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Tandem Snowboarding Friends

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Happy 3rd Birthday Kinsley! Your adventurous spirit and our teamwork have created an amazing and magical time for us. I could even call it pioneering. Thank you for bringing this experience to my life. I love you with all my heart, Dad ***Safety Warning*** The makers of this film are not responsible for any injury you may cause to yourself or others while attempting to duplicate the riding styles shown in this video. All riders shown here are professional snowboarders who have been riding for many years. Know your skill level, and do not exceed it when riding tandem. While extremely rewarding, riding tandem can also be dangerous. The best advice we can give is this; Stay within your limits so you never fall. Good luck and have fun. Music: 'Shooting Star' licensed under Extreme Music/Sony ATV Shot 100% on GoPro Hero 4 Silver
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balzatul von Lemberg (9 days ago)
Уже 3-ий денек с негаснущим наслаждением смотрю это видео при каждом комфортном моменте. Папа, естественно, оторванный на всю голову, однако красавчик, рукоплескания стоя! Детям с такими родителями точно скучновато не будет. Ну и мелюзга превосходная, попросту картина, а не малыши. Да ещё и музыка неописуемо успешно подобрана. В общем, все молодцы, ролику - 5+! Наверное, более положительного маркетингового ролика я не лицезрел.
Michael Eide (9 days ago)
1:28 WTF!
Michael Eide (9 days ago)
that got kinda sketchy when he did the rail while holding her in one hand..
맹경원 (12 days ago)
I love your video. They are really lovely..
pion h Woodmancy (12 days ago)
The crazy dad throwing the baby to a danger. Go to jail. Your baby is dangerous for money(Video)
J Scar (23 days ago)
That rail with the child in one hand was friggin EPIC. Dude is a beast, I wanna do this with my lil guy
vov kot (23 days ago)
RoteSteinchen (24 days ago)
Your child could be a way to earn views, likes (money).. but your child is not a toy.
smp (30 days ago)
My boy just turned one and will be walking anytime now! I am here because I wanted to see just how young the little shredders are but you just opened the door to a new idea. I can go big too but wow you have some balls to do some of those tricks while holding your kid. I think I will be taking it nice and easy 😂
Gustavo Gutiérrez (1 month ago)
What place is there?
Cherosy ! (1 month ago)
2:06 and 2:35 are so fake Bad montage
Cookie dog (1 month ago)
Kuba J. (1 month ago)
0:42 wow 0.0
Rebecca RBK (1 month ago)
I❤️this video 😍😍😍 Father, Grandpa? And kids 😍❤️
MrNastoyashiy (1 month ago)
Not fun! Brainless DAD
Andrey Ulskiy (1 month ago)
Mama Guru (1 month ago)
Good morning, I have a mini who is learning how to snowboard at 2 years old. I as well as have been snowboarding for many many years and want to learn how to do simple tandem snowboarding, but it's hard to find videos on how to do it. You should make a video of how to tandem snowboard !!
첵잇 (1 month ago)
엄마가 아빠한테 애기를 안 맡기는 이유
Paweł Jeliński (1 month ago)
This is just dangerous and stupid. Perhaps he's gonna break the kid next year, i wonder, if it will also be amazing for youtube viewers
Lks1asd (1 month ago)
아빠한테 애기를 맡기면 안되는 이유
Nikita Emelyanov (1 month ago)
1:29 поржал)))))))))
KiIIerbabe (1 month ago)
so cool 😍
george clooney (1 month ago)
maneken used in some shots
LEON SONG (1 month ago)
끔찍한 영상이네요...보드에 미쳐 살고있지만 이건 진짜 아닌듯... 아이들을 태우는것까진 좋은데 지빙에 달리는 보드에서 던지기까지.... 총각이라 아빠의 눈으로보면 어떨지는 모르겠지만 엄마들이 보면 진짜 기절한듯...
mm shin (2 months ago)
우리나라에서 저러면
Kapitan Kruk (2 months ago)
Просто охуеть!!!!... РЕСПЕКТ!!!!!
