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Black Mirror Timeline Explained | Seasons 1-4

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Season 4 finally confirmed that Black Mirror takes place in a shared universe. Here's how all of the episodes connect to each other, and a timeline of the events in the show. Subscribe to GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Us - http://twitter.com/GSUniverse Like Us - http://facebook.com/GameSpotUniverse http://www.gamespot.com
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GameSpot Universe (1 year ago)
What do you make of our Black Mirror timeline?
Kyonte Fountaine (1 month ago)
It's also possible that the US and the UK r using different technologies that r not regulated yet in both countries, then episodes like nosedive make more sense
Pinnaplia (1 month ago)
You missed the symbol show At the beginning of White Bear during the static.
Bernard Soul (1 month ago)
This blows my mothafuckin' mind. PLEASE make a part two with the newest season incorporated into your timeline. Please, it'll be fun, I promise!
The True Geeg Lord (2 months ago)
Ummmm, 15 million merits is a comic book that the character that has his wife put in his head, can't think of his name, reads during black museum. Also metal head is a game developed by Colin ritman in bandersnatch.
Macaroni and Cliches (4 months ago)
ALSO this whole time I've been think Selma looked like Victoria Skellane. It's weird finding out the actor WAS playing 2 characters, just not the one I thought. My perception of faces is mostly based on skin tone and hairstyle though.
Felicia Thomas (3 days ago)
Yo! You forgot that weird song that plays in almost every episode. "Anyone who knows what love is". It's creepy af.
Xbalanque Bronze (7 days ago)
It's a bit depressing "metal head" is the last in the timeline
טל זילברמן (11 days ago)
I think the humanity didn't learn anything in the black mirror universe, until people just started to destroy themself, that's why "Metalhead" is last, and maybe "man against fire" is somewhere around "metalhead" because they both are in a dark area and no one mantions the war from "man again fire" in any other episode of black mirror at the UKN. my other theory is that these both episodes, "man against fire" and "metalhead" are just video games. and that's why there was a metalhead poster in the bandersnatch episode at the computers place. "man against fire" can be very much a video game, looks like one of those surviving agains zombies games.
Tadhg Shortall (14 days ago)
What if the humans in metal head are roaches from men against fire. It would make sense for the military to create the dogs to replace the human soldiers
Racheal U (20 days ago)
The fact that Reputelligent shares are plummeting doesn't prove anything regarding the timeline for Nosedive. All it means is that Reputelligent existed during Hated in the Nation. The company could have simply had a PR snafu and then rallied. My guess is that there was some backlash against social media in general (s5e2?) causing damage to Reputelligent which existed to help wannabe instagram/youtube influencers get followers, but they managed to hang on until sometime in the future when society started heading towards the Nosedive social credit system.
KetchupGuy Official (23 days ago)
Season 5 is out
shiro nya (26 days ago)
Thank you for taking out if your time to simplify it for the rest of us. I truly appreciate it :)
oh YEAH YEAH (27 days ago)
Or maybe they aren't really connected but black museum just had those things as Easter eggs to the other episodes?
Journey2Finland (1 month ago)
I don't think it's a transfer consciousness only copied
lane s (1 month ago)
I LOVE the cookie theory omg, it would make a lot of sense as it would be away for govt systems to experiment new ways of life before turning it into a realitly
kittycandyfluff pup (1 month ago)
Manuel Mentlow (1 month ago)
Now the episode white bear is that in cookies where they can torture you my theory is the protagonist of white bear in the real world actually die and cookie is being used for torture
Manuel Mentlow (1 month ago)
I think so far I'm addicted to Black Mirror it's like my Twilight Zone or outer limits Dark Skies notes very good I think Four Season 6 they need to do more episodes a few episodes surrounding the cookies and how they interact with the world world are Revisited White Bear Justice Park put different people in the park
Ky Lo (1 month ago)
Now include season5!
TheJohnForbes (1 month ago)
In Crocodile it is mentioned that one of judges from 15m merits was at the hotel with a rent boy and the press found out. So if Crocodile is in the "real" world then so must 15m merits. Also season 5 kinda changes everything as in the episode smithereens a lot of episodes as referenced as happening at the same time as smithereens. Also smithereens is the only episode that gives us a year, at the start of the episode is says that the year is 2018
Tetsuya (1 month ago)
In Bandersnatch they show the metal dog from Metalhead. I feel like you may of overlooked this very important fact for Metal head, presenting the idea that it was all just a game or an actual movie within the series.
Kin Hamid (1 month ago)
Couldn’t it all be simply explained by following Bandersnatch’s ideas of alternate realities and branching universes? I think it would kinda be more believable than the cookies theory myself
Nature Storm (1 month ago)
11:04 reputelligent could be having a nosedive due to the unoriginality of just rating people, it could have been just a fad that died out.
