges up for breakfast. Hip hop routine=Are you kidding me. It with Twitch. She would have destroyed this routine. Total Eclispe of the Heart= Yeah without question. Sasha would have brought it to life. Tango= I honestly think she would have destroyed this routine. She got the body of a tango dancer. Disco=Let's be honest folks. Sasha pulled off a Wacking. A wacking routine. Their is no doubt in my mind she would have pulled this off. Last but not least the Robert routine= Sasha would have destroyed this. Without question. Sasha was robbed. She is the real winner. Without a doubt.
James Brown (1 year ago)
When it comes to versatility. It should have been Sasha and Tadd. As the final 2. Honestly. They were the most versatile.
James Brown (1 year ago)
You know a routine is good. When Cat says she watched it back to back. She watched Alex and Twitch 3 times. She watched Sasha and Twitch's 5 times. That pretty much confirms. This routine is the best routine of all time. On the show.
James Brown (1 year ago)
There will never be a routine. That beats this. Ever.
James Brown (1 year ago)
It don't matter who dislikes this routine. If the two dancers were literally about to go at it. After the routine was over. This proves that this dance. Was danced well. They literally took on the characters in the story. That was without a doubt. One good breakfast. Can you say wowwwwww.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I could never get tired of watching this. Over and over. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Everytime is see this routine. Im like wowwwww. This is the best a routine will ever get. This without a doubt is the hottest routine ever on the show. Wow this is so hot.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I guess Nigel got tired of black people winning the show. Sasha Definately was the winner. I think its about time for a new talk show host and producer. They starting to ruin this show. Just like Miley Cyrus did with the voice.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I stopped watching this show. Simply becasue its boring now and Im not going to waste my time. Watching a show that cheats to make their favorite win. I don't think no one else should either.
James Brown (1 year ago)
This show will die out. When it does. It will be because of the way. They treated Sasha this season. Does all the good dancers. In the seasons to come. Have this in store for them. To be continued............
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha and Alex's dances with twitch. Were the best ever on the show.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Melanie is a great dancer. Don't get me wrong but Sasha is more than just a great dancer. She dances on a level. That people can only hope to achieve in their lifetime. She is the only dancer. On this earth. That can dance on that level of dance. If your wondering. What level I'm talking about. The level. When dance becomes something enitrely new. Everyone should want to learn how to dance from her. She is the ultimate dancer. She can do any dance. I say that because she actually becomes the music. This girl should be in the history books or something.
James Brown (1 year ago)
James Brown (1 year ago)
Travis can talk all the bullshit he wants. Sasha destroys him as a dancer. I don't find myself years later. Searching online. To watch his routines. He's long forgotten.
James Brown (1 year ago)
To be honest. I forgot him. After season 2.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Out of all the seasons. I've never heard anyone. Screaming any contestants names. That audience love Sasha. They was screaming Sasha's name. Like every show. Sasha your amazing.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Why is it. 940,931 people. Know how to dance and the rest of america doesn't. Lol. Is it me or does Sasha stand out. Even in the group routines. Sasha is without a doubt. The best dancer on the planet.
James Brown (1 year ago)
When Sasha did this dance. She completely destroyed all the competition. There was nothing they could do. To top this. It was then becoming very clear to everyone. Who the best of the best was. Sasha was like Maverick in TOP GUN.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Remember when Nigel made that comment about hip hop for dumbies. In her to the moon routine with Alexander. How is her hip hop now asswhipe. She took those words and shoved them down your throat. Hahaha. I know he had to be feeling like an ass for saying that.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I would have never thought. Anyone would have been better than Alex Wong. I was so wrong. Sasha made me completely forget about him.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I actually felt bad for clarice in the elimination rounds though. She knew. She didn't stand a chance against Sasha. I was like man. That is so wrong. Even she knew it. You can see it on her face.
James Brown (1 year ago)
When you consider a routine. Better than Alex Wongs routine with twitch. That pretty much tells you. That this person should win. This routine was difficult and flawless. This women is amazing. I so miss her dancing.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Lol. Im so happy. No ones watching this crappy show no more. Makes me feel all tingly inside. Sasha its very clear. That majority of the world loves you. Fuck sytycd. They should change it to So you think you can please Nigel.
James Brown (1 year ago)
when they gave Sasha that wacking routine at the end of season 8. It was very clear to me. That they wanted her to lose. Now they lose. Their show is going down the tubes. Hahaha. Thats what they get. They don't realize what they did to theirselves. Now people. That can actually dance. Won't want to come on the show because they are afraid Nigel and Cat. Might do to them. What they did to Sasha. Which means. They no longer have a show. The extrodinairy dancers. Have gone back into hiding. Until a show that actually don't play favorites comes out.
