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Let's Talk About My Wife

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Text Comments (6150)
RevenZeno 21 (1 hour ago)
Fuck i was hoping u were gay cuzz i want uu
Surafel Shimesls (3 hours ago)
you are awesome bro, keep up the good work!
John Sadiq (1 day ago)
Hey Aaron, can I ask you about your profession, what's your profession...?
Joseph Tator (1 day ago)
Completely understand and agree my friend.
Integer (1 day ago)
David Deem (1 day ago)
Meyshan daya (2 days ago)
we respect that decision alpha ,you are amazing ,thanks for everything....
Congrats Alpha, you're making something every MAN should do protecting those who love. Thank you for making those videos that makes us grow up, i'm 18 but this number is nothing, mind is more important, and you have a lot. Thanks bro.
Joe iMEiST (3 days ago)
You are completely right
Khaliq Rosman (3 days ago)
That's true Alpha keep your things private
Maninder Jit (3 days ago)
This will be most viewed video on this channel...🤣🤣🤣
That's So Sonya (4 days ago)
How can anyone HATE you? Your an amazing alpha male, humble and genuinely authentic. Your a REAL husband! Keep doing you :)
Freeza GrandSon (5 days ago)
I appreciate dis guy cuz he never gets adds to his vids. RESPECT.
onkar singh (6 days ago)
You are lucky you can share your thoughts with many peoples !and we love u
Levanth GAMING (7 days ago)
Love this dude
Ayanda Khumalo (7 days ago)
Who's writing negative comments about alpha😑😑
Jackson Tran (8 days ago)
You’ve made me better a person with style and relation thank you I appreciate you keep doing what your doing . You are my role model
mikeygrizz23 (8 days ago)
I just started watching you a few weeks ago. We come from the same city (I can tell by the accent) and I kind of thought you were a decent dude until now.... this puts you into the stratosphere of ALPHA BROTHER!! Thank you for taking the time to keep us all fly brother!
Lonwabo Matshoba (8 days ago)
Well said Alpha, you're very good person. I wish you all the best wirh your family. RSA🇿🇦
Jeniel Uchiha (8 days ago)
I wish Alpha was my big brother 💞
Niels Niemeijer (8 days ago)
This THE alpha male
Sajid Huda (8 days ago)
Tyler Gina (9 days ago)
We live in a judgemental world
Darwin G Amaya (9 days ago)
First I wanna say thank you, I’ve been working on changing my style when it comes to dressing , I followed your advices, with a tight budget I working my way to looking awesome, be careful I didn’t know things like that will happen to a YouTuber, God bless you I appreciate you and please keep posting more videos so I can learn how to dress and look awesome. Adios mi amigo. Do you speak Spanish by any chance? I’m just curious.
Argenis Rodríguez (9 days ago)
I couidn't relate to you more. I'm from Venezuela and it is indeed dangerous to show such kind of things (though most people do it anyway, making kidnapping easier). It is even dangerous to show how wealthy you are, it's better to be as low profile as possible.
Akash Izumi (10 days ago)
15 years omg what's your age then?
unknown pro (11 days ago)
If my wife and son we're ever in danger I would kill anything that tryed to harm them and will Parrish by God's Jugement
unknown pro (11 days ago)
I feel every man sould protect his family
Tomas Mupfuwa (11 days ago)
two words ..... true alpha
hakim sikder (11 days ago)
I get it bro .
What's up dude! Just wanted to drop by in the comment section and let you know that I would probably do the same if I was a married content creator with a wide audience. I'm only 14 years old saying this and I don't understand many of the responsibilities you as an adult,and a role model for many,including myself,undergo but I totally support you in this. God bless you. 💪🔥
Luis Martinez (13 days ago)
Bullshit.. You dont have a wife.
ahmed belhadj (14 days ago)
your wife is awesome ...
misha Nacianceno (16 days ago)
Do you have childrends?
Franklin Bluth (17 days ago)
I get it @Coloredspaces
a1duzit (17 days ago)
Those people who have only negative shit to say are bitches
Bobs Creative Days (18 days ago)
I agree with you 100% you made the right decision for you and your wife. As for the negative comments well, you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try either. Great content is what you are known for and why we all come to your channel. Have a great day!!!
Potato Boy (18 days ago)
This guy is just so so brave.. he should hav won the bravery award instead of that tranny which nobody remembers
S Chavez (19 days ago)
Dead Mañ (20 days ago)
Do you have kids AlphaM , Aaron ?
Healthy Empress (20 days ago)
ur so positive and cute...good job sir
Rob P (21 days ago)
I put Tiege Hanley on my mailbox. It's now a 3-car garage........stocked with Lambos.