15 million credits being all about cookies makes perfect sense and would explain a lot about this world actually, but Nosedive, no Nosedive seems like something that might exist at least in the Black Mirror universe
Ariana Tolbert (1 month ago)
at 10:43 a rail crash is mentioned which could be connected to bandersnatch but i’m not sure it was a thought while these episodes were being filmed.
Cartoon Invasion (1 month ago)
Mirrorverse lol 😂😂
Cody Battery (1 month ago)
After that song from Ashley too we know fifteen million merits has to be after it
Letícia Guelere (1 month ago)
Desperately trying to fit the new three episodes on the timeline
Paiistu (1 month ago)
When are you gonna do a season 5 update to this video?
TOMATAZO (1 month ago)
Za waldo moment
Malachite Heart (1 month ago)
This entire video is GENIUS!
Alina Huntjens (1 month ago)
I love how smithereens can now be added very early in the timeline
Michael Timpson (1 month ago)
Metalhead is probably cookieverse too
Bernard Soul (1 month ago)
With real people entering that world and playing as the dogs
Colin Topia (1 month ago)
15 million merits: on the tv screen while they’re cycling, It looks like the same girl is in the episode play test (minute 3:52 - 4:10 on this video)
Cory Moses (1 month ago)
i'm sure the roaches aren't talked about since they are just projections for the military to use to ensure that their hires will fire upon them when the roaches are really just an oppressed group that steals to survive. The blacklisting of these wars may be due to security issues and as shown, people were able to rewire the military's technology to shown the truth.
chaellExE (1 month ago)
can you make one with season 5 in the new timeline?
Oma Rumunna (1 month ago)
I'm satisfied.
mark morris (1 month ago)
Well that was awesome.
Tim Kristen (1 month ago)
Very impressive!
Daddy (1 month ago)
They decided to make black mirror a prequel for Fahrenheit 451
Louis Unsworth (1 month ago)
One slight problem with this timeline is that in Arkangel you can see a Tusk poster on Sarah’s wall that says that he has a new album coming out soon. Given that she is 15 at the time and would only have had that poster for a maximum of a few years, plus the fact that you have put Hated in the Nation well before the beginning of Arkangel, Tusk would have to have been releasing a new album over a decade after his death... not sure about that
geraldine kids (1 month ago)
so, in "Black Museum", during the cassie and jack story, we see jack reading a comic, and the comic is literally called fifteen million merits, and is telling the same story thats told in the episode. this can probably prove that the fifteen mill. mer. "world" is entirely in cookies, and possibly a TV show of its own.
465marko (1 month ago)
Dayum! I wanna get explicitly connected to you, presenter lady! <insert bandersnatch innuendo>
Shermaine Brown (1 month ago)
It's all connected
Mike Oxsbig (1 month ago)
Are we going to ignore her giant ass neck???
Bernard Soul (1 month ago)
She makes it work with that outfit and hairstyle.
Best show
Noah Zaranka (2 months ago)
I believe in angeeels!
Sheputster (2 months ago)
It's all tied with bandersnatch. The symbol is the symbol of alternate realities. The Black mirror universe is tied in with all of these alternate realities. Not each episode, but at least a couple
Nadia Stewart (2 months ago)
I like how every season has one episode that features that one song "any one who knows what love is".
X Ry (2 months ago)
I don't like to think of Black Mirror as one connected universe. The fact that cookies exist as "realities within realities" opens the door for all sorts of connected universe theories, but the bounds of cookies are so limitless it means basically anything could technically be in a timeline because it's in a cookie from the future or something.
Colin Leikauf (2 months ago)
This „white bear symbol“ gives me chills everytime... is it just me?😳
Frey V (2 months ago)
What bout bandersnatch
Crowe (2 months ago)
Ive never watched Black Mirror, but does this mean Bandersnatch might be cookies? I watched Bandersnatch and the multiple endings might mean that it is also a game?
Hulk Smash 24/7 (2 months ago)
People with touch time on their ✋..
Ollie Dudderidge (2 months ago)
WhErE's BanDErSnAtcH iN tHe SerIEs?!?
Zuzu (2 months ago)
Every episode of Black Mirror is an amazing journey....with lame ending full of plot holes.
