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WE NEEDED SAVING IN THE SEA! ► DUBAI PLAYLIST - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-4smTHkXoTZru_EehwvYio967FwAvRh1 ► Follow Evie On Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/evie_mm ► Subscribe To See More :) - http://bit.ly/OliWhiteTV ► GET YOUR MERCH NOW! http://www.oliwhiteshop.com ► ORDER THE TAKEOVER NOW! - http://www.gen-next.co.uk ▶︎ (UK) ORDER GENERATION NEXT - http://amzn.to/1QkOuMw ▶︎ (USA) http://bit.ly/GenNextUSBook MY INSTAGRAM: @OliWhiteTV MY TWITTER: @OliWhiteTV MY SNAPCHAT: OliWhite1 MY FACEBOOK: fb.com/OliWhiteTV
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Text Comments (196)
xpert aab (5 months ago)
I wish I had a british accent
I.B. (5 months ago)
Are we not allowed to see the girlfriends eyes? She’s barely on camera and when she is it’s always with sunglasses. Genuine question
Ava Harvey (5 months ago)
Awww your such a lovely boyfriend
Stephy Holt (6 months ago)
I thought you needed saving 🤔 that’s what you named this ...
Stephy Holt (6 months ago)
Asif you’ve never been Tommy Hilfiger! His clothes are amazing
Jamie Lee (7 months ago)
You are the definition of a Pleb, you are so embarrassing
Roni (7 months ago)
He made the boat crash with his weight (sarcasm)
unicornlover xoxoxoxoxxo (7 months ago)
Love you oli
Suzy Keadell (7 months ago)
Why does Evie always were sun glasses?
Albert Osborn (7 months ago)
Sophie Blackhurst (7 months ago)
ok i need that cake
Fixxed Furious (7 months ago)
Evie sounds like siri 😅😅😀😀
Fixxed Furious (7 months ago)
Bro Tommy Hilfiger is a great brand
Fixxed Furious (7 months ago)
Can u do who knows me better James vs Evie like so oli can see
Tillie x (7 months ago)
I love Oli and all but this was such clickbait😂x
Gracie Roddy (7 months ago)
When did he say the boat broke down x
Poppy Jones (7 months ago)
I love how Evie calls u darling I find funny and I love u
Brady darar (7 months ago)
shes hot. congrats
Ally belle 023 (7 months ago)
9:51 you're actually supposed to face the bow (front of the boat) into the direction of the waves. If you don't, what can happen (in particularly rough seas) is that the boat can capsize if you have the stern (back of the boat) facing into the waves.
Tilly Winchester (7 months ago)
Count how many times oil says whoo in this video lol
Ruby1020 (7 months ago)
So ur title was some phat clickbait, fab
Hiiya (7 months ago)
I’m at the Sofitel to
Pirate Stalkers (7 months ago)
Look it darling What what
Luke Simkins (7 months ago)
Tommy Hilfiger my favourite company 😂
Maryam Almarar (7 months ago)
Ski Dubai
Maryam Almarar (7 months ago)
Ski Dubai
Maryam Almarar (7 months ago)
Ski Dubai
Maryam Almarar (7 months ago)
Ski dubai
Maryam Almarar (7 months ago)
Ski Dubai
Molly M (7 months ago)
What was bobbing up and down ?
Caitlin Hackwell (7 months ago)
i can't get over how amazingly gorgeous evie is!!
laura frances (7 months ago)
Dubai is so fun 🤪
H Beer (7 months ago)
PewDiePie Will win (7 months ago)
Eve: baby baby baby baby baby baby Oli: wait it’s fine Eve:you are going head on to the building Oli:...huh Eve:help Oli ...OUR ENGIN HAS STOPED!👌😭😂
nicole agiellowicz (7 months ago)
Oh oli
Vicki Symmonds (7 months ago)
I really like your t shirt
Kaylin Doen (7 months ago)
Hey Oli 😊 You should try & prank your girlfriend. Maybe the “I’m leaving you prank” or the “Hickey prank” or prank her & say you lost something very important
charlie champion (7 months ago)
Millie Ebbs (7 months ago)
Evie: ‘OLI’ Oli: looks at her ‘mmm’ I’m dead😂😂
Adam Boynton (7 months ago)
Katie Edwards (7 months ago)
Hope you had an amazing time oli !! ☀️
Daniel Cryan (7 months ago)
Well done on the girl mate 👌
Molly Pitt (7 months ago)
Such an amazing video. That sunset looked amazing and the helicopter ride was awesome. These videos of Dubai have been brilliant. I can’t wait till the next video. !!!
Kwaii Edits (7 months ago)
cans i haz sum of yar caik?
Jayda Leanne (7 months ago)
Evie is so relatable *I LOVE IT* oli she’s a keeper ❤️🙃👑
Gracepe 99 (7 months ago)
This is holly, 👧🏼 👚 👖 She is 0 all the likes is how old she is see how old we can get her xx
kit Clappin (7 months ago)
Rishi is Me (7 months ago)
Yo I went there too
What’s my name again? (7 months ago)
Is it just me or is Evie and Oli the cutest couple on YouTube?
