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7 Back to School Style Mistakes Most Guys Make

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Text Comments (1735)
II PSYCHO II (4 hours ago)
Ur haircut is the mistake
no no (4 hours ago)
Telling people what to wear ? I don’t listen to people I wear what I want Bc it’s MY style not what what others want or suggest..... lmao YouTube needs to stop recommending these videos
Kevin John (8 hours ago)
Man, it’s really hard to dress fashionable when your university is very humid (which makes you sweat like crazy, especially since you have to walk long distances as well) and it rains from 1:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M. everyday. Floods are also a thing, so your shoes WILL get soaked. Seems like the only options are flip flops or crappy shoes that you don’t care about because they’ll get ruined anyway. HELP 😅
Marquis Kocher (10 hours ago)
I feel like 90% of the video is about impressing women which is super ridiculous. I get it but school is for the work and socializing, not always for relationships.
SantaClout (14 hours ago)
Bro, ion have time to shower in the morning
SantaClout (14 hours ago)
Nmd and ultra boost are too comfortable to not wear. Comfy is the way to go at school
Tzujka (18 hours ago)
I don t know why but i hate this guy😂😂😂😂
Shahmir Chaudhry (20 hours ago)
slides w socks are the way to go but i agree with Tmf
Randy Moss (1 day ago)
wtf is wrong with air force ones
Lil Goat (1 day ago)
All u need is slides,socks,shorts,and t shirt if it’s ganna be a clear day When it’s cold or rainy u can go all out with the layers and shoes but mostly good outfits that keep u warm and dry And then u can spend money on actual things u need like a car,laptop,books
bear weitz (1 day ago)
Link to pants at 0:57
jacob adkins (1 day ago)
This mans says that the rose gold and black crap is affordable BUT ITS $36 WITH THE DISCOUNT like what
Jahbuty (1 day ago)
Well why would I get in bed from sweating in the day all nasty when I can shower at night and save time in the morning
Boss Lamb (1 day ago)
Shitty video to promote his shitty sponsors
schmidt. (1 day ago)
This man just called Air Force 1 outdated, sorry bro not for me.
Lil Bobby Vert (1 day ago)
Yo my man you cant disrespect AF1’s like that
pyb6 (1 day ago)
As a female, I'd prefer seeing a guy walk down the hall in graphic tees.
Nah, Socks' n Slides r hot
Bryce Dowling (1 day ago)
My three favorite stores are 1. Pacsun- all around great streetwear and vintage inspired clothing 2. Zumiez- great color block and skate clothing/shoes 3- now hear me out, hollister. Hollister has a great selection of jeans with many different fits ranging from straight to extreme skinny along with comfort ability
Salty Supreme Boi (1 day ago)
Basicly in our school no one gives a shit
Lee Karfear (2 days ago)
We’re taking advise from someone who hasn’t been in high school for about 10 years
Captain SuperFace (2 days ago)
Did you see the bottom of the shoe
Brendan Richards (2 days ago)
how does one style band tee's cuz that's a lot of what I have right now......
Brandon Villegas (2 days ago)
Lowkey I had the thing on mute and the shit looks sodas damn
Deven Fluker (2 days ago)
What if you’re slightly overweight/fat
Deven Fluker (2 days ago)
What if you’re slightly overweight/fat
Jaden Weaver (2 days ago)
Mf talkin bout don’t wear sweats like winter doesn’t exist
Fr4nie (2 days ago)
*I go to school to work, Not to impress people...*
ryan mclaughlin (2 days ago)
All of your videos are so bad, none of them are real, they’re all just ads,”if you want better style get this ugly bracelet from are sponsor....
3 6 9 (2 days ago)
Jose the type of zuniga to say Air force 1s are out dated
dontpuchit (2 days ago)
But this al doesnt matter, if youre confident as fuck. Except for the shower part, shower before school.
Pendejo (2 days ago)
this guy has no clue how high school fashion works lmao
Luiza Vecchio (2 days ago)
I wear flip flops to school. Reeeeee
Drummy (2 days ago)
I’d rather wear a rastaclat on my wrist .
David Sjökvist (2 days ago)
Half this video was an ad
Kevin Nelson (2 days ago)
If ur a sneaker head like me then u gonna know how to rock yah clothes buh slides with socks are not horrible if u rock it right
Ironical Potato (2 days ago)
Ur gay
KonKaiser (3 days ago)
but I'm wearing ultra boost because of the comfort ..
Daisuke (3 days ago)
Unknown1738 (3 days ago)
honestly it’s 2018 girls don’t give a fuck what you wear
Na'ere Jones (3 days ago)
Ion know what you mean but AF1’s will never be out of style
Omar Lopez (3 days ago)
Glad I knew this in high school. Won Best Dressed in my Senior class this past year !
Dominic Carroll (3 days ago)
Oh my good lord yo titties is hard bruh
Toasty (3 days ago)
Alpha m is better than u in my opinion
Hunter Thompson (3 days ago)
The funny thing is that the girls wear pajamas to school
Cmon now (3 days ago)
He don’t know shit
Tony Le (3 days ago)
Actually my biggest worry is failing....
ayyy lmao (3 days ago)
bruh slides w socks is the way to go
II PSYCHO II (4 hours ago)
James Upton america actually
chaos Killa (8 hours ago)
ayyy lmao I was bout to cop some tommy Hilfiger slides with some nike socks or sumthin. Yes or no?
bom bom (1 day ago)
Dom drip or drown
Blaine Strait (2 days ago)
Facts, ain’t nobody give a fuck what people wear. This dude be giving some shit tips. Be comfy and comfortable not cheap and “fashionable”
James Upton (2 days ago)
+Spiritomb it's a more popular thing in the UK
Ava Vander Merwe (3 days ago)
"These super affordable Adidas!! Around 80 OR 90 BUCKS"
Kim Lip (3 days ago)
you have a basic ass fashion sense shut up
charlie brown (3 days ago)
Socks and crocs. Basketball shorts. Hoodie.☺
Latch (3 days ago)
I have the same nmds that he had in the video when he said "outdated trends" but TBH they comfy and one of my fav shoes would highly recommend.
