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Hidden Body Language Signs SHE LIKES You! | How to Read a Women's Body Language

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Text Comments (1759)
Hair Strand (1 year ago)
I got a girlfriend because of you thank u
Daniel J (1 month ago)
how much did it cost you? lol ORRRRRRR how fugly is she?> lol
Zazou Karim (1 month ago)
Are you still with her ?!
Zazou Karim (1 month ago)
Give us an update
h4rder10 (4 months ago)
lol gratz
shaun william (4 months ago)
lol more power to ya bud
Himmat Badal (7 days ago)
That chick is hot can I have her number
lightswitch off (1 month ago)
What about a girl your friends with like to play hit you alot
John Green (1 month ago)
"No she doesn't need a fidget spinner"😂
RaxDen YT (1 month ago)
There's a girl that I hate(Very violent and boyish) She smiles at me and legs open everytime
Bryan Betancourt (1 month ago)
I’m sorry for what I’m gonna say but this video is totally bullshit. All you need is a brand new car and money a lot of money 💰 I💰💰💰
TRG 400 (1 month ago)
Aye nigga this shit doesn’t work I did all deez before I watched your stupid video
wandi sherpa (1 month ago)
She have all the sign but she stopped texting me
leon mcintosh (1 month ago)
Can I do a video about how to get a girl to like u or how to get a girl to like u if she is new in your school plus knowing you can’t stay outside with your friends because of your parents or something
fuck yourself and your informations you little indian cunt !
Tutti Bird (1 month ago)
Those thighs 😍😍😍
Arthur B. Johnson (2 months ago)
I am need a girl who is far from me and we Chat almost all the time, how can I capture her love?
SySam (2 months ago)
Open the caption and go to 2:56
Reza Suhartono (2 months ago)
1:01 had me shook af!!! But still great advice from Jose!
Miguel Garcia (2 months ago)
I've already learned this from a book called body language
Cesar Galvan (2 months ago)
It didn’t work smh
Gerald Alvino Fugen (2 months ago)
Is it only me that being here simply to look at the girl's attracting body line?
Zain Khalid (2 months ago)
finally i watched this horrible video after it appeared like 30 time in my recommended
View Spot (2 months ago)
She need more body
festivelegend (2 months ago)
How to *not be socially awkward around girls and not say stupid shit randomly cause you don't know what to say at all, and end up ruining your relationship with a girl, all because one stupid fucking joke.* (from personal experience.)
Dragon Killer (2 months ago)
I got that same bomber jacket fro h&m except in burgundy/maroon
zhidan yanuar (2 months ago)
i can't focus
HUB GOBLIN (3 months ago)
This dude is the tallest Mexican on earth
The Batman (3 months ago)
Oh dear me. Thank the Lord for me finding this video.
Cc Cc (3 months ago)
I came here because I don’t have a girl and I’m lonely
Jeans Louissaint (3 months ago)
1:07 naaa bro those pictures don’t help at all you’re just bragging yourself.
Winn McNulty (3 months ago)
Shorty thhhhiiiiiiccccccc
Evolq (3 months ago)
So they eyes, legs, chest done, approach?
Gianni Rodriguez (3 months ago)
What's the song called in the video ?
R S (3 months ago)
Liking me isn't gonna cut it. I'm looking for love. You might wanna step up your game .
Tinopinoh (3 months ago)
A.D Suri (3 months ago)
What if she maintains eye contact while you talk to her but breaks eye contact when she starts talking to you?
monjoyee sarma (4 months ago)
at least this video didn't have sponsors
iTheReal ElChapo (4 months ago)
If this true I let so many milfs go by 😩
h4rder10 (4 months ago)
most of the time what really happens is guy is trying to read girls body language n girl is doing the same. and time is just laughing its way to the bank lol
Michael (4 months ago)
Loool for fuck sake, I was sitting next this hot girl a couple of days ago who did literally all of this and I was fully aware of it. So I started talking to her, she gave me another shit test and I completely lost it. This makes me feel worse now...
Ahmad Sabara (4 months ago)
2160p quality... holy fuck lol
shaun william (4 months ago)
it doesnt apply to extremely intelligent aware females
TheLightingSquad (4 months ago)
If I ever see a girl out there hands behind there head their under arrest
PyramidHead138 (4 months ago)
in MY neck of the woods, women want nothing to do with me
Mr. Realistic (4 months ago)
So if she fidgets it can’t mean that she is attracted to you but is nervous? Ok got it
Aayushman Shrestha (4 months ago)
Jose's hair is men's hair goal. 👌
Andrianne Smith (4 months ago)
Its weird when u gay and watch this
Edge (5 months ago)
1:46 look at the center of the screen what's directly below it?
illumi zoldyck (5 months ago)
Girls ig?
raiden stark (5 months ago)
hablas español?
used napkin (5 months ago)
Nigga , are you even yourself or are you just doing all things , analyzing shit and trying to apply the correct tech?
erfansvideos (5 months ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl with her arms behind her head. See a lot of guys do it though
JACKSON LYNCH (5 months ago)
Wait. For the one about how women sit, what if she likes you, but is insecure, and therefore somewhat scared. Do they still cross their legs?
