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GONE FOREVER // Magic Wand NeXus Car Wash at BP/FasTrip Washington MO

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Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/ ~ Please excuse the bad camerawork, but I had to tell you guys that as of 11/17/17, this NeXus machine is gone!! It is getting replaced with a D&S IQ. I know this because of the D&S dryers and the rails, which are already installed. I hope to post an update video filming the new system. --------- I told you guys I would film this one. This machine didn't do a very good job at cleaning the car though. In this machine, the pump was connected to single phase, instead of three phase, which is what the car wash pump needs. The high pressure rinse wasn't high pressure, the blue foam in the tri foam didn't work, and it didn't use spot free water. The dryers didn't work well either. It did an ok job cleaning the car, but it left bugs on the front of the vehicle, as well as the dirt on the hood. I easily brushed it off with my finger. The spraying heads spun a lot faster than the NeXus machines I have seen. I had a lot of fun filming this one. Thanks for watching!
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When are you going to film the New System?
Creaky C. (6 months ago)
Unsure. I will for sure visit it in the future, though.
I’m Very Sorry To Hear That This System Got Replace
I’m so glad they didn’t Replace it with a Ryko Radius. Those systems are Terrible.
That’s sad how it’s being replaced. I’m just glad they didn’t put in another garbage Ryko system.
Creaky C. (1 year ago)
Tampa Car Wash Channel I definitely agree, and this is the only touch-free IQ in the area
That’s Sad that they got rid of this Machine. They are Rare Systems.
Creaky C. (1 year ago)
Creaky C. (1 year ago)
The Car Wash Fanatic It's Touch-Free. If you check out my Facebook group, you can see a picture of it
Creaky C. Cool. Do you know if the New D&S IQ is a TouchFree or Soft Touch?
Creaky C. (1 year ago)
The Car Wash Fanatic There's another one a few miles down the road
Oh my God I love your video that's my favorite system touch free good video when you revisit could you give me a shout out and subscribe
@EPIC CREAKY Thanks Unless You Find Another Magic Wand Nexus
Creaky C. (2 years ago)
On my next car wash video I upload... I will give you a shout out.
@EPIC CREAKY Yeah I Understand But If You Do Just In Case Could You Give Me Shoutout?
Creaky C. (2 years ago)
Might not revisit this one. Didn't clean the car too well.
Reviews By Vince (2 years ago)
Too bad it didn't do a very good job :( It's still a very cool system to watch :)
The Explore Master (2 years ago)
Isn't weird that the car wash system in the touchfree bays has on-board dryers while the soft touch bay the dryers are seperated where you actually have to drive up to it?

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