Szar Ramai (21 days ago)
You are the real man. You are an inspiration. I am a big fan.
Andy Wilson (21 days ago)
Ditto Alpha
Robert DemMarco (22 days ago)
I like your videos but some of the stuff you got I didn't care for The Party Shop
Win Kham luri (22 days ago)
I sense an Alpha superiority in this video
Furkan Arıkan (23 days ago)
MR BEAST MODE89751 2 (23 days ago)
Literally alpha is an amazing guy
John Hilty (23 days ago)
alpha m. you rock brother !!!
Claire Redfield (23 days ago)
''I love you more than my double monk straps shoes'' That's insulting, comparing your fans to your shoes!! 6:27
Terry Gorwood (23 days ago)
Family first. And that is alpha. I have your six brother.
tawanda manjeese (24 days ago)
honestly thought you were single ...thats a relief ...i love you man
N K (26 days ago)
Sir, U are not just a gantleman but u are a good human being.keep it up and love from India
gentleman rajib (26 days ago)
Love you Alpha m from India
Ofentse Motau (26 days ago)
You are for real, for real a real man to put protecting your wife as a top priority. That is for real for real
Vishnu Raj (27 days ago)
Thumbs up Alpha. That's really professional keep it up.
Safi Nasir (28 days ago)
World is a wicked place. May you abd your fam stay happy!
Muskateering (28 days ago)
You're a good man mate, I can tell. And you're wife is very lucky to have you, no homo. There's alot of fakers and show offs out there, you certainly aren't one of them. I can tell you have real passion for what you do, and that truly is a good thing. I wasn't so sure about you at first which I guess is a normal reaction to have, but I feel like I understand a little better now. 👍
Shreeram Jaiswal (29 days ago)
Fuck critics buddy you're the best, i love you appreciate your work, God bless you brother, i learn alot from your vidoes as i can say I'm just alive because of you, hoping to see you one day.. keep up to the work sir.🙌
Chris C (29 days ago)
Here is a criticism: YOU ARE TOOOOO AWESOME!! Keep being thankful bud.
FCG (30 days ago)
Thanks for sharing!
ElHandi 18.7 (30 days ago)
Why don't you have kids ?
I love whats right (1 month ago)
Why am I so skinny and boney but I still tend to outlift my friends that way 60-80 pounds heavier
Keith Baldacchino (1 month ago)
Your videos have helped so many people. You're the best keep it up :)
jose angelo ong (1 month ago)
this just made admire you more sir. kuddos Alpha M.
Win Khant Kyaw (1 month ago)
We understand alpha. Thanks for your videos
ball 4life (1 month ago)
never seen a single negative comment in your channel about you. just saying
S.V Ramani (1 month ago)
The contract/contact is between you and the subscribers to your videos. Why should your family come into it? There are really sick people out there. So better to be safe than be sorry! Good luck!
edibadork (1 month ago)
I love this guy but This was exhausting! Sorry!
Leon Kane (1 month ago)
I have only watched about 5 of your videos, in the last few days. Perhaps I read in too much into how you occur. It seems to me (only on viewing 5 videos) that you are a contributor, which I wonder if perhaps is somewhat rare in the world. Certainly not all contributors a genuine or arrive with the best of sharing intentions. Your decision to keep you wife's identity private is a distinction of wisdom & on a sober awareness of how the world really is. It is the unspoken things that say more about a person. I admire you energy, openness & spirit that comes across in your videos. In this video, I get the feeling, its like some significant part of you want to share that part of your life with the world. I wonder what the world would look like, where that was not a problem, a world where it were universally safe to do so. The other thing is that a 15+ year strong relationship is rare & such a rich base on which meaningful conversations about relationship could be had. I like hearing & reading real stories about relationships that are balanced & really do work, given the way my life has turned out, I find that a surprise. Whether most realize or not, so few have such relationships. I am 48 & I can't say I have ever had one. I recall Christopher Reeve (of superman fame) & his wife in an interview, some time after his accident. It amazed me of how they spoke of each other, unlike any couples I have ever known. So I can only assume that is rare. Anything good that ever happened with any of my past associations with woman was short lived & eventually led to some kind of "Modern Woman" drama. No shortage of smart people that pointed out that the problem could only be me. I really can say how valid that is. I think in my 20ies & 30ies, I was that Mr Nice Guy door mat, after while, you get a bit sick of building women there pycho-sexual dolphin water features & being judged for how much money you make or do not make. I suspect that must be problematic for men across the whole income spectrum. Nothing I did for my former wife was ever good enough, I was like an unpaid employee. It was a similar theme with other women, in all fairness, I am not perfect, so the problem could be to some extent me. I am not proud or automatically seek to blame the world outside of me. For me it was just way less drama to keep to myself, cease & not assist, or serve. I have not had anything to do with a woman in 10 years & I go to some significant extent to avoid women (especially in my work) & its like it is almost automatic in me. It is not that I do not like women, I just do not trust them. I am aware of my limitations, that I lack the sophistication & sober discernment to know a good woman from a bad one, they are a bit more complicated than eggs. I don't know what it would be to ever change that in me. It is not that I am unread or a man that has not endeavored to improve himself. I certainly do not believe that it is all my fault. Situations like yours seem somewhat unreal to what my experiences have been. So if there is any value to be found in what I have written here then I would want it to be the understanding or the idea that what it sounds like you have with your wife is the exception rather than the rule. & that it might not necessarily be the case or cause of a faulty or un-tweeked man in every circumstance. I appreciate you videos. Leon Kane, Melbourne, Australia.