MOE (5 months ago)
This nigga said a cocun 😂
Raul Alejandro Martinez (5 months ago)
Girls name?
phillip perkins (6 months ago)
This guy is awesome
Xena's Animation (6 months ago)
I showed my bro this video . . . He cried ;-;
Andromedia Z (6 months ago)
I don't understand a girl who is a classamate of mine I don't begin a conversation with her but she begins I do some silly funny things with my friends and she is the first one to laugh She tries to ask simple silly questions to me instead of asking my friend sitting next to me or her friemd She always try to talk with me whenever i am near but i don't really talk with her whenever i talk with my friends she always try to get in the middle But some times i feel i love her but sometime i feel i hate her but sometimes i feel like hating myself for being im love with her I don't know what to do with her Sorry for by bad English I'm still learning grammer 😂
HolbergEM (6 months ago)
that girl has really nice ass))
Shub Virk (6 months ago)
She thick af!
Bryan Osorio (6 months ago)
Thank you, you just given me so much confidence
gaton 36 (6 months ago)
Jose's girl gotta noce ass
Ismail El Massaoudi (6 months ago)
There is a girl we used to be in the same shool years ago i was talking to her 2 weeks ago i can't figure out if she likes me or just sees me as a friend cause i like her i'm not saying i'm into her but i want to get to know he better so should i ask her out at least signs of that she is borred or not interested she didn't do that as far as i know she did the open signs and she was fixing herself when she was talking to me like she all of a sudden wanted to look better but she already looked great she always does so yeah i'm not sure if i should ask her out
zawse (6 months ago)
if I'm holding a gun and she does the ankle twist?
bubble butt (6 months ago)
Women never approach me, forever alone
Prasad Koli (6 months ago)
1:01 Damn a serial killer?
RaD070 5 (6 months ago)
who is the girl that was with you
Captain Souvlakis (6 months ago)
1:47 and if she opens her legs...you know that she wants the d :3
Gerardo Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Damn this girl is fine 😜
Nobody Gomes (6 months ago)
What to do if you look like shrek?
EMONJI (6 months ago)
thanks for disterbing me :'( now i think i have 14 girls like me if what u said is right.. i need to choose one
Abdul Khiyaam Hendricks (6 months ago)
This guy is Amazing.how does he know so much
Mr Awesome (6 months ago)
Give me a penny: il go kiss lenny Give me a nickle: il tickle your pickel Give me a dime: well thats just fine Give me a quarter: il go over the boarder Give me a dollar: il give it right back Give me a 5: Oh SHIT thats mine
RG11 (6 months ago)
I have a problem and don't know what to do. There is this girl at the gym that i like and see probably twice a week. I think that she is so pretty and I really like her. We tend to have eye contact with each other but not over eye contact. I don't know if this is because she is just cautious of me or because she doesn't want to seem too obvious incase I don't like her. So right now I don't know what to do whether she like a me or not because I'm crazy about her. Right now I'm on holiday so I can't do anything about it but still are unsure about whether she likes me or not. Anyone know what to do?
PEAR sona (7 months ago)
What’s her @
miniman man (7 months ago)
I watched ur vids on Thursday and I got a girl on Friday super helpful thanks dude
Dan (7 months ago)
But if it is about shy girls all these sings are totally ruined
Labratuga SMF (7 months ago)
This dud looks like adan dron free fire
Akul Zhen (7 months ago)
I can't notice all of these, too busy lookin at her boobs
Jairus Wiggers (7 months ago)
Cool thanks Jose.
Fabu lous (7 months ago)
Are you asian bro????
Zoey (7 months ago)
Would this work if I’m a girl and I like a girl???
a.h.m. van Weers (7 months ago)
🤔that one girl that always stares at me at the gym....
Sasha Romano (7 months ago)
My lawyer didnt show any of those signs ...
Bryan McCallum (8 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You.
Bryan McCallum (8 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You !
Bryan McCallum (8 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You !
Bryan McCallum (8 months ago)
I just started to understand what flirting is and I have realized how stupid I have been all these years. I like your videos keep making them for guy's like me that don't realize what we have till it gone. Thank You !
Clark Kent (8 months ago)
Congrats on getting 2Million subscribers!🔥
Rock21 (8 months ago)
everyone of these applied to me... thanks man!
Wil Sims (8 months ago)
what if she's cockeyed.....😎
Tea Kay514 (8 months ago)
4 the squad!
DankHub (8 months ago)
Jose the type of zuniga to shave his head bald to get that minimalistic look
mind eulle (8 months ago)
i got all the good sign but guess what, she said im like her older brother.
lil kek (8 months ago)
dude is this made for autistic people or what?
William Hubert (8 months ago)
A fidget spinner boi get dat out of here
Elijah Psalm (8 months ago)
What if she's just a shy girl?
Lucky 147 (8 months ago)
"No she doesn't need a fidget spinner" Haha man I love you 😂
Blulish2 (8 months ago)
Yo help, This girl giving hella body language but we aint talkin dou
Style 1Thou (8 months ago)
It was this baaahd Asian doing some of these same signs...But I can't fraternize with the customers aty job...Man she was beautiful
noman messi (8 months ago)
Finally a video without PAID PERVIEW
TripleAceAAA (8 months ago)
sexy girl though lol
BoBTheG4M3R (8 months ago)
Okay, I am gonna watch her breast all the time to see what his pointing lol
Suhail Ismail (9 months ago)
Good job for these infos thnks!😉

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