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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson "Breaking Dawn Part 1" World Premiere

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BREAKING DAWN Premiere VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEDA14268D08023E7 Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Unedited Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at Summit Entertainment's THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 1 Premiere Arrivals at Nokia Theatre at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, Ca USA November 14, 2011 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (98)
Maria Alcaraz (1 month ago)
Noor Reda (7 months ago)
Rob 1:18 💙💙🌍 .. Miss they together 💔😭 11/2018
Song yo-yo (1 month ago)
I know it hurts
E E (7 months ago)
I miss robsten
Shelby Ramirez (10 months ago)
Florelly Rosado (10 months ago)
Nikhitha Yeturu (1 year ago)
I really like her dress
Andrea Chávez Ibarra (3 years ago)
Robsten In minute 1:18
Andrea Chávez Ibarra (3 years ago)
Omg robsteb
Gracemarie Canja (3 years ago)
why did the camera is going down and up at kristens legs
Loco-Z (5 years ago)
Kristen stewart is hot but she is a terrible actress
Fatima Flores (4 years ago)
No she's not she is a good actress
Thranduil Oropherion (5 years ago)
cause she hates papz and photo calls stuff ;P
David Joes (6 years ago)
love you Kristen!
ana'cee (6 years ago)
She looks soo beautiful for once! It just seems like she's bored and doesn't care about the fans /:
Karine mara (6 years ago)
o sortuda da dona da bandeira brasileira autografada por robert eu quero
englandsensation (6 years ago)
Her eyes are so arrogant.... ugh!
englandsensation (6 years ago)
Her look is so arrogant... how she looks at the cameras
Sheiy Martinez (6 years ago)
Edward could you bite me?L.O.L.
Lama Alklbosah (6 years ago)
These green eyes is killing me !!
Nico .//. (7 years ago)
Only one not here for twilight?? -.- just a huge fan of kristen She's gorgeous, just so sweet to her fans
jendill navarro (7 years ago)
I love you beautiful beautiful
MrsCullenJankowski (7 years ago)
She's beautiful!! <3 They are an amazing couple! <3
Imani (7 years ago)
You guys are so stupid, it's funny to read these comments
Nassilyn (7 years ago)
god, when rob goes to stand at kristens side and pose with her the fans just go crazy.. I love it!!! :)
changerlavie1 (7 years ago)
When Robert apperas at 1:20 Kristen is just like "Oh thank God .. I don't have to be here alone"
Nirka Stewart (7 years ago)
rachel daviestv (7 years ago)
wow stop shouting at kristen with her leg she decides
Lolita Henery (7 years ago)
Kristeeeen <3<3 !!!
cosima kazak (7 years ago)
why people so screaming??? LOL
Ashley Chane't (7 years ago)
she is actually very pretty
Adennos (7 years ago)
@ilovedoctorwhoxxxx guys don't wet, we get hard just saying...
iliana cenova (7 years ago)
They are so unhappy and bored!
iliana cenova (7 years ago)
Now you can't rid of your fans! Do you remember "A walk to remember" with Shane West and Mandy Moor? It was the same. And now.........I want to see Shane West in a good movie, but I can't. Be carefull about the future, don't take all for granted! With many good wishes! Iliana
maddison godwin (7 years ago)
edward is so hot and jacob is so not
krissy irwin (7 years ago)
@kristenandrobfamily thats actually too true hahahaha! :)
wraios1 (7 years ago)
sdfsdfsfffd sdfsdfsdf
wraios1 (7 years ago)
andyNDnessa (7 years ago)
haha it funny rob just goes to his fans and kristen is told to
73mhm (7 years ago)
breaking dawn part 2 comes out November of 2012. I saw part one twice and loved it!!!
curlyqt1986 (7 years ago)
@washingtoninthehous1 thats awesome..wish i could meet her.
Ashley Floch (7 years ago)
I'd be so embaressed acting like that as a fan. Seems the paperazzi takes all the fun out of a premiere, it almost seems a bit frightening having everyone yell at u in every direction.
krissy irwin (7 years ago)
@MYMILEYCYRUSLOVER123 what? aha ;s
StoryDweller (7 years ago)
are they going out??
Adennos (7 years ago)
LMAO I was watching Star Wars last night and I just noticed that the relationship between Robert and Kristen, is pretty similar to the relationship between Anakn and Padme in Star Wars: Always hiding from the media, keeping their relationship as a secret, spending months apart, traveling to see each other and so on...
myoldbluejeans96 (7 years ago)
1.40 - 1.45 omg she is so flawless i wanna die
nicola robson (7 years ago)
lagmayv1 (7 years ago)
they look great together.
sihem oak (7 years ago)
@Emma8TheChocolate too much pressure
FreaKyRandoM (7 years ago)
love the way Robert just comes out of nowhere. they look so great together. (:
sihem oak (7 years ago)
@HarryAndRobsten wheredid you hear that?
minimyr (7 years ago)
God Kristen is gorgeous!! there should be a specific word to describe how beautiful she is!!
Robo (7 years ago)
Aw, the two of them are so cute, but this is almost too painful to watch...think how awkward it is to pose for one pic, much less...hundreds of different cameras flashing your way...and then screaming, crying fans...geez. ...guess it's all part of it, right?