Cesar Reyes (2 months ago)
10:46 HOL UP could that rail crash be the same one that killed the kids mom in the Bandersnatch movie :o
G-Man On Tha Beat (2 months ago)
In White Bear, they actually did mention at the end that she attempted suicide before her sentencing. That’s why her boyfriend didn’t make it to sentencing. He successfully committed suicide
Here's my issue with the cookie theory, is within the episode Nosedive, while having a conversation with the truck driver old woman, the older woman reminisced about how when she was younger and that her husband had cancer and that he died from it. According to the series, Cookies are exact digital copies of human consciences. Its not been indicated that Cookies can age or get sick with diseases considering they are just digital copies, albeit are very much alive. In Fifteen Million Merits, Bing mentions that his brother died and he inherited the money. How can a Cookie die without a real human on the outside purposely deleting it? Lastly, in men against fire, it seemed to me to be too real and believable to be in the Cookie universe. Not to mention, considering the Cookie theory is based on Humans granting Cookies rights and giving them something to do in their worlds, it would be considered inhuman to have Cookies go to war with eachother or extingiush a certain group of people because of their "weak bloodline". Ive not seen a single Cookie bleed. Eiiiither way, its an amazing theory and I see why fans lean towards it, but I would think its more plausible that very few certain episodes take place in an alternative Universe, or maybe even "mirrors" the other Universe or Universes. Still, all in all they all represent our own in a way.
REAVER 14 (3 months ago)
I'm sure they are connected in the minds of the writers but the reason they said it wasn't is specifically because they didn't want to have to keep every little detail straight and not contradict themselves
Sean Wright (3 months ago)
Some episodes could be isolated to one part of the world
Stefan Brockelbank (4 days ago)
It's really silly how everyone assumes that a dystopian future requires a world society where everyone has access to the same technology. A lot of episodes could overlap due to being isolated, like you said.
Kailyssia Pym (3 months ago)
If you believe in the white bear symbol meaning cookie universes then Bandersnatch would count because the white bear symbol shows up a lot.
Kailyssia Pym (3 months ago)
I heard a theory that Metalhead was like a hellish/punishment version of San Junipero which I why it is in black and white.
Jack O'Connell (3 months ago)
holy shit... that was awesome
Ren Hallow (3 months ago)
Bandersnatch tho
AHarice (3 months ago)
I really dont care that the universe is connected as long as they give me a existential crisis about technology I'm good
New Order of Alexandria (3 months ago)
When I seen Nosedive I immediately thought that society had become like a mmo game of some sorts where everyone was competing to get the highest rank in a game in order to get the best gear in this case special treatment like better houses and cars. You know like you need to be a certain level to use this item, etc. I normally find these theories a stretch and ridiculous but there's a lot of evidence sprinkled around each episode that means it's got to be true.
Wyatt Etcheverry (3 months ago)
Does no one remember the end of the Waldo episode? There is a total police-state dystopia ruled by an animated blue bear going on so where the hell does that fit in?
pragmaticpolitics (3 months ago)
waldo moment better not be canon
Krispy Bak0n (4 months ago)
Fucking rip this with bandersnatch
Khanphomet (4 months ago)
All this show is missing is Matt Damon
Joe minchinton (4 months ago)
Nose dive could be taking place at the same time as metalhead as it could be that cookies are pretty much all that's left of humanity
Hotcatfish (4 months ago)
Definitely think the movie explains how these could even be connected by how there are 1000s of alternative realities 🤷‍♂️ who knows tho
Charlie Brooks (4 months ago)
Do a updated timeline along with Bandersnatch
Ivory thomas (5 months ago)
15 million merits definitely makes sense as an episode following the experiences of cookies. In the episode Bing kept making reference to his "doppel," I took this to mean doppelgänger or something along those lines. I'm glad to hear my theory is somewhat supported.
Nea 13 (5 months ago)
After watching bandersnath, there has been another theory about the weird timeline of black mirror in my head: In bandersnatch, we get, for the first time, an accurate description of what the white bear symbol might be, which is diverging timelines. It seems kind of oddly fitting for this symbol to also appear in the few episodes that seem hard to place in the black mirror timeline. So that might actually be a hint that, while those odd episodes may share a similar history, might be diverging points in the major timeline, where technology and humanity just went into a different direction. Like how tormenting prisoners for entertainment became socially accepted instead of locking them in cells like the news ticker implied. Or how a digital rating system became a valid replacement for class structures. It would be hard to place any future episodes on this kind of world, since it would just become increasingly hard to relate to. But diverging timelines may solve that problem.