Skye (3 months ago)
Yh it’s just u
Grace Okey (7 months ago)
Evie and Oli and Alfie and Zoe
Billy Willy gaming (7 months ago)
ThierryHenryFan 14 no it's Joe and Dianne
FBI (7 months ago)
Word Of The Week! DARLING
Danzi polo (7 months ago)
I bet you Oli won't heart my comment.
HazGVV (7 months ago)
I bet he won’t pin this! - - 0
Brandon Winchester (7 months ago)
Luv ur vids keep up the good work man 😇
Dominika Wasik (7 months ago)
10:08 , is the part your looking for
FTCaleb Hardy (7 months ago)
i love oli XD he is truly a star who replies to all my comments like if you agree
David Smith (7 months ago)
Good for you for showing off. None of us can afford that holiday.
Norah _ 04 (7 months ago)
David Smith then stop watching his vids
movies and trailers (7 months ago)
Bro Games (7 months ago)
Get James to do a video the engine didn’t break you burn the fuse you dummy love your vid like if oli is better then joe and comment if joes better
CPT Shadow (7 months ago)
Ì like the Tommy H Luis Hamillton colab tshirt!!!!!!!
Ninjas Hyper (7 months ago)
When do. You leave I am flying to the same hotel as you tomorrow 😎
Amazing Amelie (7 months ago)
Clickbait Chelsey shut up you fun spoiler
Raspberry (7 months ago)
Nobody cares you crazy ass stalker
Spider GM (7 months ago)
I have never had a comment that has been liked a lot. Like if u can relate😂
The Brothers (7 months ago)
Great video again 🤙🏼
Lewis Wilson (7 months ago)
Gabby Jones (7 months ago)
It stoped lil
Sacha Kaur (7 months ago)
I hope your having a great time!! 😍😍😍😍
Theo Hanley (7 months ago)
Babey babey babey babey oli !!!!
sunhvy (7 months ago)
Oh helllllllll nahhhhhh
Charlotte moran pakes (7 months ago)
Evie is sooo pretty it is unfair 😍💕💕💕
AJAG (7 months ago)
yo oli all your vlogs r amazing keep it up
ItzMoss- (7 months ago)
Why do I never get like probably cause I never say anything good
Mohammed Umar (7 months ago)
2:54 who are the people behind you Meet mo vlogs
Mohammed Umar (7 months ago)
Grace Smith (7 months ago)
Love u
Roni (7 months ago)
I swear I will like this comment. You SWORE!!😂😂
Roni (5 months ago)
oh yeah yeah (7 months ago)
Ninja so what, i unliked
Roni (7 months ago)
GWC Gaming & Stuff (7 months ago)
I genuinely missed the first part of the comment and didn’t read it lol
Raspberry (7 months ago)
No I didn't. Piss off.
James Walsh (7 months ago)
Good vid oli should be proud of your self
Kay Tam (7 months ago)
I’m so glad as an Arab that you’re showing the beautiful parts of our land which will show that Arab places aren’t as evil and dark as is often made out. Awesome Vlogs
Annie clanchy (7 months ago)
Lauren Shaw (7 months ago)
This was the best video I've seen in like 12 years and I'm only 12 I only just started watching you and your like now my favourite YouTuber ❤️LOVE YOU OLI Xxx
AlphaXraids (7 months ago)
Great vid oli
yasmine thomas (7 months ago)
becki middleton (7 months ago)
Where else would you like to travel to that you haven’t been before
BC_ Play's (7 months ago)
Harvey Haywood (7 months ago)
1 like 1 sub
Ghost Dragon (7 months ago)
Lucas Sprague (7 months ago)
Yo I met u in ur generation next tour in Brighton and I gave u money to wipe the chocolate off ur face 😂 but I really hope u see this
moggle Moff (7 months ago)
Oh and oli I love your vids and I think you have lost a lot of weight
Ghost Dragon (7 months ago)
THIS IS FAKE,They telled me that there was a island so close to the broken boat
That’s The Badger YT (7 months ago)
I was the first dislike!!!!😏😏😏😏😏
Gacha Devil (7 months ago)
Love the vid! (:
Rayne W (7 months ago)
Jo Smalley (7 months ago)
dubai is fab ,but where would you go on honeymoon if you and evie were to marry ..?
mfuray11 (7 months ago)
Emily Curran (7 months ago)
LOVED THIS!!!!!!!❤️😍😭😂xx
Humzah Khalid (7 months ago)
Shout o
Sam Mcnamee (7 months ago)
I’m going to London on Sunday
Finn Wrigley (7 months ago)
Oli Oli o Oli Oli o Oli Oli so his name is Oli white and he is the best youtuber in the land
Louise Birchall (7 months ago)
Your vids r great
Jadzz (7 months ago)
Hope you had an amazing time! Always gotta blame Oli for breaking something lmao!
Amy_Rose_1605 Hall (7 months ago)
who else loves Evie? Oli your lucky 💕
@Jamie Lee so fucking true
Jamie Lee (7 months ago)
No-one, she's a posh twat
moggle Moff (7 months ago)
OMG I feel so bad for u but great vlog
Morgan Eve (7 months ago)

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