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Jet Ski Mystery

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Finally i made a video to answer the mystery and everyone's questions about my jet skis. That i'm not sure if it is ok but i did it anyway. Yes i recovered one but the other one is still missing the gp1800. That one was the new one. That i bought 4 months ago. i hope Santa brings us 2 more for Christmas, ha ha ha "joking". BTW Thank you for those who were concern. And also thank you everyone for helping me get to 120k New canon camera M50 link https://amzn.to/2KP3thN Now you can shop online at http://www.frescochannel.com For daily post you can follow on Instagram and facebook " Fresco channel " sponsor or promotional items send to P.O.Box 173501 Hialeah, Fl. 33015 contact [email protected]
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cbeck611 (1 month ago)
almost all stolen jetskis are from people that drive around and look at peoples houses that have jetskis sitting in the yard. I highly doubt it had anything to do with your videos or tracking your tag numbers.
Jet-skiing Tejano (1 month ago)
Sucks man.. Hope you can get things settled.
Ronnie Sorters (1 month ago)
It's hard to think like a thief because you aren't a thief...that's why it surprises you so....they are scumbags...
Ronnie Sorters (1 month ago)
There is no lower form of life on this planet than a thief .....
Mario Soto (1 month ago)
Trump's family!
Chip S (1 month ago)
Had my ski taken and it was found 3 years later in the woods. They used it until the tag expired and ditched it.
Jose Casiano (1 month ago)
Jose Casiano (1 month ago)
Or a tracker
ELIRAXPRT (1 month ago)
no insurance, ouch that sucks
Jafarواو Jafar (1 month ago)
جميل جدن روعة Tanks
That’s a Cuban connection
Fuck thieves
ORAVEN (1 month ago)
If you get another ski make sure you put a gps marker on your ski and hide it where the thief can’t see it so once you know it’s stolen you can track it down like you’re cell phone.
ORAVEN (1 month ago)
Fresco did thay steal the jet ski from in front of your home? If thay did that really sucks .And I hope your insurance paid you.
Party-of-5 (1 month ago)
Miami sucks I was born and raised there but would never move back to Florida
John T (1 month ago)
+nikittoo1 u forgot the blacks as well
nikittoo1 (1 month ago)
If you go to California the Mexicans will steal your rims and stereos in a heartbeat.
yup too many pieces of shit in FL
Luis Pena (1 month ago)
Hey fresco I got jacked for my seadoos 2009 they were basically brand new and I feel you on what your going tru my daughter's miss them more then me that I paid alot of money and these damn thieves just wanna take what we work hard for bro
MrGbustamante (1 month ago)
We live in Miami, you can put whatever you want on your toys and they will still get snatched up unless you have 24x7 live security detail. The only way in Miami is to have good insurance and hope your stolen stuff is never found. Sorry you lost the skis and sorry Big Momma wasnt in this video!!
Chris Pettit (2 months ago)
Jigging with Jordans Ski was stolen also. He lives in Florida I believe. Pretty sure it was also an 1800 turbo I think. Congrats on the 120K.
Trevor Gay (2 months ago)
that's my worst fear getting my ski stolen
Edwin Escobar (2 months ago)
I'm sorry for what happened to you, I know you're very fond of him but you do not want to sell jet ski? I live in Miami like you see all your videos my email is [email protected]
dsmmike95 (2 months ago)
Alot of biker do that here in Tx I'm sure other places too. Hid a identification mark.
Christopher Pereyra (2 months ago)
Fresco no insurance?
Pierre Howard (2 months ago)
Good advice and sad tht it happened. Get that insurance.
jsmrgen (2 months ago)
De madre bro....people are haters man.
Salem Bashmilah (2 months ago)
Juan A. Roldan, MPS (2 months ago)
I believed you. You are a genuine person. Hope they catch those criminals.
Brandon Pascente (2 months ago)
Sorry that happened to you with the Wave Runners. I look forward to one day in the summer coming down to Miami and ridding with you and BIG MAMMA and the kids. God bless you and the family!!!!. I have a 2004 Yahama XLT 1200. i Live in Winter Park Fl, Orlando area.
martin henri (2 months ago)
sorry about your skies man but get insurance ,just a peace of mind .
Michael Sprafka (2 months ago)
Why didn’t you have cameras on your house, trust me! Go get them, it’s a pc of mind!!!!
SHOW ME (2 months ago)
Tie the bulldog to it!
Art M (2 months ago)
Fucking tweakers!!! They're good at taking things apart, but can't put shit back together to save their damn life!
