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Harrison Ford Speech at Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Unveiling

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Broll footage: Harrison Ford speech at the Mark Hamill’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star unveiling ceremony held in front of the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, California USA on March 8, 2018 "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | MaximoFootage | Ricomix Productions
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Foxy313 (1 month ago)
Harrison Ford :-). What a gracious man and a successful actor :-). Harrison does sound fairly shy in some ways when he was making his speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and what a deeply modest person he is :-). Despite sounding fairly shy he appeared to be very friendly and nice and certainly said some really nice things about Mark Hamill and it's really nice to see Mark Hamill standing next to Harrison Ford at the event they attended together like friendly old buddies :-). Plus it's really good to see that Harrison Ford is still acting even though he's over 75 now and still looks similar to how he did when he starred in Indiana Jones and Star Wars :-). He still looks handsome despite he's getting on in age and still acting and a remarkable part of Hollywood as of 2018 :-). I hope Harrison Ford lasts with Hollywood for years and years and years from 2018 onwards because he is such a successful man :-). He seems to have more friendliness in himself than I though he really did because in some of his successful films he appeared to be really tough and strict when acting as some of his well reknowned roles Harrison Ford did but oh well :-). I hope we still have him for many more years and what a great video :-). Thanks for sharing :-). From Foxy :-).
pan! (1 month ago)
See now that's all we wanted to see in a new star wars movie. It would have been more exciting to see them together with the new cast. "then" give us a continuation of the new cast as they lose the old cast....it would have been epic if the scene in TLJ would have happened in the last film. They ruined Kylo IMO the sad story arc made his character feel so animated. he has no interest out side the new order. Even Vader had other interest out side of the Empire. His hate for sand people and revenge on all living Jedi. Kylo doesn't fight monsters or anything. He's never in any parole like the original characters...he's not adventurous. It's as though they didn't consider his life as a child...what lol, did he pop out of the princess a 20 year old!?! Even When he fought Snokes guards he never seem to be in any trouble. Also he never displayed anything that should have Luke fear him in the way he did. it was just a bad direction to take.
Longi1974 (2 months ago)
It was such a waste to bring these two fabulous guys back for Star Wars after 30 years, and not have them share a scene together
timrob12 (2 months ago)
I wish I could give two thumbs up for his little shoutout to the late, but great, Carrie Fisher.
SHANE SKAALERUD (3 months ago)
1:30 My goodness is Harrison getting old. He doesn't know how to speak anymore and he's just fumbling around. He's got to retire from acting and go into an old folks home.
Tyson Williams (3 months ago)
He may not like Star Wars but he likes his friends
schallrd1 (3 months ago)
The movies didn't do the characters justice the way they ended.
Nick Lang (3 months ago)
see certainly beach wubohar bench address tourist brain circumstance chemical round ownership.
Erik Münso (3 months ago)
wait. he didn't already have one? Outrage.
Mad Cow Rebel (3 months ago)
Man the poor guy got old
Mark Thomas (3 months ago)
Why don't they see each other very often? I thought they lived in the same town..
raul Busters (3 months ago)
are US citizens so... dumbs? i mean 2:22 obviously Harrison Ford was deeply involved in his emotions remembering Carrie Fisher...even Mark Hamill felt it and agreed about the feeling...then .2:22 why were they laughing?? was it a joke for them???? they thought Harrison Ford was talking about feeling her pressence like "the Force" or something?...what a bunch of idiots...!!!
Allison (3 months ago)
Mark deserves his star⭐️!!
Allison (3 months ago)
Sometimes it's a little painful listening to Harrison speak... but I still want to know what he has to say... and he has a wry sense of humor
Allison (3 months ago)
I always thought it was sad luke and han never saw each other again in the sequel trilogy.... you can tell they are sincere friends IRL even though they rarely see each other
grahamt19781 (3 months ago)
2 legends right there
CMA Video Services (4 months ago)
love ford but this was cringe-worthy. like he was groping for good things to say about mark but couldn't think of any.
OBI WAN- Kenobi (4 months ago)
Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill two best Actors change my mind
Tim Woods (4 months ago)
I feel weird about those people laughing on Carrie's death...
yoshimnm (4 months ago)
I think it says a lot that Harrison and George showed up to this. They don't seem to be the most sociable people, so for them to want to give these speeches for Mark shows at the very least a decent amount of respect if not outright love for Mark.
SeymorBuhts (4 months ago)
Mr. Ford is such a character 😂 he is brilliant when he performs in movies, but in real life, he’s so awkward lmao love that man!
ColdieHU (4 months ago)
It is sad that it took this long for Hamill to get his Star. He had many great works in the Industry, while others who did basically nothing, got theirs a decade ago *cough Trump*
Rob Fehily (4 months ago)
I like Harrison Ford, but I've never seen such a big-time actor appear so awkward and shy in front of crowds. It doesn't make sense.
