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NuStar Soft Touch Plus MEGA SETUP - Red Eye Joe's Car Wash/Top's Hamburgers, Destin, Florida

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This video climbed in popularity very fast! I guess you guys like NuStar machines.. What I meant to say at 6:53 was "Dryers are... OK, Not the best." This car wash is probably the best I've been to. Not because of the wash quality, or the cheap price, but the fact that it has THREE NuStar Soft Touch Plus MACHINES. THREE. I was kind of disappointed though, because the wash quality was not great, even though we got plenty of soap and brushing. The quality of these machines is impeccable, and they have been kept in pristine condition, considering how old they are. Also, yes, this car wash has a burger restaurant on the side. Weird. Sorry for being kind of lifeless during the video, I had just woken up prior to getting the car washed. Enjoy! ~ Join my Facebook car wash group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/241085323026318/?source=unknown P.S. Sorry also for the jump cuts toward the end, my camera decided to stop working.
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