Norbert Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Damn shame Fresco
David Aleman (2 months ago)
You are in a point in your life you're making money from YouTube and all your other stuff that you need to have insurance on your toys because like I said you were an ounce exactly where you live at buddy
David Aleman (2 months ago)
Like I told you before Do not announce when you're going out somewhere because because you already said where you live at and by you video taping your whole block when you pull out your boat and everything trust me everybody knows where the f*** you live at meaning delinquent motherfuker
BROWARD MPR (2 months ago)
You can run a tag online without a connection in the dmv. Sorry for your loss brother
BROWARD MPR (2 months ago)
Trump has this economy BOOMING !!!! So if you're out here stealing jet skis you just don't want to work and you will always be a loser and bad karma will forever chase you down!!!!
BROWARD MPR (2 months ago)
Use a dremel and put your last name all over the inside of the hull
Trueminati (2 months ago)
They took the gas out ? Yeah definitely a Cuban stole it
cassey caffey (2 months ago)
Thanks fresco share it 👍👍 Santa Brings gives you a big gift 🎁🎁
Joe M3 (2 months ago)
I garuntee you the people who took it are watching this video and reading my comment maybe
PapaWheelie (2 months ago)
Joe M3 - if they read my comment, I hope they die a nasty death
Tony Barrera (2 months ago)
Thanks Fresco for the update. Don't worry brother good things are coming to you.
shovelfxwg (2 months ago)
damn sorry for your loss
Nate Kons (2 months ago)
Check surrounding cities for gp1800 for sale. From the keys to Tampa. Put in 1 hour once a week. You will find it for sale. I've had success with this method. Took 5 months and 3 months
BoiseG (2 months ago)
Stop showing the outside of your house.
Mark Siegel (2 months ago)
Damn sucks too get ripped,but no gieco here in the theft capital of CA.its required.hope you didn't take a big financial hit.
inc vend (2 months ago)
Joseph don't waist your time trying to put it back together it a pain in the ass!! We have the same problem up here In northern Wisconsin they steal snowmobiles all the time people come from all over the Midwest to ride the trails up here and they steal them from the bars,hotels,resturants but most of the time they take the top of the line models( $!0,000-$15,000+) If your not going to insure them put a lo-jack on them! Any way MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.
Mike Fuller (2 months ago)
Sucks to see that shit just ain't right. Congrats on your 100 plus subs👌🖒Rock on Fresco family.
Rui Santos (2 months ago)
Muito legal esses vídeos
wedemboyz** DC4L (2 months ago)
I remember you saying you wanted to get to 100k subs before this year n now you got 120k. . Congratulations fresco fam 👍
Ari (2 months ago)
Sorry you’re going through this. I hope you have installed cameras around your house. No one to blame but the criminals. Anyone thinking it’s a stunt must be trolls. Hope you get new skis to get back out with your sons soon.
searodder (2 months ago)
What happen to trailer? and key fobs for skis? and put hidden gps tracking devices on them next time. No honer among thieves.
Franco Franzia (2 months ago)
Hey, fresco glad you found at least one. But I think that it would be better just putting a tracker gps system just a thought.
MLLRTYM (2 months ago)
Anyone know if there is a digital record/log for tag searches? I thought people who have access to records need to bonded or something like such. Bummer Dude...
Jose S (2 months ago)
Absolutely there is..he should contact his detective in charge of the case and have him search for whomever ran his tag prior to the theft.
dutin tabor (2 months ago)
Sorry about that will you get two new ones
dan n (2 months ago)
All man I can tell u work hard for your stuff !! I hate people that steal people’s belongings , hope u have better ending with the newer ski
Edbug 007 (2 months ago)
You pay your taxes which in fact pays police salaries I think it is a priority no matter how big or little the problem is!
Adrian Erangey (2 months ago)
Its Christmas. Please setup a go fund me page and im sure we all would donate for new one's. Happy Xmas and sorry they got stolen.
Anthony Hamblin (2 months ago)
Appreciate the update. Wonder why the asshats would think that uou made it up. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Brian Union Strong (2 months ago)
Sorry brother for your loss, sounds like you need to get your conceal and carry permit and post signs on your property shoot first ask questions later. Also get a camera system with decent cameras to watch when you cant...
Matthew Boucher (1 month ago)
You cannot shoot people for stealing your stuff unless they are in your occupied house or your occupied vehicle. Pretty sure an insured jet ski is less valuable to him than his freedom and a manslaughter charge. Best thing to do is be more security minded and stop posting your valuables on social media. But if someone wants it bad enough, they'll get it any way they can.
Kenni-411 (2 months ago)
thats sad bro , you work hard for things you have and some hating crook takes it away ..... people suck
Kenni-411 (2 months ago)
https://trackimo.com/micro-gps-tracking-chips/ done ! they do it on dogs they implant a chip in them why not hide one on the jetski somewhere ?
