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Let's Talk About My Wife

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Text Comments (6266)
James Duke (1 day ago)
Man Alpha I haven't been subscribe long but after all the videos. This one made me say ok this guy is good. I have been married for a long time and one thing I believe is protection of the family. Thank you so much man
Nicolas Capuano (1 day ago)
You’re my role model. Appreciate all the work you’re doing.
Improving Outdoors (2 days ago)
This makes total sense dude
Dastan Emilbekic (2 days ago)
How old are you?
abhishek posapati (3 days ago)
Alpha m - you have an empire on Youtube.. Don't bother about your wife and negative comments.. I like your videos a lot.. Keep going..
The shadow BK (3 days ago)
Yes you are right!
Georgie Rolinmud (4 days ago)
SMART THINKING but im curious what you consider beeeautiful referring to your wife
Ayush Waswani (5 days ago)
Sir you are a role model!!!
Ela Bah Cruwe (5 days ago)
I put Tiege Hanley on my car i drive a spaceship now
Ela Bah Cruwe (5 days ago)
I put Tiege Hanley on my whole body im a gorilla now
Slikz YT (5 days ago)
If you get negative comments from guys their most likely gay because you thought be how to groom 😂😂
Slikz YT (5 days ago)
Honestly Alpha I want to meet you in real life your vibe is just so awesome! I just want to sit down and talk about my life issues.
Mohini gulati (6 days ago)
You are perfect
Xavier Cienfuegos (6 days ago)
All right, that's cool. Thanks Alpha. I appreciate just acknowledging it. 😏
Wayne Jackson II (7 days ago)
FUCK THE HATERS!! alpha m is one my favorite youtubers and is a beautiful man!!!
mob game crack (8 days ago)
dont give a damm on the negative comments
Chandresh Gupta (8 days ago)
That's very sensible of you alpha m.👍
Dr. Awkward (8 days ago)
This has made me think a lot deeply about the way I talk to people. But dude, I love your vids, your doing great, keep up your good work 👍
Chris De Tone (9 days ago)
Hey, Alpha... I have just recently discovered your videos. I think they are fantastic. Thanks for doing this. Extremely informative.
Isaac Stone (10 days ago)
Good for you
Mystic Warrior (11 days ago)
I know this was posted like a year and a half ago, but I just wanna make the point to comment and tell you in the small chance of you actually reading this....... man you ain’t got nothin to be self conscious about, you’ve helped me through so much, my last relationship I was with my girl for about a year.... then she cheated on me and it hurt so bad I didn’t feel like doing anything, my life just shattered, the only thing that gave me hope for a future and gave me strength and courage was you’re videos on style and relationships, i don’t know how I would have gotten through it without you, it was a really dark time in my life and I just want you to know that you’ve made such an impact by being a YouTuber, thank you so much, it’s not easy for me to be confident in my style because I’m a skinny 6 foot tall teenager. Alpha, if you read this, know that you changed my life for better, you are my role model, and you’ve helped me through many other situations. And as far as this video goes, I respected you before, but man my respect for you shot through the roof after watching this, you have good morals, and a great life! Keep up the good work
Ellen Richardson (11 days ago)
Beautiful smile, gorgeous teeth! I think I love you! hehe
Trevor Hall (12 days ago)
My teige Hanley came in the mail today so I tried it on my dog. He's a direwolf now and I could not be more pleased 10/10 would recommend
Hunter Buskirk (12 days ago)
I just watch your older episodes when im bored and caught up with everything else. I didnt come here for your wife, just you and your tips man. Thanks alot for everything!
Rajat Das (12 days ago)
u r inspiration..love from india..no need to make evrything public...keep private them.
Diego Garcia (12 days ago)
How many think that his wife complained about the fact that alpa never talks about her and now thats why hes doing this video?
Flexon Fernandes (13 days ago)
You’re an amazing guy.
Jake Weaver-Thompson (13 days ago)
Keep killing it alpha! You're the man!!!
Avadhut Sabnis (14 days ago)
Great 🤘🏻
Anton Krall (14 days ago)
Yeah man, you are right, you suck! ......nah! just kidding! I really love your videos and please keep them coming, I've learned a lot from them! Great job!
akdennisjr (15 days ago)
I think she a little on the heavy side. 🤔
Bryn K (15 days ago)
Let's talk about my wife too😂
Mouldy CPU (15 days ago)
I thought your 'wife' was a dude.