Bmis3 Evening (7 years ago)
Kristen you are sooooo beautiful , you have truely grown may god bless you always good luck in your all your endeavours
CynthiaEsquivel 1999 (7 years ago)
Omg Love it!!!!!!
Lucy (7 years ago)
there ears must really hurt after they have gotten through all of those people xD
Jessica Kruiswijk (7 years ago)
she's so pretty
bookzandmore (7 years ago)
my friend was at this premerie
Emma Gustafson (7 years ago)
I feel really sorry for them!!!!!!!
Coni (7 years ago)
Can someone say what are they saying? OMG! They look amazing together!
Kamryn Jones (7 years ago)
love her dress!!!
Vicky Palk (7 years ago)
god will they give kristen a rest all i can hear is KRISTEN OVER HERE and KRISTEN TO YOUR LEFT i mean geezzzzz guys dont wet yourself
curlyqt1986 (7 years ago)
You can tell that all they want to do is go to the fans..not caring for the photographers :) love robsten
smilyangel013 (7 years ago)
you can see that around 0:09 Rob gives a glance to Kristen.....so sweet!
EdwardandBella1718 (7 years ago)
krissy irwin (7 years ago)
dear kristen, why are you so gorgeous? dear robert, how are you so cute? ;) think they should hurry up and get married!
alittlerythm (7 years ago)
awww 1:17 and 4:29 <3 <3
kvaughn4275 (7 years ago)
Kristen hurt her foot, is in the middle of filming, shot 2 talk shows before the premiere and was only home for 3 days. Talk about whirlwind. Give her a break haters, and doubters There's a GREAT shot of RK gazing into each others eyes and plenty more cute shots. Rob seemed happy to be with her so that should be enough.
smilyangel013 (7 years ago)
well...right now i'm a little bit like WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE SOOO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!1
iza bosita (7 years ago)
AWWWWWWW i can't from 4:29 to the end <3333333 his hands never leaves her waist and she's adoringly taking those little affections from her man.The feelings that im feeling about this couple is endless!!
Hyasmim Cristinne (7 years ago)
AussieTwiFan (7 years ago)
the squealing sounds like on harry potter whent he take the plants our of the pots :PP
MusicLover (7 years ago)
I keep looking at rob's hand around kristen!It's soooo cute!
MusicLover (7 years ago)
Just get married guys!!!
jumpforjoy6 (7 years ago)
@ScissorhandsNikki It's not her job to look sweetly at Rob you fucking moron, also you are clearly blind as a bat as well as dumb as shit
MrCaptainbilbo (7 years ago)
Every time I see this movie advertised I feel like Breaking Wind
forever dclove (7 years ago)
there soo fkucking cute together <3 . I HOPE THEY DAT IN REAL.
donna07dmr (7 years ago)
@EmmaLuhh Hey dude,yeah you just pls. shut up and if you hate them so much then why are you even wasting time commenting bad things about them and plus obviously they're dating I mean seriously are you blind or something they''ve been dating for almost 4 yrs. now so just shut up and enjoy watching the vid,peace! ;)
sanaaa219 (7 years ago)
S H (7 years ago)
@EmmaLuhh ...... too much hate in your heart. its not going to get you anywhere. learn to love.
Cakes By Amanda (7 years ago)
Soo funny cuz I was there... Bruno mars said I was beautiful when I was sitting down getting ready to watch the movie
EmmaLuhh (7 years ago)
@HarryAndRobsten You need professional help. Don' you want to see Rob so cold treatment towards her? You prefer to live in your sick fantasy world. The shippers are pathetic. All of you always want to be blind to not see reality.
Anne Reese (7 years ago)
Rob is concerned for Kristen coz she just got a sprained ankle not long ago and now she's wearing heels. Clever for Kristen to change her shoes.
S H (7 years ago)
her face at 1.18 is saying: thank god! my man is here!
MiriAdler09 (7 years ago)
@ScissorhandsNikki She was smiling, but she was in pain too. Marc Malkin said she injured her foot on set and those shoes were killing her. Poor thing. She looked GORGEOUS. Great dress.
Queensocks (7 years ago)
And shes just like "Look over there!"
Mari S (7 years ago)
1:28 Are you alright?
MsFashionistachic (7 years ago)
awwwwwwwww 1:28 rob is like " u allright'
tulipchic34 (7 years ago)
Rob would make a good James Bond. Maybe when his older.
sara b (7 years ago)
Lydia Garcia (7 years ago)
in the minute 4.15, there's a girl saying/yelling something to kstw and she turned back to see her.... what was that?
ProKingsley1208 (7 years ago)
Awww love it when Rob finds Kristen at 1:18 and Kristen was so smiling happily :D Love it when Rob always keeps his arms around Kristen as they move along the line for pictures <3
majusitshu (7 years ago)
@ScissorhandsNikki Are you fucking kidding me? She's smiling alright!! Go watch another vid if you don't believe me!
Nikki Orlick (7 years ago)
Was Kristen in a bad mood tonight or what? I dont understand why there arent any pictures of her looking sweetly at Rob :/ Was this all because her foot was hurting her? I saw at the end of the video, when nick told them to move again, she made a face, and Rob was trying to make her happy.
Lo (7 years ago)
4:37 Kristen touching Rob's stomach & when they walk down the line. So cute!
e_diane (7 years ago)
This is what love is... Enjoy u two!
stringerfamily (7 years ago)
Boy the papz are annoying!

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