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Ellen Page Is Asked About Chris Pratt's Response To Her Claims About His Church

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EXCLUSIVE - Monday, February 11, 2019 - Ellen Page is in a cheerful mood, chatting it up with her airport handler as she arrives in Los Angeles after recently tweeting that Hillsong Church, which is attended by Chris Pratt, Kourtney Kardashian and other celebrities, is not welcoming to LGBTQ people. Pratt has responded to the 'Juno' star's claims, saying that 'nothing could be further from the truth.' Page is tight-lipped when asked about Pratt's response. #EllenPage #ChrisPratt WATCH MORE AND SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/X17onlineVideo For all the latest Celebrity Gossip, Entertainment News and the best Paparazzi Photos and Video, check us out on http://www.X17online.com Get social with X17online!: Follow us on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/x17online Like us on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/x17online For advertising with X17, email [email protected] For photo and video licensing, email [email protected]
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Text Comments (53)
Xxyx (27 days ago)
Is dhe too good to carry her own bag
Roger Andersson (2 months ago)
Left-wing lunatic.........
thSubliminalCriminal (3 months ago)
She's obviously ignoring the idiot who shot the footage because they're trying to provoke a reaction for their own benefit. He calls Hillsong "hillside" for fuck's sake.
The Viruz (4 months ago)
Another self-made victim ignoring the consequences of her stupidity. I never liked her movies anyway, she has the same depressing, shallow mood in each one.
Fat Cat (4 months ago)
if she was bald she would look exactly like gollum
iCauseStress HD (4 months ago)
I hope her plane crashes.
thSubliminalCriminal (2 months ago)
@iCauseStress HD those are opinions based on her own prejudice and view on things...you said that without thought of the people in that plane who have nothing to do with Ellen Page; they deserve to die because you're upset over her opinions?
iCauseStress HD (3 months ago)
thSubliminalCriminal just like what she said about someone's religion, and what she said about mike pence.
thSubliminalCriminal (3 months ago)
What a fuckhead thing to say.
Fat Cat (4 months ago)
StressFree Gaming thats evil, there could be innocent people on that plane
lucaboden (4 months ago)
she actually gives lesbians a bad name.  how can someone who has been out for less than 5 yr act so self righteous to proclaim herself the voice of LGBTQ?
SHADOW BANNED (1 day ago)
yeah, shes full of it
Elena Pereira (4 months ago)
John Shahin (4 months ago)
She is a coward like all the liberals that cant own up to their mistakes.
Eribruh (4 months ago)
Elen page is looking so nice! I hope she's doing well!
Rolf (1 month ago)
Have you been drinking milk from a rusty bucket
Max Lim (4 months ago)
She looks like a young teenage boy and it's gross.
Sheree Grimes (4 months ago)
She's an actress..they're running around her like she's a god or cured cancer..Sad!
Fat Cat (4 months ago)
Sheree Grimes paparazzis need to eat too, the rest of us just wants to see garbage burn
alreadythen1 (4 months ago)
She’s a bitter person!
Max Lim (4 months ago)
Ellen Page is garbage.
A M A T E U R W A V E (4 months ago)
Shes like a mini brie larson
lucaboden (4 months ago)
@Max Lim Um no. Just because someone is given an Academy Award doesn't mean they have any talent. Proof? Gwyneth.
Max Lim (4 months ago)
The only difference is that Brie can actually act.
Gordon Harper (4 months ago)
Your not a victim. You really dont give a damn
R (4 months ago)
What a sad sad little woman.
SHADOW BANNED (1 day ago)
ikr smh
heathen - reformed (4 months ago)
If Chris Pratt remarries he is an adulterer - hear the 'word of the lord' - "But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery." Matthew 5:32. It is hypocrisy for evangelical Christians to condemn homosexuality while they blatantly disobey this scripture. Strange, since adultery made the 'top 10' and homosexuality did not. Here's another scripture Pratt should meditate on - He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me ...John 14:21 If Pratt marries Schwarzenegger both will be adulterers and adulterers "shall not inherit the kingdom of god"...