Lucy Main (2 months ago)
Those kids are so lucky
Merlin Cito (2 months ago)
JonnhyB3Good (2 months ago)
I would avoid the rails aniway, even a pro can make a mistake, for the rest is ok i guess
Vlad Palownik (3 months ago)
Sarah Joy (3 months ago)
as a mom that gave me so much anxiety! Haha but the other part of me thought it looked super fun!
LuLa Fanti (3 months ago)
LuLa Fanti (3 months ago)
In Deutsch
lilly jackson (3 months ago)
the tamedog was sweet but i never seen that rodeo 5 with her before... thats a skill pop there
Bad Samaritan (4 months ago)
Where are these kids now~?
EvgenF (4 months ago)
The rail is over the top. The man is careless idiot.
Ning Zhang (5 months ago)
Hi, sorry to bother you. This is the EBC web news editor from Taiwan. We found your videoand would like to post it on our page. If you could give us the permission to let us use the video on our Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/news.ebc/ ),TV News channel and YouTube channel、Instagram. We will note resources in our news post and tag your twitter account. Hope to hear from you soon!Thank you!
鄒月雲 (6 months ago)
Did you see that shining Passing by at the speed of sound Better no blink or you'll miss out Oh oh oh Beautiful and amazing Like a thunder and lightening strike You'll never know till she knocks you down But you feel it coming Oh there she goes like a shooting star She got fireworks in her heart Lighting up this world with a little smile She's on the rise and Oh there she goes and she won't slow down You know nothings gonna stop her now Flying higher, burning brighter Keep on shining like a shooting star Dancing over the rooftops Moving like a butterfly You can try catch her in your hand See if you can Oh there she goes like a shooting star She got fireworks in her heart Lighting up this world with a little smile She's on the rise and Oh there she goes and she won't slow down You know nothings gonna stop her now Flying higher, burning brighter Keep on shining like a shooting star There she goes like a shooting star She got fireworks in her heart Lighting up this world with a little smile She's on the rise and Oh there she goes and she won't slow down You know nothings gonna stop her now Flying higher, burning brighter Keep on shining like a shooting star
Lucy Main (6 months ago)
Oh yeh Kyle warren
Lucy Main (6 months ago)
I also snowboard but not that good
Lucy Main (6 months ago)
That dad is amazing
xeQtr gaming (7 months ago)
these people are amazing <3
DPAnnelies Games (7 months ago)
i wanna be so good to
DPAnnelies Games (7 months ago)
"whoop whoop" snowboard team #luckychild
RE Andy (8 months ago)
Boah wie geil ist das wo die Kleinen sind so süß und voll gut kannst du Snowboard fahren ich kriege es aber ich kann überhaupt nicht gut fahren so süß sind die kleinen
RE Andy (8 months ago)
ja le (8 months ago)
Meow meow this is fun yeah~~
ja le (9 months ago)
I want to see kinsley growing..would u update video of kinsley? When she say.. so cute.. this is fun yeah~~
ja le (10 months ago)
YAong yaong this is fun yeah~~
Sarah Kwak (10 months ago)
0.41 Not going to lie, but my heart kinda stopped for a moment there! LOL! That is awesome!!
Cindy Kim (10 months ago)
Spectacular. You also have an amazing store! This video blows me away and brings me to tears. So beautiful.
easleyrider (10 months ago)
This is the best snowboarder in human history. Hats off to this dad.
Anastasia Nguyen (10 months ago)
Amazing !! I like so much
thesevenmemes BTS (10 months ago)
Just so you know guys, their not crazy. If you look carefully, while he’s doing the stunts the color of the snowboard changes from orange to a green and blue and he’s holding a doll. Hope this helps!
Wannes Geerts (10 months ago)
Hey nice movie man! Can I share it on Facebook? I will credit you! Is it possible?
ja le (11 months ago)
Everyday i watching
Lisa Koek (11 months ago)
Can anyone help me!? I cant find the soundtrack anywhere! Pls help :-)
강겜순이 (11 months ago)
너무귀엽 햇수로 4년째 보고있음 ㅠㅠㅠ 이제 8살이겠지ㅠㅠㅠ
Team Player (11 months ago)
Aww I want one, a little adorable daughter to take rock climbing. That would make my life complete.