Bigolflupperz (16 days ago)
I bet she’s hot
Silver Light Fox (18 days ago)
It all makes sense now!
Tony E (18 days ago)
You're a good dude. The world has evil. But the world has so much good. Good job ALPHA
JG Tv (18 days ago)
You have a very lucky life.
Steve Podraza (19 days ago)
Good man!
sarge27271 (20 days ago)
Dangerous? He he he....no! no!....it ain't dangerous. He he he....what's your adress again? He he he...... Lmao. Yeah dude keep her off line. I mean, there's nothing wrong with beach pictures, where her face would be covered though............Happy New Year!!
wheelz191 (20 days ago)
You suck and your beautiful wife does too. 😉 just kidding you're the man keep it up!!
Kaustav Deka (20 days ago)
Man. You are awesome :")
Steve Nicosia (21 days ago)
I respect that my man. Always enjoy your content.
kperalta 56 (21 days ago)
I thought alpha was Gay... This is not a hate comment alpha i was just playing
Shahzada Chowdhry (21 days ago)
You're really an Alpha. Respect man
Janglo Harbour LA (22 days ago)
Good vid boyo
Waqar Abbasi (23 days ago)
Your are strong person.Masha Allah
MR. MOO (24 days ago)
You =👑
Adrian Hanekom (24 days ago)
That's cool alpha I understand it would have done the same thing
Rylan Lerma (24 days ago)
I love u alpha ♥️
Ed D (24 days ago)
What? Your wife? I thought you were... Let's leave it at that. Congrats on your marriage for going 15 years hope you guys make it another 15 years or even more.
Ankit Verma (25 days ago)
I can understand.... You love her sooo much☺☺☺😊
Rafael Mazzer (25 days ago)
Makes total sense! Some people don't have self control nor respect, especially over the internet
John Doe (26 days ago)
I have a feeling that she is older, fat and not too attractive..
Ellen Richardson (11 days ago)
Mr. DJ: You're horrible!!
Newid Streams (26 days ago)
I am sweating Tiege Hanley and drinking Creed Aventus
aintnothingchanged (27 days ago)
hard to keep up with the negative comments but even if I dont always completely move in your style lane, love you positive attitude and the help you give so many men - merry christmas
jamie cote (27 days ago)
I really appreciate the genuine sincerity of this one. Good job man.
aljun dating (27 days ago)
Hi Aaron. I have been watching your videos. It is not my true name. Although we differ much in identity and place where we live, perhaps our stories are similar when it comes to set backs and success later in life. After much struggles, I became a lawyer here in the Philippines when I was close to the age of 40 and now still struggling to attain more lofty dreams. Since life is difficult here and for the sake of the pursuit of this dream, I deliberately avoid having a child. Now, I and my wife are living with each other for almost 15 years. I am now 43. Presently, she is waiting for the result of the the recent bar exams here. I am now really planning to have one this coming year because we are still much capable. Before having a child, I am just considering several things that people could only lightly understand if I will divulge the real reasons. I heard in this video that you two don't have a child. As much as I want to have children, I hope you would do a way to have also. I am just concerned for a very good person like you. You are self-driven and appreciates your success. Your future child will be lucky to have a dad like you. I know his coming will add meaning to whatever you do.
Noah Krepela (28 days ago)
Totally respect your decision, I would do the same. I will say one thing, this video was a well crafted clickbait
David Um (28 days ago)
Respects Alpha, your making a good decision.
Atharva Pawar (29 days ago)
You are really an alpha male.
iyad sa (30 days ago)
The Flags that Flew (30 days ago)
The Ace Family needs too see this video.
WHAT A NOOB!! (30 days ago)
I got little emotional
Navneet Pandey (1 month ago)
Totally get it...bro safety first... cause everything we man doing is for our family.
delta DGR (1 month ago)
nothing but respect for you alpha and keep up the amazing videos :)
Jermaine Jones (1 month ago)
Everybody has flaws, how can anybody judge others when its not possible for any human not to have flaws....your wife is none of their business, thry just want to find a new negative reason to attack you...