heathen - reformed (3 months ago)
@Mirozen troll - "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument." In other words, a malicious attempt to obfuscate the narrative. My intent is to call attention to the fact that scriptures regarding God's will toward marriage and divorce are disobeyed by 'Christians' while they condemn homosexuals using scripture. The usual response I get is insults or ad hominem comments such as yours. I chalk this up to the fact that the scriptures I quoted from Jesus and Paul are clear and unambiguous, the hypocrisy of the believer is revealed and his only recourse is to 'attack the messenger' since the message is undeniable. The only 'Christian' response to my charges are to 'repent in sack cloth and ashes', obey the Lord's commandments regarding divorce and remarriage and 'sin no more'. If you are a believer, I suggest you study the bible on divorce and remarriage and if I am wrong please correct me. However, if I am right (and wrong about atheism!) then millions of Christians are adulterers and and will burn for all eternity, along with atheists, homosexuals and others..... Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers... 1st Cor. 6:9 (Oh Shit!! I guess you will accuse me of trolling again because I quoted the 'word of God')... Cheers!
Mirozen (3 months ago)
@heathen - reformed Thanks for the clarification. By the way, by your self description you actually are what the term "troll" refers to in regards to internet posters. I believe the term originated more from the fishing term as opposed to the mythical creature. Think of your comments as sort of "chumming the water"! 😁
heathen - reformed (3 months ago)
@Mirozen Sorry not a church member nor a troll...just an atheist who used to believe pointing out the hypocrisy of Christianity in America...cheers!!
Mirozen (3 months ago)
@heathen - reformed Your church must be very open, as traditionally Trolls are hunted down by torch and pitchfork bearing mobs, while your church appears to have welcomed you in.
heathen - reformed (4 months ago)
@lucaboden You need to re-read my response and especially the scriptures I referenced. Grace and Forgiveness are not a license to continue in sin. Jesus and his disciples preached 'repent and believe the gospel'. Repentance is turning away from sin. I never cease to be amazed at you people who claim to believe in Jesus, yet you turn a deaf ear to his commands. It is not a question of the law, it is a question of whether you truly love and believe in Jesus. 'If you love me, keep my commandments' John 14:15 Jesus has a word for those who claim to be his disciples but DO NOT obey him... Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:21:23 It is clear from the bible that obedience to the commands of Jesus is required if you are going to be a partaker of his grace and forgiveness. If you do not understand this, it is doubtful you are really a Christian and that goes for Pratt and his church as well. I never said Pratt condemned homosexualty However, the apostle Paul clearly does in Romans. A person who continues in sin cannot be a Christian. Whatever that sin or sins may be - stealing, adultery, homosexuality, drunkeness - the sinner must forsake them and yield his ENTIRE LIFE to Christ....anything less is hypocrisy... So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:33
TheAndasolo (4 months ago)
Dumb bitch. Who the fuck cares about her sexual preferences. And who the fuck is she?
Gregory Artisan (4 months ago)
All she wanted was publicity for her new Netflix show. She used Chris Pratt's popularity to get it because no one cares about HER
Ace Red (4 months ago)
No one cared about her since x men
wolverinebesthero (4 months ago)
@Max Lim Terrible actress??? did you see her in xmen future past?? She was amazinh she sent wolverine to the past
Max Lim (4 months ago)
Ellen Page is a terrible actress (her line delivery is abysmal, and she has maybe two facial expressions at most) and an extremely boring person, so it makes sense she did this to get publicity.
Vitor Menezes de Mattos (4 months ago)
SHE attacks him in such a selfish, morally superior and provocative way, with no love or intention to talk about it, all that mattered was to attack the guy to look morally superior and provoke. Pathetic, absolutly pathetic and shows what a spoiled brat she is, shame on you Ellen!
GrobanWorld News (4 months ago)
nash4life (4 months ago)
So she attacks pratt then doesn't want to talk about it??
Leona Horstoff (1 month ago)
She might be more likely to address it if, you know, she wasn't being stalked by the camera dude. She was probably exhausted and didn't want to talk.
A P (2 months ago)
It’s not for publicity- he supports a church that is anti-lgbt just like its his right to support that church and its beliefs it’s her right to oppose them
Sofia N. (4 months ago)
Unfortunately this is the sad sad sad we live in...
Anatoli Sen (4 months ago)
nash4life it’s for publicity

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