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What strippers really do in bathrooms.
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Bob Jones (8 days ago)
At least show us some thighs
I am Yetti (8 days ago)
Bob Jones if you are a real one you will sign up for yetti.findrow.com to see some thighs.
Toilet Time (8 days ago)
Ooooo sounds like someone opened the toilet door on you when you were peeing girl! :) Girl, that was a long pee! Whenever I go to toilet it’s always out in one long trickle! Do you usually stop start when you’re on the toilet girl?
JACK WILLIAMS (9 days ago)
OK, few things. Adults Say "piss" not "pee". Secondly, I can't see it coming out so this may be fake. Lastly, if real, you should piss in my mouth and on my dick, and then let me eat you out, then fuck you as hard as I can. I really like ladies' piss.
Jesse Gomez (10 days ago)
Your really Beautfuil I really like theses videos keep up the great work 🙏🙏🔥🔥
I am Yetti (10 days ago)
Jesse Gomez Thanks so much! ❤️💋
Ollie_McWeeb (10 days ago)
wish there were more videos like this, ngl there's something so attractive about its realism (eg with the poor camera quality and echoing from the stall walls)
I am Yetti (10 days ago)
Ollie_McWeeb There will be. ❤️
Phil Hill (10 days ago)
Were you drinking?
I am Yetti (10 days ago)
Phil Hill Me? Drink???? lol
Steve Stair (11 days ago)
Sexy sound😘
Sam Sterling (12 days ago)
Waiting for the ASMR two minute pee :P
Sam Sterling (11 days ago)
Okay so what about the ASMR one minute pee? 😂
I am Yetti (11 days ago)
Sam Sterling For me, definitely impossible. I literally pee every hour because I physically can’t stand the feeling of having to go.
Sam Sterling (11 days ago)
What? Physically impossible? Lol
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
Sam Sterling lol yeah good luck with that lol
Can you do a strip tease for us?🙂
I am Yetti (12 days ago)
🕸JACK from PHILLY 🕸 that’s something I would make for yetti.findrow.com ❤️
Teen 356 (12 days ago)
More please
She's great
Mike Romano (12 days ago)
I love when you pee
sarahdelano (13 days ago)
Haha, this is awesome.
JACO (13 days ago)
I'm the toilet
Johnny (13 days ago)
When are you gonna do an ASMR peeing outside video?
Johnny (13 days ago)
+I am Yetti I'm looking forward to it. It might provide a different sound experience. thanks
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Johnny maybe when I’m wasted.
Rhaldryn (13 days ago)
asmr lap dance
ASMR Augusto (13 days ago)
john smith (13 days ago)
john smith (13 days ago)
+I am Yetti fingers crossed for a part 3
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
john smith Thank you
Josh S (13 days ago)
What a coincidence!! I have also pee'd in a strip club! It's like we're the same person he he :)
I am Yetti (9 days ago)
Fluffy Little Bear 😂
Fluffy Little Bear (9 days ago)
Yeah, but have you ever stripped in a pee club?
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Josh S lol my bad
Josh S (13 days ago)
+I am Yetti You probably pee'd on my pee! stop that! lol
I am Yetti (13 days ago)
Josh S lmao right 😂

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