James Brown (1 year ago)
If you watch this season again. You will notice. On the elimanation nights. They send the first three out. That did good. The night before. Question. Why in the world was Sasha last and was put up against Clarice. When her routine. Was the best routine of the night. People think they are so slick but I pick up on stuff quick. It felt like they never wanted to give her. Her props. For her spectacular routines. IT seemed to me. Like they tried everything. They could. To make Sasha lose and look bad. I use to have mad respect for Nigel and his opinions. The same with cat but not anymore. After season 8. I have no respect for them now.
James Brown (1 year ago)
If anyone has watched the movie. The Natural. With Robert Redford. Sasha came onto the scene. Just like that and just amazed everyone.
James Brown (1 year ago)
who cares about Nigel liking Melainie. I don't think no one cares. He obviously can't tell the difference between a good dancer and a bad one. I'll explain. If you watch the beginning of season 6. You'll see that Sasha Mallory. Auditioned for the show and never made it on. I know he has to feel like an idiot. Makes you wonder. How much other talent. Never made it on the show. Sasha is the best dancer. I've ever seen. Period.
James Brown (1 year ago)
50 dislikes. Wtf. If you dislike this routine. It's very clear that your racist. I mean. You have to be. This routine is the best routine ever on sytycd. For those 50 that disliked this routine. It's clear that you all don't know how to dance either. Lol. Yall should also be bitch slapped.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha made me realize. That there is more to dance. Then everyone thinks. I always loved dance. Since i was little. I never persued it because there are so many dancers. That are the same. She made me realize that. You don't have to be like everyone else. That you can add more to dance. Then what you see everyday.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I have to say this. Sasha. To me. You are a legend. Everyone will always remember you.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I can prove that sasha is the best dancer ever. On sytycd. Name me one female. That could have did this routine. I can't think of one.
James Brown (1 year ago)
For me. This is the best routine of all time. No routine can touch this. First of all because of the difficulty. There is no one beside sasha. That could have did this routine.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I just watched the episode. Where Sasha did a wacking routine. Ok lets analize this episode.Melanie had hip hop with twitch. Ooh so tough tuff on her judges. Yeah right. They give her twitch. For crying out loud. Who has never had a bad hip hop routine. With anyone. Sasha had a contemporary routine with kent. Marko had a paso doble. Which is basically made for him. Second dance. Melanie gets a contemporary routine with Tadd, Marko gets a contemporary routine with caitlyn. What does Sasha get. A freakin wackin routine. Really Nigel. They wanted her to look bad. There is no doubt about that and mind you. This is the near the very end of the season.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I noticed something. Sasha seems to outdance. All her partners. Something else I noticed to. The difficulty of this routine. There is no one. Out of all the seasons. That could have dance this routine. Like her. No one. This routine. Made me realize. That she was the best dancer out of all the seasons. The reason why. Is because. Every routine. Everybody else does. Anyone can do. This routine. You can't say that. Sasha your amazing.
James Brown (1 year ago)
This dance right here. Is the reason. Sasha is an extrodinary dancer. I don't think anyone. Out of all the seasons. Could have danced. The way she danced. In this routine.
Raven Weaver (1 year ago)
James Brown (1 year ago)
After Alex Wong left. In season 7. I didn't think. There would ever be anyone. As good as him. I was wrong. I was sooooo wrong. Sasha. To me. Is way better. Than Alex wong. Simply because. She brings technique and acting. Into her dance. When she dances. She tells the story. It's easy to understand. What she is trying to betray. She brings. The audience. Into the routine. There's no one like her.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha nailed this dance. From beginning to end. I've never seen that done before. On the show. Usually when someone does a dance. There is always something to critisize. There was nothing to critisize in this routine at all. What do they say on mortal kombat. Flawless Victory.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I can't help but to laugh at twitch. In this routine. At the very end. I think Sasha gave yo boy a willie. Hahaha.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I dont think Nigel knew. How many fans. Sasha had. When he made that hip hop for dummies comment. Bad move. Dumb ass.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Who cares if Sasha is a lesbian. That's her business. She is an amazing dancer and that's all. That should matter. Niel patrick harris was a judge. He's gay. That doesn't make him. Any less of a judge. Does it. Sasha is amazing and beautiful.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Alexander wasn't even in her league. He was like. The weakest dancer. That season. But yet. They gave Melanie. The strongest dancer and people wonder. Why she won. Alexander would have never made it. Near the top ten. If Sasha wasn't on his partner.
James Brown (1 year ago)
There is no one. On earth. Like Sasha.
James Brown (1 year ago)
They looked like they was about to go at it. At the end. I think this is the hottest routine. Ever on the show.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha danced this dance. So perfectly. She is amazing.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Lol. You see how in the beginning. They cheered for doogie howser and Marie but when it came to Nigel. No one said anything. I started laughing my ass off. Word of advice. Nigel. Sasha gained fans quick. So bullcrap like it felt like hip hop for dumbies. Is not going to set well with her fans. You have none.