Kenni-411 (2 months ago)
GPS tracking device in it and you will be all set ... hide it
Jason Alfaeljefe (2 months ago)
Kenni-411 yeap
PACO N MIRA (2 months ago)
We don't deserve this its not write we work hard to have our stuff and then comes those duck heads drug addicts that don't work and steel our stuff. But god is out there and they will get punished 100%
SFCISME (2 months ago)
With permanent marker put your FL numbers in several locations. The thieves will possibly cover a couple of them but they will quickly grow tired of looking for all of them.
0425063 0425063 (2 months ago)
Next ski you get install a LoJack
Ricardo Cuevas (2 months ago)
Thanks for video update. Sad story but at least you and the family are safe. Put a camera right there in the corner of your house pointing right at your stuff. Paint it the color of your house so its not so prominent.
lilCHIQUIS1 (2 months ago)
The only snow miami sees is cocaine! Lol!
Kenny Dodd (2 months ago)
Sorry too here... your right they don't work, easy money for them... Sorry ass people out there. Again hate here about your stuff!!
felix casarez (2 months ago)
Well I hope they still catch those punks that stole your skis . The time you spent with your kids are priceless .hope they catch them,chop there hands off
Mustang Sally (2 months ago)
Hey guy, what the heck did YouTube give you a strike for, I have watched everyone of your videos, I have seen nothing that would earn you that. So sorry about the lost, I have seen a guy on YouTube that can repair the skis.He has been very honest about his repairs and any monkey business by sellers. Here is his YouTube address: , https://www.youtube.com/user/EricsFarm/videos.
Ben Whisenant (2 months ago)
Wonder if they checked for fingerprints
Sean Thornton (2 months ago)
All kinds of thieving scum out there, the suggestion to LO-Jack your stuff is a good Idea. I would mount it in the very nose of the Jet-ski in front of the gas tank since it looked like the gas tank was still there. also when you store them have an inside place not out in the yard that can be see. Most thefts are out of convenience such as grabbing items because they are easy to get to and can be easily seen. I wish you good luck in recovering the other Jet-Ski, from the damage that I saw was done the insurance company should total them and give you some money toward a new Jet-Ski. I feel bad for you I have had stuff stolen also it is no fun when you find out it was a supposed friend and family member make that an ex-family member now.
JOE BILLINGS (2 months ago)
I don't wanna sound disrespectful but let's keep it a 100% real the more you post things about you and your family around your house people are gonna watch you leave no where you go and what you do and what you have so that gives you an eye opener in regards of what you do🙏✌✌
JOE BILLINGS (2 months ago)
You should have got geico insurance🤣👍🍺
Bibin Thampy (2 months ago)
Whenever u do repair..first thing put anti theft kind of thing..on that..or on any thing valuable you have with u..
Noah Loving Life (2 months ago)
I'm really sad and i'm so mad 😐these ******* i'm sure the guy who u find this with he knews where the other Jet ski
N Massey (2 months ago)
You should repair it no matter the cost. Its your ski, and it has special meaning.
Luis Martinez (2 months ago)
Terrible,, but you guys are awesome,, you'll get better ones , everything happens for a reason my friend . Keep the good work. Salt life!!!
Rx Lo10 (2 months ago)
Good luck hopefully they catch those thieves
Skip Clark (2 months ago)
Thank u Joe 4 letting us know about da ski...n once again sorry dat, dat even happened 2 u! But @ best u n ur family r all safe n good....n fo dat we r all great full 2 r LORD! GOD bless u n ur family Joe! N keep da videos coming! Nice 2 C ur hermano in da last 1 tambien! He a trippy kool gato!
Geoff Gelow (2 months ago)
I am kinda thinking out loud. You can get both a device and service that will track your boat, jet ski, car, etc. I have even seen a Kickstarter project that has little tags that will let you track within a mile or so of the tag. Might be something you will want to investigate in the future.
Mike Fuller (2 months ago)
I'm with you. Remember when Joe was talking about tracking devices in his previous video.
That's called hidden hin hull ID number kaw has to do that so police can call them and ask where hin is otherwise they won't know where to look cars have a hidden vin JT
Tom Stone (2 months ago)
Remember Meho, Karma will get those guys... God forbid should you or Big Momma get ahold of those guys! Look out!
Mahesh Paul (2 months ago)
First like Mahesh Pune
Tom Stone (2 months ago)
Never knew there was a black market chop shop for jet skis.... huh....
black market for anything dude
ylan kachup (2 months ago)
Việt nam hello

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