Nielson Berry (1 month ago)
Totally understand Aaron. My top priority has always been protecting and providing for my wife. Honestly, I always kinda viewed you as a tool, but the more I learn about you, the more I like you. Every good friend, brother, husband, and father is behind you on this decision.
antony kulik (1 month ago)
She's a beard and of course , unattractive ,fat , big glasses with an overbite and curly red hair
Paraag Kumar (1 month ago)
Ya we appreciate that 😉
Mohammed Kortam (1 month ago)
You have every right dude. But how dare you teach blind kittens how to read! Lol
Evemix (1 month ago)
Alpha males don’t marry
AG Mens (1 month ago)
Man! Thank you for your videos... watching you has impacted me in ways I could’ve never imagined. My style, confidence, and my overall perspective on life. Obviously I can definitively say you’re a good person coz I don’t know you personally. But, from what I’ve seen, you’re incredible and I thank God for your life sir. You’re a gentleman for protecting your wife and if anyone has a problem with that, then idk what to tell them. I hope and pray that you find the inspiration to keep making these videos because you’re impacting the lives of a lot of men and women. Thank you sir!
You got the family plan when you signed up.
sexy mia owens (1 month ago)
missis alpha and Mr. alpha so cute together 💋💗💗💗💗to both of you
Alucard Dracule (1 month ago)
I like this guy..Very honest, true and natural, he doesn't act...
Nonoa Sailo (1 month ago)
can i bang her alpha
Donnie Cain (1 month ago)
I'm with you about privacy !!! You don't need to bring her in your work after all its YOUR work !!! The public should respect your right to privacy and leave it at that.I also appreciate your honesty and insights into styles .You know what your talking about !! As far as the critics are concerned they are out there and many are jealous or have other similar motives.Critics abound but real experts are far and few between.Keep up the good work !!!
mehdi ettoualy (1 month ago)
Alpha why you dont consider having kids
priyam trivedi (1 month ago)
A man protects his family but an alpha man uses tiege Hanley
Shivam Mishra (1 month ago)
Jon Samuel (1 month ago)
Bought a shirt online, it apparently turned out to be fake so I was forced to Tiege Hanley it and it turned into an Armani shirt
mari vcf (1 month ago)
I love this video! A million thumbs up Alpha👍
Ben Ficalora (1 month ago)
In life haters will hate humans in general rather see you fail than succeed.keep it up .much success to you..
dlswot8950 (1 month ago)
Smart 👍
niranjan baburaj (1 month ago)
Much respect to you and your attitude Aaron!
SwagKage (1 month ago)
I wish him the best.
SHia LeBoudsfgajygfyf (1 month ago)
best of luck :)
MD MAHAFUZ (1 month ago)
who do criticism they are first time failure becase,if you winn man heart you have to do positive word,politics and positive behaviour.Negative words never winn man heart.man heart is so critical because it never want to accept negative words.only few times sustain negative word in man heart on the other hand positive word is long time sustainable in man heart because it gifted by God spritually is not granted a negative comment in man heart.I want to wipe negative word from around the world man's heart.we always learn positive and human being activities around the world.
Vidyut Devam (1 month ago)
I really don't want to know about his wife or any other family members. I'm wondering why did he even make this video
hammad nayyar (1 month ago)
Man respect your thought love you bro
Adolfo Rivas (1 month ago)
You're a real role model men screw those negative ass people you deliver awesome stuff, keep inspiring us alpha
Rome_05 (1 month ago)
Its a man's job to protect his family from any threats be they physical threats or verbal... whats there not to understand mate.
SDProperty (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing and being open. I never have left a comment on any YouTuber but thought I would this time. By saying your awesome and continue being humble and truthful on all your videos!
shi ver (1 month ago)
2021/3/3 anybody ? the future is now
Usman Ameen (1 month ago)
I agree with every single word you talked in this video. And I really appreciate you, I must say this kind of behavior makes you Alpha from others.
Jason Biggs (1 month ago)
Much respect for protecting you family!
Itav Estrin (1 month ago)
bro don't listen to the haters u are awesome
Itav Estrin thanks bro.
Matthew Holmes (1 month ago)
Hey there Alpha! :) This video was a huge encouragement to me and it makes me desire to strive even more to love and hold my family close. I have wanted to do YouTube do a long time, but my last attempt 2 years ago flopped. Your content, heart spirit and passion are fantastic and make me want to give YouTube another shot! Thanks for listening Your fellow gent
yogesh sharma (1 month ago)
He is just protecting his family.
yogesh sharma same reason why I don’t share

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