SIVA KRISH (1 month ago)
👌 awesome well said....
Saeli Gutierrez (1 month ago)
You’re a great guy doing good things with your content, haters will always hate and that’s very sad.
Andy Do (1 month ago)
I use my flaws as a way to learn
Ahmed Proyash (1 month ago)
Video Title - "Let's Talk About My Wife". Video Content - "Let's Talk About ME"
Ghost Guner (1 month ago)
WEll the name alpha saids it all lol 😂
Dhinil Shanker (1 month ago)
Negative comments to you??...dude ur videos r great...u r a very positive person nd one of the best..keep posting videos ... u r the one of the best in what u do...
myvoice31 (1 month ago)
Still bummed we didn’t get to meet her but she is a lucky girl. Your a good guy alpha. 😉
Rodney Dixon (1 month ago)
You are a Gentleman. Protecting your woman as an alpha male. I am proud to follow someone like you.
Rossco 599 (1 month ago)
Clickbait lol
Justin Reynolds (1 month ago)
You’re a great man alpha and have helped me in so many ways. Only positive vibes here man keep doing what you’re doing
Ryan Gillen (1 month ago)
Man posting negative comments is fun tho
Alpha you've been married for 10 years!!,don't you have kids
Xavier (1 month ago)
Mic drop. You are a truly Alpha!
Avijit Banerjee (1 month ago)
We love you toooo Visit India
Ed Does Stuff (1 month ago)
Ur awesome dude. Keep up the amazing content.
Don Lomeli (1 month ago)
Dude I asked twice now, the ring you wear. What is it and where can I get one?
willplaysgamess (1 month ago)
I've been bingeing your videos for awhile now, Aaron. At first, I found you because I needed help with what to do with my hair. But I stuck around because of you. You're just really endearing. You know all the great things about yourself and that's why you have the life you have. A wife you love, a job you enjoy and are successful with, and a large subscriber base. They're here because of you, your personality, hard work, knowledge, and how you make people feel who watch your videos. You make your viewers feel like somebody, not just another "view". I'm writing this because I know you make a lot of people feel good about themselves; that's the entire point of your channel! So it upset me that there are comments on here that have made you feel bad even though all you're trying to achieve is good; for you, your family, and your viewers. You're awesome and I hope this comment helped cancel out a few of the negative ones. -Will
Paco Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I might even bigger fan hearing you talk about how much you respect your wife that was freaking awesome kind sir
Wolf (1 month ago)
but did you buy tiege hanley?
adam Mccurdy (1 month ago)
Top bloke good advise not just fashion hints and tips but for young boys to become gentlemen keep it up
Jiggywitit Jiggywitit (1 month ago)
Just STFU and sell me the razor...🐹
Itz LeAnn (1 month ago)
If u guys had a baby, he/she would be a model
Ethan Larsen (1 month ago)
No, she would be named Pedro
Aayush Sangwan (1 month ago)
True alpha
ashwin kumar (1 month ago)
Gavin Jordan (1 month ago)
I feel like I know all the youtubers that I watch!!!!
Liam Normand (1 month ago)
Being totally honest I thought you were gay when I first started seeing your videos pop up
Jacob Noel (1 month ago)
Actually shows hes genuine. Family content is the easiest content a YouTuber can make....... Why we need to be buying that Tiege Hanley.
His Logic (1 month ago)
I watch all your videos and you help me everyday ❤️ thank u 🤙🏼
Tommy Vercetti (1 month ago)
He's such a good man! And wonderful video btw
Rob T (1 month ago)
Everyone on Youtube gets negative comments. There is no avoiding it no matter what you do, alpha. You have a 50:1 like dislike ratio, that's good. I've made videos that were 1:10, that's bad. Keep up the good work man.

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