Brazilian Atlantis (2 months ago)
There are quite a lot of movie actors who are nervous public speaking but great on a set with no audience.
Jack Harper (4 months ago)
Alternate video title idea: Man spends more time trying to form sentences than he actually does speaking, despite having the speech in front of him...
Your Friendly Neighbour (4 months ago)
I like seeing Mark and Harrison together. That's all I want to say, as I wish I could have said: "I like seeing Mark, Carrie and Harrison together."
rendarsmith (4 months ago)
I can't wait to take a pickaxe to that star.
JustBeYourself (4 months ago)
This is a bad speech. Sorry to say this...but is Ford drunk or something?
DamageIncM (4 months ago)
Why does he speak as if Mark Hamill died?... XD
DamageIncM (4 months ago)
Can you believe he will do a 5th Indy movie?... -_- He was old in the 4th, it's more than a decade later now...
Phillis Smith (4 months ago)
I love these guys. I follow both on Twitter.
TonyBingGaming (4 months ago)
This sounds more like a funeral eulogy.
Colin Bradford (4 months ago)
Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher
RstewDstew (4 months ago)
Man.. Harrison is a tremendous actor.. but you can see why he needs a script.. sheesh! Mark.. A very well deserved honour.
Nicholas Dickens (4 months ago)
They’re actually inside the TARDIS – “look at the round things.” The roundals. ☺️ ❤️ *Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford.*
aGodNamedTravis Worthy (4 months ago)
This fool is Han Solo in the flesh 😂
wetlazer (4 months ago)
He seems like he'd be damn near impossible to emotionally get close to. He wants to be loved by the public but he also really seems to hate just about everyone. Not quite as bad a Shatner, but he has that same screwed up 'thing'. People want to love him, but he just hates everything.
Brazilian Atlantis (2 months ago)
In recent years Shatner makes a point of being nice to people (some of the time). Harrison can't be bothered so much, more like Seinfeld: he made it already so whatever.
R. Fg (4 months ago)
How old is Harrison Ford now?
bean (4 months ago)
AR F 37
Stefan Klocke (4 months ago)
A horrible speech really
Bradley Coates (5 months ago)
He'll always be scruffy
isonlynameleft (5 months ago)
Mark Hamill is just now getting a star?!
Cart Mass (5 months ago)
I love hamill but wow ford aged much better
Slyguy threeonetwonine (5 months ago)
Missed the perfect opportunity to throw out "Don't get cocky kid!"
Nasse (5 months ago)
Hah, well i am confused about this. I watched an interview with John Carpenter and the interviewer asked him why he did not have a Hollywood Walk Of Fame star.... And Carpenter said "You have to pay 2 million for that... I am not going to do that"... And the interviewer said "But i thought they gave you that for free for your accomplishments"... And Carpenter said "Oh, don't be naive".... So this leads me to believe Hamil was forced to pay for it to be part of the "inner hollywood circle" finally?.. The elite so to speak?... He finally got in there with them and sold out.
michael Deatherage (5 months ago)
I'm really glad this video that was recorded off TV, has a water mark on it, to prevent theft.
Hunmbre (5 months ago)
Just watched Indiana Jones..great archeologists & actors🙏🏾
Jordan Zlotolow (5 months ago)
The hug said it all.
RustyTulip (5 months ago)
To think they never had a scene together in this new crapy trilogy ! Congrats Mark !
Ringo Garvin (5 months ago)
HF has always been shy and dimwitted. Now we can add senile. Somebody take his pilot's license away, already.
Eva (6 months ago)
May the force will always be with you,Amazing guys!!
Bigo Garland (6 months ago)
"There were a lot more people Who showed up for my star." -talk about star wars.
martyn cree (6 months ago)
Watching on speed 1.5 genuinely makes Harrison sound like he wants to be there.
Nasse (5 months ago)
I was thinking the same. Harrison is like Alec Guinness. Was a part of something that became big and kept on regretting it ever since.
Anton Saad (6 months ago)
What an awkward person Ford is. Give him a script out something!
mark matherne (6 months ago)
a hes an actual artist and a better actor its just thats good for theatre...amadeus and ou arent as good but made 100s of m illiomns smore
thesilverspider (6 months ago)
Ford/Hamill '20
TheAmazingMrMcFlyy (6 months ago)
I wonder if Harrison is just really stoned , or getting old
AmericnPsycho (6 months ago)
He could use a good kiss
Von45Rose (6 months ago)
When spontaneity wasn’t a good idea
What a strange audience though?
N R (6 months ago)
I love these guys
WinsteadB73 (6 months ago)
Ricky 18 (6 months ago)
Why’d he take so long to get one
Anakunus (6 months ago)
Oh, Mark Hamill got his name to Hollywood's Walk of Fame? That is nice. He certainly deserves it. On another note, I am surprised how much substance there was in Ford's speech, considering how bad he is answering questions in interviews.