Anthony θ_θ (3 days ago)
3:25 here i am wearing a dbz shirt
Twitch_ Zoeas (3 days ago)
Fuck that I’m wearing slides
Twitch_ Zoeas (3 days ago)
Why would i buy a $40 bracelet?
lil boost (3 days ago)
Af1s lit tho
Bart Vangils (3 days ago)
Fuck off
Why tf did i watch this.
sumon saikia (3 days ago)
Bracelet is not such a necessary thing that you always discuss..u can look more better without a bracelet ...
Humza Ahmed (4 days ago)
Air Force 1s are actually pretty in rn, especially since travis scott made his own pair.
cristianischill (4 days ago)
Your videos are basically ads
Raikked (4 days ago)
fuuuuuck please don’t get these kids on the continental wave
Robert Flores (4 days ago)
I go to school for education not everyone’s opinion lmao Jk
FruitSloth (4 days ago)
My man thank u so much for this video
Alex Lopez (4 days ago)
3:45 what if they are Gucci slides
ALMIGHTY_ RELL (4 days ago)
Shut yo gay ass up
Adlens Jerome (4 days ago)
bro I think that the sandals and the sock work
Ado Hasimovic (4 days ago)
But i'm 12 and i hav a versace wach but i look like a idiot i that myb because i'm 12
Szymon Nowakowski (4 days ago)
maan fuck you and your style from 2012
tech support (4 days ago)
When i wake up, I already smell normal, so I don't need to shower in the morning. And if I did, I would be late to school
Def Rocker (4 days ago)
One thing I would say to be original, is to stop wearing those EFFIN SKINNY PANTS!!!
Ricardo J Aguiar (4 days ago)
slides and soks is what i wear to work lol i aint about to stop either thats my fashion day off i be dressing to the nines to everything elese
Teshou (4 days ago)
1. Wear what you want bro, you go to school to be successful in life so you can get the money to buy "trendy" clothes like this guy is talking about 2. Focus on grades, sports, and family, clothes can go last. 3. Be you my dude.
James Upton (2 days ago)
So true
Miliba (4 days ago)
3:37 about graphic shirts I wear lots of black rock and metal band tshirts because i love the music and they define my idendity. would you say they have the same effect as those other shirts?
Я Ilan Zatonski (5 days ago)
This guy looks like a tool. Never have I ever met a nice dude wearing a long shirt like that in 3:26
Blvd Road (5 days ago)
What are the shoes at 4:10?
Dearcey Brown (5 days ago)
the video is really unrealistic like high school students and college students have the money to buy all this
Jacob Schwalm (5 days ago)
You dress like a douche
Kyle Gillies (5 days ago)
Bruh nobody wants to see them nipples dawg you talking about fit but your v neck looks like it’s hugging your chest like a care bear
Mark Nguyen (5 days ago)
Why does the transition sound like someone trying to fix there mic in fortnite?
praeyd (5 days ago)
i live in the bronx....i wear anything, slides wit socks anything jus not mook outfits cuz i stay wearing jordans someone help me
awkward channel (5 days ago)
my gf is into geeks thats why i would wear i love star wars just for her
lil Clock (2 days ago)
awkward channel Fucking pathetic lmao
Josue Torres (5 days ago)
This guy knows nothing about fashion and wears the cheapest, boring, and ugliest clothes.
awkward channel (5 days ago)
:( i knew it poor kids cant get the girl i cant look good she will never even look at me is there people who like poor people
Dylan Labadie (5 days ago)
Why you teaching people to dress so plain
Bam Drew (5 days ago)
Wade Wilson (5 days ago)
yep, uniforms, just that i wear the ultraboost because the comfort is unmatched
Wade Wilson (5 days ago)
but i get what you mean, just that no one in my country even knows what boost is, idk why we're so slow eventhough we have 3 stores with 70% of their stuff being boost shoes, but it's just comfy
Jaris mensah (5 days ago)
“RG&B is cheap and affordable”
Alz Tv (5 days ago)
How did you know?
DuB KiNg (5 days ago)
Still doing it
Sebastian jensen (5 days ago)
I love that the guy dressing in basic clothing, is the guy how tell everyone not to dress basic
Aiden Mata (5 days ago)
I don’t need these tips y was this in my recent
Zajo1 14 (5 days ago)
Funny how he is saying nmds are out, but shows "cool“ tees wich are longcut. Man this shit from 2015
Dedea Denis (5 days ago)
ur ugly , ur dressing like fucking shit and ur giving advices on fashion rly dickhead ? ur dumb lol , and get some muscles , ur looking like a potatoe
Billyjean Farmworth (5 days ago)
Ur telling me af1 are out dated
Nova (5 days ago)
You must of had been super bored to make this video your like 30 LMAO
ČHAD_THE_RÅD¿ ? (5 days ago)
Practically u want us to try hard lol😆
David Seymour (5 days ago)
X02 Kingzero (6 days ago)
Nigga how much do you sweat at night because I refuse to take showers in the morning you are literally getting dirty all day and then sleeping in your filth
Kirito Camingue (6 days ago)
Honestly, I just want to graduate at this point

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