RockyAndYipper (11 months ago)
i have never been snow bording before and im only 11
alex n (1 year ago)
Amazing - look at the smile on her face! I love it. Wonderful!
Emirhan kaya (1 year ago)
Thats top crazy for me i would never bring my kids in such a risk
Avni Okcuer (1 year ago)
totally wrong ,even father is a pro. Father shoold be warned, can not risk even his own child((:
Улетное видео. Респект родителям.
Thomas McKenna (1 year ago)
hi there! I am an editor for NowThis Sports. I LOVE THIS VIDEO and think it is something our audience would really respond to. Could we have permission to showcase portions of this video on our social platforms, with on-screen credit to this YouTube page? Let me know here in the comments or over email at [email protected] Thanks so much for your time and great vid!!
Marinda van den Brink (1 year ago)
Bill Hoidas (1 year ago)
Even though hes great only he thinks this is cool to do-definitely not cool!!!!!
S. Girl (1 year ago)
only if mother is not around
izzzy03 (1 year ago)
yup.. parenting lvl: excellent
knjigovodstvo mp3 (1 year ago)
2 cute.....
Trademark (1 year ago)
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Anthony Cooper (1 year ago)
Love this video! I work at SPORTbible and LADbible. Are we OK to use this on our channels with a credit to you?
Anthony Cooper (1 year ago)
Love this video! I work at SPORTbible and LADbible. Are we OK to use this on our channels with a credit to you?
Mathias C. (1 year ago)
It's very dangerous, someone should put this man on trial to protect children from this and the awful videos made to make money over youtube. it should be deleted from youtube to let the children live peacefully and learn to appreciate the winter sports.
Knavery (1 year ago)
My dad took me to Garrison Keillor when I was a kid. I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. This is WAY better.
Star Williams (1 year ago)
Showed this to my 5 y o daughter and now she wants me to take her snowboarding dang 😎
Russell (1 year ago)
This is like what me and my dad used to do except he was at the pub drinking and I was home just playing Nintendo.
Marie de Brouwer (1 year ago)
Complètement débile et inconscient!!!!
jawn1977jaws (1 year ago)
If that were a fake kid ( a stuffed dummy that looks like a kid ) , I would think this was a tremendously funny and fun to watch video...sadly...not a fake kid.
Akane Kyu (1 year ago)
mark galoob (1 year ago)
way to endanger your child dude!!!
Reydou_ (1 year ago)
They are very good snowboardists
Hanna Frndx (1 year ago)
Joshua Hoikkala (1 year ago)
Its nice but its olway a puppet but its sam times realy
Потрясающее видео! желал бы увидет ьеще видео этой семьи!
mixitrix _04 (1 year ago)
tell me please what the track plays in the video?
Aiden Peppelman (1 year ago)
Cool but terrible idea stupid people
lisa (1 year ago)
so cute
Lucy Main (1 year ago)
My mom thought the children were dolls you were that good she couldn't believe it so good jod
Daniel Francis (1 year ago)
These obviously have to be dolls or something, no parent would throw their kid around as part of a trick, cool video though haha
Petr Benesovsky (1 year ago)
I wanna persuade my friend that this music is fuckng good. If you think so, like :) :
Petr Benesovsky (1 year ago)
Video sick, music sick. I luv it! :*Like a Shootin' star! I wanna li(k)es! Thx guys. :)
olly r (1 year ago)
Those goggles are totally fake
kie cheng (1 year ago)
Psycho Daze (1 year ago)
This video is insane in both good and bad.
Lesha Renae (1 year ago)
would of loved to of had a dad like like this #A Cool kids Dream Dad
When I was 3 years old my Mom taught me skiing like this. And now (24 years later) I have no fear , love snow, and can't imagine a year without snowboarding or skiing. ❤ I hope this little girl will be so thankful for her Dad as thankful as I'm now for my Mom. ;)
Kokesdan (1 year ago)
this is the best snowboarding video of all times :)

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