Shaniya Carroll (2 years ago)
just saw quite a few comments about how they would be a cute couple little did they know she is way more interested in girls 🌈
Valerie Williams (3 months ago)
Wasnt twitch with allison during this time.
James Brown (1 year ago)
Regardless who she likes. She is still the best dancer on the planet.
Phyllis Brinklow (3 years ago)
Awesome performance!
james brown (3 years ago)
None of Melanie's dances touched me. Except for the one she did with sasha. Hahaha.
james brown (3 years ago)
I can't stop watching it.
james brown (3 years ago)
Its actually the best performance I have ever seen. The way sasha dances. She is one of a kind. Unbelievable.
booboodavila (3 years ago)
When I fell in love with Twitch
Aisha Poswa (1 year ago)
this season was the best!
James Brown (1 year ago)
When I realized Sasha is the best. This show will ever have.
Whitney Mukasa (3 years ago)
Big fan ur the boss ✌
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha destroyed this routine.
patricia thomas (3 years ago)
Streamer House (3 years ago)
Fantastic vid, bookmarked
regina cherise (4 years ago)
everything about this is so freaking PERFECT
Freddy Naim (4 years ago)
Watched it the first time on the show > > blew my mind Watched it the 2nd time on youtube > > blew my mind Watching it now for the 3rd time > > still blows my mind ! Such a smoooth hip hop dance :) 
this is pure ArT...........
Her waistline please? :D Kdding. They're amazing. <3
Tianna Mccluskey (5 years ago)
He was about to grip that ass in the end
Exotic_Trinity (5 years ago)
Oh god
Sammy Smith (5 years ago)
Twitch and Allison are engaged....
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha's awesome.
Venus G. (5 years ago)
Nikita Smith (5 years ago)
Still one of my favorites:)
fea (5 years ago)
Their chemistry is so intense
Blu Jarvis (5 years ago)
Love this.
Asher Casper (5 years ago)
StrwbryMuffin (5 years ago)
Ow lawd that man know he is so sexy!!!
James Brown (1 year ago)
This routine was amazing.
TENE MUHAMMAD (5 years ago)
plussizebeauty41 (5 years ago)
Sammy Smith (5 years ago)
Twitch and Allison are engaged...
James Brown (1 year ago)
This routine was amazing.
hkelder79 (5 years ago)
the sexiest
kiwipunch2468 (5 years ago)
My all time favorite SYTYCD routine
Felicia Okonji (5 years ago)
:51-:55 chills :)
Christina Martin (5 years ago)
Woww that was amazing
kita P (5 years ago)
1:23-1:26 I love that part
Dallas Neighbors (5 years ago)
im so excited! this weekend im going to a dance convention and twitch will be there teaching us! so exciting!
James Brown (1 year ago)
Sasha outdanced him in this routine.
Lena Starbird (5 years ago)
If I could like this twice...a hundred times, I would! One of the best performances I've ever seen! AMAZEBALLS!!
booboodavila (5 years ago)
Brilliant and beautiful
KonZero (5 years ago)
0:27 ''Please don't jump on my balls'' ''please don't do it''
DeDeDinah0749 (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure its the original Singer Dorothy Moore, Song Misty Blue, Album Misty Blue. Also since they shortened it, it seems to be the second half of the song they used.
James Brown (1 year ago)
This routine is the best routine of all-time.
R Max (5 years ago)
Well...i think they can dance!
ORIGINALbabyphat (5 years ago)
Definitely! Still one of my favourites. And of course his trepak with Joshua was amazing too =)
tina louise (6 years ago)
booboodavila (6 years ago)
So amazing ;)
Grant Thomas (6 years ago)
Sexiest moments 0:24-0:30 1:13-1:19 1:28-1:39
emmy galal (6 years ago)
Twitch and Eliana -Mailbox
James Brown (1 year ago)
Just to be clear. Im talking about the twitch and eliana mailbox routine. Misty blue blows this routine out the stratusphere.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I didn't like that routine.
owldat (6 years ago)
Loved it!!!
iyanla09 (6 years ago)
So HOT!!! Lol
mydogiscrazy13 (6 years ago)
I think one of the reasons why Twitch has been in so many signature SYTYCD dances is because he's so gracious to all of his partners. Especially now as an all-star, he makes sure that he does justice to the dance and works in unison with his partner, but never outdances them, letting them shine.
James Brown (1 year ago)
I don't think. No dancer can outdance Sasha.
KaewGB (6 years ago)
Now you can add: tWitch and Audrey- Coffin :)
James Brown (1 year ago)
That sucked as well.
Maggie Santamaría (6 years ago)
Erm, that was hot.
N3wmon3y (6 years ago)
they re so good they make slow songs look good 0.0
Alexandria Morrison (6 years ago)
SEXYYYYYY OMG tWitch can get it tho
indie313535 (6 years ago)
THat wa FIRE!, i thought they was gonna end up dating or something!

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