Verborgene Wahrheit (6 months ago)
What a lame speech
Troy Young (6 months ago)
I like Harrison Ford as an actor, but boy is he hard to listen to when he doesn't have a script or direction.
kregor (6 months ago)
Wow only way to see these guys together and not in a new star wars movie..
PIEPIE (6 months ago)
Mark Hamill = Legend.
Jill Springer Forrest (7 months ago)
Could Harrison be more sincere?
Rico Cahyadi (7 months ago)
Just now?
FishHead (7 months ago)
"Carrie Fisher is dead." *thunderous applause and laughter*
SuperPussyFinger (7 months ago)
Weak speech. Mark deserves better.
Brazilian Atlantis (2 months ago)
Very good speech. Harrison hates doing stuff like this, but those compliments at the end were sincere and to the point.
Ellis (4 months ago)
DrTheKay And you do?
Dmitri Clements (4 months ago)
DrTheKay You're absolutely right, it's so much more likely that Hamill was irritated at Ford for his less than stellar speech.
DrTheKay (4 months ago)
Dmitri Clements Not that you’d know.
Dmitri Clements (5 months ago)
SuperPussyFinger I'm sure his friend Hamill would disagree. Things that come from your friends have more meaning, and I don't doubt that Hamill appreciated Ford's words.
Stuart Gardner (7 months ago)
He didny even memorize the speech. Bastard.
Livinghighandwise (7 months ago)
Talk slower Ford. We are having trouble keeping up.
George Alexander (7 months ago)
Why was there laughter after he mentioned the other member of the trio not being there? People are gross.
Infinity Nexus (7 months ago)
Someone had a drink before they went on lol
Johan Bergman (7 months ago)
Why do people scream with joy when Harrison talks about Carrie? The US is a strange country.
valpro99 (7 months ago)
You lost me when Hamill was exposed as a Lib. Shut up and act.
Random Tux (7 months ago)
Harrison might be a great actor, but he can't hold a speech to save his life. I guess you can't shine in all performances you do. :P
Genarel Betrayus (7 months ago)
Damn you Age Damn u's
Asem Saleh (7 months ago)
Never liked a scene he appeared in...
J L. (7 months ago)
Hey......Harrison eeeh.....give me some of that eeehmeeehh Spaceweed you're eeeeh smoking.. eeeeehhhhmmm ehhh
Eric Elemen (7 months ago)
I'm so glad Star Wars is back, it gives all us nerds something to care about. I believe that everyone understands this is all for fun???
Bradley Gearhart (7 months ago)
I still can’t believe we didn’t get to see them together again in the new trilogy
AtosAB (7 months ago)
Mark and harrison!
Marc W (7 months ago)
It was a nice speech and typical Harrison. I don't think he really likes doing speeches and interviews. He always seems a bit gruff and uncomfortable. I know that some of that is just his personality, but imo, that very personality trait is what makes it even more special that he did come out to give a speech for Mark's star. It's basically saying, "I have a hard time doing something like this, but for you I will do it." As for the laughter after Carrie's name was mentioned: I don't think he meant it as a joke or reference, but I think saying "I feel her presence" around a bunch of Star Wars fans is inevitably going to cause some of them to think "Hey, kind of like with the Force!" I imagine that is why a few people laughed a little. I bet many of them probably laughed and then immediately thought "Ooh, I probably shouldn't have laughed there." But hey, who hasn't had a nervous laugh at an inappropriate time in their life?
jasminejo2424 (7 months ago)
set speed to 1.5
Clark Kent (7 months ago)
Harrison looks doped right up or a mental illness is taking over.
Tobey Starburst (7 months ago)
LOL hilarious.
HanDrumsolo (7 months ago)
Harrison is so baked
Daniel Ramirez (7 months ago)
That was actually... a very slow speech.
LordOfThe Flightless (7 months ago)
Ha nice
david murphy (7 months ago)
Like a scene from Regarding Henry .
xxSpike1989xx (7 months ago)
its sweet of harrison ford to give a speech for mark star ceremony...i'm kinda pissed mark is only now getting a star the man has been pumping out gold since the 70s
ガルシアセシリオ (7 months ago)
That's 2 you owe me junior
Mrs Box (6 months ago)
ガルシアセシリオ p
RIcky Rick (7 months ago)
What drugs are Ford on.... talking slow af.
"don't get cocky kid!"
Roku daime (7 months ago)
His speech is a little TOO slow for my liking...Still, gotta love the guy and his dry humour.
Herp Derp (7 months ago)
well that was a struggle
nigelcarren (7 months ago)
What a perfectly cast movie... Proof that lightning CAN be captured in a bottle. Congratulations Mr Hamill.
Samara Morgan (7 months ago)
Aww so Nice to see Han and Luke together.
CARTOONIVERSE1 (7 months ago)
That was a little *cryptic* . I guess we're supposed to read between the lines on their *true* relationship.

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