chaellExE (5 months ago)
I find that you have great arguments trough out this entire presentation. With the inconsistencies and other problems, have you considered that other parts of the world may adept quicker towards new technology and thus are also willing to experiment publicly with / on them? Also, sometimes the time in one episode of BM seems to jump forward with out any warning. While I haven't seen White Christmas yet, I am pretty certain that there are might be other clues in there depicting when it might have taken place in this fictional time line. Again great work and thank you for it
Amy Carter (5 months ago)
I don’t want them to be in the same timeline
spazzed stilinski (5 months ago)
update this with bandersnatched !! it has the same logo from white bear tooo
useless debatable (5 months ago)
Time isnt straight forward, like most think, you can go back and change the past, changing the future
Sarah DeVera (5 months ago)
I've been looking in the comments to see whether anyone has mentioned that the symbol from White Bear is also the symbol for "choices" in the new BM movie Bandersnatch. When I was watching/playing Bandersnatch, I freaked out as soon as I saw the symbol because I instantly recognized it. In Bandersnatch, though, it represents a "choice" or "path." So what does it represent in White Bear? It was on the TVs in White Bear, and it would pop up in a similar fashion in Bandersnatch, except on the protagonist's computer. I've actually begun Googling it and people are FINALLY making posts called "why is the symbol from Bandersnatch in White Bear." For a while it seemed no one noticed. I'm looking for a theory that fits... *Edit: I found a credible source! https://www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/entertainment/2018/12/bandersnatch-white-bear-symbol-black-mirror/amp/
Taye Purks (5 months ago)
If we’re going solely off of technology I think nosedive comes after hang the dj because the whole matchmaking system is a very similar concept in nosedive but just more primitive like maybe they were testing it out on digital people to see how it would go in real life. Once they (the military or government?) saw that a good 99% of people would be willing to subscribe to a society where technology decides your life they came up with the technology in nosedive
Cayla Powell (5 months ago)
the only thing i don’t think is connected is metalhead. i think that it’s not on the timeline it’s actually a video game because in bandersnatch it’s a video game
Vinni Lopes (5 months ago)
Wish I would’ve watched it in this order !!
MotorHead Tech (5 months ago)
so in 2019 how is the newest black mirror episode of bandersnatch stay in the timeline of the black mirror universe, because theres lots of easter eggs in it too, maybe it's another cookie universe?
darkgtprince (5 months ago)
Why do these episodes need to be connected and have a timeline? Why couldn't the news ticker just be a nice easter egg for viewers?
Asfian11 (5 months ago)
cause it's just fun to theorise
armando rascon (5 months ago)
I love this show
Llamalus (5 months ago)
Bro, sorry, but Bandersnatch just messes with literally everything we know about black mirror in general.
Brant Barker (5 months ago)
The time line paradox is a highly compelling fact of natural history to explore. Examine this under further scrutiny. Opon further inspection .
Rodrigo Peloni (5 months ago)
One of the employees of Infinity in USS Callister also appears in Nose Dive.
Jammorel Huntinghawk (5 months ago)
And then Bandersnatch comes before all of it, obviously.
The Dark Ghost (5 months ago)
Black mirror is just goosebumps for adults
Rosie Strandberg (5 months ago)
I have seen a few other reappearing actors, like the airport desk worker in Nosedive who calls on security. She is also one of the people at the company who are in the US callister episode.
Sarah Yu (5 months ago)
Neural company TCKR in Black Museum.. then TUCKER soft in Bandersnatch. Hmm...
goodgirl sk (5 months ago)
But 15 million merits they were powering stuff. And it was also shown in white Christmas when he watched news...so that can't be cookies.
TM_ (5 months ago)
I would just say there is a timeline and a connected universe, but everything that doesn't fit this timeline is also not in this universe. This fits also very well with anything charlie brooker said. So some episodes are just episodes on their own in their own universe. And the easter eggs in these are just easter eggs.
Jay Rose (5 months ago)
The song “anyone who knows what love is” plays throughout different episodes, adding to the idea of them being in the same universe/connected.
Stefan Brockelbank (4 days ago)
Heard it in Shut Up and Dance! :D
Connor Hyland (5 months ago)
Great, now try fit bandersnatch in this
Thomas Rodrigue (5 months ago)
Wait what if Bandersnatch takes place in an egg...
Daniel Funes (5 months ago)
what about bandersnatch
Matthew Randall (5 months ago)
What about the ending of the Waldo moment
THE GRE Omar the great (5 months ago)
@Gamespot Universe then what is that symbol to bandersnatch? it was a choice so could please explain that
Clayton M (5 months ago)
oh yeah yeah
x3SamuraiGirl1551x3 (5 months ago)
i was definitely confused why bandersnatch wasn't mentioned but then realized this video was from last year. But i feel like its a possibility that it could be included in the timeline. On some UKN headlines they talk about the train derailing and people dead/injured like in Bandersnatch. And plus it was also about a video game company and they have a poster for metalhead, and a game called Nosedive. Obviously those were just put in there alone with the White Bear Logo since all those episodes already happened.....could it be at the end of the timeline? but at the same time Bandersnatch also feels like it could go at the beginning of the timeline because its placed decades ago........ Either its the missing piece or the piece that ruins the whole timeline. IDK.

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